people please ask President Obama: Sign the Executive Order Adding LGBT Workplace Protections to Millions of American Jobs..

Posted by our combined `effect our combined `effect
Barack, in your responsible position, please take a review to see what else can be addressed here for simple respect for all life.

if we share awareness names cannot hurt us, but sadly many children get effected as well those sensitive in adult bodies.

as responsible respectful people we can stop this behavior from interfering in our lifes. when one is effected seriously, lost their job, unable to provide for family due to this harrassement, it carries thru to our whole community.

people it is time for simple respect to be carried to all life. for now is the time to develop these disciplines with respect, that those abusers themself are in need of support. so lets see how we can do a tapering transition to not just stop them, but to support their healing + understanding.

for any aggressive act is an early sign we can grip peacefully. long before it becomes emotionally + physicaly applied.

it is behavior like this that some may get a joke at, when yet tilted people are fueled more then create serious crimes. so i ask you to rethink + people Change has a petition in motion now, please see + act;

   our combined` effect makes a difference..

thank you for bringing together your community to see what is needed to address your early signs = please let everyone share in discussion.

Happy New Year to all!