shame on those that take part in such ethical abuse + waste of our natural resources..

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    imagine no parties in any government, rather people interchanging local roles for their real time local community participation.

    we did it fine in backyard abundance in Bellingham, WA as each would come + take turns logging in what transpired, so those unable to be there could then follow up. from mamas breast feeding babies, to spinners spinning wool, to farmers knowing this is important as community came together regularly as we would simplify 4 directions with locals working it out;

   we would figure out priority issue, define how we could resolve it, do it, then on to clarifying what was wrong what was right so as to better the next move..

+ each time ended with a nice fresh local natural grown potlock. + offered regular community free meals in a celebration, utilizing what all in community would have abundance of. as community came together + volunteered resources + had a good time as music + nice communication filled the air.

           this sure is different than the resources wasted in campaigns where people, shame on you, pull your own way, vs. come together as one. when yet so much peace negotiation is not clear.

    imagine what could be done here in US if no more republicans or democrats, now expand thruout the world governments, where all take off hats + go back into local community + rethink as each filter thru their local tapering transition creatively as function is prioritized energy efficiently, producing more innovation/solutions to be shared globally.

          i can't even imagine telling the campaign stories to unaware overstressed people, as in numerous tv ads as a start. when yet resources could support each to locally self-develop as in our proposal of

                             project osic

    where we share our work this week as we come together via virtual tools in Rio + 20, to offer in best `way that all agree on, please see link;


we invite all to rethink, come to the moment + take part to overcome these dysfunctions for all life that is receiving the negative effects, locally + beyond, as solutions are instituted in your local community.