rejoin your mindbody by regaining some common sense + lets go back to what once worked..

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I share an email with you sent out in regards to Barack wanting campaign contributions to tally up status in comparison with others. folks don't you think we have had enough of this foolishness.

Hello Barack + Jim,

if you where smart you would say ya know what public, we are quitting this mode which should never of happened + say no to donations. use the virtual tools as you taper into a process for all to use teleconferencing. have students log in a walkabout as they aid folks to self register that have no computer or desire. + respect them for that. while simoultaneously students relog into virtual system - community interrelations. look at all these funds saved. now use students to set this process in motion + monitor serious issues that need to be done now to recycle this dysfunctional system by allowing people to also come together + post to work thru these issues by each community + each ecosystem.

yes for all folks to work as a team to regain common sense with transparency.

no thanks guys, we will not take part in any donation, as i stated in prior email.

peace is here now if we stop consuming + share what works with the many good tools + students we have now available in every community..

our combined' effect can make a difference..