patches' of sweetness for refreshing ourselves + lil bu's..



with last thoughts of lil bu still in mama..

As dr. doug once said to me after coming back from mom’s visit up to her death, you’ve been a long ways away since I saw you last.

             I thought I would share a few thoughts, for this will probably be our last real thought together with lil bu in this mode as is..

Next time I see ya, we’ll be able to touch each other, + I’ll see the joy in all of you, from having each other. Which I’m so happy + dedoo (Russian grandpa) to be part of, even though not close physically, you are in our forefront of our thoughts + we realize the importance of your need for your space now.

I just want ya to take a review + consider how powerful our mind truly is:

       I want ya to be reassured lil bu your mama has got a good mind, not always able to get to it, due to few other things working to rid, but she will get there, meanwhile her + papa have much goodness to share.

So folks say - that know more than baboo (a Russian grandma) that physiologically, whether we think it or we do it, the body doesn’t know the difference. So I’m hoping these thoughts can set mama + you a bit clearer on how now you can start conditioning yourself for the transformation, from inside to out. + I know you all have, but a review never hurts.

No matter what we have been thru, it has not been as bad as some have experienced, nor as good as others have. but we are very happy to have our mind, bodies need work at, + to have you + each other.

We want you to know life is of our choosing, so if we stumble with others in our way, it just detains us from getting our life our way.

So please don’t ever let any do that to any of you. We want to share so we all can be happy, so we each build our path as we walk it, with no resistance from each other.

Supposedly it takes 21 days to form new habits, if continually work at with some of this thought + practice.
I want you to think of your liking, I know lil bu it has been cozy even though supposedly your sounds are like a vacuum cleaner. But it does all feel just right doesn’t it. as well when you come out it also will feel just right.

For we are so fortunate to have a design that works really well when we listen to our self softly, in a very relaxed state of mindbody mode.  sadly many yet to know we can do this. But we will publish shortly + continue to try to see this exchange come about.

Our subconscious mind takes words literally, so caution with what ya think + speak. You must say exactly what ya mean. That can sometimes be difficult if folks have not been able to feel comfortable to know that what is in our mind - is to be worked. + that is what loved ones want to hear about. Even though many yet to realize how nice it is when we listen. So we can share so you can build upon what is comfortable for you.

Each time you experience this kind of thought you will get stronger, enabling you to overcome any issue that may arise. For we want to engage all our senses to create a story we love. Be real + be clear.

The purpose of this story as an induction as in to relax is to deepen into an even deeper state ( or some call trance)
 + then create a script so you can use it as therapy for your upcoming needs. so you actually see thru this the transition needed, so all is totally relaxed, yet efficient with energy so lil bu, mama + papa can together support each to relax + listen gently to each so as to respond naturally, when things at time may appear havoc..

For we are a living organism, very fortunate to have such a good design. This birth is such a wonder, + I’m just in awe with nature’s workings. How beautiful life is, when we can open our eyes + see, smell the scent of the beautiful different designs of life offerings. touch such a beauty as your tender skin against mama + papa. + when I had your mama, I loved every breath of hers I felt + still do.

we will give you space to `boon with this natural need to build your immunity little bu, so you gain the ability of efficiency to nurture yourself.  so mama can get stronger + heal. to bond with mama + papa realizing life energy exchange with family is a very beautiful experience.

I’m here + dedoo for your thought. soon we will see you all. but knowing you are together + the love deb, jeff + family + friends have given you is a true start, we are fortunate to have.

When so many lil bu’s have no one + are left alone. But this is our walkabout to reach out.
so when we together we will make space to part time coop + help these lil bu’s, mamas + papas, help find a way. being  fortunate to have the ability to go beyond just having a `sense of community, but rather as I look at all our beautiful friends working together. the space between us means little, when we can reflect such a beam of energy, that goes unlimited. As we surround our self with the warmth of each other’s love no matter where we are. this is a right for all to experience, + in our exchange we will continue to find a way.

So the purpose of this thought I share, is to experience the transition with our mind. Our potential to control our brain waves – slowly transitioning from changing beta, theta, delta, to alpha.

So we want to be clear of our power to retain best, when we are completely relaxed. To do so it is as simple as mama + papa starting, lil bu i don’t know, ya just have to do what ya know with those inner workings, that have created you as this beautiful little being + try to listen to when we think we know + tell you to do.

Taking a deep breath thru nose, inhale very slowly filling lungs + stretch thru out. + you may know many more ways better, but consider if missing a few threads or they worn + torn..

 Hold your breath + open mouth slightly + exhale very slowly + feel body relax deeper + deeper with each breath. + yes giving lil bu space to move. To listen to mama + papa, so head stays in position. We didn’t create these rules, so just follow, ok. There is so much we are so unaware of. considering woman have had so much influence in preventing natural child birth as well during.

Now start visualizing your love, all of you, in this relaxed space to make you go deeper yet into a relaxed mode. some call it a trance. have some soft music if you like, or listen to the birds singing, choose your preference of comfort with nothingness if ya like.. Make this story so your senses are enriched thru the application of them in this experience.

Wherever you choose to go in your story, smell the roses along the way, touch that which is alive. Hear the choice to soothe your ears. Feel the gentle breeze or glow of sun, or sand below your feet. Experience being 1 with the natural world, seeing the patterns of beauty, such as the wind, sun + moon, creating the clouds + colors in the sky, smelling the air. As we gain sensitivity with wild crafting, boon` with our natural world.

lil bu you already know the swishings from mama working to hard, or the sounds from the rush of papa or mama, or those near, such as we where. you are coming into all of us that are working at change. + in this coming together we all now do, it can be a bit bumpy along the way. but beware lil bu, this is less then what many have experienced on this planet + beyond. + will not be the end either, for many folks are still suffering, while others are in a day dream in their own lil world, isolating themselves, while others are pooling thought part time to resolve. + make change for all that are unable at times to locally self-sustain:.

                   going beyond prevention, beyond struggling, + actually reflecting an exchange so we harmonize with life refreshed. being present with the fortunate bi`joy experiences that come our way from the natural offerings daily, when our head is not so filled, that it takes us away from our ability to interact vs. displace our surrounding energy. leaving us reaching for this + that, keeping us away from ourselves, in a temporary soothing that prevents us from our potential. if we choose not to settle for less.

locals + migratory species give us an abundance as we are fortunate to experience. folks living in a variety of ecosystems with patterns they have created with producing cultural exchanges with many natural offerings, we yet to experience, but will. But harmony comes from existing with the natural world where all is respected + kept in balance so no inefficiency continues to fuel species to become a pest, out of balance. rather we stay in real time co_evolving for sustainable harmony.

Right now the hungry cormorants not even local, with their mating colors are being lil pigs here as they eat a lot of the nursery stock of fish in the river. The lil ones are suppose to be growing up so we have plenty to eat + plenty to self-sustain their species. as well the debate of how some have hunted in past as with the sea lions abundant out of control. Others feel no life should be killed.

This needs to become efficient. it is useless for some to protect or put cormorants on endangered list as others see them as a nonsense eating our local nursery. Folks that have lived the days of the past that are still alive, have experienced nature in balance where they where not indigenous to this area.  + or they hunted them for bait.

Locally there are ways over time to resolve so they relocate. it is us humans that interfere + contribute to them over populating or relocating , etc.

Meanwhile it is such a joy to see the colors + patterns of other birds that have flown in on their way migrating. + to watch their funny habits as they build nests + squawk over each other with ritual gestures. + listen to in time reports such as John Cooney`s  `natural world, every week + he has archives to listen to as he invites folks to suggest different locations, etc. as he addresses in time the natural world, what is taking place with plants + animals.

We are so fortunate to have this experience now to appreciate those that share cultural exchanges passed down that still work. their smells of spices cooking, their movements creating with nature, as they touch each other in joy of simply being together.

Our planet is for all life to live as you do right now, naturally. without all this prethought of struggle, as we have done many times. But sadly many of us have been raised experiencing things that take time to remove, so layers are shed + we once again regain this beautiful instinctual organic feeling of life. to maintain self sensory observation vs. the foolish belief, so many are trapped in now.

Rather when we think we globally have conscious thought felt by many. this is unique to understand for when we experience manipulation or distrust , abuse on others we can stay preoccupied trying to define what is. When yet when we put effort into supporting others in crises, we feel a synergy knowing it comes from being on a wave shared by others. + now when aware of this can better channel to a target for peaceful resolution, vs. energy being transmitted to aid negative aggression. especially when one adrenalizing or racing they are already getting mixed signals from within from the resultant, which produces disassociated energy. leaving them numb with dulled sensors. So they talking louder, needing attention that they no longer can feel to them self.

Our power of our mind allows us to rid this baggage + be free to simply be still, but for some that have been molded it takes practice. So please just review this + see what it may trigger. + keep this clarity energy with you always in your lil mental tool box. So when ya need it, just self-suggest after some practice + oolah! It happens. Yes you get closer to you, creating your choice..

put yourself in this relaxed state with your co_evolving visualization of your beautiful story, what you want + where. starting with  how ever you choose or by counting at 10 + tell the detail - utilizing each sensory experience. + each number gets you in a more deep relaxed state as  detail continues.. to slow you down, speak in a monotone voice, stretch out your words, speak slow + methodically + communicate clearly.  

This can last as short as 3 min, + 30 sec is suppose to be good, but if want to pause so prolonged then can. So as you put yourself in this very deep stage, your script for change, is now set in place to happen.  do what is best that works for you, it doesn’t have to be counting.

Yes the meat of this experience is to suggest change for preparation, to deliver message to subconscious mind. This natural beautiful experience about to happen, we want to see the stages, + beyond, actually visualizing lil bu next to your skin, your body glowing as the pain is behind you. + you gain strength to heal. The journey begins as you are present to act, yet the pain is relived by your relaxed state, allowing lil bu to be free with space to do what is most natural.

So here we visualize early signs , water breaking, things in place, the warmth of the water next to your body, the joy of lil bu coming out in the water, if can. if not lil bu soon enough you will be laughing at big robe + lil bracelet the crows brought for you. they worked hard picking off those barnacles. They knew we would not buy you something new, when we can recycle, so that was their gift to you, so when papa + mama are slow bathing, preoccupied, you can nurture yourself with the joy of being alive. + on a nice warm day they will take you outside to actually see a crow.

As we shift these brain waves our body is subjective to optimum efficiency, so you can endure stress, with little to no harm. Does it hurt, yes, but with clarity we perceive a mathematical sense of time + being over it, enabling us to remain calm as possible, letting it flow thru us, vs. resist holding pain in.  Yet scripted to be alert to work with mind/body + lil bu early signs, as gentle bells ringing in a distance. Preparing you for the beautiful unique quality life offers now when we boon` with our natural world.

Make this story in your script a useful tool so each time you envision yourself in these various stages of delivery, you become more familiar, + your senses enrich you with more offerings. these self-suggestions will become more a part of you all. + we will also try to be present in thought aware of these early signs to aid this wonder.

For baboo already has enjoyed my dreams of lil bu`s smiles with all. your cute little brown curls. So yes we are here with you. even though work has been difficult, but we will share all that later, now is time for positive thought. all negative to be transcribed to a positive shift, as we know we can do.

We already see the health of mama + papa enriched with your beauty.

Imagine lil bu how it will sound to hear mama + papa outside, your touch to the water, to their breath on your skin. They have felt your kicks all this time, now we actually get to tickle those little feet. + hear your giggles. dedoo can’t wait either, but he is fishing actually tonight at 1:00.
lil bu don’t be afraid, if you relax + simply be, it will be ok, listen gently. + we will listen to you.

this focus (some call trance) termination bringing self back to beta. Also recaps the original deepening review of starting  story to relax. Reinforces the script of reality to do + to be prepared for the unexpected, once deep in relaxed state. + programs you for future. to already visualize with heightening the senses. So as to smell the sounds, hear the touch + early signs are addressed with fuel.

Waking up is more of a pleasant experience when we have completed a dream + sleep cycle. Awaken easily. Make this session after delivery, after ridding placenta, etc. the same. take lil bu next to your body + stay with your story. allow no one to abruptly interfere as you transcend your awakening, yet with all senses remaining alert, yet relaxed + completely within your control.
You bring yourself + lil bu out with your command. Where self-suggestion will become more a part of you + you will become more + more the person of your choosing.

Come out slowly from alpha, delta, or theta to beta (normal waking consciousness): staying in alpha primal/animal is another mode to be understood.
                             Use your preference or ex: numbers, such as..

                             1= you are filled with energy, rested + peaceful. Pause + simply breath as one with lil bu. Feel the rhythm of each breath.
                              2 = come up more, begin to stir, totally at ease. + each time you envision this, creativity flourishes + energy is grounding. Pause + breath, + feel lil bu move with you.

                             3 = eyes open, relaxed, refreshed, + feeling like a new woman just born yourself. ready to be calm + heal so as to go on. be more vivid w/voice + visualize, speaking slightly louder than normal conversation volumn. This is where papa can synch with whatever  you use or numbers, as example.

+ together be reborn with a new beginning. Lucky us, heh!

So a pretalk, a reality attitude adjustment with real words, meaning clear, etc. power of our mind to do. induction to relax with choice of loving story visualizing, interacting with senses, counting down from 10 to 1 with each number more detail more deeper relaxation.. a script for rehearsal once in very deep state, for change + fuel to do reality + be prepared, rehearsing the stages known to better awaken to that which could be unknown, + face it with harmony seeing  beyond, a few days after, a few years, etc.. finally a trance termination to stay within your control + lil bus’ as all become 1 synching, breathing, enriched by this wonderful experience.

do your homework lil bu, mama + papa! so will we + we will share stories later. Make yours the most beautiful ever.

in review after delivery we realize our perceptions if not stayed in good communication, can add extra stress. when one is trying to deal with their reality + work what we may give them.

please folks make space for you to process you + then make space with this forum.

it is easy to pick up + carry forward bad habits. when we think we want another to do for self + not put a lot of energy into another. we don’t realize how a lot of energy can be conserved by telling gut level nuts + bolts. being right on when  it happens + have levels shared so each no exactly same shade of color.
have good communication of the level of intensity so as to enable help with early signs, going beyond prevention. Where community prioritizes function with good energy efficiency, no false green movement.

It was very good for community to help out as lil bu needed extra help as cord was too tight around his neck during delivery, so no nice tub outside under the full moon as another friend so fortunate to have a beautiful natural successful mid wife supported birth. Which now lil bu has enjoyed his girl friend.

But in all being said, it is nice for family to be close + not guess the signs perceived from afar. or have loved ones carry that negative behavior that we passed on, still not catching the fine details as it sticks in layers. But it is good when community knows each other ahead of time, so as to not have such an ER load when they occur. Although lil bu had to be transported via ambulance + taken to a facility that could properly care for him. He was a successful one to come home. As many aren’t. yes it was a bit of trauma but fortunately mama + papa worked at this their best. + now very comfortable at home with him.

But a new awareness with 1st child when we carry displaced energy that has kept us from a simple natural life can be a bit realigning. mama + papa saw this being + could not let any signs be undressed. this is not easy to do. they have gained muscles for lil bu is very developed + big. papa dances him to sleep in his arms. Mama has shared with him to sing vs. cry to sleep. which is what they do mostly. His signs are met + they have used their body to explore his mind. they have done their best to not interfere so he gains in time with his own self-development. Rather then desire or be unhappy when they don`t fulfill his needs. rather they want + we want him to nurture himself. As we all our capable of do_in.

Yet many have been without another to give us options as they where not their to observe our signs. so we found our own way which has not always been easy. Leaving us misusing. But folks you also gained experience developing other ways that are very good + many can gain in an exchange while we now can learn what we didn’t a long time ago.

Yes our human design allows us to do this. It is best to go eye-to-eye, if lucky to still have folks alive to work thru stuff. But our mindbody allows us to correct it now. so enjoy this walkabout.

where you are self-satisfied, creatively expressing with good common sense. fueling your exploration to build your path as you walk it into your opening.

this is to trigger thought for you to remember what true life is about as we rejoin` the define of i.

especially when folks do acts of aggression, leaving negative effects on self + other life.
                           in preparing for po`s baby we call lil bu. we see clothes + clothes, new + old to recycle from. sadly the companies that have made them have put insensitive thought + act in them, leaving negative results felt on the skin.
                           stiff labels + many.. seams that are harsh. Materials that are not natural, + now used stores are not suppose to sell unless treated so they no longer are inflammable.. how bad is that. + some stores just pay the penalty fee which is cheaper then the process, says a local used storeowner.

                we invite you clothing sewers to rethink. i realize many sweatshops still exist as well with child labor abused. i ask you to not comply with this greed + insensitivity of the clothing slave/shops around the planet.  rather be sensitive to life, starting with your own + all children. This is another whole subject of life right abuse as many workers have very hard working conditions as well subjected to toxic materials, thinking they getting a head as they slave away to chase yet more stuff, as health declines..

in this process we can recycle what can be rehabbed + others use for rags + rid + no longer reproduce.. edit out the good ideals..
this can be fun as clothes wear + all pieces of article are used. this is nothing new, folks in Russia + many places around the world are much more efficient then US + EU.. the supposedly developed countries which are very wasteful, consume a lot in young years, + a lot in older + many die with these bad habits, unaware.  Or become aware in later years after spending much of live consuming + then having to rid baggage to be free of self enslavement + others greed that will not let you make healthy changes for your working conditions or your product/service performed.

This is where we invite these folks into our `tapering transition, where they can be supported to rethink to recycle their product/service/ ideals as they redefine + come back into our local, global + beyond communities.

     young/old active minds can be so helpful aiding our issues now, where many are displaced from themselves in responsible positions.

   did you ever think patches` yes simple patches we put on our clothes creatively, or hang as banners, or write personal cards from recycling scraps could have such a purposeful meaning.. as being yet another `way that works, as we address our own health 1st + part time cooperatively support those unable.

                     this is true patches` of love being applied for all life..

they can be highlighted with natural bleach to change some of the existing colors to your liking.. each fabric + color is effected differently. remember bleach negatively effects our immune system, so give the natural one a try or be outside with gloves. that favorite shirt that now is in rags can be selectively put for function to cover that ugly embedded tag leaving uncomfortable feelings. Or that hole that exposes too much. Or create a pocket – sew on a sock, what fun for children to add their goodies. Or organize their focus by putting tools in socks, etc. with `patches. Especially nice if a loved one’s associations are in memory with it.

But lets not easily fall back into stuff mode, where your workload is increased because you lost your focus + no longer remember sharing real tools.

Yes working for wild to stay wild, so as to sustain our freshness in whole living within nature’s limits, etc.  so starting this banner + patches` message board can imprint this in our memory, aiding our behind the eyes mind to build new circuitry as we edit out our old baggage. restoring worn, torn threads of our purpose to self-develop + self-sustain, sharing awareness.
                       mom`s beautiful lil patch on our sheet from when I was a child, now viewed using that same sheet 40 years later is a real treat to the contribution of patches`.

I use sink dish cloths cut from a torn shirt that I enjoyed so much + still do when I wash dishes. a treat to just the beginning of the goodness that comes when we self-satisfy with thought of patches`

                          it is such a special experience i share here + the fact that we are fortunate to do this walkabout. ex; as in India, mamas are digging holes for baby to be warm in due to no cloth. my response to this lady - posting in response to a man:
         that is do_in a very nice volunteer project in India, collecting cloth + make sanitary napkins, repair clothes + make school pouches. she states she wanted to send clothes. many folks get lost in giving, yet to realize it is more efficient to give locally + learn by this experience afar. vs. ship contributing to the real issue of perhaps why these folks don`t have cloth, etc. + so poor. which our energy can best be redirected to pool our thought + figure out these threads + see how we can break them.
                                 Vs. get lost in expensive fabrication of toxic/art. endless thought with meaningless purpose leaving footprints locally + at the end of  your focus afar.
                                we replaced the Gerber stamp that is insensitive to a child`s skin, took a bit to perfect, so threads also aren’t agitating. They get better with practice. But it is a shame why Gerber + others do such meaningless acts..  when they produce such nice product with cotton + style. Yet snaps, labels + zippers leave an insensitive feeling on such a beautiful sensitive lil being.
        with spring well in the air, we see our 1st little baby canadian geese as their parents move them gently down our river with the tide in their favor..
             each season offers such lessons as we observe our local + migratory visitors of all species.

         these are the kids from `ocean air farm in Ca, with farmer Jul + Paul. it is such a special farm. check in with them to see what’s coming next.. it's a special place for young + old as Paul gives hay rides, ability to pick roots in winter, offer veggies at farmers market + local stores...
                new expected moms, make plans ahead to obtain a nice sheep skin to bring your lil bu into the world, experience only nature`s offerings on their skin along with your bare body.
                I so enjoyed + supported their marketing, their work produced great tasting natural vegetables + seeing all the animals that they give so much love to was fun + their for food. this is 1 of their kids:.


Peace is our option to build now, as we recycle/create that which has been done insensitively..

               Thank you!  our combined` effect makes a difference..




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