this is the reality of where it all starts for good healthy living, that we all can locally take part in..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
                    let me start with an old tao quote to aid this tapering transition;

     food is better then medicine, energy is better then food, + nothingness is better than energy..   
        we all now are in these transitions + will be in, but we can together simplify this process;

             as we understand how to restore our local + afar natural enhanced limits to sustain our self..

               as we cooperatively build, restore + maintain our community that works + harmonizes..

                 as we rid the much waste + our own baggage, as we rid our own misuse/abuse + heal the scars of our earth + beyond while we self-develop

             many cannot do this alone + need support. our students can focus direct with us..

   so we are in the building of project osic


 to welcome students to come out of schoolroom, if fortunate to have one, if not a representitive for no school, as well no community, not to mention experiencing a genocide as with the Congo + Myanmar..

       to prep in classroom setting with staff, to introduce a safe friendly community project to all..

        then come out into + with the community + together restore our natural enhanced potential..
               so all can self-develop + heal within as well our local natural communites..

                 to help us ask + respond to the question,

                                  `what are the effects we leave??
               please note, remember you are talking to our combined` effect.. 

   see our post on UNworldwewant2015 which all is welcome to take part in.  

               please watch deadlines for postings;

          we at i come to talk story have our hands on what sustains us as we take part + live local where ever we are fortunate to be.. we offer this to all as we continue to unite..

     we are presently asking all to share global school emails, representitives for these communities without
schools as well communites.. so we do a mail out so we all are on same page together focusing, building in real time this archive..

  in interchangeable roles, students will post for their local community for their local prerequisites..

            the tallies they take part in collecting. but not get lost in computers.. will be shared locally in a story as they go eye to eye with other schools + community members..            

     so daily all give hands on with those left behind, so all can`boon with our natural earth as we continue to restore our local natural enhanced limits.

  we have pockets` of dessert with no local food, no clean water, this list goes on..
   yet we have an international community in patches` with a wealth of sensitive natural experiences to aid our awareness as they reflect what they simply do. via theri type of ecosystem/subject..

   this exchange in an archive to bring us eye to eye is the best application we can possibly have.

as our students finish their local prerequisites, they then get to explore as they continue their education with their choice in the world. as they now get to actualize with a pen pal as example.

  one that spend time in virtual world as both shared these experiences personally along with the archiving review, along their completion locally. to also support each to walk theri path as they build it into their opening.

                   yet leave no footprints. rather together maintain respect for all life...

    we welcome all to build our archive sharing this process, strategies + schematics, so you build a working community that harmonizes with you...
              we believe our balanced environments are our best medicine, so please take a review of Masonobu`s simplicity that we respect highly + work with.. as we throw clay balls..

      we continue to explore life as we are fortunate to have many good folks to share simple `ways that work, please see our bi`joy experiences + reflect to go within yourself + do your homework;

      we reflect below in a story we share, as everyone has something to offer + it is up to us to share honestly with our loved ones, to then share what is important so we truely understand.

           for many are lost in this information..  not to mention eating french fries on a regular bases..      

Yummy French Fry trick (saves 364 calories per serving), please share with guys..

Hi All!

   i`d like to share a story, i can't think of a better way to start the new year, so please make space to let this trigger your good health.

  Jerry is an elderly person, on Disability Services as well a few doctors. he has continually gone to ER for simple things that he is capable to become aware of. yet he recently again with a cold ended up their.

  he is stacked with daily enslavement; full time oxygen, over weight, lots of psychotropic drugs as well for organs, etc. night mask for sleep apne. his life has been in + out of many hospitals, abused, carry`s misuse from family`s behavior taken as normal. has no insurance for herbal formulas to taper him off of these drugs that we feel are not sensitive to adjust with his attempt to create his own self mentally. as well his misuse/abuse is creating more immobility, etc..

    his desire to play live music with others is still not happening as we suggest ideas int hat area also. so he rides on others wave, while yet respecting + trying to shift to gain his own sense of self. he is a beautiful person.

  his doctors refuse to work with all family members to over come his misunderstandings, as new laws protect his decisons, as he is still his own representitve. which familky feels he is capable if all could harmonize, vs each pulling a new way with doctors pulling another..

  but his general doctor is prioritizing his weight loss, so he thinks this is important as he 100% listens to all his doctors. yet sadly they have failed to continue theri education with the much awareness we have now. to better guide him to self-develop + taper off the damaging western frugs he is presently on.

  as his conditons during his life have cost unbeleiveable fees to the public, yet leaving him abused, jailed where drugs where removed cold turkey + many doctors due to family trying more effective from issue of them illegally giving him meds due to over worked + not paying attention.

  as well state + federal programs ending meds with no taper, costly insurance programs not allowing him to buy from Canada, etc. + chos amongst Disability belief + mental health specialists, with yet hospitals haveing no clus of processes when he was in need. then only could police help up.

so no reason for so much suffering + people dying prematurely especially at such cost to all, meanwhile these presrequisites for schools continue. yet medical unskilled degreed people continue to practice. + say nothing else we can do.

meanwhile we have many sensitive skilled people with solutions that have continued their studies with eastern `ways that work. as we taper off of western drugs + habits + on to herbal formulas, then taper off them with good understanding. working within ones' potential naturally.. as they boon with their natural world as we link our communities locally + afar, as with project osic in the building..

                                     so he has had a flip flop mode of support.

so we share this story given to him;

       these guys are wacky but they have some good ideas. they also exploit marketing, when yet we should be naturally learning this awareness by taking part of our community as we build our food forests, to fuel our own clarity of building a self, as a community participant. which then opens doors to equality + sharing simple truth + respect that all appreciate as we understand our real inner tools.

   giving us fuel to collectively build our local + afar tools for peace + harmony.

 so edit out a few ideas please.
 i will send email 2 with a lil video you can watch about the blended milkshake protein drinks. so if interested maybe search out cheaper protein powder, but please watch + go slower as you try to understand this. nothing happens quickly in life.
but i thought this is the best new year present i could share with all. so enjoy!
jerry you say you are losing weight, i would like to share a few lessons i discovered maybe you want to try, to gain more energy 1st, which will help you lose more.
watching what you eat is important, this recipe is ex; + you like these. same jim.
    with out energy cannot process. so this is important to understand.
when i talked to you about 1st recording your music, you where very excited, do you remember? that was sweet of you to share with me/us.

  but it is good to check in with yourself + keep a nice rhythem always. not rel facst then it will take you real slow.
you can learn this disipline. check into yourself, if racing take a few deep breaths thru your nose;
   count to 4 in, hold 1, breath down to belly button. then breath out thru mouth slowly. repeat 8 times, + it will feel like you took a drug to relax. meanwhile no side effects on organs/kidneys, liver, heart.
  rather will have more energy for then to work good.
   especially if you ate high carbos vs slow acting, vidoe will show you. + racing, now you really get foggy brain + waste a lot of energy. + did not even get out of the house. or even get clear ideas to wake up.
which especially when you do that thru out the day, you will get sleepy more.; so it is always good to calm yourself, + check into yourself during the day. then it will become easier to recognize your feelings within.
no one else should have to remind you. we all have to do our homework, lil practice + you will feel so much more energy all day. + wake up clear with new ideaas ready to think + act on what you enjoy, do chores, + explore.
  so energy is important #1.
#2 is the type of food to keep you fueled efficiently or keep you more in the fog + fat.
so more energy + fat is a lot better to start out then no energy + fat. plus timing of day important when you eat it.
so we have to have compassion + be sensitive to all in the fog, flip flopping + fat.
ok so to get clearer + more energy, cut down or stop the heavy carbos; grainds period, a present to yourself is a nut grinder if have no old coffee grinder to use that works.
oregon has fresh yummy filbert nuts, get a good nut cracker + then crack + crush or crack + soak in water over night just the nut whole without broke, then am rince + softer to eat,  or dry + crush or best wet + crush. so experiment with grinder.
or buy hemp unshelled + eat with everything, yogurt, banana, berrys strawberrys, salad.
filberts are like a brown rice + chestnuts are like a soybean in protein structures + oils but better.
grains can be too heavy, as well some foods such as potatoes. especially processed grains , but even white rice, bread + brown whole wheat bread, if no energy to metaboliz, meaning process, it slows you down.
so nuts are still lighter carbos + proteins to eat with salad, yogurt fruits in day + as these guys offer a nice protein powder, but very expensive, so maybe anna you could find him one similar without junk. + you could all take. plus if like seeds for flavor?? try different mixed. like did you ever try the seeded bagels with caraway seed, which you can buy seeds seperately, but go easy.
+ cinnamon is good.
see the video below;

    ideas to blend a big blender full for noon for all, with yogurt, fruit, protein scoop 25 or so grams. then munch on nut snack, guys say noon best for fasting since last meal night before.. add almond milk, even try with cereal vs dairy milk. then 3 or so take another drink, then 6 or so have nice supper with meat/chicken/fish size of palm on hand, still no grain for few days, just so you feel how you can gain energy by not being slowed down by heavy carbos in grains, to give your body a rest.
then no eat after supper until next day noon.
some people never eat grains, just get carbos in beans + nuts.
but for super have nice vegie mix salad, + vegies you like, + can eat as much vegies as you want.
doing this protein 3 times a day, you may decide to do this often.. these guys will do this for 30 days or so + take a break. but after they feel this change + rest body a bit, they add a lil grain at supper, 1/2 cup wild rice is great, vs white. but still once in awhile white rice fine. white bread + rice are more heavy. but even brown bread is slowing you down if over loading due to no energy + body is not circulating well from not stretching or moveing.
moving is good. if you got a bicycle like you did in hospital you would be much healthier, to ride inside or get a electric 3 wheeler bicycle for outside. for when we exercise + enjoy it while we are going some where we like or even watching a movie, but it is important to feel yourself when you move, so staying focused is good.
then you know if walking or biking with tension from racing or when calm. that is why you get sore. same with when heavy carb foods are not being processed. body is over working making tired, then when walk or bike you would be more sore. for body has a limit.
so a few days with no grains will awaken you to inside actions + feelings, to better then reflect with . same with eating small portions then of these carbs + replace with other foods with less carbs.
all cabs turn into sugar, + when eat sweets/sugar/dried fruit equal more sugars raising your blood sugar. get up early + eat sweet donut, you feel great at first, then it spikes your blood sugar levels + shortly midday you will start to fall asleep.
geet up + have tea or coffee then wait midday to have your protein blended drink or even few eggs + you will feel very different. then next meal as i sais  for a few days or week, then can go back if want to a sandwhich with vegies meat/cheese or cheese as snack.
peanuts are more fatten + more salt. so if don't liek filberts, try almonds. or sunflower seed. but hemp is really good + filberts + chestnuts if lucky to find.
tangerine snack, orange fresh fruit + frozen cherries great + strawberries as snack + blended drink.
too much nut may constipate but with nice salads + veggies all you want, you will feel like a bunny rabbit with a lot of energy.
this is sad that we all could not wake up to this earlier. but we can't bite our elbows so lets move on.
but this is most important what i say. Plus you already drink a lot of water so 8 glasses to others.
+ no sugar sodas or juice. + if do try a small amount of good juice with carbonated flavor water or even a can of flavored carbonated water if like, i like the mixed berry so experiemnt. but fibers in fresh fruit is great. so apples are very good..
between fruit/nuts/yogurt/cheese/eggs/meat/vegies/salads it will help you cleanse + give body rest. then 1 day a week no worry eat pizza, spagetti + best after an exercise, but make it a fun day, ice cream what ever you like + be thankful + enjoy. then next week go back again + focus. + you will find wow, energy , mental clarity, physical strength.
who knows each of ya where you may go or what you may want to do or study or volunteer to learn new. new career, new life.
more active + stay focus for self without leaving any negative effects on any life. then we can help each other build our path as we walk it into each persons opening,
so no one is controlling or influencing or riding on anothers wave.
this way all can be respected equally as we all do our homework.
for you Jerry not to be agile + flexible is because you are sluggish + your organs are getting over worked by your misunderstanding. your chloices during what levels of energy you have. as well each time you are raceing or calming, you can calm + stabile. medicines at different times also have to be processed like food.
but doctors give you meds because you yet to take time to learn your own self control. some people die + never learn it. it is never to late to learn.
you say you getting old + yes when we don't keep ourself calm, active + focus on good food, you become a washrag with worn out organs trying to process all this at different energy levels.
so i'm sorry you have this suffering but it is of your choosing, for you can learn also.
+ still you can totally change your life. as well wok off your meds once you start knowing your self + understanding this.
but you cannot go cold turkey with meds. but you can reread this regularly + experiment with foods + your disipline of rest + good sleep.
no matter what your doctors say know. if you do this + listen to you carefully, they will say wow jerry yes you can rid mask, oxygen + we can start tapering meds.
for many doctors study this + would do this to you long ago. so nectr time your doctors don't respond if you talk to them about this, simply say don't tell me thier is nothing more to do, + respect them, rather just be honest + tell me you have no interest to continue studying like others do that know this control by you + your practice + focus is much more valuable then meds.
but without you controlling you they try to. even if you did not take any meda ever, you would still put a lot of stress on you due to your misunderstanding + misuse of food choices on top of your energy levels which leave organs very ill + people die t younger ages. or live very uncomfortbly as they are in the fog, unable to concentrate + share, as well unable to exercise without getting sore due to this, as well no energy.
then when meds are given, the poor organs are really overloaded..
mother + dad not unmderstanding this due to all those doctors making a lot of money off them, yet she hung on to her belief + changed a lot. + could of changed more easily if her doctors would of educated themself which many do. as well sharon did not support when i would offer a new doctor, she would resist me. so it is your choice.
+ when you choose not to do your homework so you can learn to understand so it is simple + clear. so you can ask + experiment with your doctors, ask theen for a protein powder + how much.
proteins are normally eaten depending on your weight + how ill to repair you as well how much activity physically you do.
a good gym would teach you this. a nice sensitive coach is what i suggested a long time ago.your personal outings for you on a schedule that fits you, + don't be so stingy with your money, you should want to pay a membership + maintain your good muscle strength or you will bemore dependent on others.
this way you would feel good jerry + want to do more the healthy way.
then you could share with others your interest. not because you have no clarity due to no energy, or because you follpowing others lead.
rather go wthin you + get out of the fog as you reat those orgsans + then they will tell jerry new ideas as you work them + explore.
if want me to explain anything, call.
please think about this. for all is normal + this is what we do on planet earth. sorry you are human..
love kara + all
 + if they worked with yun you could do it faster. but if you are not comfortable, then your energy discipline + food choices will be giving you also great success. yun counsels doctors at a school
in seattle.
i hope this triggers you all to rethink.
i wish you all a happy new year!
 please see the guys suggestions below with their video;        

              From: Joel & Josh - BioTrust Nutrition <>
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638 calories
76g of high glycemic carbs
34g of fat

And without a doubt the worst stat of all: 16g of trans fat!  Yikes!

Fortunately, you can still satisfy that french fry craving with this healthy and delicious alternative.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries


*3 large sweet potatoes
*1 tbsp of olive oil
*1/2 tsp of sea salt
*1/2 - 1 tsp of cinnamon
*1/4 tsp paprika


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

In a mixing bowl, toss all ingredients (except the cinnamon) until the potato wedges are evenly coated with oil and spices.

Place on a baking sheet, seperated evenly, and then sprinkle cinnamon on top as desired.  Bake for 30 minutes or until done.

Nutrition facts per 200 grams:

274 calories
39g of lower glycemic carbs
9g of fat

And best of all:  ZERO grams of trans fat!

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