some insight over time filled with many actors..

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these stories are incredible, yet many work hard piecing it together to attempt to find a solution. while it appears others try to find a way to continue business at hand, without realizing how.

          environments are getting destroyed + hundreds of thousands of people are under distress;




 we can understand how we are interdependent on these wild biomes to sustain us. + if we realize everywhere tht we must live local to stop this kind of free trade, which is not free.

          it is destroying these people + all in their path, in their attempts to take control of these natural resources.

          it is up to all of us to follow our worn torn threads, reach out with awareness + cut them in a tapering transition, so as to restore respect for all life. as we priortize our interdependence on our ecological sustainability that fuels life.

                                      peace is an option if we share what works.