to have feelings, yet not know what to do with them is a time of the past, if we can share awareness now in a medium giving all interpersonal respect..

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please come take a review of our website + do it as we suggest starting from the top. it has a `way of filling in neuro networks. to add what can be done so we efficiently use virtual tools such as Nabble`s to bring people together in their local communities eye to eye, as in here below;

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so many dysfunctions that we have solutiosn to if we talk.

starting with signature above: By UN Women@UN_Women

        please add the boys + men, for it takes us both to resolve nature`s enhanced capabilities.

it is always good to have local networks so each can find themself by sharing with like subject via like ecosystem. + if cannot find this space then we will create one. so add comment in appropriate subcategory where after reading our project osic in the building, where we welcome you to post as you restore yourself/your community, as we do ours together + share in an archive, showing the good + bad, showing strategies + schemetics to get to clarity + root solutions to the dysfunction once broke up in detail that now we can address locally or afar by linking + reaching out for solutions.

     we don`t have to accept anything less then harmony. so when feeling uncomfortable/anxious that is the early sign to go within + try to edit, as you lay all out + if can`t answer positively then do a walkabout or post + network, for you are not alone + when we share our feelings, we then can define them by reflecting with energy that we respond to in acts. + ususally clarity shows itself.

                                                 our combined` effect makes a difference..