snailer do_in.. or want to connect..

          whether with or without computer we find a `way for all the good folks that do want to connect too. + those not interested, all can still cooperatively communicate with those that do over community do_ins.

   when folks post on computer - all schedules if natural don`t have to be quick. A structure can be set from students as each cooperative gets to know their community. + respects those that don`t want computer. for no virtual tool anywhere should totally be the only community deciding factor. This would be wrong.
     our objective is to bring people eye to eye building cooperative community by do_in, not just post thru the virtual tool.
            when ever one hears about this network they need to be told correctly. so that - you if tell, follow thru with an eye-to-eye resultant of local or beyond do_in best. but if can`t /not interested, then post a means for them until another can work with that person. For another to contact them + become involved in the cooperative community acts where chosen..

                for those of you that want to post + see others post yet have no computer, that is different. so now this interested snailer hooks up with another with a computer,  then they can help you plug in to like interest in like ecosystem. so you have to do your homework + seek that person with the interest to pool thought for cooperative community + work out an exchange.
        use our Nabble application until do own, or define no need + continue to post for self on ours or 1 post for your cooperative community. + stay updated helping us make this a good tool to reflect with.
                now snailer can post + that person agrees to type it in, show other postings, update etc. this way worst choice of destroying more trees doesn`t happen, in end result of copying appropriate data. the do_ins  could be copied to start triggering thought, if several where going to be reviewing + sharing in a bi`joy walkabout.
             then you occasionally get updated postings for choices thru feed or subscribing to what you choose + also print out, if this helps. + by sharing this paper work as a group, you also share printing expense.
                   this becomes a nice co-opted eye-to-eye event/do_in, combining computer folks + snailers as you stay connected to local , global + beyond.

                     our goal is to see cooperative communities share internet, library, resources, as a tool, not get lost in them. rather they trigger local hands on do_in as students come aboard, as classrooms open into the community.  this way no one is left accepting nothing less then harmony, in all solutions reflected locally + afar.

           as like interested subject matter is shared along with students being required to rotate in interchangeable roles throughout the community with different sensitivities/skills/states of health/disabled + for completely unable needing permanent support – so all come back as local, global + beyond participants.. this way all folks know our local channels when an ER issue happens. as well no one is left unsupported due to anything.

                  what a nice way to make a local or pen pal/friend in building/work associate to coop, etc. as each go figure with local community + then get tested, before they go on to another. or speak for the one they are in.

             this is a great way for all to stay level headed with common sense, for too many are chasing head on computers. Yet not grounding or centering.

      nice exchange happens with snailers + they offer much in this hands on real world for all to learn from as well vice versa. when virtual tools are respected in real time. with simultaneous posting in the real on local familiar posting boards, in local papers, etc.  making locals more efficient with networking.
                 join in + enjoy self - developing/reflecting/exploring our true human potential `boon with the natural world. when we focus together on function, energy efficiently + all share common sense in our common denominator. as we all then are fueled to create by self expressing. Settling for nothing less then harmony.
              thank you, + peace is here now for all. as we share like subject + in an exchange connect one with local, global + beyond resources. it's nice when we locally connect, so put your needs in a post on your local message board or start one if don't have. + see what you can do locally to network afar. for your needs to be rid + your offerings to be exchanged.

                              our combined' effect makes a difference locally + afar..

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