^^ share in a bi`joy walkabout..

           pri`performance do_in..
                   when can`t figure it out.. signs are not presenting themselves, why..
                       Choreograph with what you know, a wild space that fuels, that has given you much like that 1 beautiful plant that supplies 20 people with eatable spring leaves, etc.
           a place that is truly lived in. meaning folks have `booned for years yet did not interfere in it`s ability to sustain itself..  this prerequisite in it self is not experienced by all. then folks wonder why they have so may issues. so this act is nice when we seek out old that do still live `boon with the wild, living within nature`s limits. This reflection in itself with these folks + the wild space may give all sorts of answers to your questions.

             Perhaps then with this awareness you folks can do a walkabout + gather more + share bi`joy experiences + celebrate along the way. until next time early signs not visible + then you can apply these tools to figure it out + help you trigger that which is somewhere locally, just have to sharpen sensors to find it. may have to involve local + afar folks to come back to `boon with local natural balance.

             Where species continue their offerings year after year nurturing all growth, all species to support community..

Make sure weather protection, so folks feel comfortable with themselves – good layered awareness with clothes.. so all can participate when it comes to cooperatively making decisions that need extra thought…  

when these performances as well all do_ins` are posted from community members, local folks know to take it to heart, for it is something their neighbors have to share or in need of helpful insight to work on early signs, etc.…

with this mindset, all vibration harmonizes with each ecosystem dictating, so as to preserve all species…. so a lot of motion flows from simple intuitive hands on application, leaving little unknowns. But when they do arise, + all is stumped, then this pri`performance do_in is created, set the cloth/table platform for each contributor to post, who do_in what, where suggested:.

                 Issue clear so all see same shade of color:.

        sound..              mime..                 motion..                 thought..                space..

sensitivities/skills/products brought to an old growth space agreed upon.. with patterns/textures from natural offerings, live + dead (beauty of a moth, creatures shell,  all released when finished viewing, etc.) this is our vibration of life from each ecosystem. along with a few cultural lessons appropriate from those that have something to say because the natural world was a tool for them to build their life 'boon with it.. that are perceiving some perhaps shapeless energy as ideal starts to form…

        as all create, by putting facts along with this that sparked tools to be brought forward. + layed on cloth/table to manifest this reality in the working. not just leave in the ethers..

        when umbrella species in check.. suggest letting them show us the `way

                    setting be with a waterhole near so as to pan over to it with respect, so species comfortable with all`s energy afar. foraged/planted aromas tickling sensors from afar.  fresh water flowing. old folks participating, even though comfy in bed, etc. sand/mud painting in process from children young + old, as they create with their perception. as they sit quietly- listening/interacting as issue is clarified.

for those unable to attend, one can video live folks. + if networking, sharing like subject with a large screen with others sand paintings in old growth, can be viewed up on screen with battery/generator, energy efficiently. for all to view.

As well discussion/acts, from small spaces as each tunes into their local community + `boons with the planetary neighbors as we come together on this focus. or maybe another do_in. weaving our relations into harmony, via sharing what works for each ecosystem…

                restaurants, local markets, back yard community gardeners, etc. with natural offerings can then share abundance left over for a potluck, to celebrate the findings experienced from the pri`performance do_in..  welcome locals + visitors.. so schedule for community efficiency.. from diverse foraged/planted…

                bring together a few do_in chores while thinking/focusing such as spinning wool.. weaving fabric.. shell, rock, bone (only from natural or for food deaths) acts with raw materials without destruction leaving a footprint.. only network what can be offered without mass production.. so as not to interfere in the natural resources. give a sense of what community values are + what folks working to over come, etc.. lay out the cloth/table stage with live stimulus, reflecting with those simply living..

             this issue has to be a real tool once defined/redirected, etc. when so many good folks already resolving as they do_in..

            each - as a community participant, that represents those, that will be needed, in each of these fields.. to complete this task will participate with core group in real time building input..  so as to then apply into appropriate do_in that particular missing thread of discovery, etc.. + log in for future use..

                  art may add an evolved ancient symbol created with young, do_in the same primitive method that works. chant may be ancient, yet still a valuable tool. weave from local plant offering in season. sharing that time of the years` offerings.. for those creative, sketch patches` for the young in mind or those needing a little humor to effectively awaken to this awareness of our human issues we create.. marthas` mutely crew could show in a way that is less offending.. as we are most hardest on our self.. we`ll see where their humor jumps out.

                           live food on table/cloth settings is always an eye opener, so if defining is prolonged, take a break + start eating to further fuel.

If fortunate to have self + community in harmony maybe consider  pri`performance do_in for an issue for another, locally or afar.

                    many get trapped or affected from another direction + by working together pooling our resources, we can learn to respond to early signs.                 

perhaps feelings yet to be put into words as we allow our perceptions to just infiltrate us, without editing, or responsibly following thru + applying our selves. Staying preoccupied not realizing the effect we left.

Now is this time for our `tapering transition to come into affect. where we become supportive of this exchange as we notice + then become efficient with creative functional exchange. so we self-reflect + rethink while stopping the negative effect. This medium is a good place to start as a rehearsal.

Leaving yet another positive affect building our community, when we thought there was no way. networking it locally + afar for our family, when we once only could think of our self or our back yard or even just our community or nation.
                   open to sharing our planet with our extended family.

                             yes peace is an option now!

By reflecting within our self + as a mime or reflecting what another may feel will get us a little more open to what can be, within our options now. not wait for the future, rather bring future ideals to now + take part in creating your moment or part time pooling resources for another until able or perhaps a permanent long term need supplied by interchangeable students, etc.

                                       have a bi'joy experience with your walkabout!
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