the kindness of Sue has reminded us of sharing the process of what we are so fortunate to do..

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a good example to make this simple is to trigger your thought to act in this petition below, but 1st please read my thoughts added below on 12.24.2012 in response to this petition below;


thank you for what you do + for what we can do together as we have this opportunity to share what we do, we meaning;

    i come to talk story, a grassroots recent US non-profit 501.c3.

    i, speaking for many, refuse to accept your petition as is, nor will i accept just tears from anyone as well the opposition to this issue from what should be responsible act;

     i demand + will accept nothing less than building responsible local communities, globally. so we can live in harmony where we cooperatively utilize our potential.

 asking all to remove their weapons would be like pulling every one`s teeth, i`m not a fool. i know the math says people will not give up weapons for their sense of security, which is fine. as well i respect a conscious hunt for food/survival goods.

but that is it. meaning all weapons that shoot more than 1 bullet at a time as in automatic, should instantly be taken from everyone, including the US military + stop all business from manufacturing.
but we as people also give some support for their business loss. which never should of been allowed.
plus we should clearly review these details of how this came about, define now the lack of transparency of this weaponry + sit down locally eye to eye + go figure asap. so legally we have the right to remove + recycle these material weapons/chemical + biological from our earth + space.

this is shallow thinking from people with dull sensors that write this petitions as well enforce or not enforce, from what should be responsible roles in our local + afar communities.

so i request that all take a look at what we can do as we work at building an archive to support the process of building ecologically sound working communities that harmonize. where we sharpen our sensors, share awareness to rid our baggage as we bring our self to be present + responsibly maintain our discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief.

+ we request all to be supporting for those families unable as well those communities. so we do not put in police with guns in schools, etc. rather we actively come eye to eye + set up cloth/table platforms to become aware of early signs + balance our needs + offerings from an interpersonal level to an ecological assessment + put all people going beyond our natural enhanced limits on a tapering transition. as we use agro_ecology/forestry, perrmaculture gauges locally + network afar. as we end the Free Trade which is not free + taper into fair trade.

+ instantly support each community to pile up + collect any other weaponry + grind them up + recycle consciously.

please don't get me wrong, i have compassion for dull sensor ed people, i've been one + still working at own baggage, for the earth as left many scars as well we have to hold our self + others accountable.
but we do not have to do this process of building new neuro networks alone. we can come together;

we presently are do_in a presentation to be released soon sharing another yet `way to view the potential we have as humans, please com take part..

for people working together can make this happen if we become present in the moment as humans. take your hats off + lets talk.

responsible people cry + we allow the moment to trigger what we each can do as we bring it within our self, self-reflect + then cooperatively act with no isolation, for we are a human family that requires our respect for life. as we share the understanding of our interconnectedness ecologically for our neuro networks have no boundaries.

Presently we continue to leave negative effects as the US gov irresponsibly acts locally + afar. + we will not allow our self to be grouped with the legislators as we responsibly act. So our network is reaching out, we invited legislators to come back into our local communities as a participant, yet no response. So we will continue to reach out + network, clarifying that us, the US people are not being represented correctly by our legislators + we are establishing our own people to people networks, as we simply share what works as we live within our natural enhanced limits.

sincerely, if i can help you further understand please notify me, for my experience is that the US Gov is dysfunctional + no matter how much i give them in information, they do not respond in real time, only generalized letters. so i choose to no longer communicate as 1, rather if we do this in numbers, question their ability to continue to act as well the UN. for we are self-reliant + will build solutions to replace them if they choose not to directly deal with good communications on what we can do now.

we are non-aggressive grass roots people that welcome people to understand.  for this is the most efficient `way to build/restore new rehabs as we each define our tallies locally + act individually as we support all to come to the cloth/table + go figure as we do a local `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review. + we are fortunate to reflect having very good solutions to accept nothing less than harmony in the building for all.

peace is our option now once we understand our potential.
we are looking forward to this discussion we are planning next year on continuing sharing our fair trade solutions. if interested contact me directly; + i will inform you of the details.

Please note for the last few years I have offered this positive community building understanding to Barack + the Or senators, yet no response for clarity only generalized emails.

Happy New Year to all!

our combined` effect makes a difference..

thank you for this review + please rethink how this can trigger you to responsibly act asap on these issues.

kara j lincoln

end my thoughts + please begin with yours in responding to this petition;

Petitioning The President of the United States 2
President Obama, Vice President Biden, Representatives, and Senators: Oppose all legislation banning guns, ammunition, or magazines!
Petition by
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Gun bans are not the answer - guns save lives!

The President of the United States
The U.S. Senate
The U.S. House of Representatives

As a firm believer in the Second Amendment and a proud supporter of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I demand that you respect our Constitution and oppose any and all new legislation to ban guns, ammunition, or magazines for law-abiding people.

Time and time again, history and evidence clearly proves banning the tools that upstanding Americans use for self-defense - over 3,000 times per day - only makes our streets more dangerous and gives violent criminals free reign to attack, rape, and murder innocent people like me and my loved ones.

Any attack on my fundamental right to keep and bear arms is an unacceptable response to a horrible tragedy. We, the People, will not be criminalized for the sake of politics.

I urge you to stand with me and against all efforts to make acquiring, possessing, and using firearms more costly or burdensome for Americans, like me, who choose to exercise their civil rights.
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