time to dig deep, set aside space part time + act with tool of synergy...

              as we quote Leon Hammer as we rejoin…
            `In order to have a medicine that is more sensitive to our humanity we must take responsibility for it. Changing governments + ideologies avails little less demanding solutions than internal growth, are dangerously misleading + endlessly frustrated.
             The hope + the courage we need along our separate paths towards a loving society + a compassionate medicine which enhances health. Depends on our clear perception of that principal.
             An important value of Chinese diagnosis is that it can differentiate for us, those things about which our self can do something. Leaving some misdirected energy wholly or partially redirected with outside help + some cannot.  With this awareness we have an opportunity to develop a life plan that is based on reality + minimize inner suffering.
             When one becomes clear, the energy that had previously gone into misinformation/irrelevant guilt is now available for the assumption of real responsibility in more productive areas.”

Or as in ‘laser learning’ by Creig R. Kronstedt, quote;
            “ Those of us who feel powerless, who feel we have no choice, will be the hapless victims of the waves of energy that lap at us from all directions. We will flounder + founder in a sea of energy generated by the universe + all other consciousnesses.
              The fact that those who strive to change the world often succeed is the best reason to accept the promise that consciousness offers us options that can affect our world.
              The extent to which we exert our own conscious choice on the world will determine the extent to which it changes into the kind of reality we would like to have. Most of us have not even begun to explore the potential that we have to change the nature of reality. Most of us are not even convinced that we can. ”

Quote; Jane Sherwood in book `Post-Mortem Journal,
      ‘ we can exchange feelings with a different race far more clearly than we can see ones color.. + we know from their friendship + interest, we also can exchange enough meaning to prove the kinship of our minds, then the obstacle of language is defeated. + the fatal misunderstandings due to ineffectual exchanges in words are not avoided..

who best for out their story, understanding our co_evolving existence, without waste in exploring, prevention + apply efficiently for earth issues.. life rights, nano-tech, sail, be clear on those that waste giving us overview.  Neil degrasse Tyson, American museum of natural history, Rob Britt with live science.com???

          the next move, listening to the indigenous voice..
 it’s our choice to live in harmony + cooping part time fuels us to come together when crises,  peace is a choice within us now!

these are yet a few examples of struggles + we share for the sense of asking yourself where you are with what. so we can go above + try to simplify a `way to work our 4 directions in our next` move

             east with ideal + vision, south work on it, west complete it + north evaluate it carrying lessons for next one

                       `when you practice humanity long enough you become a pretty decent human being` peiter dirk, as his humor effects billions of folks as he talks to children about real issues with straight talk, where his witty spirit keeps a lot on his side (as others he says are sucking pigs, slime that condemn him) as he opposes the ancient ingrained systems; apartheid, war, politics, how girls should use condoms because guys won`t when parents/teachers would not talk about it. as during aids, he was asked, what would he say to the sec of health, he said resign, what, yes fuck off, this is a genocide, hundreds of folks dying every day.. 700,000 folks with aids when 100,000 got treatment..

                       the global sufferings of past + present are of deranged mind leaving pretty intense vibration, felt across the planet, for many that have died suffering to now..  ex; of many as recent tamal/sir lanka govt`s both committing human abuse, where in a child`s playground, a headless child hung on fence, head on another fence, parent dead with 2 babies on top of body, 1 dead.. others laying on ground cut in half, while other young + old left to view.. story couldn`t go on from this human right worker because it made her too sick to look..
              another part of the world where women in the mts having to get raped from soldiers for a fee, babies sold to put in water pumps or hike every day with jugs on donkey, feeling they where bad people + that is why god put them their with mts. Do you know how it hurts to have, been raped, your baby taken a way if not ready to give, some women have went mad..

                                                          folks we can participate in a coop, part time effort, networking globally (we can link networks so we can work efficiently,  + clearly define democracy.

ex; sir lanka democracy folks, etc.) + hop on the band wagon of the many good folks already networking,  to stop these experiences, redirecting energy allowing us to heal. The recent cluster bomb ban is a good example, (China, Russia, U.S. didn`t participate, they don`t like when folks interfere in their choices of war) sure it will still exist, but now instead of 600 explosions from 1, there will be only 10, even though there is still aprox. 1 million left in all facets within the villages, + the aid to victims will be better..
                 The gain from those shorting the market, when they lost all the years it went up crazy, how the true nature of the market has good qualities to keep it fair, yet many folks don`t understand the difference, etc.. as well the reality of

             ex; Japan looking at 100 yr plan.. + when country`s with human value come + buy American  corporations/housing at rock bottom. we can understand how it can work with good business practices.. where true weights of measure needed for demand/supply + shared also in

             ex; oil, states the secretary general of Opec – we need a real set of measures + feel the oil could go high 200-300./barrel,  exponentially heightened from rumors of attacking Iran, we will stop using it before it runs out, especially if hydrogen is used etc..

              ex; as in Marshall islands, when prisoners, stated during the 2nd war, at least they where fed with fresh gardens  from Japanese vs. the American way at that time, + are presently suing U.S. for the nuclear testing results that have left much illness…

now U.S. has 18 trident submarines, 8 missles in @ warhead, @ warhead = 30 times the Hiroshima,  24 missles/submarine.. check updated list of weapons.. Iraq war cost 63 billion per month for military, 8 million for foreign + humanitarian + 4 for homeland security..
             We can view now, as in linktv the religious folks that kept relocating their priests that where pedifiles, to hide them.. + some share stories now  about their personal experiences as they molested the young children, as the victims also speak in adult bodies , yet to overcome as their body language shows the abuse within still not dealt with.. that continued on for years..

            96% of glaciers, where some formed 100k years ago, have diminished fossil water from ice in the himilayans,  going to all major rivers for irrigated fields in Asia, as well for drinking water.. 1 billion people already suffer from lack of water, by 2010 supposedly 50 million people trying to escape degradation, 2050 alps will be ice free.. no snow layer on ice + black ice shows the crevices from climate warming, as ice melts + water flows in crevices + sheets of ice float away + will contribute to sea level rise.. 50% of earth land has been transformed by humans.. says jacquilene Mcclaine director of EU lgest environmental agency,  after they did this last “our arctic challenge” competition in Greenland.

it is not the increase from 6 to 9 billion people predicted that will leave devastating effects, it is the developing country’s desiring to live like many in western economy, deluded + wasteful..  

this list can go on but do your review + then put it aside + lets focus together on solutions that can work for us all., as we act responsibly + use the synergy of do_in it together.

                 Peace is our option now.  
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