word guide to give you gest of co_evolved words..

       hi folks,

here is where you can post words your having difficulty with + we welcome all to share feelings about them..

enjoy each one of them, for we don't want to confuse you..

                we have created as we co_evolved, meaning gained insight from expressing in real time with another or with the natural world, that is alive + energy flows:.

         bi`joy experience is a natural experience - `boon with the wild that gives us much joy in each season as we stay present in the moment.. this fuels us to awaken to a new experience within our self, when focused on an issue to get clear on. it is these moments that we gain insight as well connect with the natural world with it's great offerings. that we ask you to share, so more folks can do the same. this is a resourceful tool when we define what is deep within us yet to be worked + then do a bi'joy walkabout to reach out + gather like minded locally as you share.

         `boon is to be one with the natural world where we are present in the moment. feeling energy emitted from all life. allowing us to feel the presence of being an equal life form with all other species. not distracted when taking a trek in the wild or so focused you don’t feel the air on your face, smell the surroundings, as we feel no separation of us + our surroundings. We become very light + enjoy just simply being one with. when our sensors are sharp, this then makes it easier to identify that baggage yet to addressed as it interferes in this process, preventing us from connecting.

         do_in is being present creating our moment + taking the time to communicate with what + whom surface vs. doing which is the hard way enslaved by us not do_in, where we are preoccupied by deficiencies that take us away from simply being present.. meanwhile no one aids our abilty to ground in the focus. rather we do our best to concentrate while we are distracted. it's our choice to chase our head on past or future issues + steal from the moment. or we can be present editing what we perceive so we don’t let it steal our moment. address it + let it go, but do address it. or make another time when best to go back to it + work it. true do_in is being calm so what we perceive goes directly to our subconscious + then we use our whole being to process after building new neural pathways each night we sleep.
                  awaken with conscious + subconscious processing so we work all that is within. not just accept it but edit it + make responsible choices. To stay empty so we can be conscious with what ever we are do_in. vs doing without true sharing of our perceptions. don't allow yourself to be with friends + loved ones in chosen focus, yet hold in your feelings. respectfully you are as important as subject on hand. for you are part of the community. so your ideals are important. if you are bothered by something else then bring to alls attention + this is how we build a community that supports us to build a self.
                  so as not to leave us alone misusing without knowing, etc. or allowing another to leave negative effects on you, without asking for help. it is inefficient for anyone to try to guess what another is in need of, so they usually don't do unless signs easily visible. but when folks are focused on issue, sometimes filters are put up, which is not good, but it happens, leaving others misusing left doing. so take part + make it easier for all to rid baggage + enjoy a cooperative part time focus to build community that builds us.

                it's our responsibility to address early signs. we have inner tools to work with for change.. we are an open book + all signs are visible if we address them. if we ignore them, we then get confused signals on to advanced disease that leaves it very difficult for us now to make a change. rather we may need sensitive/skilled folks to naturally help us regain our center + ground. help us understand correct use with natural tools to heal. Tools within our local community.
                                                                do you have them.
all these ideals for harmony can create an abundance of new ideas, fueling us to explore + apply that which we understand best. as we gather sharing a community tool shed..
              which to some they get offended with feedback, where many appreciate in time communication from all we have. this does not mean we mean for you to do it our way. rather suggest allowing you to go in + see what this sharing triggers within you. + do it when convenient for you. sometimes we don’t see what can be so simple, due to us getting in our own way. + jumping on external conscious perceptions without allowing our subconscious to process as we build new neuro path ways.. this may take a bit longer + take us off our track a bit. but in the long run, by do_in this with another we grip the moment + this is how we more efficiently gain our own self-reliance.
                    Gain friendship as folks then get to know each a bit more to enable each, thru word of mouth support, what other may need or how to rid need, etc. as well heighten ones exploration. allowing us to become a better community builder for our local, global + beyond participation. leaving no footprint.

so ask yourself if you have put yourself with folks that give this feedback + do you also give it.. if not interested then simply state it for it takes energy for one to do this + now they can redirect their energy differently. which you may want to reconsider. for as we rid our baggage all kinds of new discoveries appear + it’s nice to work this with others as we rid + enjoy present focus.

                  This gives fuel for us each to build our path as we walk it into our opening. vs. be enslaved from that baggage yet to rid, or just react without applying + being in own control, etc.

                   inner peace is an option for us all now to self-develop.. we have good folks to reflect with as we define our path as we walk it into our opening.

please review all subcategories in order 1st time reviewing. + follow up with your bi`joy experience.. or your yet to figure out + stuck, consider making a pen pal + or going eye to eye with like thought + together work it thru. don't just do nothing. we have many solutions to understand without having to suffer due to our own misuse.                  
                help us build this to be a good working tool for your self + all.
                     thanks! our combined` effect makes a difference..

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