our human family needs to rethink more efficientcy working together, for still many are left behind, + with many developements scars will continue..

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I share with you my response to them, as well to all of us. please do what you can + reach out, for when we hold our self accountable locally + afar, it triggers yet fuel for yet another way to locally resolve. for this is not just about Kenya or Africa, rather the US + mother earth is truly being abused by many misusing/abused, yet we have so much good sound science that we can with our students focus direct as we propose. so we are working at our end to do this `aloka platform.

     what are you do_in to hold your self accountable locally + afar, please further see to trigger your thoughts + responsible acts ASAP calmly convenient for you to rethink + join in with us for our human family to sustain the life that mother earth needs to do her environmental services. to sustain us in harmony that is a life right to all species on earth;


      Hello Folks,

  boy how I feel for you + I am so sorry for you to have to waste such precious life time to go thru this.

  here in US we know well how dysfunctional developments can be, as well the disorganization of people, that have yet to unite to stop this so good regulation remains to be ruled by mother nature being the rule of law.

  which UN has yet to enforce, + could!

the life you have is so precious + I've desired to come to Lamu + attempted 3 times, but each time either a family illness/death or accident stopped us. we had pretty much circumnavigated the pacific ocean in a sail boat we built in the US mid west.

so in saying that, I discovered you folks as I am editing with Natural Justice on their pdf, as we are restructuring a proposed `aloka platform, that globally reaches out to students working with the local community as the best classroom. so in class + on location sound science is supported, leaving no one left behind.

so being a couple that lost due to corruption in 2008, which Iceland has the best solutions, if followed how they chase their bankers down, taking all their assets + imprisoning them, as hunters still seek some thruout the world.

so to make this short we went broke + then decided to build a US non-profit, then to see the gov dysfunctions, + almost choose not to use it. but we decided it is another tool + we will parallel them, due to their lack of clarity for the respect for mother earth.

figuring maybe we can help in another way yet not allow them to also take us down with themselves.

so same with Natural Justice it has many good points but please if get a change take a look at a proposal we submitted for grant + I still now working out details to focus direct together so every local community lives local with respect to mother earths enhanced limits, as with Prof Miguel Altieri`s agro-ecology curriculum that he creates with indigenous still using it. so  pleas Google him, for he gets over ruled a lot + can show you how the Bill Gates Foundation mode is part of the problem, not part of the solution to gain sensitivity to pool our thought as a human family.

our proposed `aloka platform will do just that, gather + focus direct to reflect via like ecosystem/season/subject so as to trigger some missing worn torn neuro networks that easily can be in the fog due to so much people get subjected too.

we are in Oregon, wanting to sell a smaller sailboat to get a larger one to come enjoy your coast, network + learn from you, for as no matter where I go in the bush here, wild life from Africa pops out.

I do know if we remain calm our natural intuitive organic preceptors will seek a way. for too many scars are here to learn from so as not to repeat them.

our goal is to leave no one left behind, as many people collective live in patches of natural harmony still on this planet, yet so many pockets left without basic survival.

we feel by reflecting with  folks simply living we can go figure. + in gaining this harmony we then no longer will support our self + or others to misuse/abuse. which in return will give us clarity to sensitively work our entire biome(s), letting the large browsers lead our path, then to allow water to flow from the mountains to the sea, serving all in between fairly, as we have a `plan to share.

where our students do_in their walkabout as we focus direct together, then makes sure no footprints are left. so please let them help, let them co_evolve their curriculum while you restore your natural community where locals sustain/maintain with control shares, yet then to have modes of investment for locals to then have rights to partner collectively.

we suggest to welcome those that leave negative effects, + let the sensitive skilled show the local facts to rethink, giving them yet a way to make wrongs, right.

the keystone pipeline has left devastation along it`s path along with much other developments I`m ashamed to say as a US citizen + more important an earthly participant in need + that is why we seek to organize a platform to make these processes more friendly.

  for it will take the human family, the international community that wants to live local to support this calmly.

  only then can everyone gain by putting down all weapons of war, so no war mode or false green economy continues. rather we assert our self daily with hands on with mother earth, prioritizing our local natural food stewardship to fuel the next step, yet leave no footprint.

  I'm sure the developers are fragmenting, failing to see the life in their path, not due to their lack of sound science, but rather due to the neruo networks that exist from so much bad science being manipulated for a dollar. this has to stop!

so please take a review + see if it triggers you to welcome your students to be an equal participant so together we fine tune + focus direct what works to stay within mother earths enhanced limits, letting the natural world be the only rule of law.

+ please take part in our platform as it comes about, for now our forum shows a variety of good + bad that has brought us to restructuring so as to not waste energy being negative, rather be positive + try to define what you are missing.

   where is your worn torn links + let students go figure as they walk by your side.
take a review of some thoughts we are working at here, download the `lets merge document at end of this  + due stay in touch my friends;


good luck + warm wishes as we all continue with grace, to end the missing links, for we can define the answers if not settle for seconds.

when I think of how bad Africa has been abused/misused it amazes me, when yet you people have had enough clarity to keep what you have. I told some local folks that are not doing their part to wake up + be a community local participant so we all can organize to be a local, global + beyond participant + truly enjoy the bi`joy we can gain from `booning with our natural world.

which is our responsibility to balance the genetic bio-diversity + maintain so we link globally our migratory species that sustain us as a human. the more people realize how interdependent we are on this fragile ecological balance the more we can gather support to show another way to reroute small paths.

so all are supported to walk their path into their opening yet leave no footprint, so all others can find theirs.

thank you for what you do + I`m here for you, offering what I can thru internet/Skype for now. + hopefully find a way to come eye to eye, down the road.

peace be with your decisions +have compassion for those yet to understand, but do gather facts of sound science to show them the right way that mother earth speaks. + find one sensitive to stay in real time, + students can do this, so no stones are left unturned.

don`t assume my friends, do your homework with your locals + let advanced students guide young as all prioritize what is needed with this development to be done correctly or not at all. as well not fail to see the local `plans potential as it is in process, yet all be fueled by the path of seeking your own local natural food sovereignty..

don`t sell yourself out for useless dollars, rather keep control of decision making process for your local `plans natural potential + stay within respect of mother earths enhanced limits.

this will fuel you with clarity to reach out + reach within to define as together we co_evolve in peace. no more scars, enough.

sincerely, kara j lincoln