to act out what many don't speak of regularly..

        pri` performance do_in..

 i come to talk story
    welcomes your review along your journey:.
              please take part in our story of defining, bringing up from the depths, that which allow to drain. Yet unaware it can be redirected back into good fuel for our daily functions.. it`s  about turning despair + suffering into solutions + possibilities, as energy blocked is released..

as we do our `pri` performance locally, yet share/post on virtual tools for our global family..
                               this performance can maybe show these ideals better then words as some folks never hear this language..

      all life on this planet + beyond are connected on many different levels:.
               molecularly, energetically + more… when we open to it we can feel in our very cells, blood, etc. the cells + blood of this planet being polluted + depleted:.
               water, air, earth, fire + Spirit saged + aged with threads rotting, flesh left dead as in `walla in India, as many still suffer in patches` + pockets`
               whether we realize or not all life is part of our family:.
       some feel the lives that are being lost every moment or in our dreams. due to others `wasteful consumption + ignorance, leaving ecological negative effects as they pursue their choices knowingly + not..
       some never feel themselves as misuse continues..
                whether it be a plant, animal, fungi, bacteria, human child or adult…  these are our kin- our sisters, our brothers, our babies, our mothers, our fathers…
            many of us are feeling ill at ease or sick + many are looking for this cure or that, or seeking refuge in different dimensions or in this country:.
           many of us are removed from direct experience of the  murder + violence of war.. + other forms of aggression
                                    of serious resource depletion + pollution…
                                    of corporate/personal ownership of resources..
                                    of rationing or going without, + perhaps wanting to believe in the saying it`s all good or we feel good because we give.

          when yet it is good only in patches` + pockets` around the planet:.
                   how can it be when our `family of life is being mistreated, murdered, raped, polluted, controlled + destroyed..
          that, + while, some of us can live nicely, often excessively.

         we know that you too care deeply as we do about these things
         we know that many of you feel hopeless, feel that your words, your cries to stop are not being heard. like us in past, you might feel like screaming or have gotten very ill.

                    The truth is that there is more we can each do now + it may take time + it is easier if do with another, because it may be stuff that we just are not used to:.
                     `but together there is still a lot we can do + the more that we do the more the consciousness shifting will spread, even if from 1 to the other. when we use this virtual tool from Nabble, we will reach out as many do a walkabout. as  you unfold, many more come aboard, to want to do the same..
                     `believe it or not once in motion with this thought/acts, harmony appears + fuel surfaces from the hidden quilt/pain/lack of correct act carried for so long. yet many not even aware it was within. while others gain just from understanding our neuro processing + how efficiently we can live in our skin, when we use mind body in balance.

As many of us are realizing, most of us in the `western world have been raised to think + live in ways that are not natural, in ways that are not sustainable - meaning cannot sustain all life on this planet now or in the future, unless we each make better choices:.
                    we collectively (individuals including those involved in mega -consumption working with multi-national business/corporations, the military, police force, government, + so on - all still people, are consuming the Earth`s sacred + amazing resources at ferocious rates.

 Most of us here are removed from the effects of our consumption:.
                  we only see that what we buy, do + not the impacts of those products or how they get to us (i.e. the amount of fuel used, impacts of mining, polluting species, land/air/water, unFair Trade, toxic chemicals supporting more growth, not to mention the child + adult abuse working it, then supposedly aid given from people to people, yet many without, while others live lavish lives, etc.).
Most of us have been taught to think that what we are doing is how you do things + as we said before most of us do not bear direct witness to the destruction:.
                     we all have choices, cleaning up our own acts - baggage, misguided ungrounded ness… thru better  cooperative community do_in. land/water/sea – use, we can plan` what we eat, what we do for work, everything we do + live through - the choice to not support the system through taxes + consumption.

this is hard for every time we awaken to the negative we doing, we then can simply do which is good. but then another negative shows it`s presence. So hang in their + ride thru this baggage, by reflecting with those with a little footprints. + see the energy they gained by removing all that behind them.

                     we can redirect + transform as we `boon with the natural world.

Each person who works in or under what should be responsible positions or whatever, too has choices… even when you might not think you do… even when unfortunately some are more punished than others, especially in a system that most people feel pushed, to make enough money to survive:.
                this takes reprogramming, compassion,  not a strong energy force that has to shift consciousness… we have the logger within - inner tools that we fortunately can work with.  in our do_ins we reflect + consume less + the fuel we gain along the `way will give us more + more mental clarity + physical strength to want to do more, as daily we simply live. now with calm vs. agitated + fueled by excessive desire – big difference, for now mindbody heals as energy finds it`s balance:.

   in this pri` performance we can easily se this by observing our in agility, as tension has crusted, vs. those flowing..
               that is another part of the myth most of us have been raised in. when we are raised to think that hierarchical organizing - meaning some give orders to others + meaning not all life is treated equally or not all people paid or credited equally - is the only way, wrong.
                we learn to think that this is the way that things get done + so many learn not to think for themselves + only how to take orders in order to get paid, etc:.
                 program ingrained, it is this collective consumption of resources + the numbing for some, of not learning, to think for ourselves. not feeling we have choice, as well as the mega consumption of larger entities with people not saying no or us supporting those larger entities thru taxes and consumption, that is causing the depletion + pollution of the Earths precious resources + beyond:.
                  the murders being carried out by wars that are in my opinion + the opinion of many others, often now are being fought over resources + power (of course there is still conflict over religion + baggage producing ongoing pain from past, etc. as well):.
                   while some leaders truly believe or are just saying that we are doing it to help these people:.
                           others are killing our family so that we can still have enough oil, for ex: to continue to live as we do. Israel + Palestine, for example, are not only fighting over past + present pain, but also over water:.
                  we blindly support Israel as some of their people murder in Lebanon + murder Palestinians.  This is not about taking sides, no one should be murdering another for power over resources or over others or for any reason, Palestinians murdering Israeli`s included. + property should not of been stolen + then supported to keep as Israelis` have done + US supports it, when at 1st Obama didn`t.. so much flip flopping.

Plus to be happy over anothers death is beyond me, for I don`t have those cells in my being. this has to change. for we have many displaced folks easily able to sway. This is not good energy for them to reflect with. not to mention our beautiful young mind ability to remain with us for ever, falls out the door – when we learn respect + then punished if done wrong, yet others can kill + take lead – this use is not conducive to our healthy human consumption.
       There is a little quiz that we can take to get a rough idea of what our ecological footprint is + the results are startling for even those of us who`ve worked hard to use + consume very little.  As well many good programs created to support cooperative community.

               The average ecological footprint in America is 24 acres.  If everyone consumed as the average American does it would take 6 planets to support us all, + that doesn`t even take into account what other life needs to exist on.  Even someone who doesn`t drive to get around + eats ½ his or her food unpackaged, locally grown, flies 10 hrs a year it would take 1.2 planets to provide enough resources. if all humans right now lived in this way.

                                  In the USA, on average, food travels 1500 to 2500 miles + gallons + gallons of fuel to get to your plate (World Watch report) + if you look at Miguel Altieri`s data + others, food goes back + forth in its processing:.
                     it is very difficult when in daily living we think we doing what`s right, then preoccupied with stuff, baggage.. then when it comes to shopping no energy to think, no refreshed center, no grounded folks to reflect with that produce local grown natural food, in many US cities + around the world.
              when try to say i won`t come back to this store, yet continue to buy the packaged because we like it + no one close is marketing locally cheese, milk.
                   we don`t think of how + who made it.

          old habits from indigenous are still alive. As well young + old living cooperatively local, creating all their goods naturally, so think again:.
                   we have to do our local + beyond homework.
                   we can pool resources  to travel or have bulk delivered or take part in a CSA + consume less fuel that way.
                   we can restore our local cooperative effort + bring in cottage industry if locals want to do another task, as cooperative community rebuilds + satisfies all local desires within ecological soundness.                  
                   we can break the many excuses as many when full, say next time will do it this way + then still another excuse because of no sound reflection, no life to guide us when our baggage from consumption left our sensors dull. or for many we lived this as normal, as slowly manufactures added more processing. as our simple families could never imagine how one would destroy good food for greed.
      it is a great joy to relocate or invite in, like minded folks, small farmers naturally growing. yet not sold out to yuppies at a high cost. Rather to a space that gives fresh variety of land/fresh water/sea goods as we bring our recyclable bowls – no plastics. every week + take from bulk. Fresh goat products as children take part in chores, good dairy products + fresh bread with variety of whole grains, seeds + nuts, locally grown + produced with no packaging. Rather a choice to buy whole prepared food or bulk + make your own.

         you folks` that really know how to put a community together without the high cost of yuppie mode, please share your how tos:.
                  so as others locally + beyond via like ecosystem can offer  then their earthly goods + bring them to their local market..
                  so others inspired - create, fine tuning their offerings.. can do the same with new recipes, cooperative community - earth ovens/grain mills/farms/gardens - shared in our community tool sheds. as new `ways/new items introduced + all communicate so variety sustains from wild sustaining itself, high in priority. As we all gather in `plan do_in to prioritize our over view.
                          we have great ability to take action with our feet, our hands + pocketbooks, our mouths + hearts to share these real issues + ideas with others, to open ourselves to inviting those we feel as separate or against us to join us.
       the `tapering transition is real + works. it may make you sick at 1st to think of welcoming those that pissed you off. but once compassion shared, empathy enters + the reality comes about. for they did not do this alone.
                           we participated knowingly or not. + can continue to to work thru this. As all work cooperatively to include all community that supports each of us to self-sustain as we develop our individuality.

                we all cannot learn at same pace, we are different yet we have human `ways  that can be supported. so as to become an equal as we build together, what ever it takes to sustain those unable until able. each person, each community has it`s specialties.

 Each ecosystem over time has produced unique cultures for us to `boon with. the earth has answers + in our bi`joy walkabouts we can reach out, so these patches` + pockets` talk. as we share what works..

            we don`t see the answer in just replacing all with `green products or just `greening our current economic systems where everyone has there own business + makes money off of others…
                   most of us feel pressured to do so in order to survive or that it is difficult to see through to another way…
            we are capable of so much more than this, capable of seeing other `ways to simplicity + co-operation.  it is in coming together to share that we can do this, taking back our personal responsibility + knowing how - what we do, effects all life, our decision making, as we dig deeply to see what our true needs are. so learning how to live well with less, as we rid our needs, rid our baggage, now producing living organisms efficiently living within our human design.

      Where all able to continue the bi`joy experiences of exploring this planet, our cultural indigenous creating from our diversity of ecosystems + beyond. as young + old appreciate each other + respect one another, as synergy continues, which fuels us to part time come together to focus - to support others to self- empower as they redirect misuse + stop.

this empty space fuels our ability to refresh + stay present, taking part to create our moment. but only you can create this + want to be only you that maintains it. for we can`t  + won`t even try to do your homework that is necessary:.
                  But we do share our explorations to co_evolve with while maintaining harmony, wherever we choose to live local. our biggest responsibility + reverence should be to the Earth + its amazing beauty + beyond which it is part of, which should also be efficiently prioritized, as we address space in our plan` to better connect our roots to earth. Along with alls ability to become aware of simple life right - how tos - to share:.

                          plant, animal, fungi, bacteria…  the amazing resources it provides us - earth, water, air, fire, + all the life that goes along with those 4 elements - food, water, shelter, warmth, light, life + so on…

                       we know you all care as much as we do about life – yours + others. + about how you affect all else.
                       we are the lucky ones not only because most of us have not truly gone without or had to deal with war, but because together we have the energy, resources + choice to revision. recreate + rebuild a different reality, as in coming together part time for the next` move for another, as well staying updated with our own do_ins in our daily chores for our self.  that support us to `boon + gain bi`joy experiences as we share with in our cooperative community with all life.
                    including our sisters + brothers (human + non) that are currently suffering:.
                        we have the opportunity to do so. Our life right is to become aware + stop our misuse. this is what we all have to prioritize high on our lists.
              all life on this planet suffers at one time or another. then some no longer accept it + they pursue what they think pleases them. did this ever start with folks thinking 1st – of the affect left on other life... well now we can. as this mode leaving negative effects is not always purposely done, especially when many of us are unprepared + allow abuse, when we can take control + understand this, which makes a big difference on both sides if we hold our own. For we as human species have a range within us, + we best work efficiently gaining harmony if we stay in the middle + remain calm. This gives us optimum bi`joy experiences, when we `boon with the natural world, + this allows us to enjoy it longer.  When we go to extremes on this roller coaster ride with highs + lows we end up as a wash rag, not lasting long or fragmented, never truly touching our center or never grounding, always close but never truly know our self. so never true self-satisfaction, which we can gain, + we can gain it while leaving no footprint.
       this is what this is all about, we work for, to understand + to live it.
                        we think we can ride on this band wagon.. this repeat human mode of waste + consumption producing our own misuse, yet change the subject matter to awareness being `boon within the natural world we all our part of + as we incorporate this understanding – reflect with real act, those unable to easily assimilate will then be further coached as students come into our communities + make then structured so all cooperate.
                         Supporting folks long over due, in ill states, under western medicine for long periods, consuming exponentially, as some gain, yet others truly suffer. This structured organized virtual process that brings us eye-to-eye so we all become a local, global + beyond participant aids us to be in harmony. whether temporarily or permanently, or for those of us in instant ER issue, it is here to stay. As we perfect it locally by individual needs + prepare for all needs, we then network so as to share what works.
              post it for yourself, post it for your community + now students have real hands on experience to rethink as curriculum is rewritten. As all degreed/all working professionals now come back + work with in this structure. + become a equal.

no more wealthy + consumption on others misuse, no more giving the feel good mode while self continues waste, no more naivety allowing another to abuse unintentionally or not. no more exponential rate of stupidity, etc. especially with so much misunderstanding from 1 that regulates 1 that is abused, yet they don`t even know they leaving affects negatively. Why because so many folks are so tired of trying to share what the problem is, yet folks fall into modes deeply. So our mindbody natural frequency no longer is receiveing nor transmitting a human healthy signal that 1 can understand.

we electro-physically have produced neuro  networks not suitable for human consumption. This we won`t accept.
         most of us are lucky to also have love, which is a force that can carry us far.  But love alone does not align us to self-develop `boon with the natural world. it only fragments + can interfere. but now put love as in our bi`joy experiences as we share + `boon with the natural world, where each support each to fully self-develop, wowzeeeeeeeeeeeee.

No more chasing heads as we leave our skin… no more chasing sex as we become, especially men when they ejaculate excessively they truly consume themselves. When that sperm can be so nurturing when left within. so space it out guys + if chasing sex, you are on the wrong track. Chase nothing, rather self-develop to be calm, so you emit a nice beam of pleasure + this way your signals will cross + be felt by another with like frequency. This then can continue to build a nice exploration for both. As both then dig a bit deeper + now by 2 making barely a 1, as we do. we then are supported farther to develop the undeveloped child within + become whole with mindbody.

                  Let`s do it for all life with our children, not for our children..
                  Let`s not have them asking, `why were their poets silent, but saying thank you for seeing through the veil + your misguided upbringings:. ( lets ask kotejia about this for i`m working here with her goodness, but this saying is beyond me. but this lady has taught me much, as well herself + together we continue to co_evolve. a big thanks to her!)
                      we collectively have some great ideas about how we can together make this happen.  Exciting ideas to boot as we walk as an equal sharing input, accepting discovery of what was wrong + ideals shared in how to change it. i have gained so much from young – you can to, as well old. so once we go beyond an ideology of age + look at pure energy + ones goodness gained from maintained open sensors. + what that does for our perceptions + how we act on them. you never again will accept yourself dulling yours.:.
                      we all have many things to offer to the whole, we welcome you  here, in this Nabble application:
           use ours with us or until you create your own, then come back + post for self or have 1 of your cooperative community members post + link, which then aids good virtual tools –
                 patches` message board to bring us eye-to-eye

           is what we`ve discovered works.. where we reflect with others experiences + share skills/sensitivities, ideas as patches` + pockets` of special folks talk. as walkabout spreads to those patches` + pockets` without. + now those without now have a wealth of abundance as they awaken to their inner tools + extrapolate the baggage, redirect displaced energy into fuel. as individuality aligns + strengthens. now these local folks once without clarity or physical strength – now have self-satisfaction with creative expression. As they prioritized function - cooperatively building community - to build a self, energy efficiently. known to us as natural folks living `boon within nature`s limits. as together we awaken from exchange.
                       this gives us fuel to rid unhealthy aggression as bi`joy walkabout reaches out..  
               we have a choice.. fueling energy that moves us vs. numbs us, as we review + apply it for our self. only then can we truly be a cooperative community that creates the fuel. To create our understanding as we apply common sense.
                                  Here we define what is not right, not feeling comfortable, + with these early signs, redirect to bring us back to calm. which is our natural state. then an abundant creative expression flows as we improvise. Not waste as in art excessive, rather daily simple living where art is a resultant of our simple living. there is a difference.

Only this truly puts one in a prayer physical gesture. Giving us a space to twirl.
        So ask
               what am i chasing..
                         am i maintaining discipline over my self-sensory observation..
                         am i chasing belief ignoring the ability to make a me that is calm with a center + grounds, or riding on others wave, as I continue to be enslaved from my own misuse.:.
       Then carry on + set cloth/table in a `way do_in + get together to discuss as in the do_ins.  awakened a bit deeper to inner tools to define did we resolve, did we figure out the question, or do we need to do a pri`performance.
        Then bring it back to you, + work cooperatively to build community.  Addressing early signs one can control + shift.. giving more sensitivity to look at our land/fresh water/sea use + what the earth speaks in the plan` do_in for ` local organizing support.
                    in do_in this we obtain intra-interpersonal harmony locally that fuels us part time to cooperatively come together for others unable, as  in the next` move do_in. this then awakens us to more depths yet to reach, as we co_evolve our self. each continuing exploration as we make this work for all to become a local, global + beyond participant, obtaining harmony `boon from the natural world.:.
           which gives us Space to think/act on - what good - what bad.. all in the context of Solutions…

                   Reprogramming vs. interfering is all part of defining resistance. language of the past + present is differentiated vs. smushed. what really needed, what real conflict.. each person misunderstanding about misunderstanding each other, now becomes clear.

this links with the peace movement giving us all real story, as we share what sustains us. in do_in our simple daily chores, we can speak same language. + those unable can be better supported to rid those needs that stand in their `way as misuse is then more clearly defined + stopped..
                   Perceptions, filters, etc.  bring clarity, calm + sharpness to the cloth /table platform.
                      we can co_evolve with the aggressor within + that without. As we all sit down + interpret the true meaning before intent went astray + with deep listening, compassion, we recycle what can + make it right. as all co_evolve as cooperative communities spread:.
       come together in makumbo with detail +share with us so we all can say no + then rid that  desire which never should have been supplied. Or exchange good local options. As we want folks to become aware so we have no list.
                         we want old thought  to be respected for why it was. yet not accept it anymore, when it includes aggression, beyond natural limits..
                          we don`t want to just keep it in.  
                          we can rethink as we get supported to become clear + then redirect that long over do drain from feelings collected, some knowingly + others not. + restore our mindbody as we calm the energy + bring our focus to be present as we take part in creating our moment..
                          we will then surface with more fuel. more offerings as others may redirect their goodness + be pleased from the shift of folks sincerity + support coming together to now make it right. to now simply live with nature setting schedules, etc.
                          we all have a place in this movement. to address the issues. + exchange with like-minded thought, shared amongst all those in conflict on the planet. creating with all conflict resolution over our natural resources, creating limitless solutions..  

no longer do we think that issue is not here so we don`t pay attention.
                          we harness the disassociated energy long before we hear the cries.
                          we address planetary issues as we define them locally. some issues have planetary + beyond threads + can`t be brought to calm locally until we do walkabout with global family. introducing real issues that fueled + yet left in patches` + pockets` unknown to many, as worn torn threads yet to be removed..
                         we become aware of what is. no matter how much has past without our cooperative community participation. For when it comes to our memory, time is not important, rather if feeling we can work it now, as if past just happened.

 do_ins summarize + introduce ideas of listening to our own body,  so we can then better listen to each other, differentiating what really is:.
                   assuming/judging vs. being with. learning from plugging into groups already do_in efficiently as they then have energy to share.

Ask your self are you sure you should not be addressing this resistance in another do_in.. think about it.. can you go direct to one + resolve when both comfortable to talk.. or bring it to attention on location in the act of do_in. if not then pri`performance is the do_in  to be done. your in the right place, take a review of all  subcategories before posting what you think + take notes along the `way.

              if still not clear lets ask our self a few more questions, for it much easier to let go of microseconds of processing via visualization + experiencing hands on exchange in the act of what we thought. then the material manifestations that are so many times put into a reality before one becomes aware. then have to take the energy to again rid baggage, of letting go of that which enslaved, again repeating, carrying programmed, misplaced thought that really isn`t for us naturally. holding us back from our true unfolding.

Each time you focus with a resistance don`t limit yourself to earth, for earth is interdependent of beyond, as we are of earth.. Space exploration can be efficiently explored with renewable resources. as fuel source + findings can be grounded.
                          Old + young can find a `way when we come together. our human existence now can be without suffering + without degradation of our natural resources within, on earth + beyond .

                  Most of our resistance is made within, + once aware of working with folks along the `way in a sustainable focus, we become clear to explore + define through experiencing. As the energy folks reflect by simple do_in is an energy that fuels + moves us to then go within + see what it triggered. As life awakens to all in its path.
                           Our energies shift + balance when we live with the natural world, that is how we are designed most efficiently.

In past + present, we have interpersonal processing issues.. left undisciplined.. left as ugly thought as baggage remains deep as that energy interferes in our inner work to take place naturally, which is needed for our body functions daily.. which keeps us from being present, taking part creating our moment.

                    we can redirect this energy + bring our self to now.

                           Our whole being`s natural instincts are to reproduce + share. Life without resistance naturally goes to harmony. It is not natural to think we cannot share our resources + freely migrate. This is what life on this planet does.

                     we have enough resources, it is + always has been, the mind set that misuses.
                                         Where we are is Where we start.

                     we all can become indigenous.
                          Once we come together by choice, we become clear by reflecting with those do_in.. not ride on their wave, but it helps us release our comfort level of what we can obtain, if we work what it triggers.. rejoin` together we can network + make a difference in our life.
        When we have accepted behaviors unknown to be harmful to us, it is of great awareness to reflect with folks helping us identify our comfort + creative range.
                            Thank you farmers/wild crafters/fisher people, young + old from past + present.
                    You`ve helped us learn how to be sensitive + live within each ecosystem`s limit, listening to the land + sea, listening to our self..  patches` + pockets` of beautiful fertile offerings are here for us to reflect with. the wild crafting can be everywhere on this planet. As we replant + conserve, stopping the feeling that the earth needs us, rather we stop interfering in it`s ability to sustain itself. for  it knows how to care for itself + this natural cycle is beyond our control.
               Folks, those of you that use scare tactics of the supposedly green movement is selling hot air.
                          pri`performance can help us identify efficiently vs. getting lost in chasing another to give us the answer. nice to create this space allowing self to experience what can be, until it happens. even though years ago may of done or we think it will be some time before do again.

              Don`t leave thoughts perceived, as in the past or in the future, unattached. bring them to now + discover how we are failing to see detail of now issues.. + by incorporating this, what once seemed distant thought becomes fuel for now.. to better our now situation.. + find it is not for the future only, nor should it stay as a past thought.

               rather we can appreciate what once was, or the thought of what it could be as we co_evolve it for now. + add new pieces to puzzle or find a thread, cooperatively share different tools, transcribe baggage accumulated - recycling in progress, explore a different space, what ever reason we may use. it does leave a mindset shift that can be rethought..
                         so the whole situation is adapted to vs. negatively being effected..
                         so do your homework.
                  take that extra time to see each step near house before venturing off long distance. screams + hollers, my way , his way, mis-interpretations, whatever, by the time we figure out the most efficient way, it does take time.
                  most important we start taking out the cobwebs from not bringing our future joy to now, or our past.. as we allowed stress to accumulate. failing to see  that we were not living in the focus, we didn`t leave space as originally planned. define a way to incorporate it now. this mindset  updating, rethinking shift is the start of our journey to a lifetime of adventure, not just a weekend away.

the more prepared in each outing, learning by the last, reviewing, addressing feelings. produces  joy intended vs. forgetting this + that + then having to chase it down or be uncomfortable due to not having or wrong size, etc.. customize with early signs, adjusting in real time + have handy, leaving space for the unknown.

the skill of pursuing exploration is not to quickly go, but rather change mindset into a permanent mobility where we don`t allow ourselves to get set in, rather explore our `ways. Not enslaving us to 1 space.. the seasonal earthly offerings are a true joy in the variety of ecosystems, when you can actually experience them, vs. dream about them. realizing if we live in the now, each season then prepares us for the next..

                    Hands on contacts for do_in what is needed for us to be satisfied.. each adventure needs a customized refinement + nice when you can have dual functions - ex; nice light waterproof pad for under sleeping pad for boat, not a heavy one but one you can actually pack conveniently with dual purpose for biking, trekking, etc. it may take a little more thought but now you can recycle + when ready to go pick up from what used vs. 1 for each.. leaving excessive waste.
                  Caring comfort with you, vs. chasing it + never finding it.. explore a skill or volunteer - stopping into your pen pal made along your  `way. as you shared like subject in like ecosystem or exploring another. now leaving you with the best personal hands on guide to share your explorations.
      Act out these deep within thoughts carried too long.. post your desires, rid your needs + share your exchanges now. + the only commitment any of us make is to our self - to stay updated in real time + be honest with those we commit anything to.
                 enjoy nice outing as you experience different ecosystems wild.. all can be appreciated when mobility needs are simplified.. prepare for the elements that can always leave an effect.

                         pri` performance issues still needing reflection, if done on these wild locations give feedback to sleep on, for alternative thought to resolve.. scheduled with seasonal awareness issues in old growth with umbrella species in tact + or restoring.. like a protective shield reflecting resolution to those folks/critters that just enter the outer perimeters.                   preventing their issues to get any closer, so as to acknowledge + identify for each to resolve + stop the self abuse/misuse that leaves effects on themselves + all life.

          folks, experience how to `boon with + take mindset discipline of mindbody, no matter where, harmonize with natural world. accept nothing less then fresh markets, planned/foraged/fished within natural offerings. from a healthy co-op community that networks locally + shares what works - beyond.    
                    if we come back + respect natural living + review others simple living postings, we can look at the layers in our resistance + 1 by 1 remove.
          folks, self-observe with own intuitive organic foundation, as you build your path as you walk it into your opening. Use inner tools to process baggage working with early signs. Then when in doubt, communicate, don`t hold in + struggle.
                            we are so fortunate to have such available tools.

From the beginning when first paths + roads where created, shortly after fees where charged for usage. sensitive folks would drive to country for their livelihood to `boon with natural world defending it`s preservation from others attempts to deplete.
                           we have the technology now + have had for some time, energy alternatives using the earth`s resources + natural resources from beyond without having to disrupt our core wilderness areas.

                           we have been unable to network within our human potential,
 due to the aggressive + wasteful behavior carried forward.

These folks are really unaware of their acts. Even though you may say greed has overpowered them.  
                  it is us that has supported this unknowingly.
               it is us that now can come together with them + resolve.
They are stuck in a mode, misusing our land + natural resources. They continue to produce acts to fuel their delusion of keeping folks busy or saving us from our own stupidity. Which is the biggest unethical, inhumane + illegal act on this planet + beyond.

Then many have fragmented in groups away from them, got clear + now need to confront them as a cooperative planetary family.. as we join with those in motion, simply living fueling the peace movement, accepting nothing less. Which this virtual tool is best appreciated for as we live local + share what works..

The many beautiful experiences left, are still lived, from many cultures which coexist closely with the core wilderness areas in tact.

                 we are an open book + have all the tools within to fulfill our own self-development if allowed to do such, via reflection.
                 we can learn responsible ways to stay within our own energy limits. To be calm in clear discussion with conflict resolution.
                we analytically can interact as we co_evolve. vs. live fact from outdated or incorrectly written history. Or even if it was correct, that was then + now is now to be lived.
                 we can`t live for then.

 go beyond with improvisational dexterity where the brain invents entirely new coding schemes for novel situations. By cooping our focus + living local we can further create a network that works. vs. building nightly new neural pathways while yet carrying same baggage, as we accept it as normal. not realizing along with new neural networks we can also co_evolve the baggage + have new tools to again live the child forever within as we respect our inner tools + waste nothing as we stay present.  

               When fall off regroup, check in throughout the day, reflect with necessary do_in to help maintain sharp sensors + get back on tract,  building own path. + be aware so as not to interfere. sensitivity of early signs + knowing how to act is our best guide. regain `boon within natures laws to be a local, global + beyond participant. Wherever choose to go.  

                    we can reflect with non-skilled degreed people in responsible positions, so they can self-observe + responsibly remove self. or revise role so as others cannot come aboard unaware..
              rather evaluate our application from our vision, define the missing links for the unknowns, enabling us to simplify, shift + start another vision.
Folks, if able, allow no one to do for you. Clearly leaving us aware to not fuel others to think for us, or interfere in our ability to care for our self.

So if we are getting feedback about failing to self-observe, we then work it, not repel it. especially if we say we love one that is sharing it. for those closest to us can perceive if we don`t. we want to accept this exchange, for it will take us all some time before we regain our own center + ground.
Some may think your fine with your own back yard.

           but ask yourself
                    are you part time cooperatively building your community.
                    are you coming together part time as in the next` move for others unable.
                                  if not then ask yourself, what do you want to explore, for this is not about serving another or doing for another. this is about sharing like subject, something you want to develop within yourself. + now with this in mind find like issue from another to rid need. for now we have fuel to exchange + as we seek out this interest, we then can get real story to bring to our cloth/table platform. So together we can then go figure during each do_in how efficiently we can come together. to resolve as much as possible within + exchange with those unable to define locally + beyond as in the next` move do_in.

            pri`performance can start in sharing bi`joy experiences as we seek out our large browsers to show us a `way, as we seek wild locations to trigger experiences.  that we are clear in as we experienced our local natural happenings.. or when traveled. A nice real story with a grounded common denominator, as we share in our up dated postings.  our log book for those unable, our mobile bio_calendar as we note that favorite moment detail, reflect back, so as to check in next season or for another to experience, or the bi`joy walkabout awakening, when we let our buried inner depths surface + be worked, etc.
                the logger within us all, whether we stick draw on sand an over view of our biome or recycling a message board from our community tools shed, we come together + share in real time what is. as we add the virtual tools to reflect + share with for our self or 1 post for our cooperative community.

patches`+ pockets` can link locally + beyond as we share so no one is left unaware.
         Once folks choose to reflect, whether local or not, permanent or not. it is our whole being we carry everywhere, it is not a place, it is a `way. we do best if live local. Even though some locals may not be grounded + folks from afar researching are more aware of local stats.

The point is we cannot hold a handful of folks responsible for endangerment of their local ecosystems.. if we our self are misusing afar or not holding our locals responsible for their negative effects left on these locals.
             One may have a pen pal, local relative, contact thru other means, so we reach out + pool resources collecting real input of situation. Of those that locally + beyond are leaving negative impact, etc.. we help define the missing links of their ability to self-sustain. Once we start the communication process, cues appear, the right folks do an exchange, others absorb. Efficiently respecting all part time participating. Realizing how humble folks truly are that seriously want to make all life good.

                   Thank you! our combined` effect is appreciated..

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