reflection from those emitting a positive exchange cannot be bought..

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    I want to take this moment to thank a few that have fueled my direction.

      thank you Jenny Pell + Miguel Altieri for your sensitive interaction with life on this earth...

   you are 2 fine people + your actions alone carry energy for many to work. which is very beneficial if we go within + self-observe, seeking to further clarify how best for us each to rethink + redirect our own.

 it is nice to see you so appreciated with LinkedIn`s tools, which i`m presently studying + yet to be fully aware of.

    I ask you Jenny + Miguel if you could take a few moments + share a difficult thought, many are experiencing, + please share on our forum as well, for I`ve tried my best to have Barack Obama use these tools for every MOU, to not just obtain a permit, but also to maintain regular updates as students create tallies to assure that no more negative effects are left locally.

Barack you have greatness to offer + I`ve appreciated much of your work. but Barack I will not succumb to the negativity left, due to your inability to take the time to communicate with the awareness that I know first hand, I`ve been trying to share with you + OFA. for we have solutions + these people can show us the way, locally + afar, so no more fragmentation.

    all can bring all in this walkabout, to one`s local cloth/table, so more specifics for locals can be empowered + triggered to define their local way. in each`s attempt to collectively restore their own natural community to restore their own potential. + globally  we can simplify an organized platform so all of you with your good work, even at Barack`s OFA, or UN`s world we want 2015, can be effective now with the many resources being wasted, due to lack of transparency for all to merge, yet retain individuality in support of solidarity + local sovereignty.

  please keep us updated as we restructure to do our part, here as I gain awareness of LinkedIn as well continue on Nabble;

    we try to put understanding together for each local community to collectively + efficiently use, as we restore our local natural potential, + clean up our negative effects left wrongly as many still are unaware their is another way that works. so everything we post via the internet, we pretty much have done it eye to eye. + understand how important it is to co_evolve with these acts when used in real time, when we network to trigger such thought, sharing in the many platforms we now are fortunate to have, such as here with Nabble + LinkedIn, to name a few of the many. yet we still seek each to locally take a review of how best to unite, as students from all schools including home schooled come together for their local community, as they + community do an exchange, to define which ones are most effective for their use, vs. everyone duplicating, which is hard for me. when I think each should specialize + contribute to our global platform, which I would not due if UN would do it efficiently.

     as we assess, associate + apply in real time, realizing each issue needs individual attention, + can be rid, as we simply give respect to all life to regain it`s balance. which sadly many are left far too long in every local community on this planet, sure some in great quantities without our part time collective help, why? because we are not organized. so I hope my thoughts can trigger yours to even set me straight.

     + let these words trigger our thoughts to then carry the local `plan to act upon. as we collectively rethink with local entities such as planning, health, FDA, EPA, + the many that require collective thought to simply stay on top of, as we try to eliminate waste + excess, + don`t forget coming eye to eye at a local potluck, which is the best way to let our natural fresh local grown food/fish be our best guide, locally + afar.

  Barack, I`ve asked Sec. John Kerry, UN Sec. Ban Ki-Moon, World Bank, etc. to use the many developments now that have shown negative effects to turn this understanding around , to stop the abuse now + use these local tapering transitions to share the goodness that will come out of it, + is, as all take a review as students focus direct with us. comparing the tallies from ways that work, that Jenny + Miguel + many others can guide to do a global awareness for simplicity.

vs. now we struggle locally with ill/toxic/accidents/killing life prematurely thru bad judgment/unskilled work habits, etc. this list goes on, thru bad developments that where legally allowed, due to every community pulling their own way or even being misinformed to know they have another way, etc. yet your influence as well executive ability can set this straight across the board, but stating you have been wrong, + use some real cases + open up to these resources now, for solutions that are here now.

            Miguel Altieri is very clear of our global food crises, listen folks to him, for I see many of you as with Bill Gates, are also contributing, as many of us simply have been unaware + now can become aware. but each has a different neuro network + we need each other to reach out the best we can + apply as we associate what we truly understand. not what we think we do, rather thru hands on application, bringing everyone in a shared focus as with what truly sustains us such as our air, soil, natural grown local food, clean water, bio-sanitation, natural restoring, sharing what we do + giving others the human dignity to respect what they can reflect with, until they build new neuro networks which require a days homework of positive reflection with what sustains us humans, leaving them with a good nights sleep.

    only then will new neuro networks build for true peace + harmony. until then it is so wrong to support aggressive means/weapons, etc. to people not aware as we watch them self-destruct. this is outdated programming, meanwhile many gain thru the now manipulated world markets. which can change + many have. as people rethink + are welcomed locally into your tapering transitions you create with your students. so now all become aware their is another way + give all the respect to rethink + become whole. for many are still unaware + yet people still continue to act.

I`ll share a simple example + believe me we work with many on many + these are to just help people help themselves, let alone build community;

Jordon Needham living with Ashley Needham is a good example, living in Reno, Nevada, ( I know their are a few people named Jordon Needham + I don`t want to wrongly accuse) know calling themselves owners of our boat etak, + decided that Jan VanCycle, a boat appraiser in San Francisco that gave us 2 surveys, which we respected his work + then cut fees more. meanwhile he did a 3rd survey without telling us. says Jordon + know showing Jordon had over paid us with partial payment of what we signed preferred mortgage for. meanwhile supposedly the new survey shows that the boat is worthless + too low of a value for All State to even pay. meanwhile originally when Jordon had an accident + called CG + CG decided the marine police should come, they ran into it + took off the bow, leaving it requiring all to abandon ship as they pulled it to beach.

      then All State whom promised me that I was beneficiary + papers coming, never did it, then to do delinquent salvage, causing more destruction. meanwhile police commissioner does not pay for they subrogate with All State the primary insurance company.. so Jordon + Ashley decided since they could not collect from their insurance company- All State Insurance, being corrupt, making mistakes yet not holding themselves accountable, leaving much abuse on them, as well us as beneficiary`s, that they would not pay the balance due they committed to. with no notice they stopped paying. sure one month they tell us this + want to settle, then they don`t answer, then they have a bank mistake with payment, feeling so bad our payment was late, then they stop paying all together. + refuse to talk, same with Jan or their lawyers, no one will talk.

   meanwhile the truth is Jordon + Ashley where once 2 responsible young people that followed with respect once their plans going their way, when we negotiated letting them use etak for a humanitarian mission in exchange for their supposedly skilled abilities. + why does social structures allow such abuse from as with All State, as I remember how hard Jordon worked to get them to commit to what Jordon paid for, + what they promised. not they abused him terribly, meanwhile they did pay for a lot of fees, but not all.

  why does the appraiser association allow Jan VanCycle to do a third survey, perhaps negotiated with All State?? yet not tell us. meanwhile Jordon's lawyers pursue attempts to collect from All State + can`t due to now boat is undervalued, when before we sold it to Jordon due to his still desire to have, + used Jan`s 2nd appraised fees.

most people cannot handle all of a sudden to have salary cut in half that we had made plans with, must I say after a few of these types of bad unethical interpersonal effects from others. that require a lot of work to untangle all these webs, yet people cover themselves, as with All State Insurance, whom lawyer has written a book on how they technically deviate to put more stress so people cannot wait out reality for settling.

  If one thing, my mate + I are for sure, very good at juggling shit. with very little negative rebuttal.

    many folks are having difficulty + much life is still left behind, for they have no strength to survive these bad experiences, when yet people should not be subjected to this abuse, when yet people get a legal license to practice + gov is suppose to regulate to prevent abuse.

so our social, political, educational, medical, judicial, etc. structures are not working full time. + many get away with much dysfunction, which is wrong, when if we network + share, then local people can be put to work, feeling not just in the so called feel good mode, but really can make a difference in people lives. Jordon + Ashley never should of had to go thru this distress, that took 2 young good people + turned them into doing the same, illegally not complying to what they committed to us.

  look at just this 1 negative issue + all the people involved, the Ca State Insurance Commissioners, the CG, Marine Patrol Commissioners, Leverty Lawyers for Jordon, the several marinas wanting their funds, same with vessel assist after they salvaged, yet All State would delay + delay, meanwhile etak got more damaged, more stress on us all. vessel assist finally salvaged due to Jordon committing to pay due to All State refusing then, then paid some marinas latter, meanwhile other people skilled showed us how wrong this all was in a delinquent salvage that should of been covered as All State claimed, then to define they illegally wrote policy...

    in our daily review as we simply live, rejoining our self, checking in thru out the day, sharing with others, identifying with the effects we leave locally + afar, we must realize we can rid our needs + know when + how far to share our offerings, in solidarity. without interfering in another`s ability to self-sustain, gaining their own local food sovereignty. which we think is the best starting point to further fuel every local person`s ability to take part + build an ecological sustainable working community that harmonizes, linking our global genetic bio-diversity, to further sustain life that us humans are interdependent on..

now with the smell + taste of fresh local food, that many are yet to have, we can bring local sensitivities/skills to share. we can now come together as we suggest in a `way, + discuss eye to eye, use internet teleconferencing from a far, if in need to trigger what can be applied locally. + seriously address issues, + if unaware then students go to work taking part + restore their local community to define themselves.

 their is no better education then for locals to share a common focus, + then come share with us afar, as they share what works or seek what they are in need of, to yet find great solutions abundant, to then take back to their local community + work an exchange.

   we feel a good science verbiage can be created for globally sharing + clean up + link that science that has been fragmented leaving negative effects. that whiplashes many young + old as words are used one way + then bought, manipulated, misunderstood, whichever to mean another to then be acted on that way.

  Jenny + Miguel are great experts to understand this for they still use indigenous ways that work, as they create good curriculum/acts, so as people understand how best to associate what from where. when yet the Free Trade, TPP, even some Fair Trade is not Free. rather it interferes + takes us away form the unique earth below our feet as well from going eye to eye, as many are lost in the internet world.

  we feel all tongues can understand if we simplify acts that address what sustains all life by respecting the local ways that work + sharing this great ethnic collection of what was + still can be. + science is our most efficient way to connect + explain this, giving clarity for all to be present in the moment + share the many good solutions out their as we link + co_evolve the science so it becomes alive + flows with us in real time. not just experiments with data locked in boats + now even in documents, rather we can create the means to globally link to bring simplicity to all that use these tools well, so we use it for all + go eye to eye, as we continue to explore + share our earth + beyond..

Jenny + Miguel, we ask you to rethink with your many experiences locally + afar, + tell us what works giving you self-satisfaction knowing yet we are that much closer to make peace for all. as we use the good tools we have now + we are reaching out to further define what works best for each local community, those without schools, or even their own community + go beyond the war mode + false green economies + simply create better organized platforms to reach out sharing a friendly process of exchange of what works.

   so if nothing else then in thought, for those without that are displaced, we can start producing calm acts of clarity. for then others in patches, that live within natures guidelines `boon with the natural world, can then link in exchange with the many pockets still left without. basic survival tools, that are our life right to have, as we all part time come together in a global platform to assess this misuse/abuse, sharing good tools that work...

            as we restructure here at i come to talk story, please watch for as we reach out now with many encouraging others to link, within what already works + co_evolve, as we discover new/old ways more efficient, for this self-reflection, sharing ways to rid our needs + enjoy each others local offerings, locally. being aware of the negative impact from misunderstanding as many of us have contributed + now we can become aware + share in local tapering transitions.

   welcome your students to come out of school + into + with, for the community as the best classroom ever, as all tools become available to all, as we stop repeating, + start respecting how we all are needed to be happy to make our communities harmonize

thank you for what you do + I ask you both to also share how best for people to connect with you to take a review of your needs + offerings, + please stay updated with us.

best regards, kara j lincoln