this is serious for us to prioritize a structure that works within our natural enhanced limits..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
only then do we reap the benefits to gain the sensitivity to self-reflect + rejoin our center, so we gain total peace within ourself, without leaving a footprint.

            here we want to share the process of simple living;

  see Masonobo Fukuoka`s 2012 documentary on how simple our community can make our food forests. + in this archive we feel with enough community i would think small farmers + commercial fisher folks + their markets, as well folks to sell direct thru cooperative set up as a fish/farmer market so we seasonally prepare our goods for the whole year.. along with sharing efficiency of storage for off season preparation + diversity of products.

most important we gain understanding of our interdependency on our natural resources starting with our mountain forests need for bio-diversity, that shelters/fuels our water sources, as we gather in support all along it`s entire flow.

Vs. act on quick indecisive judgment. where so many are unaware of building local community so we all become responsible local, global + beyound participants.  

This way we weed out the early signs of self-misuse, that many continue to live with as normal behavior passed on for generations. In attempts for our folks to simply survive the best they could. Which they bring to us much goodness in what they did perfect in so much resistance as with global wars, economic depressions as others gained, along with masses in disease, etc...

 Reflect + experience for your options. Please don’t just accept. Once you feel true harmony you will settle for nothing less:
      Not ride on another’s wave, copy, judge without complete thought, not follow thru, not really know we can gain self-control..

Rather take control + edit these incoming + internal perceptions + early signs + know how we can produce or interfere in them..

We can do daily do_ins for early cues to defining our energy level, such as in self-massage. Learning to identify when to do what + what not. Stopping before the heat fills the air.. so to speak.

When we rid our baggage, bring future to now, + take part in creating our moment, we now awaken to how we can find space for all these simultaneously as we co-evolve + adjust, embrace vs. displace our surrounding energy + that focus at the end, afar.

When we do for our self, self-satisfy, now we are no longer leaving our negativity on other life, rather we are taking responsibility to rid it. we gain a center that makes us more sensitive to other life. so for those of you as I was that felt we could not do that for what ever believe, we where wrong.

For this is our human construction as a living organism. We are dependent on our natural world, for us to self- sustain. + we we realize our interdependence on each to be self-reliant, then now woolah for the harmony + synergy that then comes.

 Energy efficiency prioritized  for our community function so as to aid when we fall off. so as to pick up with support + continue on, creating as we `boon with our natural world daily. With our choice.

When we ignore our early signs that are indicators for us to conform to our healthy balance. Then we end up with low energy, mental clutter, physical weakness + now anything looks good, as our judgment is off.

We develop disconnects in our own neuro pathway. Unable to build our own individualization. Keeping us away from ourself. unable to have time to address + rid what is right in front of us all. we are an open book. It is never too late to address what we feel or see or envision or dream. bring it to harmony for us. yes we deserve those moments for us.

Only then once we define + I, or get on our path building + I, as we walk it.  then will we ever have a we - that is truly enjoyable to walk with + self-develop our reality + for each other.

So what we sense can become disconnected if we ignore, or we have the power to self-empower by bringing common sense to our misunderstandings.

This way we don’t get lost in deficiencies left unnoticed, as we always never seem to reach what we think we want. Rather we gain with reflecting with those living close to nature in respect to nature’s borders. Gain awareness + sensitivity to self-observe + redirect responsibly for life rights..

We can learn to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief many get lost in.

creatively offering work as in thinking, growing, exploring, experiencing with those that are sensitive, work with + know our local ecosystems;
      for wild to remain wild yet worked to ecologically support our field/forage/wild crafting, seed saving, space. Which we are fortunate to have indigenous that have not lost their way as they remained close with the land + survive from it.

together we can learn + make space for part time cooperative sharing:

                     planting choices, harvesting techniques, grain grinding fresh from local farmers, drying, preserving, smoking, recipe diversity as in marketing product to locals direct, efficiently from our homes + or in a carry out prepared mode as in a shared space that the community recycles for all.

                       along with cold/dry storage with prices all can afford. So each do their part + no one has to serve. if focusing on lunch/dinner, etc. aiding those unable, taking orders for delivery/pickup for product from freezer or fresh. as well ice for fish boats, etc. so folks don’t have to endure the harshness the elements can give us. + when  we have a natural disaster we already know what we can do, things are in place..

    bio-diversity from various ecosystems, must be prioritized as we maintain it`s way for transporting efficiently life giving mechanisms to locals + afar.
we can share how to `boon with our sustaining ecosystems + locally produce good maintenance as we work them. + now can efficiently do a neighborly exchange if in a disaster, etc..

    we discover ways to go beyond prevention + emergency + live in true local harmony within 50 or so miles, even though we are plugged into our sustaining natural resources afar. Now you will experience a new sense that will touch that within you that has been reaching out, yet you could not figure out how to reach it, etc.

           as well wild to remain wild with policy locally agreed upon buy all as we work it..

so how does each gain in this cooperative;
                  each has a available market locally + each has equal opportunity for % of catch. whether small or large as in ecological offerings, so as not to interfere in another local region of marketing same product. so if a specific fish will be sold all over, then we don’t market afar + if do again we share resources vs. sell to layers producing the extortion of food as is on this planet, rather we keep it human friendly + energy efficient with transport.
             Raw whole material stored correctly:

fish/mushroom/vegetable, etc.  have always been eaten + prepared differently from each ecosystem even if same, yet in a different area. So many cultures develop own technique, which is special to experience.  but not wastefully transported, rather bulk transported + local folks process. so not hauling packages across the planet or processed food. rather folks deal with whole product to feel the energy of being whole, one with our natural world + develop own local how tos, created upon those local + afar.

This gives these folks that work very hard with the elements a bit more vs. a middle person that resells yet never experiences the oneness with our natural world in a direct exchange.. + by knowing  your community you know your local folks + all can stock up for the year after picking up direct, or thru the small cooperative for efficiency purposes. + a lot of this should be volunteered from those buying, so all feel a part of this sustainability. so we better rejoin our purpose as well our community for able + when unable, as well part time for unable ongoingly.

fueling our ability to do a walkabout + reach out for others to do the same, locally + afar as we rejoin our human family for all life to sustain in harmony with each ecosystem.

as we gain awareness for preserving this balance + not interfering in nature’s ability to self-sustain, each microclimate will specialize, giving us earthly goodness. + the good folks as with jenny + permaculture now, Miguel with agro-ecology + agro-forestry, we can build beautiful gardens in all available space, year round for several species. +enjoy pantries with whole food fresh, fermented + preserved.

objective to eat local with a little variety to supplement diversity, employ local folks, rid struggles, maintain equipment + ecologically sustain.  this fuels our self-reliance + harmony, along with the synergy effect form our cooperative effort to support all to continue personal explorations for ever..

this is not for those that think for self, rather think for community locally for big majority + have fresh offerings with balancing recipes, environment for good health, giving all a retrospect of prioritizing our ports + small farms, realizing without our wild staying wild, we don’t self-sustain.

once planet aware of this, those spots of war torn civil upheaval will then be set aside while others self-sustain, giving yet more synergy + clarity to then focus direct solution in their exchange.
     we are aware of the goodness all generations have, when we interrelate in real time.. it is these next` moves do_in in the moment, from us all, that can give all life, a better chance to share this planet, locally + beyond the same.. as people are freed from their nightmares, rid their baggage + go beyond fearing the scars, as we live in seasonal wilderness awareness being much more calmly prepared for earth`s natural changes, as we `boon with the natural world.

        in the moment we may not be noticing how we are still effected by our past baggage yet to be rid. tension eating at us, yet never gripping the shapeless energy as pieces of clarity attack us. get together reflect + share what observed for each to dig it out + reroute this disassociated energy that we can harness as we understand it`s origin.

          ex; ask yourself, self-observe - are you breathing thru your nose very gently, deeply into belly. if not practice 1st, then your brain will gain real fuel to sort this out. edit as if it is right in front of you now. clearing your storage bank of energy draining substance, resulting from lack of correct use of mindbody feedback. only then can you truly be present creating your moment.
            we all are moving around 1 way or the other.. some in thought only, if fortunate to tap into + redirect that energy.. while others harmonize with physical mobility, striving to live local within our 100 miles of grounding or so bringing in species that can add our genetic bio-diversity without interfering, depending on what supports each healthy biome, as we start from the top with our mountain resources, in our local `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review, etc. 

  students aid us to harmonize our natural communities as we come together + do a `plan that is individualized for each ecosystem, no longer set aside wild beauty, rather we go figure a `way to work it with sensitivity to ecologically sustain, as we develop local sovereignty, protecting our commons to self-sustain with..

         no more separating us from the life we need to self-develop as the human species. for there is no isolation of ecological categories, it is only ones cognitive perception that needs deciphering, so we all can create 1 universal good science as we integrate tradition that co-evolves in real time.
           it is these `patches of natural balance where folks maintain their own balanced energy, that we want to link + reflect with starting from the top in a land/freshwater flow to sea use review. to allow our community to regain it`s balance on it`s own or with correct intervention as in Professor Miguel Altieri`s agro-ecology lessons created with indigenous folks do_in what still works thru out the world.

along with tuning into our self + our local cooperative to reach out + do an informed sensitive walkabout.. so as to sustain our ability to co_evolve with our own inner/interpersonal harmony as we reflect with others do_in to rejoin` our potential .. + be happy in our skin..

        post a `patches bulletin, stay present with your local happenings, have a potluck + let your fresh local grown natural food be your best guide, as you share the seasonal offerings + develop your local food sovereignty:.

        review the subcategories to simply be.. make this process a little easier, as you share what works or that in the building, so others can help you out as they share their experiences.

    in our newspaper mode from Nabble, we feel it simplifies our options for your offerings. you may see a lot of negative being addressed, even though this is not a forum just for that expression. rather simultaneously here we support positive acts living with our bi`joy experiences daily + sharing the real fuel to look these issues in the face + resolve.
            lets review if missed, or if sharing with another new, or even us in this process of changing behaviors. we need to do our homework + it helps to come back occasssional if stumped + do a review. we suggest go to the:. start here subcategorie..
                                   then:. support quest..

now your ready for the 1st do_in:.  a `way.   review others` postings, links, archives, take notes along your `way.. after you review all topics + do_in`s in succession, do a post preview where you are most comfortable to enter.. (but don`t post). rather go experience + enjoy it with self, then go eye-to-eye with 1 in mind + share. after this feels comfortable, now is the time to come post with us, for your self, another or let students develop a interchangeable role as they post for your cooperative.

         when we still on edge, or not clear with issues - check out `transition subcategorie in a `way  do_in for another `way to trigger what works to rid those layers we can run with.with sensitive folks `do_in a walkabout..

if still something we`ve left out + when ready to give more support to see this reach fartherafter all your participation then visit us at `talk `talk subcategorie for further self-expression..

          along your `way, rethink as thought is triggered, redirect your acts, conserve + put energy back into your self-observation.. then go eye-to-eye + share this experience, where most helpful to rid baggage, bring future to know + awaken to be present in your moment..
          as an interchangeable role as a local participant.. maintain with folks a simple log + `patches mesage board for other folks to catch up on what`s, that where unable to attend. + post for the folks you gather with, as together you build your local community..

          we suggest to start posting with what we call a bi`joy natural experience.. that which you where part of that brought you too this moment.. fueling your mental clarity + physical energy from an exchange `boon with the natural world..

       please view our bi`joy gallery in the building from us taking part in our moment, as we explore, we are just beginning with so much more to add from those that reflect good energy for us to rethink with.. come share yours + link it to your post..

listen to your eye to eye music created in the acts of `transition.. where folks, with all senses enriched, come together + hear another way to do this walkabout.. so folks not so fortunate to have a potluck, as in a `way do_in.. can receive the vibration to fuel food for their thought.. or add your music/create with the do_ins.

            young + old we appreciate when you post in support of yourself/another/your community locally + afar in this network, with a bi`joy experience, to allow us to further reachout with this walkabout as we build a nice tool giving specifics to trigger others to then do the same:.
 as in a old tao saying;

        food` is better than medicine, energy` better than food, nothingness` better than energy:.
               this fuels our students to share with a hands on exchange with teachers structure, incorporating this into what already is being done, so as curriculum can co_evolve smoothly with the reality of not just the needs of the local community.

           but to bring all to become a responsible local, global + beyond participant;

      to address those in need of daily support, left behind, as each do a ER triage mode until rehabs appropriately supported.  then when orgainized on to sharing cloth/table for all to come together + restore your community. some will excel faster as they finish their prerequisites, only to then help those younger or without locally, before spreading out for continued education..

       which fuels our  next` move do_in, where we focus for those without.. addressing the intent of masses of folks being negatively effected, leaving them without: food, water, sanitation, + a good night sleep. as those that have developed sensitivities now become skilled to fine tune local solutions, train so as locals self-sustain. no more others afar doing the work when a local can become aware.

         networking efficiently, in an exchange to produce harmony.. + rid the thorns that lie deeply embedded in those that stand in their `way or awaken them + us to our own misuse interfering..            
        This is a process that sharpens our inner tools, if we do it collectively..
                      we are all living organisms + many yet to boon` a natural way..
                      we can make changes with in our human potential once experience this reflection + manage our own health with our balanced environment.. enhancing, our inner tool`s ability to sustain us, while not interfering in the ability of other life to simply self-develop..  
        we welcome your positive exchange, in what works, as you continue your exploration + reflect/network eye-to-eye, for yourself + for your community locally + afar. as you now come aboard as a local, global + beypond participant. for these lessons co_evolve us all when we integrate good science as with gauges of agro-ecology as we start with our land + prevent misuse that continues on to our fresh water + sea.

please, we are only interested in stories in the present.. in a language that can co_evolve good science.. meaning no religious or science dialect that fragments, based on losing your human ability to `boon with the natural world + be present in the moment, having respect for life that crosses your path, that you build as you walk it into your opening..

   we support all to create as you prioritize your function energy efficiently, rid your baggage, building your path as you walk it, into your opening, leaving no footprints. which can leave only positive effects on all life..

               we want words that are simple for a child.. + the child we want to always keep within.. while we self-develop + continue to explore  bi`joy experiences on this earth + beyond.. fueling us to responsibly part time pool our thought/acts for others unable to do the same.. which when done efficiently gives us abundant energy, as we share like subject + explore new..

               we are so capable of `do_in without any form of aggression beyond our healthy egos`.. our healthy human processes have great potential:.
            words with acts that empower from `booning with nature.. networked as a tool for other folks local + beyond to reflect with + trigger their means to adapt to their ecosystem for their self-reliance in harmony.. + link trans-boundary migration for all species, including humans that can gain sensitivity to not interfere.
               we ecologically assess + gain sensitivity from the ethnic conservation services that fuel each to develop their path as we `boon with the natural world that we are dependent on + have a bi`joy experience + celebrate with pri`performance do_in..  as in the mt. pisque mushroom festival`s..

      what a lucky weather day, sun shining as many come together in celebration showing the variety of beautiful mushrooms collected, gathered from Or, i personally collected from Florence oregon with a beautiful lady that loves to find varieties - teach students + community the much richness we have with wild areas. here we have horse + buggy rides, music with several groups, a nursery sale, arts + good food. what a display of lichens as skilled folks share their knowledge in how we can see early signs as our plant/fungi etc. make changes exposing our air quality. children make displays, green fields of grass to play + dance in."/>
  share in + support your local community to welcome your students in project osic to come out of the schoolroom + into your community as together you do an exchange + become an equal`- local, global + beyond participant. as we go figure `ways to better utilize our human spirit, end the war mode economy + work with all in our tapering transition to end military as all self-sustain locally, + continue to network the joys of our cultural creations when we `boon with our natural world.

 no more stories of what was, now we plug in to what is now, which we are so fortunate to have when we share, which fuels many displaced to have yet another chance to live local wherever they happen to be + gain the tools to get to where they want.. vs. continue to live the past..

            bi`joy news - welcomes your short personal story for updates:.
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 Nabble gives us all this opportunity in a choice of applications, check them out for yourself.

            enjoy + share.. wild needs wild  + this takes insight + sensitivity to be aware of what locally fuels our community`s to survive ecologically. for us to self-sustain with the fuel source we all share, if we don`t misuse/abuse as now their is plenty to do to clean up our interference as we become aware of alternative solutions to stop + actually reverse the damage left..

                 thanks, our combined` effect makes a difference..

 especially if you customize this walkabout for you + then share this along the `way for your community needs.