start your focus here + let patches` of awareness lead our `way

words, bla bla bla, if ya know me, i put them out + trying to make them as pleasurable like others playing music. yet the songs can be veryyyyyyyyy long, which i'm working at editing + editing + editing..  

         have compassion.. don't give up, we can be free of the mechanical world's influence, which has a way` of allowing us to rid layers with beautiful bells saying- `ding-g-g gently. + even you musicians that may have chased music to run from this mechanical world that has left negative effects. That which we can redirect into a human  friendly music, fueling us to harmonize.

vs. that hammer mode we all know so well..

take a look at what you are doing, we will pay the price later if we chase our head vs. build an organic foundation so as to instinctly listen to our intuition + respond for our whole being, body + mind...

daniel + others that may think i always tell people what to do, it is because i feel what can be/i had the specific experience/paid the price. + it is up to each of us to spend time with this energy/thought + work it. for i appreciate when 1 feels + shares with me or for me, if had a similar experience to offer input for me to take time to go within + define. so i refuse to just be pissed without exploring the message + going eye to eye to share feelings so we both come to calm. This to me is communication when we are free to share what we feel + each work it for the truth. for each to define best from self. + appreciate those that take the time to communicate.

options are openings for we can interfere in our own awareness + chase what we thought felt good, missing the point of true options of naturally feeling good. think of it as patches` whom you will get to like, i`m pretty sure. Goodness + bad that can reflect. + it is patches` here that helps us not get stuck in the bad. not me, i`m just sharing our combined` effect as i continue to co_evolve. plus all our new effects together, have been very good for many folks that have worked with us. + experience these applications. as we do exchanges working thru issues continually. With whom/what ever crosses our path as we continue to walk exploring to make our life better.

if we allocate patches` to guide us. whom is patches` you may ask. it is the combining effect that can support us all to self-develop, sadly left in patches` on this earth, which we intend to link..

it uses something we all share called energy. which when we remain disciplined.. maintaining self-sensory observation vs. chasing belief.. we build a self as we take responsibility + can edit what we perceive.. not just act or react on it.. that which programmed us from our belief, that has made neural pathways that leave us at times, difficult to rewire..

                  don't be, when we dull our sensors, we fall of + chase what we perceive, even if mixed signals + this prevents us from getting the full message. that is how humans work.

           meet patches` our friend,   
when we dull our sensors, our selves - the combined` effect doesn't let us get away with perceiving dull as what is, this is what's nice about a cooperative exchange with our planet, locally + beyond.. as we continue to ground + center as we together build community.:.

              patches` of goodness reflected from so many good folks that have figured this out makes it easy to identify patches` of negative baggage we've carried for a long time as normal, which everyone has experienced.

                                        the difference is for how long + effects left..

 when we are sharp we respond to early signs + know how to redirect. this we can become aware of as we reflect with those living simple natural lives. when we are sharp we have clear neuro pathways being built daily as we sleep on what we had perceived + processed subconsciously that day. + yes not let our conscious external perspective only get in our way. we have good inner tools + can learn how to use them.

so we suggest if that sounds good then start here + follow 1st time around.. yes you have to read the words, unless good at photo reading..   

review the postings, photos.. go eye-to-eye with contacts you make locally as you apply this to yourself 1st, then to or for loved ones unable.  gather folks/music, etc. that can share in your like thought. as you do your homework to help simplify, get a grip of misuse on self + others, rid your baggage not be led from it or enslaved by it, rather reflect with others simply do_in responsibly.. as they live with respect of  nature’s boundaries..

                  we co_evolve this together + enjoy, by supporting this to trigger you to go within + sort self out, to act locally eye-to-eye + not do it alone if unable to understand. this can be stressful when not realizing the neuro pathways effects on our whole being. that we’ve created by not realizing the power of our own tools, when not going within + allowing our whole being  to express, as we learn early signs to edit.

      now we can learn, but go slow + stay calm, take a deep breath + relax. with no long term commitment, accept to center + ground yourself with the real natural world. not others deceptions/behaviors taken as normal, even though with good intention/yet limited/destructive.. misusing behaviors - past on due to their attempts to survive. Where if we fortunate to still have our folks alive, then we/they can in return redirect + build new pathways as each together rejoin` our self.. read on..

              `we welcome you with your thinking hat or notepad, whichever you rely on..

we suggest starting with your self.. take care of what you already have in motion, 1 thing at a time, do your chores, take a walk in a wild space if lucky to have, + make time for comfort.. breathe some fresh air in some natural surroundings wild or got to a natural garden. Nice one in Coos bay from the community so lucky to have such good folks guiding/exchanging/learning, that are very experienced as organic gardeners also involved with the local soup kitchen, how about that:.
                   have a potluck, welcome folks to dinner, or invite once in awhile + share.. can’t get better then helping hungry folks, have you ever been hungry?  

       Especially for the wrong desires which makes it worst. same as we did in Bellingham, Wa with Backyard Abundance, as the community had a free meal from the abundance from local farmers. people that came together with the community creating a nice event with good local grown food/music/dancing in the street. reaching out inviting folks to become aware of what we can do now + many already do_in, to network with. whom we invite here to post their stuff in a bi`joy experience of do_in with our local/indigenous folks that have much to share.
      Folks many of us are so fortunate, now is the time to dig deep + recycle that which is left dormant, whether pots + kitchen utensils packed away left unused for the soup kitchen. Or if don’t have one start one. Or good thought you worked had at to rid your baggage, come post, meet another perhaps presently stuck with it + it will do you amazing good to refresh those threads vs leave taking up good fuel as they just lay on the shelf, getting dusty, taking room/energy from what can be used now to refresh your exploration of this unique planet + beyond with all life.

                          when calm come take a look, you will enjoy, by reflecting with others that simply love to `boon with our natural world.. see `ways that we become a local, global + beyond participant.. + what it does to us now if we interrelate + share.

gather a note pad if needed + jot your feelings along the `way.. if this triggers a thought go within + work it, or go eye-to-eye + follow up.. remember if browse all topics thru out patches` message board 1st, your thoughts may be acted out in a variety of creative ways, for you to reflect with + or to add to/edit yourself with..

if not much time or need a break + have something to say go to the subcatagorie bi' joy - news or photo gallery, on the right side of board, for a short story review or add one.. if we can’t actively give time join in the do_in`s now or creating them locally, take few minutes + update for others. tell us the negative acts going on for others to be aware of + if it truly bothers you share so others can respond with immediate comfort/option, etc.
                but do your homework + seek out the bi`joy experiences that folks have had to stop/prevent + better yet go beyond with simple how to. to avoid the misuse by self + most important understanding how we can say no, get real with questions + not allow others to leave their footprint on us. Holding locals accountable locally + at the end of their focus.

then when ready to focus come back + read the overview + then read this, next go to the topic a `way do_in.. remember introduction, doing is not the way to live, we all have done that + look where it got us, rather `do_in  is simply being present in creating the moment + this is how we co_evolve` + gain insight to maintain a calm energy that fuels us to explore:.

                  this wonderful planet + beyond, is filled with patches` of unique life, along with `patches of ecological negative effects left on life + misuse is continuing.. that we hope collectively, to part time do something about in our next` move..

get an ideal of what we are about by reviewing other's postings, links, blog, archive, bi`joy news + gallery, listen to locals telling story that is at our forefront now, coming together with music to define the options for understanding what done wrong + what to do to keep `boon with our natural world. then go to the proceeding topics + due a post preview.. keep note of this thought + work it for yourself.

if need then go eye-to-eye + do an exchange, rethink. then post a memorable experience via ecosystem/subject, that we can truly use as a tool.. this reflection gives us a perspective of living in our real world.. applying whole being mode vs. stuck in our head in the virtual world  

                    you'll thank patches` for this, it works..

plus it gives us a tool as we explore. to come back for some fine detail as we are `do_in our own walkabout.  reflecting with to edit what + bring home to rejoin` our self + the ecosystem we presently in until we get to where we choose.
           yes, for most of us we do have choices to move around this planet. + together we can work to make it so all have such freedom  

we can do an exchange with our new pen pals/eye-to-eye folks, we meet here, along our `path, we build as we walk it..

            some of us may of picked up a few in our head along this path. i have to thank a mutely crew i've carried, or they carried me.. + my art doesn't do them justice, so if anyone out their is good with stick sketches, i have some folks for you to meet that are still in my file. they have been just as busy as i.

                          what really freaked us all out was when i was focusing on stopping the bombing some where, so many now days, which one. it i'll come back, oh yes Bosnia..
          anyhow when i spoke to the Tanzanian secretary at the consulate office via telephone, her name was the same as 1 of my characters + we laughed so hard. for she was do-in the same stuff, attempting to put our 2 cents in to stop the craziness of bombing anyone, not to mention folks we interfere + cause havoc with + then when  they unable to see clear, left with mixed signals, doing wrong in attempts to survive, we bomb, vs get real with what triggered their misusing + ours. Together do what can to heal + understand so it not repeated as is over + over.

Meanwhile look at the business/people that are ecological whors profiting.. please add their specific detail under `tapering transition subcategory in makumba where we invite folks to rethink + support their positive shift to recycle + rid what can, as folks together have a win win situation.

it is these bi`joy experiences  that result, that we invite to our `tapering transition, not be rude  to rethink with options felt from sensitive/skilled, as folks share. supporting folks to again become a local, global + beyond participant.. making right, recycling what can as they now offer positive exchange. being very thankful you took the time to support them to rethink + welcome them back into our community. for the much good intent - gets lost as we get in our own way with conscious external perceptions that can be limited/misleading.

                  only when we awaken to our subconscious abilities - building new neural pathways, can we learn to read the early signs to edit our focus easily within our control.. update in your community log book as we invite you to trigger thought from some ideals, see under a `way do_in along with our `tapering transitions.
                    yes rid that which is programmed. Or prevent that which is false not applying to the natural way of our human potential.

i'm right here right now, stopped going elsewhere. when it did not make sense to me, when i tried to figure out if i was picking up on others, as I would perceive what was in another place or soon to be. or we just all working as we each can become sensitive to feel this flow of energy we all consume + use for our processing as a human organisms. Our 1 sure common denominator, that if understood can fuel peace within us all now.

                                we can make 1 universal science language of it to stop the inefficiency`s from exploitation of other life. as we define + limit others from getting a license to self-abuse + interfere in our natural process, we are all dependent on. sense this understanding, i've been satisfied simply do_in with what i feel vs. being confused of perceiving others, etc. creating this cloth/table expression for us all to co_evolve with. + invite your suggestions, comment, inviting folks to figure another way..

             then our new friends fine tune what works for them. along with our ability to now have 1st hands on experience in an area we choose to explore + share like subject matter, as we enjoy this exchange, as we stop in along our path we walk.

 add beautiful smiles of healthy children, so as not to scare folks away, show goodness of our results, no matter how little the gain is. yes negative happens. share if it can make another aware to not do same thing. appreciate what is now + be thankful. for many folks are stuck as i observe, this mode that all is bad + we can't fix it, is simply not true. But yes our physical effects left for our neural networks built from misinformation, continue to leave negative effects, unless we awaken asap to the reality of our tools. even our effects as we can change the molecular structure of water. water is in us + around us + when we negative it changes it’s structure. Well what do ya think if surrounded by water that is negative. it may not feel good, heh. So instantly it has been proven that when we become positive, state it, visualize it, work it, it can re route + give us another path of clarity given us physical energy. to then make space to rid this baggage of past misconceptions, etc.  that mode carry’s a negative energy interfering in itself. I want you to use your goodness, not trip over it..

                     this tool has helped me so much + i hope you to as you get in here + work it for you. i just actually thought of a suggestion for a very good competent person close that is unhappy working with water. + i just had the thought as i write it here about him leaving this negative effect in a tiger by the tail scenerio. Trapping him as he daily works in water that perhaps as maintained the negative he had, which leaves it more difficult to see out. especially since he has gotten such negative feedback when wanting to change careers + folks holding his past bad experience of several years ago against him. Making it harder for him to also let go of it.  

                  both so angry..  another close that is allergic to cleaning supplies + throws up blood. it’s amazing how many ill people or people with real issues are trying to survive + work for us every day, without much support + or clarity to get free from their entrapment. This person has been consumed with the agent orange spray, the local toxic uses of products.  i suggested him to use the power we have to break the past or present effect, starting with his ability to utilize his awareness, which he has perfected some nice sensitivities + shares aiding others.. but focus now on his own being + the water within as a tool. as i held him, telling him he can make a difference now. he can gain some strength to redirect these negative effects.  

                         use all the tools within our awareness now. these stories go on for many..

folks, you that think there is no work, take a review of all it takes for folks to gain respect/understand our working tools + the boundaries nature has. That have been exploited/damaged/depleted.

i believe in reality of a local space, along with a retrospect of say a life right that we can review, i do this in the subcategory called the next` move.. + work at that may cover many fragmented spaces, to conclude solution for all where needed, to be applied. but to put out a reality (such as children suffering on a web page, when folks do_in good stuff to stop it.)  has a distorted perspective of each location + perhaps???  more fear based resistance. Why, because when folks imprisoned in their own negativity, more exposure without them knowing hoe to work what they have, only adds more suffering.
         each location reality – adjustment, for all working together, is a good thing. to have all take part in the assessment. from interpersonal to wild remaining wild with neighbors + all in between, as we address this together in our forum. This way we can offer options + those clear can offer while others sit back + listen. Then apply it to self 1st. then come back + participate once more clear to offer, but still listen + apply to self.

 add your link of offerings/needs, as you travel. folks can see your offerings, + then contact you to visit when passing thru. Or respond via post. + with the virtual tools can be present with you once you arrange a time.

                you can post + it can link to yours at same time via email, so please read Nabble’s support + learn the tools of this forum, or start one of your own + link, etc. so when post on your blog, etc. appropriate helping tools posted where best, but not repeat. our newspaper category on forum is a good way for updates + then go to specific do_in to link. + i like to have archive of application/simple schematics per ecosystem/biome, as well. as it gets filled in, it will be a good reference for you to + local folks to compare via ecosystems/subject best fined tuned for each person + your local community. by just starting your subject + others will comment + post under you. for your locals to follow.

but please think energy efficiency in the air waves as well, not to mention those that have to work it + pay for it.
         so don’t repeat + clean up yours + others by taking responsibility. this is harder as we older + if not in shape, easy to forget.. Ex; you see my yada or another + comment with clarity + end words/easy schematic. Then I come back + eliminate mine + can leave a brief note of how much consumption replaced by new thought or old I was unaware of, etc.

            see the point, i`ve put help here now. but i will not support your waste, so you as i must do our homework. Or we will have babble/chatter + accomplish nothing together. mean while i will be charged for it. I’m committed with your help to continue to remove my yada when inappropriate. To make this a good tool + if it continues to grow, we all won’t mind paying for it.

now we have spent a lot to get this out. not thru wasteful web designers, etc. we have chosen mostly open source folks accept for Gaia. we have had expensive lessons that we share for simply suggesting:

               pay what when you can, for if in need we want you to apply to yourself until self-reliant, hoping those that have more or unable to figure out, yet have gained financial gain, can then get clear as we put your funds to work along with yourself on self 1st.

                        if you look at statistics people give a lot + feel good about giving, yet it goes no where + many folks don’t go their to define whys or hows. We do.  We are not interested in any ones funds if they are not willing to work themselves with us in this project. meaning work on themselves 1st then become a local + afar community participant.  believe me when I say I have turned down many offerings from folks that wanted to give me funds + then continue wastefully consuming, + I stated I was not ready to take their funds, because they needed support + I felt by completing this, it would be more helpful to many. for as we reached out in exchange in the bush we realized this works.

But did not realize how difficult it was to make it for another. vs as we did 1 on 1. but after all this time, we feel it is clear enough to welcome you in as we co_evolve together. no one being dependent on any one, rather using the tools many have given us.  do_in our homework as we stop doing..

                For if I had taken the funds I would not of had the ability to retain my own direction, rather they also wanted to use my head for their gain in what I felt was ecologically not sound, + effects would interfere with another life.  we would just be contributing to more negative disassociated energy that already is consuming good folks as they are left trapped. Not knowing how to get free back to `boon with the natural world.

So awareness building sometimes stops us in out tracks as we continue to make conscious decisions, knowing that we are dependent on our subconscious. meaning we need to keep our sensors sharp for our inner tools to work most efficiently. + we can by saying no.

                               for now we invite folks to review all, but to leave a comment we ask you to register – authenticate. in attempt to avoid those that want to be negative foolishly  

 so as to make it more inviting for good folks wanting to make this a nice tool. as well if you have a subcategory you would like to post then comment + see the feedback to define further. Then rid or redirect appropriately. for some things can be a better tool if structured this way. for us to keep this in some kind of simple order to begin with we found it easier not to just let everyone randomly go off in different subjects, creating new subcatagories. those of you that are interesting in making commitments to help monitor please do it now, by posting thought for those that posted to correct..

              for now we want all to be self-reliant on what this virtual tool can produce by you viewing then going back to real world eye to eye + work yourself. not dependent on any, rather post what works/or being worked on for posters to come together to make it happen in your local community. if no response then come back + do it thru this virtual process to further define what you are asking for /seeking out for is real?? as well then by reflecting with other`s post, you may be triggered to rethink/redo or relocate into an ecosystem or community of like subject for you to gain your awareness desired.

 this way folks, we see options open in front of our eyes now, by getting deeper into what we need to know vs. what we thought..

after you've reviewed all + done your homework, if still in need of support of the general protocol then see, add to FAQ questions + answers, as we welcome you to make FAQ a better tool. or Nabbles` support for use of their forum tools..  

next:. 1st time viewers, for efficiency, we suggest going to support` quest, then onto the do_in`s starting with a way` + enjoy! 

           but 1st remember to note, jot down if something is unedited incompletely or yada yada makes no sense     please tell us, for we've had many typo errors, as well with our computer break downs + viruses, not to mention our own personal co_evolving along with our losses.

                          this has been a real job. Juggling patches` + pockets` of good + bad.
                      it has been to good to stop with any of our personal resistance self-inflicted.
                                       so please bring it to our attention + we will edit.

      + remember for your convenience, 1st time around, follow subcatagorie`s in order for efficency..
                             Thanks! our combined`effect goes a long way..
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