we must act responsibly + speak for our local community as we gather with all people to care for local community..

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large energy farms are not the way. rather small local alternative energys as supplement + work within each local enhanced natural limits. see Miguel Altieri. you people have the power to unite + locally know your natural limits, so you can talk + taper off of free Trade that is not free.. don`t just trust Barack Obama, rather hold your own, as we in US try to do the same. for congress interferes. so we all can unite in solidarity.

no one can do it for the other. the US gov is too dysfunctional. but yes as people we come together to co_evolve so we conserve our natural resources to sustain all life. we can lower our amps yet gain fuel from our inner tools. so we awaken to explore this unique life + planet.

it takes sensitive people to read what the land speaks so we work into these limits. their is no quick solutions, so parallel the dysfunction. don't let it steal from your moment. yet we can unite + restore our self + our communities cooperatively + establish communication as we offer our archive in the building. but you locally talk also to your people in gov + ask them to take their hats off + talk as an equal. + let your sensitive skilled people talk, as all listen + reflect.

for i feel Chief Spencer, with due respect, has chemical imbalance + needs to heal her self, yes she tries to do for all. but she shows signs of illness + can heal if you tell her to stop her fast, + call Yun Wang from Oriental herbs in seattle. he can mail her some herbal formulas. once she innerpersonally heals, then she as a community member may be a great asset. but each have to do for self. you cannot confuse this issue + put load on her.

rather you need an indigenous skilled ecologist to speak for each ecosystem that knows it's limits. + build accordingly natural communites. + learn how we as human species work most efficinetly with goood nutrition/communication/application, etc. gather groups + ask me detail. did you see masonobu fukuoka`s 2012 documentary on you tube follow him + his survivors;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft0ylk4sU5M let this help you find your locals that have retained ways that work or ask Miguel altieri to guide with agro-ecology. not time for emotions to give mixed signals as in Chief Spencer. give her my love + i also offer to talk to her about her sorrow of past that she can lern to rid + have harmony so it does not steal from her moment, tell her to call  360-
450-3749 lv message + i call back, love kara

Natural Farming with Masanobu Fukuoka

Full-length documentary following the legendary Masanobu Fukuoka on a visit to India