the constitution allows us to have transparency, open the doors to the congress + senate discussion now 1.08.2010, i share letter with them..

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In response to Barack Obamas questionere, organizing for America; 1.8.2010, I’d like to share.

Please note I hold congress, senate + all equally responsible.. + until I see changes I will redirect my energy..


i worked very hard in 2009 due to you folks failing to state what can be. never did i get direct feedback, but i saw your systems are dysfunctional + thought i would still give to help make it again a viable system where people make democracy, people that want to become aware, not just masses of unaware folks led as sheep mode giving vote.

but rather people coming together to get clear + then understand we can make a choice + become a local, global + beyond participant in harmony as we network via ecosystems with natural laws that work.  I add this to your letter now, which I gave before + that is how well the students could be part of all this to better our educational systems as well community could have support to self- develop, but no answer.

your system doesn't promote that. rather you spend excessive amounts of money + human energy, where not needed, if i was wrting the checks out, i would not of done what yous did, Barack you where wrong + others..

we have solutions. you where controlled by the world handful of folks that have gained all these years at the expense of others being ignorant.

as well in your debates which i see now are non transparent, leaves you folks that are in the government, that once got paid very little, now are getting paid way to much. then you ask me to give a lozy 5.00 or so, when this last year, every entity in a government agency that i have asked information from to help my negative situation, only could say we have to protect an indivual right + cannot give out information. meanwhile the folks that scammed me get away unless i hire an expensive lawyer that tells me i have to have an expensive private eye then take findings to court so the US courts can gamble with no ethical resolution.

your choices leave folks weak + unable to live balanced lives with family, this produces ill health + no money or settlement can replace this precious time.

these are my life experiences with the US systems.

now that you folks are not transparent in your debate today with congress + senate on health care, etc. then this clearly has given me updated cream on the cake.

for until you open the doors i refuse to offer you any thing again besides this letter. rather i will put my energy into positive acts that do offer all that your questionere askes for, accept you folks support health care that doesn't make doctors, etc. go back to school + learn the worlds' offerings as i previously stated in detail to Barack. leaving doctors to continue to make a lot of funds as well leaving folks unaware of what is to maintain good health + heal, while pharmaceutical companies that destroy natural habitats are also continued to gain from your health care bill. as they market to doctors unaware yet prescibe leaving negative ill effects, clouding yet more of the issue for correct diagnose. now left unmanaged leaving more ill, more for doctors + companies to gain from. are you proud of that.

plus your ideal of green movement is totally inefficient + leaves ecological negative effects. the Al Gore credit offsets are very wrong + you should stop them immedicately. i've stated this in detail, offering a tapering transition process that i created that works. you didn't answer to that.

along with their is a way to stop the grid + individualize energy hybrid efficiency once land/sea/water/ transboundary migration is established for all species by the plant succession, for all life. yes we have plenty of resources to make a balanced life with the tools old + new, yet you don't respond to our offerings. for we support the indigenous ways not corporations to reep off natures way as they destroy life, starting at the mocrobial level.

you also are wrong with your green movement, your techical ways are profit motivated + shallow for their are other ways more efficient. + food reality allowing industrial monocultures, GMO + transporting goods, across to Europe + back, same products produced from cheaper countries. leaving people starving, while food shipped across the world + products. no thanks no more.

we will support people to live 100 miles or so in building exchanges that promote good health + self-reliance that leaves only positive effects on all life.

your organization that contacted me locally was racist, your words when you speak of US or America being the best + should lead is racist, not even opening up to our natural world, addressing human neuro-processing, as we share this planet + beyond.

your choice of people as in Hillary + the list goes on, is only continuing what others have done dysfunctionally. she should not or any of you accuse any one of wrong doing unless you make a cloth /table platform where these people participate + speak for themself + then all define together. no special interest values fragmenting the 1 universal science for the public. meaning no corportate whors feeding off of good folks local + beyond, that leave negative effects. no special interests using another value of science. where their agendas rule.

manipulating profits. manipulating information where even Barack when you 1st came aboard + said you will find Bin Laden + kill him, only shows you are undeveloped + this dysfunctional entity that produces you to lead, yet not grow + do your choice if can see clear. i gave you support this last year but i did not support anyone being killed.

as you perhaps follow the agenda now that you are in. where before your statements, 8 of them stating you will have open transparency shows you did not know what you where getting into. or you lie.

i believe your religion, the gov dysfunction that controls + gives the funds out as yous have, is very wrong. along with the religion that you folks are in to cloud your issue.should be kept seperate from government.

rather you don't include people simply doing within natures limits, co_evolving supporting those that didn't know to make a positive choice + recycle what can. is where we are at locally + beyond.

we do not believe we should have agression toward one that is rebelling due to pressure, that has been abused yet unable to heal or define the means to resolve + stop others from leaving negative effects on them or their people.

the US gov did not listen to the 1st letters prior to hitlers move, nor are you listening to afghanistan, iraq, yemen, americans, the list goes on from innocent people that have died + still suffering, due to no support or manipulations as in:

           the Clintons in Arkansas, + now still alowed to act, hiding information. or war mode thinking we have to have war, due to many gaining from the finances, as you put innocent people that think they are helping to more suffering on them selves + others.

i've worked with those that come back broken, with those broken without support + those broken at the expense of others gaining, yet you still think you are doing all you can.

Hillary when caught doing something illegal or any of you, should not be in this position. for it clouds good peace negotiating judgement.

folks are chasing commoditys in these countries that you have sent military along with business people to do the job that only locals should have the support to do. that list goes on as many gained financially in past + now, along with you folks that allow them to continue.

we support no military, no goverment such as this dysfunction.

you have been very wasteful + we have virtual tools that should coincide with real time people doing. you don't do that. your systems are not working efficiently. i, this last year offered with no responce. no medium do you have for direct feedback, especially to those unable to focus easily.

good luck to you folks - for no way, no how, can you pay me enough to go along with your existing plans that i see with Hillary or you Barack.

Barack you take a review to see who is pulling your strings, who in the world is controlling, who will support Hillary to be next president, perhaps against the other foolishness - Palin, whom either should have the means to even take up such good folks time, with such foolishness in their religion + or unethical business in government life + personal life.

so your policys that need changing only now allow good people that get abused to fight harder or walk away. sadly many did not nor do they now have the patience as i have to give compassion + a very good project for folks to heal + become aware as they support people. not dysfunctional entities producing thaose which you target, + not even do face to face, rather with drones, etc. hurting innocent.. for many have lost it, killing many + still are due to you folks not making good decisions.

you folks right now could open the doors to the now debate in congress + senate. this would truly show the foolishness that you - high priced folks, which many have counted on, sit their + manipulate with your salarys.

give the process + decisons to the people as we state our potential + help them become aware of the truth + see how fast decisons can be made at a very low price.

then now these people will vote them out. + put energy back into themself where they should as new policy is handled locally + inner-personnally, as it is networked local + far within the application of correctness within the natural world evolving.

then now these same exposed folks that do local + foreign affairs now open meetings, + we rid them or their position. where they knew good science was not being applied for public, yet stayed quiet. deviating folks attention as folks exploited untruth.

people on this planet should have the right to equality of using this planet within natural laws only. where we become aware to natures limits. we are as i stated before a living organism that is dependent on our natural balanced ecosystems - with healthy bioregional land, water + sea use.

our microbes we need for clean air, energy, keeping pests in check are not supported in our wild to remain wild. rather this would keep our small farms, our local food production, our people creatively self-sustained, as we work together building/rehabing our local communites, networking what works as we share our planet with all.

this is what we do, what will do more of. as we are soon to publish along with our walkabout that stays in time with the virtual world..

for we like it when you folks expose your truth + we easily see how wrong it is + regroup + support people, vs dysfuntional entity out of control that only consumes + can't destinguish disassociated energy from wrong doing + resolve. rather you folks attack + leave negative effects on many thruout the world with your clouded perspective. which can be done + we do.

so until you let me interrelate with direct feedback + you clean up these mishapes as well open meeting doors to day + forever as the constitution is written, then forget me on your team.

my mother, father + loved ones did not die for this country + suffer as they did from others along with own misuse for me to continue to misuse. they did not raise no fool. i have been fortunate for so many good folks to share + reflect as i experienced many negative situations from you folks allowing the courts, the lawyers + other entities including the US government, UN, FDA, WTO, WB, the list goes on with human rights + life abuse + on our natural resources. along with other governments in the world to unethically + illegally do business, leaving negative effects on others as they interfere in people's ability to self-develop. yet you supply funds to 1 hand while weapons to the other + this is wrong. this budget  meetings also should be open for us all to define.

again i repeat i don't wish on you the lessons i've had, but be prepared for you folks are misusing + unless you change your direction, self-abuse or from others which you have left negative effects on, takes over.

again you have a choice, invite your enemies now to your cloth/table + let me add some intermediary ideals so all can bring out the truth of what fuels what, make amends for wrong doings of way back to present + all see 1 universal science as we go forward with a common denominator for all equality of life on this planet + beyond as we recycle, rid baggage + allow local to live local + network. so all take part in building a self, becoming a local, global + beyond participant.

please self-observe + allow us to interrelate in real time with all. or consider removing your self from your position or your position as we create what works.

 peace is an option we have now if we network.

       from our combined`effect..

 if i can explain further, if more questions, Barack or rep to him directly only, will i discuss further, can contact me.

thank you for this review, kara