people lets rethink + act efficiently, so we stop inhumane abuses, priortize over coming this false green energy + the end of weapons of war + come together in solidarity now..

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Ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START)..

Limiting the deployment of the MX missile and B-2 bomber..

Eliminating funding for the nuclear "Bunker Buster" and "Reliable Replacement Warhead"..

Ensuring funding for key nuclear non-proliferation programs to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists..

   these are words from council for A Livable World whom i respect please support them;


as well share with these good folks at Peace Action West;

for it is real issues in need of support, + filled their petition here, please see what you can continue to do;


as well with Congolese people;



  + lets come together to include Idle No More;!/groups/Idlenomore.official/permalink/461310597266924/

  + look how creative we can get to support Newtown;


Nick Kulibaba has done many nice things for the Sandy Hurricane folks, still in need, he created a Facebook group called Jersey Shore Lost + Found, so as when people find personal items they can be returned;
    this site is a place where you and anyone you know can post requests, information, photos or whatever helps the victims of Hurricane Sandy to recover precious things that they have lost and that helps those who have found stray, meaningful objects to find their owners again. Please share this site with all of your friends along the Jersey Shore and in New York. Join, post, recover hope and dreams from the rubble;

    i ask us to go a bit deeper for all those in need. to not taper off but to go to 0 with all weapons of war. + yes other non violent negative effects left we can use good diplomacy to taper into with good transparent ongoing support for all this to take place, so please read on:
             you may say that is unimaginable but it isn`t. we can concentrate + focus for clarity. we don`t need to ride on the waves of those with dull sensors. rather we can bring students to aid them/all to sharpen + heal.

             some of us in our activism has sensitively interrupted others as we brought subjects to the table in the wrong platform. so we became aware + readjusted. we apologize for our insensitivity.

  for all this individuality is a good thing when we put it into retrospect with our local + afar community members. as long as we come together to sustain an over view of our priorities, preventions + going beyond to enable us all to live in harmony.

    which this upcoming year we are reaching out + gathering those interested in getting real, as we dig deep. so as to give clarity in what Congress right now should be do_in with their decison judgement, which is not happening.

   we want this tool kit to be carried to minimize the energy wasted so we redirect + build good ecological sustainable working communites to harmonize.

  giving all local sovereignty, so locals remain in equality working in solidarity, as we share what works as we progress in building this archive. to share this process, strategies + schemetics.

  for we cannot just create, rather we need to ecologically assess the reality of where we are at now within our local watershed areas. from the mountain top with our `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review we will let nature fuel our decisons.

   this then can now fuel those deciding on the cliff issue for without our sustainable bio-diversity to sustain all lie, we will be continuing to sink. + we cannot allow us. especially those of us that have done thousands of miles at sea.

       for what ever space we choose to live in, we have great virtual tools to responsibly act.

so let us know if interested in coming together to discuss the culprit of all this waste which we feel is the unconscious acts taking place with Free Trade which is not free, as well Fair trade, yet we can recycle + work into a very conscious exchange within our natural enhanced limits. + we are proposing to put this togehter so we all have a permaculture tool bag to fuel our clarity.

      we can stay in real time with each moment + keep at it, for many of us have done this with just a few. when yet look at this team of people we have as our human family to resolve now.

      we can turn this around, as Allison + her family have done, i share her message:

         Howdy Ho From Mexico !!!

Hope the Beginning of the World was transformational!!  The McAssey crew wishes you were all here or we there for long moment to share that we love you all!!!  Happy holidays !! Solstice, Christmas, New Years all of 'em!  Throw down some fresh lines wherever you are!  We are thinking of you.      

We held down an empty kilometer of super tan sandy beach for the Solstice Sunset then camped out under a mosquito net for the night after a warm fire, fireworks, some fab ceviche, sun ripened pineapples, and tasty Chilean wine.  All while the blue Pacific pounded closeouts onto the reef beside us, drumming through and around us that cleansing sound pulse from the great ocean.  Seems the planets are distincly brighter in our little world lately.  Things are still moving fast though and a chance to reflect is welcome.

Wishing you all a very magical 'now' year, wherever it may take you.  Enjoy the journey and the little droplets of happiness and epiphany that find us seemingly out of nowhere at the most unexpected moments!  That is the real magic!

Happy holidays!

love from Merle, Allison, Shandro and Matero McAssey
aboard sailing vessel Kenta Anae
in La Crux de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.   Goethe

thank you Merle, Allison, Shandro + Matero, fair winds to you all!

               this is a good time to share this goodness i share with the sandy hill community, the Congolese
folks + the Myanmar displaced, as well those many everyday without their needs being met, as we try to reach out in this exchange;

                Our combined` effects message for us all..

         we are sorry for your tragic experiences, as we reach out to all locally + afar!

         we would like to share harmony to help you pass this time of sorrow + see that our neuro processing does allow us to redirect this pain.
          we invite you to celebrate with Eve's on 2.14.2013.

          we are presently coordinating a movement of dance + song, sending/exchanging energy of all sorts including chi gong energy.

                along with huge bubbles that can be made if you practice mixing joy soap, corn syrup in small amounts + water. So lil ones thru to old, can send our pain away from our moment as we bring in joy + redirect into sharing love in the moment + focus direct our good fortunes now to be alive + to be able to share in solidarity.

             This is a fund raiser for us to support;

            we are in the building of project osic

to welcome students to come out of schoolroom + into + with community as we co_evolve curriculum, use the school as we do a local walkabout, then to prepare us for afar.

As we give hands on to those without, with support, so all come to cloth/table to restore a local `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review. Starting from the mountain tops.

To fuel our clarity to restore our rehabs for short + long term support, as we create ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize..
      as we fill the air with;

                 - common sense sharing respect for all life with good science that we engage in daily + network..

                 -  the smell of fresh grown natural healthy foods as we grow small farmed foods + forage food + medicine along our paths..

                  - the sound of music as we prioritize in retrospect healthy balance in all we do..

so as to support each to build their path as they walk it, into their opening..

       we invite all of you in patches` that are so fortunate to have this sensitivity + skills. to share in this networking, so we may reach out to those pockets` left without the ability to locally self-sustain + link.

        we feel every local community can work with your students to further this research + apply the much good information already aware in real time best defined by your local community gathering, as we suggest in a `way do_in subcategory, so please take a review + share yourself.
        we have good tools to network with this research in progress as we show we are an open book. with early signs we can see clearly our left right brain out of balance.

        we can early on focus direct in play with young, + in acts with older, + develop this undeveloped child within.

        we don`t support the waste of weapons of war, nor guards.

Rather we support our students to do this walkabout as we welcome them to take part as an equal + focus direct together;

         to aid themselves as well us all, to co_evolve;
        as together we make space + rid our baggage, focus direct, so as to be present in the moment, to truly enjoy the wonders of life.

        as we all make it free for all to share this planet + beyond.

    Rather we use good gauges in our permaculture tool bag, as we work within our enhanced natural limits as with agro-ecology/forestry + the many experiences that work. To fuel our clarity, so as to know where best to start.

         we are so fortunate to have the locals, the indigenous, the natives, each other, to show us yet another `way. as together we build good science that gives us the tools to share efficiently.

                   So everyone everywhere can check in via like ecosystem/subject  to trigger their thought to define what to fine tune for themselves. As together we do an exchange + build this archive.

                   So no more no one is left behind!

     Rather each community builds in peaceful solidarity + link for our human compassion for the suffering.. for our human lessons to be shared.. for our ability to link what we are interdependent on for all life to sustain us all in harmony.. for our ability to explore this unique life we all can be fortunate to have..

          we can do this together as we live local with conscious exchange + share what works.

          we have a lot of editing to do, we have offered to others + are open to suggestions, so we may unite/merge, or gain support so we can efficiently reach out ASAP the many solutions we have now, still in patches` to reach out to pockets` without.

         Please let us know how you want to participate, come talk. For are planning now for next year to continue our discussion on conscious exchange locally + globally, so please share this message.

                               Together we can go figure!

  May the winds bring us all a fresh breath of air so you may choose with your community, whom best to do what, so comfortable for you to act!

                   thank you + i can be contacted for followup personally;


    sincerely, kara + maurice



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Re: people lets rethink + act efficiently, so we stop inhumane abuses, priortize over coming this false green energy + the end of war weapons + come together in solidarity now..

Very nice! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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Re: people lets rethink + act efficiently, so we stop inhumane abuses, priortize over coming this false green energy + the end of war weapons + come together in solidarity now..

thanks Bu,

  ya know if it wasn`t for you, this could not of all happened!

peace be with you love, us
                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
  Join in and lets keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize and link getting real needs met and offerings shared! As we are transitioning to be more efficient and reduce so more acts can be done ridding toxic on earth-space as we resolve-restore and explore!

We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as together we end toxic and restore `enhanced sustainable healthy working communities w/neighbors, as the best peace plan ever!

         Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes!
                                    Our Google site;

         Please Donate to our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Association, thru;  Label Re; Donation. If want a tax receipt, please give us your info and we will send you one.

                    `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara; if I can answer more, or you want to  correct us or gather in a group and do a webinar for further support?

 But if all want to gather and share in return to fund raise then please contact kara thru;

                 Thank you, for making a difference!

                    Love us at `i come to talk story