we open our proposal to be walked with, in support of those presently being abused..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
     note we did not get accepted for grant 2 stage, after it passed thru stage 1 having all requirements. but this has been a good work experience as we co_evolved project osic, thinking this was the best we can make of this.

we are awaiting explanation why,   please see our combined` effect  present grant we are working on to trigger your thought now, to act ASAP + come aboard to welcome project osic.

we are presently as of 4.21.2012 starting to reach out for international school bulk email list along with community representitives to speack for those without schools. we ask for people to submit link to this forum subcatagorie for bulk school email list. the US education dept has offered to give us their bulk email list.

we decided to post this any how, for we offer you to gain what you can also from this experience;

 Cover page/Introduction:
                                          Annual Program Statement (APS)
                            FY 11  + FY 12 Development Innovation Ventures
                                          APS #M/OAA/GRO/LMA/11-2000

                                           Full Proposal Application Form


                           i come to talk story    % kara j lincoln

 (please note all letters should be small, but it appears some government computers don`t allow it, so they capitalize 1st letters of each word)


           Physical to receive mail now:
                   kara j Lincoln    (while in transit)
                  % General Delivery
                  Charleston, Or 97420

           Mail for business when not at above:

                   kara j Lincoln
                   p.o. box 634
                   Port Townsend, Wa 98368

       Type of organization:
                  We have been non-profit with no donations received to applied date, only proposed wages for officers. I presently am awaiting my 501.c3 permanent status response, to my application submitted, for a non-profit unincorporated association.

        Primary point of contact:
               kara j Lincoln
               telephone; 360-450-3749 (please leave a detailed message or when best to call back + I will within a few days)
               e-mail; patchespocketstalk@icometotalkstory.net

                            Executive Summary
Thank you, for allowing us to be considered in this Wash grant application, along with utilizing this context for global support with all entities now active.

        We invite your participants already in the field -1 representative from each country to group with a variety of their local students/community for a holistic approach;
                     As 1 community to become aware, parents with newborn experiences, to degreed working in every field to come back into community for extended education, in an exchange of support for young + the undeveloped child within the adult body. To self-develop while cooperatively building local + beyond sustainable community(s).

          We open the school doors, work fields, + mindset, come out + into, including the hands on exchange with the natural world, able + unable. Creating the best classroom ever - tally system with hands on applied application. Starting with the US, we simultaneously thread to all other countries, showing how we all presently take part in creating your target countries, as well each local misuse/abuse. + Together resolve..

          Students create Gantt tallies perfected in 1st phase, as they do walkabouts within their local community, addressing ER triage + network, with hands on exchange by each, accelerated within each person`s capacity. As some in #1 phase move on to completion, as they responsibly completed all phases;

                    For others tallies continue to co_evolve into 2nd phase - which will then network/apply collectively, + define what community needs/offers as partners/investors/whom best for what position. As all are co_evolving, standing a centered ground, as they set their cloth/table stage + represent their local participants, working within their biome`s life limits..

                     To actualize in the 3rd phase - a finish mode of hands on clarity, as focus directed sustainable living is accomplished locally. Reflecting/engaging within community, with others already self-sustaining, locally + afar.

                     In our 4th phase we will assess changes needed, wrongs + rights completed, debate, network + again co_evolve/perfecting 1 universal science language, which we have continually done. But here we bring it to a beginning of each`s independence, with our end with your grant association. As we continue on as a human family member. That remains committed to our local biome/ecosystem. To share optimum efficiency for our human equation for planet earth + beyond;
                             To plug in + prioritize local/beyond ecological/universal balance + carry forward self-reliance, that then - independently becomes an equal in our local responsibility. With support in place, for all to become/maintain cooperative effort, for all to be a local, global + beyond participant.

                  Development Challenge + Expected Outcomes
            This differs from present;

                      no sound human/all life right practices carried forward. As an investor/policy maker/person fragments, without interpersonal plug in of local/life awareness. While interfering in reality needs - dependent on - our sustainable biome`s prioritization of intervention.  
           Our focus directed hands on exchange, of proposed student`s virtual tool will prevent fragmentation. As tallies reveal local needs/offerings, understandings with time sensitive reality working within nature`s potential, in real time. as 1 universal science is made good, to be shared on this planet + beyond.
           Our solutions/tapering transitions - of earth/water/air/space - co_evolving policy, depicts the socio/economic use. As all rethink their positions, as we become fueled from the understanding of ridding waste/enhancing restoration + regain our natural balance. As natural ways now perceived/applied build sound environments, which are our best medicine. Where folks accept nothing less then what is now experienced/networked, to trigger what we can bring home, that works locally. Creating small simple natural communities, that self-sustain.

           Fueling lives presently unimaginable, unable to know - we can together, rid misuse/abuse. As programmed delusional facts appear/disappear from the many fragmented, supporting waste. Early signs detected, + supported, to define application, as they now become restored fuel, from what once consumed. When folks did not understand how our efficient neural processing works best..

     Tallies tell us the who – what - when + where, as now the threads of those worn, torn, needed to rid, are now rethreaded with now available, peaceful non-aggressive solutions, sharing a breath of fresh air.

                          Innovative Solution within the Competitive Landscape

No longer just a quick review, gain/influence/work without, a license + distribute our offerings, in attempts to rid needs.. Rather now we include local ecological + interpersonal, tapering transition, footprint. As our tallies invite ridding needs, as we include solution, as we edit with sustainable offerings, already acted on as well those waiting;

             As we co_evolve with desired exploration, fueled from self-satisfaction. Obtained once we prioritize our functions, do our homework energy efficiently, within our self + our proposal, without leaving a footprint.

             We can gain inner tools to be used thru out the world + beyond, to do an exchange. As yet many see it as a need to do, as in when given wrong, we only interfere in others ability to self develop, yet result in a feel good mode – which is self-centered. or an enslavement, awaiting another life or unable to get out of way of own misuse/abuse.

              Each country plugs in there shared, focus directed proven subject matter, in like habitat, gaining precision results. Networking triggering one to fine tune + use what works, where needed, not duplicate inefficiently or competitively. Rather get real for support for those suffering. + Now receive the nurturing from engaging `boon with life, to continue, fueling our tapering transition.

                  Now investors/policy makers/people, include these tools as they take part making them, as they join in living local, where ever they choose. Which yet many are free to do. We address a means for all to share + interrelate as an equal, along with our neighbor, when we responsibly participate, which tally shows all..

       Do you realize the energy involved/potential innovations, just to support each to remove own baggage to come to this common sense? When yet many unaware it is even possible. The life force felt, will aid each to harness the disassociated energy that wavers all, yet to understand.

           As in the wave of - US + other so called developed countries/people, presently non-conforming to natures` borders, continue to leave footprints. Some unaware of contributing to so-called undeveloped countries - ill state of health, + local negative issues;  

                           Tallies give solutions now.

                                           Detailed Business Plan    

 For optimum efficiency we utilize resources already in the field locally + internationally from you + ours;

               In applying for the USAID/Div WASH grant, where target is to aid India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana. + Address with innovations their ability to resolve their ill states of living, etc.

                We feel we can start in the US threading with all - thru the students/community, which also are in need. To share/restore local community, whether home schooled, charter or private;

                               As each school starts tallies on a Gantt chart  (Gantt project – praha is open source, i`m exploring) + funnel into a representative, for each country + thread thru out the world, not just to these 5 countries. Rather with transparency, we show how we all contribute to our/these poorest countries/local misuse/abuse. Making a local tool that is locally helpful.

                               Linking the tallies with the threads as students come out of the classroom, walk into + with the community, as all gather data. Where we prioritize a ER triage of what is, while students/community do a walkabout in an interchangeable, buddy system role, with degreed people in work field. As all expand their own education, walking alongside, as an equal – once restore dull sensors, along with local natural community that sustains each to fulfill there potential.

                               As each inter personally align/co_evolve with credits/incentive, to continue on into own exploration, as they fulfill their local completion, go on to all adjacent neighbors, then free to experience with chosen pen pal, they may have had from start or along their path, as they shared like interest/like ecosystem as they worked solutions. + Now meet, as they gain a personal hands on guide to experience desires, + see their results from networking along the way, as they still continue to tally, as each live as a local, where ever they are now free to choose. As issues are continually worked, guided by those that have done their homework..

              Co_evolving curriculum, can then funnel + edit existing to include hands on application. Leaving no studies fragmented. Leaving no science/ solutions, left in files. Now realizing it is healthiest for our human neuro processing, when we pool our resources + self-develop, vs. the many presently with right/left brains out of synch. As they have difficulty comprehending + following thru, especially when political/educational/medical/ecological/social-economical dysfunction exists everywhere. Simply because laws/unconscious thought, allow them to fragment.

                           ex; a doctor/teacher/school board member/politician/investor/ community member, etc. will do a walkabout in their local community, walking alongside each other, as they exchange roles, in a prioritized focus. Another way to add body language/photo reading/inner tools to work fully, as we add this into our equation. No longer fragmentation from limited perception, from words created from dull sensors judging, or a limited town meeting, a blog, few emails, maybe a form from questions asked, producing more layers of baggage, leaving many threads dangling. As people that have dulled their sensors are having difficulty understanding their misuse/abuse. or even unaware they can make a difference..          

                Rather those maintaining discipline with sharp sensors can reflect, enabling a gauge for others to feel the energy, + learn to respond to early signs.  Along with the tallies that then become understood/supported. As we go beyond + communicate this reality eye-to-eye/teleconference/email, that we all create together. That can be filled in anywhere on this earth + beyond. As we share our common denominator for all life rights to regain a balance that is holistic, not as presently, which many are over emotional/ill or unwilling to contribute with existing dysfunction.

                Once confirmation of grant we will plug in with your resources. To then work with students/locals, where ever we are at the time or within a short time, to then go eye-to-eye. So we, as all, then pursue channels + thread, reach out everywhere + connect. While some continue to work at 1st phase, others will excel in completing tallies.

                 No one will do for another able, thinking they are in need. Rather now with tallies we will fine tune the worn, torn, broken threads + replace them, with short/long term goals, knowing to date sharp/dull in their place with support of least resistance, while healing. As energy/solutions/funds become available. No longer just looking for dollars, rather now looking to self-satisfy, as we cooperatively interrelate + build community locally + afar, leaving no footprint, as we address life rights to harmonize, not just exist in variety of modes, as is.

        We invite you to co_evolve with this review. Considering how many can excel in microseconds, creating connections to support, where as others may take longer to self-develop. Please realize how resources/funds could better perhaps be distributed, if we support all phases to be happening simultaneously, by those that prove themselves to finish their homework, as they complete required tallies for each phase. Do it within their calm ability, as they maintain sharp sensors.

          We need to understand your desires for payback + time/ interest/incentives/shared resources/actual contractual agreement, so as tallies can then speak for themselves. Is this to be updated as you follow us, or are you going to retain rigid ness with your timed phases/requirements now. Even with our own salary disbursement, we would appreciate having our needs met by utilizing all available. Vs. interfering in local`s ability to self-sustain, if we take a draw or unable to give full attention due to focusing elsewhere as we provide for self;

                  Ex; is 1st phase given to include our salary. Same with next phases. Where if we where given our salary/or could draw as needed for total commitment, then we could maintain our debt, while pursuing our quest to network/live via our plans by sailboat + communicate with local schools/community reps eye-to-eye, along with teleconference/email. This way we could support this organizing so people know we can follow thru.+ to do this effectively, all interested parties will see the energy put in from those already struggling to protect their ground, as in small farmers loosing land.

If we are not paid to give full attention, then we plan to co_evolve our own project in the building. Due to not knowing when you tell us we cannot fulfill a phase. When in reality it is not as efficient to comply to your phases as is. For once we make a connection we want to embody all human potential to allow perceptions to be applied consciously, not just act in fragments or to be left in a file then applied later;

                ex; people will be triaged for energy/illness, as we redirect to support/ awareness of those producing resistance to be cooperatively addressed, or fine tune with the prioritization of all tallies, as they can be put on your cloth/table for review as well, as Gantt chart will maintain update. Then perhaps your resources can co_evolve along side.

                 We will see great efficiency in networking like subjects via like biome/ecosystems in already existing channels, that co_evolve becoming more efficient. As energy changes in the equation over time with our ability to succeed in places where your money may not be wanted/or able to be used, rather sensitivities, etc;

                                As we tap into these targeted areas in a ER triage, once infrastructure is student/community created/organized. With a buddy up interchangeable role. Plotting those with like subject, as each self-register + those unable supported. Tallying needs/offerings. As instantly we utilize our resources + plug in without waiting for the grant to go on to another phase. This is what will reach all people on this planet + beyond.

Rather our tallies will now be supported to be open to all/investors that rethink, as we change the stability of offerings with peoples needs met, included in the tallies, along with them participating in the fee for us to create this infrastructure  - including the now biome`s prerequisites for survival, for us to work it + details of how for long term,  increasing rise in sustainable raw materials. Which now locally are being exponentially exploited, with out even the respect of communicating with those that have worked the land, giving us our food. Along with the waste ful consumption of being transported most inefficiently.

We can in our structure dramatically change the waste that is presently created. Not to mention the toxic waste/military weaponry, etc. still left incorrectly disbursed, as it continues to be manufactured.

This is how this project will gain appreciation + respect, threading out exponentially, due to the many now imprisoned in head or in house/without, sheep mode, misusing/abused unable to resolve efficiently, while others land is being grabbed + while standing up – others are killed/injured;
                 Now students/community, all will feel life potential, as this person is scheduled with this person when most convenient, to now truly address the needs now. As we self-observe + stop our/others negative interference + work with early signs. Then another picks up tally of log from each getting real. + Continues on as they do the same, get real + aid this person, freeing them of priority issues, into self-sustaining with support until able, or continued support to enable them to develop our solutions, left undone + come back as a community participant as exchanges co_evolve. Creating support networks for any of us, that can become unable, along with the many already unable, yet offer them more comfort then presently doing. From a viable structure that is now funded locally as an equal to any invested package, for it` security.

                 So now all take part in what sustains us.

                               Ex; prioritize land use review, etc. as we focus direct with people for optimum efficiency, to gain self-reliance. As they locally reevaluate their energy, restore efficiency + go beyond recycling, rather rid correctly what never should have been created + create bulk sharing. + Add alternative energy as a supplement only. Restoring raw natural resources, to ecologically sustain biome`s natural enhanced limit. As in agro-ecology curriculum, with innovated schematics for small communities as they prioritize + plan, as in trans-boundary migration for bees to large mammals, including humans;

              Understanding we are living organisms dependent on our balanced natural resources, being our best medicine. Dependent on fresh clean water/air/soil, maintained from our micro biome`s ability to stay wild. As we create living conditions, uncover abundant trapped energy, thru a variety of efficient means, within nature's limits. As we build a cooperative community tool shed. Log in modes of what most efficient until can do more. As tallies define their combined `effect/potential/resistance, so now;

                          Students/community members, take part in what sustains them, starting with their fresh water-sea/food/air/soil, + go direct. Gain the respect + all equally participate in the many roles women have had difficulty do_in, as they still struggle to maintain small farms, prepare food+ work direct with these small farms/small commercial fisher folks direct market/zoning ethics for preserving land-fresh water-estuarys-ocean/saving local seed issue/natural practices replacing present toxic additives/GMO`s/monoculture/land grabbers/escalating prices/wilted organic food by the time it gets to store, etc...

now so much activism can be replaced with a positive exchange, as global entities acknowledge support;

                           Where all welcome them into a `tapering transition. Together those that perceive solution, along with community, now give these folks another way to come back into local/beyond community + rethink, while others support resolving the damage, while innovations with tallies are waiting to be completed, made right from those that did wrong.

                         No more inefficient negative feedback/protests, rather channel positive thought/act + co_evolve with it. Now locals inter personally self-reflect + redirect their exploration into self-satisfaction without leaving a footprint anywhere.  As solutions are applied/waiting for energy/funding, as tallies are transparent. Where community now only accepts sound support, as their energy is paid, not the excessive consumption presently paid to corporate officers, which has to stop, rather sound payment that we all should work to obtain. As we no longer purchase product/service from the extravagant. Where now we will post clearly names/items/services, along with alternative people providing local solution. Making it transparent for all.

This is about plugging in, reflecting with those already do_in. Not about marketing Wall street. Rather sound common sense to once again establish good boundaries for each worker to use the market to endure stability with investments, as seasonal natural disasters are better prepared for.

We can build on the sound good efforts built from the many before us/along with those now do_in good work. Restoring human family principals;

                      Where parents/students at a young age reflect with the nurturing given to those skilled presently, as with home schooling when you live the lessons. Isolating the disassociated reactionary resultants that many are bombarded with, yet no centered socio-economical stability supporting, giving an already undeveloped parent/child/student, to be yet, an added burden on a young child/parent/teacher/community. This will end, as we retain focus directed clarity.
                      There is more to life than the financial incentive for material gain, as many subjected to western/eu ways, that we have experienced out in the world, desire. Yet unaware it is not appropriate for their biome/or left footprint in unfair trade or utilizing other`s raw materials. No one should loose perspective of the earth below their feet as they chase delusion;  
                                 People in our proposal reroute from this present path + build their future as they walk it responsibly into their own opening, once they reflect with reality of the global innovations, that stay within nature`s limits.. Now knowing how to properly create within a biome`s ability because they will now be taking part with the local community sustainability, to build/maintain the school building/housing for unable/small farms/ coop construction + create power plants locally. As in US ex; to transmit electricity on the grid system we already have in place. As all see clearly the alternative energy as a supplement only, not the false green movements the bio-tech corporations are trying to sell globally with added credit exchanges, etc.

             Now the tallies will show schematics as they co-evolve, supporting what sustains healthy living as efficiency fuels restoration + is acted on cooperatively. Rivers flow into a variety of solutions, brought to house, from cooperative effort;

                                   Well, irrigation, removes a dam, reverse osmosis/desalinization - as parts are compared as they define if should open a plant or where to purchase a part + then put together + maintain themselves, plant food/medicinal small farms/perennial gardens/build a pond + add species that prevent/eat the malaria mosquito larvae, + have them located strategically so as to supply water in natural disasters. As we work with the microbes to control so as to not create environments that support them to multiply + become a pest, etc. lime piles so as to utilize human waste, vs. the present marketing for ER preparedness to carry buckets/plastics/can food, leaving folks fear based as they don`t gain wilderness awareness to give them a calm sense to better prepare as those that now live `boon with the natural world, that wild craft for their food + medicine.

The world will give many solutions + reflection, to US residents that have little soundness living with the natural world. As they continue behaviors that are abnormal taken as normal, as they pass them on to generations. Known statistics of ill health/medical expenditures exceed the undeveloped countries.

People once see tallies that they now have hands on creating, will no longer just accept their own misuse or others abuse, once they have this medium to reflect with balanced people living simple natural lives. Human nature misuses/allow abuse only once they have been subjected to it. It is not natural to just create this out of the sky. Rather we are fortunate to have the children of the world to allow us another chance. Yet they need our focus direction + truth as we walk by their side as an equal.

                I can`t tell you the suffering/misuse I`ve experienced in the US, which far exceeds that of the so called undeveloped places I`ve been in, as we circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean.
          Where many are lost in disassociated energy + don`t realize we can harness it + address early signs to prevent it. Meanwhile we can redirect + use this fuel to stop aggressive war mode economies from anyone gaining locally + beyond. Where now aggressive acts from anyone are treated as an ill state.

                    As well their will be no openings for misdoing.

      Students will define what is, via type of ecosystem/subject, what can trigger their solutions as they network. The who/what preventing or interfering or how can make it happen in stages, as in tallies telling us what most efficient to do as they reflect with other communities, already living `boon with their natural world.

Once sharpened + awake, our inner tools perceive from afar, bringing home precision results instantly;

                As we differentiate quality individual self-expression without leaving a footprint, as people become clear + have hands on do_in, not awaiting a business package from 1 or a few. Now it threads thru local community 1st responsibly to actualize, as energy is pooled + redirected. Then extend for natural disasters as we coordinate a plan with our neighbors.

         No longer preoccupied with only gain to be fragmented. Rather incentive to co_evolve a solution + collectively brainstorm for the betterment of all;
                   wrong doers will see the tallies – how they inner personally failed to look  within, along with the greedy folks that ride on their wave, all see their misuse. Internationally, people will be supported to sustain locally. Coop naturally + bypass recycling/marketing consumptive waste + say no, + retain simple living. As all build own path as they walk it. Share planet + beyond, together. Self-register/remove barriers. Supporting freedom for all to come together + resolve, become aware + freely migrate this planet + cooperatively beyond as we unite our raw materials + explore locally + beyond the ultimate efficiency.

               Imagine the creative energy boom, from the potential energy awaiting, as we gain support to self-sharpen dull sensors, remove baggage, co_evolve with 1 science, via as in Gantt shared like subject in like ecosystem/micro biome. Where all can be triggered to bring solution home, fine tune + now go beyond.

Please let these ideals trigger your thought to apply now for your locals to unite asap gaining support vs. await 6 months for this grant confirmation, as we give now support to each other when we locally responsibly act, + carry it thru to world governing body to contribute; COP,UN, world leaders/people.

     your feedback/confirmation of plug in, will be appreciated for our forum as well I will add your intent to the grant partnership.
                Peace can be obtained if we share what works, kara j lincoln

      these folks are a good example + deserve our support, we are fortunate for their offerings;

Via Campesina at COP17 in Durban: Industrial Agriculture heats up the planet. Farmers are cooling it down!     


   (Maputo, 16th November, 2011) - The International Peasant's Movement La Via Campesina will be at the 17th Conference of Parties, the UN summit on Climate Change, that will take place in Durban, South Africa, from the 28th of November to the 9th of December 2011. More than two hundred peasants, women and men, from Africa, Europe, Latin America and Caribe will represent millions of small-scale producers from around the world, practicing agroecology to cool down the Earth.

In Durban, members of La Via Campesina will denounce the industrial agriculture model as one of the main drivers of climate change. We will also expose agribussiness' aggressive land grabbing tactics globally, causing mass displacement of people for monoculture production.

Peasants globally oppose false solutions to climate change, such as monoculture plantations, REDD mechanisms, soil carbon markets, and the so called “Climate Smart Agriculture”, which instead of solving the climate crisis, are heating up the planet.

In Durban, LVC will participate on the Global Day of Action on the 3rd of December, to demand social and climate justice. On the 5th of December, all African peasants movements will celebrate the Agroecology and Food Sovereignty day to Cool Down the Earth, a symbolic manifestation to demand respect for the cause of peasants globally.
Meeting with the press

3rd December

Global Day of Action, during demonstrations, at starting point of the main march

05th December, 09h30

Inside Press Conference – at ICC (International Convention Center) in Durban, at press room

06th December, 15h

Outside Press conference with Via Campesinas´ Allies (Place to be confirmed)

Contacts for media

Boaventura Monjane, boa.monjane@viacampesina.org

Local number: 0027 - (0)736509229 (from the 28th of November)

Cassia Bechara cassia@mst.org.br