this is where our tallies begin..

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for those of you so fortunate to have this Fair Trade awareness, not to mention tools to be living it, as you reflect with us your responsible `ways, thank you!

           for even some Fair Trade should be rethought for conscious trade..

it doesn`t take brain surgery to go figure once we are clear + share this understanding.

  yet why Barack, are you still promoting Free Trade as you communicate with the world, vs. Fair Trade?? you are not a dense person, do you not see that Free Trade is not Free??

   rather it is contributing to the layers of disassociated energy that keeps many in the fog as well real nuts + bolts as it interferes in our ability locally to self-sustain with agro_ecology local practicies, which in this restoration as we propose with project osic, all will over come the unemployed mode.

             by simply gaining understanding of our misuse/abuse unknowingly. + we can share this now at the market, as so many are in food deserts.. or share in a community meeting.. or share in a walk with your neighbor.. where ever you can reach out, lets share how we must get to the bottom of the toxic `ways that are producing toxic products leaving many ill, yet leaving many preoccupied to try to end it.

  which is a huge waste of our good human resources then can better go in outher directions, helping those left behind for one, while those able continue to self-develop..

let me share a post with good folks that live it + read these ideas to build new neuro networks that we can do now;


 this is my comment to these good folks living Fair Trade;

thank you for these posts, it is this that we welcome, for more clarity;

their is nothing better than the art of live music filling the air vs. toxic bombs, as patches` of bi`joy experiences, share with pockets` without this harmony, as we realize they are struggling, yet they have an abundance of resources we all can gain by, in an exchange.

   whether local folks in need of daily chores in US that have been left without or the Middle East/Congo in their genocide..

    please note we are in the building of project osic, where students are welcomed to come out of schoolroom + into + with the community.

to restore ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize, as many do that simply live within enhanced natural limits as with agro_ecology;

   students + all focus direct + will coordinate in classroom, then do a walkabout, give hands on to those left unable to do daily chores.

   tally the reality as solutions are shared.

this will prioritize rehabs restored/built as all then gets support long/short, what ever, to come to the cloth/table + make a `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review.

starting from the mountain top, so as to see how those below also have equality in resources + our freshwater needed to flow into the sea continues..

with local agro_ecology gauges as with prof Miguel Altieri` work as he creates good science from indigenous `ways that have similar yields as alll, yet no toxic effects + has many studies to show this. sadly he gets out voted by other people as they state their way is a better way, yet it leaves toxic effects.

    we feel we have the tools, meaning the times of our abilities + we our self are offering on Barack Obama`s Fellowship, MyGov as well on UNworldwewant2015, which we post for now changes to be made to prioritize those left behind locally in every community + priortritize quantities as in now the Congo in our next` move subcategory. + hold them accountable for their dysfunction, when yet we have solutions, etc. + welcome all to do the same.

    we also offer to merge with whomever with best resources to obtain email bulk for schools globally as well reps for communities with no schools. so we all can be on same page, focus directing together. plus other resources.

 for now we are editing to simplify our forum + get ready to do emails. Nabble gives us freely our forum + technical support as well will give to any. they now are advertising, unless we pay to have it removed, which we will once gain some donations.
   we are a grass roots, just became a non-profit yet to fundraise. as we offer to restructure those leaving negative effects + welcome them to a tapering transition. no responses yet, as i targeted Walmart in support of Black Friday protests, as well my offerings to above links.

    i'm presently continueing to edit a document to trigger your thought/as well cleaning up a lot of yada which when i awaken to such horror i have to work it the best i can. + i post updates occasionally on our forum, so please come talk;

i`m looking forward to your clarity, for we feel Free Trade is the culprit of all + where we should unite;

 + if we are sensitive + have compassion for the many of us that contribute unknowingly to this Free Trade, we will then gain the strength from numbers that then can understand how we have created our misuse/abuse + change it.

so i post your link + please keep us posted, + we welcome you to help us build an archive to share this process + make it more friendly as we reach out to patches` with bi`joy experiences as they live it, to then share with those pocket`s without, in an exchange to awaken them to then come seek like ecosystem/subject + then fine tune for theirs.

when i see the resources Free Trade people have, along with their unawareness, all i can say is we need to unite + share clarity. for their money will not stop us, rather our truth + understanding will.
   we suggest that it can turn the world markets as we prioritize investors to support locals to control their biomes, work their wild sensitively, for it has been set aside wrongly, regain our interdependence as the human species to be hunter/gathers. for their is no isolation of any ecological category.

   we are dependent on all balancing our wild genetic bio-diversity + linking globally. in order to do this we must have local agro_ecology practices in place + being tapered in a conscious `way. anything else is shallow thinking.

so we invite you + those those that have maintained sharp sensors to reflect for us to rethink + self-observe as we all adjust to an efficient `way to aid this understanding so we can all act.

supporting responsible local, global + beyond participation.

sincerely, peace is an option to all if we share what works, kara j lincoln