those of you subscribing via email please read, does anyone edit your posts..

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Please see how we can simplify;

       In response to having a lengthy post, that includes the original post you are commenting to, making it smush harder to read.

Those of you posting on this forum that are subscribed via email, thank you! it is a great tool that Nabble offers for us. for any of you creating your own Nabble forum, please note they have a great support for us to learn + i`m just beginning to use a part of their good offerings. so i appreciate your patience with me + you can always bring a thought to my attention, to make this all easier for you. + i will do my best.

           As well Nabble is open to suggestions to create more, as all work together..

     Many of you will accept your email program defaults and "top post" your reply above a full quotation of the original message.
There is nothing Nabble can do to control this at source except persuade you as contributor that "top posting" is a hideous crime and you should never quote the full text of an original post when replying to any mail list. At most you should only include a quote of the sentence or phrase necessary to put your reply in context.
Once a top-posted reply has appeared on our forum all i can do is turn on the administrator-only permission "Edit_all". This will allow those with administrator rights to edit your contributing post and remove the unnecessary quotation only.

We will not remove your comment.

thank you for helping out, kara