our farmers need all our support, take a look at this comment on 2012 Farm bill..

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I edit on a comment I heard on the 2012 Farm Bill.

 -Quote `Politics play a role in what is on our dinner plate says The Splendid Table radio announcer, speaking to Prof. Marion Nestle from NYU. She comments + teaches the 2012 Farm Bill, to define the political reality of what must be done to change it. Her  + 45 students, are trying to make sense of the nonsense.

In 2006 the previous Farm Bill was on discussion. It was on internet  + had a table of context 14 pages long, 630 pages totally incomprehensible. So astonishing irrational,  it takes your breath away.

Started in 1930`s + added on  to incrementally.  With No sound rational reasoning, if want to promote rational farm policy  in US, to feed everyone + protect workers + give farmers a living, protect the environment + promote health. This does none of that. Nothing in it to promote consumption + production of fruits + vegetables, rather they discourage their growth, only commodities are supported..

If commodity producer grows vegetables he would loose subsidies. So has to plow under, or freeze or treat with round up + kill, vs. grow + give away. Food assistance programs are linked + held hostage to farm subsidies programs vice versa. Is linked due to senators + house members that have interest in 1 or other aspect, say I will vote for yours if you vote for mine.

Unless you know the 30 previous bills you can`t comprehend. + read like a text. No on can understand, even in congress, it is so vast. It includes details of dozens  + dozens of programs. Range from tiny  for few people to food stamps - Snap Program with several million people + more each day. With the present over weight problem + ill states of health in the US + to not tie nutrition into the Farm Bill is completely unacceptable.

Congress is not aligning the farm policy with health policies. `

nor supporting our biodiversity, with small farmers growing natural organic foods, to build local communities that are ecologically sustainable.

This is wrong when  legislators can`t address our local sustainable issues because they do not live as a local. If they did they would never allow such a Bill as this to exist.

                                         let them know this is not acceptable

People take a look at our ideals to trigger your thought for a walkabout + realize what cooperative communities can do now without the need for governing as is, as new policy is created by living it.