we the people petition, check it out, if like sign by 11.27.2011

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                      if agree, go online to  http://wh.gov/TJk 

Hi folks,

    we need 24,999 signatures for the Obama Administration to act, this is the petition:

We want the Obama Administration to create the responsible role of
government, rid dysfunction + respect our human family, as we work together +

We can support students to Open the School Doors into the Community. to  
orchestrate a multi-disciplined medium to network, exponentially.

Where our natural biome determines local restoration + self -  

Where all degreed come back into the community for extended learning, as  
we walk side by side with young + old. networking locally + afar, in a
focus directed ER triage exchange. as we go beyound pervention, energy
efficiently with creative expression.

We can define all negative acts - misuse redirected into solution.  
self-reflect, hold self  + others accountable, locally + afar.  accepting  
nothing less than harmony. as we support each to become a local, global +  
beyond participant.

no more weapons beyond for hunt, no trans companies, no GMO's...

sincerely, kara j lincoln