this medium is a nice tool if we all participate.. yes we have started with focus directed thought that is not in stone.. so any of you interested in editing what we have done, add a comment as close to subject as you can get. then we want folks to read + respond to what you inspire. Hoping this will trigger the other to go back + correct if can.. using the feedback constructively. correction is one thing, co_evolving is another. for if we erase what we co_evolved with then others don’t have the opportunity sharing the experience. so please take this into consideration.

                               we will confirm this process once we try it after publishing.

please be responsible for your posts.. only you can edit + remove.. so if your like me, it took me a bit to learn how to do this process + i ended up deleting many posts before it made sense to me + still am.. so if it doesn't make sense to you, simply post your feelings + we invite moderators to follow thru with folks' post + give some reflection for us to simplify + redirect. + please when 1 does that for us, lets take a few minutes to decide if our previous post is helpful to another or edit + remove. then we all can clean up as we help each other.

vs. get lost in all these words. when our objective is to only use this virtual world as a tool to get eye-to-eye + network what works, the how to`s, enabling others to link their patch` with the natural world. plus we hope to build an archive of these experiences + as we reach out in a walkabout we can offer this to folks, so they reflect + take what works for them as they come aboard. Sharing some unique experiences when folks `boon with the natural world.

please add support`quest:. to this particular post needing/offering help/clarity, enabling others to identify this mode vs. addressing it as the original subcategory focus.

be aware of the other focus` blog where we can add our ideals to be considered to add as a new subcategory or to simplify existing posts some where else. Ex: awareness comes in truly eliminating previous mode of thought, so why should we waste our archive on old hats that don’t fit, etc. that we have missed, for all to focus on. then over a short time will rethink together. so do check into these blogs occasionally + or suggest to one that may of missed. This is itself is giving when 1 takes the time to share what another was unable to see, etc. or fit into their schedule. that which is clear vs. having to learn each step so we would not be able to just erase part of it. or we would interfere in other’s ability to understand.

                              we hope with patches` input you don't forget you.

plus this is a tool for you to reach that which is deep within you yet to be explored or even aware of these signs of a merging self yet to be worked. either baggage to rid or adventure to co_evolve with. as new friends/pen pals/posters, etc. become personal guides, as we seek like subject matter.

this in return fuels us to further explore our self + locally collaborate. + part time focus like subject with others locally + beyond. do an exchange, for both to define what missing to self-sustain. this is especially nice when we stop in to visit this subject from afar, that we have been working. + now we have an interest to share along with a personal guide of the area/subject in mind with the natural world. what  a true bi`joy experience.

so example if you don't have like minded locals then start reaching out farther or digging deeper.. perhaps not connecting search with true feelings. posting here will allow you to reflect/awaken/trigger the clarity to interrelate with your local ecological sustainability + woolah! instant friends with like interest of sharing a common denominator, a good start.  

            if you don't have the means to simply do, to define these folks, then take a review of others postings to ask yourself some more questions of why you where you are. or what do you want to start where you are. it’s a suggestion to be mobile with short term commitments until you get clear about what is inside + then once explore + experience you have more to reflect with for longer term commitments. So volunteer or do an exchange over an ideal, not a long stay. please think of others to gain from you + keep it simple + clear while you stay in real time, without feeling bad of not being able to fulfill your commitment, see.. this is patches` at work trying to help us not stick our self in the mud.. rather become light + flow with change. for this is the 1 sure thing we have with time.

where best to view/post this message board, to share what you feel is important, that you define to make alone or gather with folks young + old.. see our ideals under a`way subcatagory... which we have contributed it to patches`. so here we call it patches` virtual board. you call it what you want if you locally post. or your welcome to use patches`.

patches` represents the patches` of harmony this earth + beyond has.. patches` we can link if we network for all life to migrate + enjoy the bi`joy experiences. `booning with our seasonal offerings.. patches` of simple human beauty we are fortunate to have to reflect with.. patches` of wild wonders we are lucky to still have for our wildlife + us as a living organism, to sustain from. patches` that part time we all can participate in. + make a difference for the still many patches` of suffering left where locals are unable to simply survive.. in order to do all this patches` has to survive as well.

we ask you folks to give what can when you can, if you feel this has been helpful to work with, for yourself + others. hoping those that have more will give more in energy + what ever available resources they can offer.

                             if unable to sort something out, then it is best to come aboard + post to find a local to assist eye-to-eye, which is most effective. + together you can reflect with our combined` effect. when we honestly relate with where we are at right now, we then become an open book. + thru reflecting with what feels comfortable, such as a subcategory. then others trigger simple answers to help us prioritize our own energy. so we regain control over our selves more efficiently. as we sort out now options that are understood, with mental clarity + physical energy..

we hope the `patches of folks, locally, globally + beyond, that are participants living in harmony, can come aboard + reflect in a number of ways, showing us what work. for we have discovered life on this planet. humans are an organism that are designed to be humble beautiful people. when stressed become ill + when prolonged become diseased mentally leaving fear based misinformation fueled by mixed signals. leaving negative effects on all life around them + the end of their focus, from misuse.

patches` of us folks feel these negative acts can be redirected into fuel. to enable folks to define a space to rethink/heal. from us stopping our misuse on our self, we also stop leaving negative effects on other life. allowing all the energy that was consumed from waste to now enrich our interrelation with ourselves. allowing us to become local within 100 miles or so building our community prioritizing our ecosystems, biome, knowing who has what that is naturally grown, not being effected from GMO`s, being able to grow, exchange + save own seed. making exchanges that we can relate with as we are part of the natural system.
                 Vs. entities that we feel are dysfunctional, with waste, making no common sense + controlling us or interfering in our ability to self-develop. While others profit from others being without unable to define own misuse or prevent that from another. Rather many folks are interdependent on these systems that are broken. we have tools to harmonize with + with many folks without a job, we need to define what keeps them from self-sustaining when there is so many jobs needed to restore or rid what no longer is effective.. accepting nothing less. as we become local, global + beyond participants.

so for those of you folks that are do_in, thank you. we welcome you to share your bi`joy experiences of what you do best. Enabling those in need to see options as they pursue their quest to self-sustain. truly living our human potential of living natural simple lives as the war economy mode is reprogrammed. As we rid our baggage, restore our neural networks + together continue this walkabout for those still struggling now.

                    the international community, our global family has created this network, by coming together with common sense. that is unfamiliar to many. many folks have supported this project in a number of ways. You will not know this by reading alone. rather once read go experience it. then it truly will be appreciated. this is from folks truly exploring their limits, as they created their path as they walked out of stressful living. as many have been determined to not let our dysfunctions stand in our way. rather continued to work, to understand + then made change..

this project has been created from folks that have not giving in to the negativity of others. when many where not able to survive it. even though we have been quite worn at times, it is good folks that have continued explorations that have fueled us. those of you still alive, you know who you are + we thank you:.  

             sadly many interfere along our path. leaving us to have to also interfere in others that where good to us.. we ask you folks that do appreciate this tool to give so this can continue. we will support those that ecologically leave negative effects on them self or any life. knowingly or not, we invite you to join in. considering a lot of us, unconsciously did support  product or services, unknowingly. which we now can become aware of + stop. Especially if you folks post + inform us of this kind of story.

experience bi`joy in a natural wonder + share it once you applied it to your self.


          the only way we will accept funds from you folks that have left or are still leaving negative effects, is to support you in a `tapering transition. so each can rethink + over time co_evolve your impact as you make it right.. so as to leave only positive effects. with compassion + respect, we support you as a human should be when in need of healing. you can email us to keep this confidential. or you can address this in a`way agendas to bring to 1st meet, our log book,`tapering transition subcatagory under a`way.. or any of the forum subcategorys.  for folks to also share in the `awareness of  `transitions.  but if you have been do_in your homework + are clear then go to the specific subcategory + plug in your new ideals now as you recycle + gain the fuel from folks that want to build community part time collectively, that can better help you recycle, etc..

                          Folks understand for we all have had to walk a similar path as we become aware of the effects we leave on self + others. where we can awaken to how simple + how fortunate we are to be in this time + have bi`joy experiences to support us all to self-develop/heal. As we come together part time with support quests - to help those define that are unable:.
                   please don't just be on the band wagon as many are in the give mode, whether it is feeling sorry, over giving when don't have the energy or thinking money is the answer, etc.  rather give to yourself 1st + then your responsibilities + free your self of enslavement from this misuse that leaves more damage on self + another..  then gain from the fuel that you now have + do exchanges eye-to-eye as we pool our focus for understanding:.
          come aboard as we together build a community tool shed, shared by all for do_in`s. these are good starters until you define your own. Then share that with us. offer your recycables, what you can give comfortably, that which is excessively draining your energy. as you bring your life to a mobile mode to continue your self-satisfaction , your exploration without leaving a footprint. positive interrelating, ending all misuse + co_evolving as you continue down scaling, ridding baggage, share a tool help one understand how to maintain it.

                    awakening to our natural world, is not something you can buy.

This fuels us to collectively try to focus, to restore our potential.. as our synergy increases as more folks gain energy + share creative expression in these do_in`s. by sharing our common denominator in this awareness, we now have a closer relationship to build upon. so those of you that had no local folks that you felt could share with you, what was it, take a review.. define what you weren’t seeing + share it with us. + share it in a bi`joy experience that made you realize, the goodness that all people have to share. vs. thinking we need highly specialized thought. simpleness brings a lot of creative energy that is very healing..
peace is an option now.. if we share this enroute, as we pursue our support`quest + rid our needs.

                                  aren`t we fortunate to have our combined`effect..
                                                                   thank you!                                
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