why do we need an arms trade treaty, listen to the DRC people..

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           We ask all for your help.. together we can make a difference..

              This is pretty crazy to see this get to this point. global leaders around the world + UN shame on you, those of you of the past shame on you, shame on us that have allowed you to act so irresponsible.

     it shows no solidarity amongst people to work together protecting locals, globally. US/UN is not orgainized + should be if it is to exist, especially with all these funds given wrongly. yet so many in US go without, as well around the world.

       people supporting this conflict to continue can be stopped + held accountable by withdrawing support from all around them, no more imports, exports allowed, including weapons.

                               + we focus direct as we address human needs of all.

       people need support where they are at 1st, to get to countries that can give aid. the world can support them, considering we all have contributed to this madness, by continuing to use their local resources, even at the expense of them being violated, etc..

            as locals leave their home, they should  be informed of this non-aggressive procedure. knowing they then will go back home once those aggressive realize the world will not buy/trade with/from them. + will gain support to rebuild their communities.

     but not by negotiating with people that take advantage of them. look at how inconveniencd these people have been over the years while others manipulate/negotiate.

  what they don`t need is military with weapons, this is a good time to stop this madness. with all the natural resources in the DRC, no one will last for long being aggressive if they have no markets at all to sell or trade.

                           nor should we use Africa`s military for our needs in Africa.

  i ask you to stand up now + stop the support that you have given + state no more. + join with other global leaders/UN in do_in the same. So DRC realizes they must get more responsible with their own local communities, vs. putting them thru such distress.

  yet each local community bring all to the cloth/table + support them to heal, listen + give them the respect as people to again have a chance to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.

enough suffering while others exploit, not to mention many still unaware of how we have supported this.

Barack, look at those that supported you, Africans in DRC don`t have the means to choose their institutions as you ask, not without our help to regain strength, to give them respect so they can organize.

take a review..



                                            some history of actors + US supporters




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