thank you Peace Action West for your truth in sharing the realities of what our real option of peace is..

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i share with you email from Peace Action West, + what we all can do now;

Dear kara j,

If you've been following the news in Syria, you know how bad things have gotten there for people fighting for their rights. The Syrian regime has slaughtered children. They have bombed entire neighborhoods to rubble. As the situation becomes more urgent, the international community still hasn’t found a solution to stop the violence.

This is a complex issue, and we want to know where you want us to focus our efforts for maximum impact.

What do you think Peace Action West should do to influence US policy on Syria? Click below on the option you would like us to focus on. You'll then be taken to a page where you can leave further comments. (Please choose just one option, and only vote once. If you have more to say, please leave that in the comment box.)

I think Peace Action West should focus on making sure the US doesn't pursue a military solution for Syria and uses nonmilitary alternatives.

Unfortunately, many in Congress have a knee-jerk response to crisis that often leads to escalation of war. Some are arguing for arming the opposition or using airpower to protect civilians, but history is full of examples of how using military tools only increases the bloodshed and doesn’t help reach a peaceful solution.

I think Peace Action West should focus on supporting nonmilitary solutions to protect civilians and resolve the crisis, without focusing on the issue of military aid or intervention.

This would mean ramping up efforts to pressure the US to support humanitarian aid for Syrians suffering in the current crisis, and to focus on nonmilitary solutions as recommended by groups like Amnesty International. That could include targeted sanctions against the regime, bringing a case against the Syrian regime in the International Criminal Court, negotiating for a transfer of power in Syria, and working with international partners to increase pressure on the Syrian government.

I think Peace Action West should not focus on the crisis in Syria, and instead continue to focus on other crucial issues.

Peace Action West is doing important work to end the war in Afghanistan, prevent war in Iran, cut wasteful nuclear and military spending, and prohibit arms sales to human rights abusing governments. I think they should focus resources on continuing that work and let other organizations focus on Syria.

Thanks so much for your help,

Jon Rainwater
Executive Director, Peace Action West

Peace Action West • 2201 Broadway, Ste 321 Oakland, CA 94612 • 800.949.9020

our ombined` effects answer;

Hello Peace Action West,

thank you again for supporting such an important issue of what we can now do for our self, Syria + all others  in conflict.

   we are preoccupied this week interrealting with RIO + 20, to show how we have solutions to build strong ecological sustainable working communites, we have offered our link to project osic, as we offer it to you all to review curriculum in the building for each local community to invite students to come out of school room + together work with local community.

in this exchange we give hands on to those locally left behing, showing how if we focus direct our local resources, we then efficiently gain fuel to part time aid others locally + afar to define their ability to do the same.

to ignore another life on this planet is wrong, to build aggressive acts + a war mode economy, to gain from the uinawareness of others struggling with misuse/abuse is wrong.

we have great virtual tools to bring people together in this platform or whichever as i stated to UN, so we all come together efficiently + understand our simple obligation + importance we all have. + as each of tell our truth, those sensitive + skilled can then better aid our ability to self-develop. with students aiding peoples inability here in US in simple daily chores, it frees the beautiful energy that has been stored unable to use.

now together as we all are now able with support to self-develop, we come together in a `plan + do a land/freshwater flow to sea use review. many jobs appear as people as human balanced centered people now releive themself of struggle + gain fuel from self-expressing as those sensitive have been over worked attempting to make wrongs right, where now in our ideals for a local tapering transition, we welcome all to the cloth/table platform;

   + together we support each to rethink, become whole, students network facts via like ecosystem/subject, we efficiently address ourself + oithers holding them accountable, so together we lay out clarity. supporting them to heal, rethink + then make wrongs right as they come back + choose to be a responsible local, global + beyond participant.

to think that we should isolate + clean up our own back yard is wrong. for our human reality as a living organism is dependent on the genetic bio-diverse balance in each local community. + we can work these commons + protect them as students work with community in the tapering transition so now good investment is always available in modes supporting local food sovereignty, for a start;

  then onto carrers being built as many positions become clear to pursue our local community restorations for all to creatively self-satisfy in this exchange, fueling all to part time reflect with those local + afar to now have the sensitivity, mental clarity + physical strength to go eye to eye + define the real issues with the real solutions.

but as i left on a blog a message stating Hillary, we cannot send people to mars or kill them, rather we need to invite all to the table + network so those sensitive can be peace intermediary sharing our earthly + beyond offerings of solutions.

it takes us all to make good science integrated as daily common sense + use these natural gauges as in agro-ecolgy to set presidence to good sound development;

  not the false green movement, not trading bad for good, rather each of us locally support good rehab/restoration for our human existence to be of good health, where we are dependent on our natural world to be in balance, which is our best medicine, as in project osic so solutions are focus directed for us all;

     in this review of our offerings of these suggestions, it is easy reading for we do not have to reinvent the wheel, but we do need to come together in this focus + right now, work with PAW as they present details, + hold our dysfunctional government accountable + tell Barack Obama, along with your local representitives, to stop immediately all use of aggressive acts, + come together + share project osic, which is a platform for tallies to be made, individuals to be made accountable to reflect solution, along with to hold locally accountable + afar as local tapering transitions, break down the necessary detail to give peaceful resolution, so no more to we generalize huge issues.

it is only our own ability to concentrate + get thru our own misuse/abuse, that leaves us unclear of our options we have now on this earth + beyond that are peaceful;

       as we reflect with many cooperative simple natural communities in harmony as they take control with hands on with what sustains them, which fuels them to aid us part time + share via like ecosystem/subject solution that work for them.

rather now each of us, speaking our needs + offerings as we co-evolve then can better come together cooperatively + this is what produces real change.

please review this work in the buidling, that can only be completely as each of you self-satisfy, without leaving a footprint, + you will find in your personal walkabout as you customize it, our networking will bring forth pure intent so purpose of clarity will be shown, so we all can then cooperatively part time do our part.

Rio + 20 is an efficient place to address root of these issues, as i share mine + invite you all to make your voice heard;

peace is our option if we share what works, so no more people make profit when they think they are helping, for now with project osic, they will be welcomed to see the reality of their effects left before local community will support them. this `way as we come together people going thru the tapering transition will show how appreciated they are for this support.

for these war mode economist/developers, did not do this on their own, rather many shallow unaware people rode on their wave in their attemtps to survive. but now with students support + the world focusing together we can see clearly the undeveloped children with in us all, as we rid our baggage + decipher that which was carried forward as normal, when past generations tried to survive. + now with our great tools these threads can be presently clearly for each then to rethink + be so thank ful to have this opportunity to again take part as we all obtain harmony.

sincerely, kara j lincoln