we can grip several issues as we organize + focus direct together..

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I would like to share this email below + welcome your feedback to share in my walkabout.
it is a good time to add an over view of what is needed, as I address OFA`s email stating how John Boehner wants to shut down US gov.

thanks, kara

    Barack + people that can support you, now efficiently to make changes,
I ask you for your time to review this as well your feedback so I may
share in our present discussions that continue to take place. so we are
real with what is happening.

this is serious business that all need to come to grips with.

Barack, sadly it appears you are supporting the big business in your
choices, which needs some co_evolving.

Our project is restructuring + I`ve told you we could merge many times,
so we can make these changes more quickly.

I`m working to reach out in different venues, including your Barack
Obama Foundation on LinkedIn. for many are failing to see the
sensitivity needed when developing or going thru a tapering transition,
restoring back within nature`s limits.

for students working with community can focus direct as we link, sharing
reflections, as they welcome local business that is exceeding mother
earth`s limits. for you/these people, that are not knowing how to put
themselves on a tapering transition. + it appears EPA with the many
fragmented realities of it`s inability to do this, is not able to
moderate in every community. which can be done, as people come together
with planning/regulators + with good science based on indigenous/local
ways, it can happen.

which first requires a debate as I`ve stated to many. for bad science is
incomplete, where good science based on traditional values does not
leave any life left out, knowing well how a balance sustained is
required for our healthy life to exist.

these people can go on tapering transitions to work with respect for
mother earth, + rethink as they choose to co_evolve themselves, make
wrongs right, as students focus direct to lay out these local facts in
real time, as they stay with it. + if want to rid their companies, then
another can take over with some kind of community support. for I know
business people, no matter how big do not due all this damage
themselves, rather we all have taken part. + they can be recycled into
working or rid what can`t appropriately, as well the much debree in
space, yet you give NASA such funding to continue. so US gov needs to
have ecological assessments from good science on earth + beyond + that
is not happening. rather fragmented projects, not prioritizing life that
sustains humans, rather that is being ignored + abused in many

+ we all can make change. sadly you people never talk to me direct, as I
offer to merge, so I will continue to work with people + parallel as
I`ve told you. but I ask you again for your updates, for I will be
meeting with more soon + I want to give your feedback.

for it is very wrong + very dysfunctional to allow so much whiplashing
with peoples codependency on gov. as threats appear to shut down gov. it
appears to be a regular bad habit. yet you people have the incomes you
do as well retirements. especially when their are a lot of regulators
that are insensitive working wrongly with the local communities. so
people are unable to do what they are very capable of. that is sad, for
much good science can co_evolve from a good working local community as
it gains its own sovereignty, yet understand we must link our genetic
bio-diversity for mother earth to sustain the life that we all are
interdependent on.

that is not happening, as many times I've asked for MOU`s to be added
via each ecosystem/subject to developments, so as to work within the
ecological co_evolveing natural state, be monitored by students working
with skilled/sensitive, as well reaching out defining those businesses
that already are polluting, exceeding mother earth`s natural enhanced
limits. as Prof Miguel Altieri puts it into a global perspective as he
addresses our global food crises we are in.

yet people like Bill Gates mode superceeds his tests, when yet he shows
indigenous producing same yields without toxic effects, etc. as example.

so Barack this is wrong to have bad science allowing business to act or
continue to act. when students can walk by the sides of these skilled +
make changes, so all understand that we need life on this planet to have
it`s natural cycles, micro biomes to large browsers trans boundary
migration to sustain our healthy way of human existence. or we simply
get ill + will not co_evolve as a species. + if you take a look at the
globe it is pretty sick for natural resources to be taken wrongfully +
used for purposes that leave toxic effects, when yet they could be used
within respect of the natural enhanced limits.

never Barack have you answered me over this, why?

the big businesses with Obamacare the same, not to mention the
regulatory boards that must use good science, for they are allowing the
abuse, as well the permits. this is wrong.

no development should be disrespectful of the natural limits or
interfere in local`s ability to gain from their natural balanced
environment as their best medicine.

if people become aware they will build new neuro networks, care for
themselves + collectively build communities with such bio-diversity
maintained for their food + medicine.

western medicine lacks this skill to help people heal themselves, to
build organ functions so as to harmonize with in their natural abilities
+ heal.

the pharmaceutical companies have too much unnatural means, plus many
western doctors insensitive + unskilled/curriculum does not teach this
awareness to diagnose/treat correctly to use natural means that is
sensitive to human needs to restore an ill state of health. not to
mention aid them to become aware to collectively maintain sharp sensors
as well the habitat + all life needed.

not to mention so many isolated issues, when yet it can be combined +
simplified. good medical programs can make a big difference + people can
learn to do this for themselves. + better care from students to define
the stages needed from their community members for support to
self-sustain, as well define permanent long term needs + make changes to
the many left uncared for as well inadequately cared for now.

meanwhile this support will help al sharpen their sensors as they
interrelate with the reality by reflecting as they link, with the many
people already able to sustain their own natural harmony, as they have
their hands on what sustains them.

lastly as I share with you what I`m sharing with others, is the
military`s intervention in other peoples habitats. + the web that US gov
weaves. for we will define as we link + focus direct, how people are
interacting, gaining from using other people`s habitats as a means to
experiment/train others. as we still support selling/giving weapons
which is wrong. + do it as a business to keep the US gov alive.

we as people can show how US gives support to one hand while giving
weapons to the other, this is wrong. the military war mode + false green
economies can be understood clearly. as students define these worn torn
links. so as people can hold gov accountable, as well our self, +
others. the Kenyan massacre is just yet another example of this. when
yet our role in Somalia, as well Kenya + with other countries must be
efficiently dealt with a conscious humane level, which is not happening.

once people gain their own local natural food sovereignty for starters,
they then will learn to say no to aid, no to interdependency that keeps
them in the fog, unable to self-sustain.

the republicans that I've experienced are coming from a religious
nightmare, which is a unhealthy state of thinking as they want war. I do
not know how US gov got so supporting of Israel, but I aim to find out.
for US gov`s lack of transparency allows so much manipulation. perhaps
you may feel you do not do this because you people are entrenched with
these behaviors. this is not democracy. rather this is a bunch of folks
with different neuro networks from their experiences, yet no values
respected for the mother earth that sustains us all.

the US gov can not put profits above mother earth + it`s requirements to
fuel life that sustains ours. + that is what is happening.

I know Barack you are trapped with the more I see, which is not a lot,
with so much lack of real time transparency. but I do know many of us
are very clear + working at collective thought, for we refuse to allow
our children or children in our extended human family to be abused, due
to old programming/lack of mother earth`s natural needs/business wanting
stock market gains, etc.

never before have people had the tools to talk/to show these
connections/define actual people/actually become aware of how we have
participated/then to know solutions in real time as we rid this baggage
+ maintain being present in the moment.

I would like to have direct feedback from you people in detail to these
thoughts, to discuss this with the many venues I`m reaching out to +
share the changes you people are willing to make with us. for we may not
have this skillfully organized in many communities, but as people in
many we are getting their. + we feel once we link with the schools +
they in return with their local communities, then these threads will be
clear for people to understand, how they have negatively taken part +
how we can now make changes locally + afar, by simply sharing this
experience, as we prioritize together, holding us locals accountable
locally + afar.

I welcome your support, as well for you to do what you can peacefully to
efficiently give more transparency, so as people can then interrelate
with sensitivity in the many needed fields, as we work with our students
+ prioritize, building good science means for all locals to do the same.
as together we share the process of building ecological sustainable
communities, based on respect for the traditional ways that work +
should be carried forward + then create upon with technology, with open
debates with good science, defining the most efficient way that works.
staying with what is most sensitive to mother earth to achieve our goals
of supporting the life that supports ours.

as we address just this, it opens many positions for people to go deep
within themselves as each volunteer/reflect/heal/gain support to sharpen
their sensors + self -develop as this juggling act becomes more friendly
for all to collectively build community that efficiently makes each
self-sustain, `boon with the natural world.

people are so sick of US gov now, many pulling their own way, with
misuse/abuse, unable to see this clarity, yet we can + know it works.
especially as we dig deep to define the root of whom is understanding
what/or misunderstanding what/to then act irresponsibly aggressive.

 Barack, these changes you must make can gain a lot of support with many
we reach out to, for those that are reaching for more aggressive acts
will require numbers of people to help them understand that their is
another peaceful way, to solve the many issues as we communicate with
respect + gentleness, not adrenaline modes, from out of time neruo
networks,etc. + a sensitive way to aid all those left suffering now, in
the process, including the young children + frail.

I look forward to your feedback to share.

sincerely, kara j lincoln