patches` of growth in amazing spurts for us all..

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                    spring is in the air, bu is busy planting seed..

                                    bu at work planting seed, spring is in the air..

who would think lil one loves to skype text is baboo + dedoo. + for the 1st time see us in skype photo in a ipad, as mama carries us up a latter as he climbs to the top + wants to spend time alone with us up side down. meanwhile i'm sayimng i think if that was me i would turn it around to see if we were inside.. we just now are thinking to teach him to spell, so we can understand what he wrote, although mama understands him well.

bu speaks w/ the right tenses most of the time n corrects + then does right once he hears it right.  We don't correct or teach just speak to + with him in regular talk vs. about him or in "baby"talk, and acknowledge by repeating back often but not always and we repeat back the way u would say it if he says a lil differently.  

meanwhile he is not quite 2 years old + he loves to work the sails + lines with papa, + play his ukele along with papa with his guitar.

                       only 2012, times of the now could support this.

so don't you think we could build neural networks for peace, along this `way. i'm not saying computers are the `way, but it is a nice tool to bring folks together eye to eye, when unable to be close. as well it supports us to respect those not interested so we can still make life simple to do our daily tasks without requiring all to have a computer.

    which is what i just told Deb Lambert, as i introduced her to a very fine fishermen, + feel together can accomplish a breath of fresh air, from the long over due feeling of over regulated, etc. Deb works on the portal for Noaa, for the new upcoming comment period, in regards to the Maguson Stevens Act changes.

         i think we can find `ways that work, amongst the many, it was wrong for some fisher folks to have to buy expensive computer equipment in the past + still now in the present, when yet simple `ways work fine + it should be a choice for all.

      lucky us to have `ways to work thru this so all happy, so please join in to make it work!

                     our combined` effect makes a difference..