^^ our expression of values shared in a walkabout..

    hello folks,
this is to give thanks for all those behind us that weren`t able to finish + all those now working at it, to get to all those that are yet to be aware it`s possible.

          we the people - petition, in a non aggressive - yet assertive way, for awareness to be shared by all. to stop misuse + build a community that harmoniozes:.
                   anyone that ecologically leaves a negative effect on life (own misuse, another, earth below their feet or end of focus) should be addressed from the person(s) that percieve - 1st directly via eye to eye best, if can`t, virtual posting, etc. + if unable to communicate, refer to us all in appropriate do_in. inviting these folks to a `tapering transition, where they are supported to rethink + come back into local + beyond community leaving only positive effects.
                    to choose their subject matter with our part time participation, so as to create their path as they walk it. + if it fits into your local community then invite them to share/adjust/rethink + fine tune. As well give support to recycle + make up for the negative effects, as more folks get employed to help + move on.

          we all continue to explore our self, as we part time develop pen pals that we choose, sharing our yet to be developed desires in a shared application. They then become our personal hands on guide in sharing what we choose. in this exchange we prioritize our focus, share feelings + allow each in this exchange to reflect, rethink, redirect, heal + become aware. of how we, as a living organism are dependent on our natural world locally + beyond to ecologically sustain..  
                     thru this review we trigger thought to bring home what we can for our application for our ecosystems. gain local sensitivity, define skills from a responcible position + gather locals for this review. As we define + if in need - we link local + beyond. we define whom best, a mindful person or virtual awareness archived if more energy efficient, to rehab or rid, regaining natural balance..

our acts in our plan` do_in define how to live local within 50-100 miles or so. dependent on our bioregional realities + gather with folks locally + network afar, as we hold ourselves accountable locally + at the end of our focus afar.. when we are not clear, we bring in folks to help guide as we reflect with biodiversity from like ecosystems + or species compatable to enhance our growing areas. that can be brought in from afar. To increase our biodiversity. to now be part of our natural grown :
          perrenial foraged wild areas/small farmed/gardens/community shared plots/backyards, etc..

               we interpret the natural systems, as sensitive define it`s needs + offerings - it`s boundaries as we redefine land/sea/fresh water use:
                        it`s trans-boundary migration for large browsers, our water to flow naturally, removing obstacles that have taken water from our neighbors, creating with young, old, past + now, solutions for all to have harmony now. bringing in diverse species/sensitivities/skills from aware folks - guided by indigenous ways`

                                such as Miguel Altieri with his agro-ecology.. Masonubu Fukuoka`s ways/followers.. Jenny Pell permaculture now.. list is endless..

            we support + create  local choice, as we let `roots of change, Mandalas` poetic justice + the many more trigger our thought for peacefully resolving issues.  To build a community that supports us to rejoin our self.
             Fine tuning, as in pri`performance do_in with mime, motion + music - to our local issues – as we create solutions. addressing early cues when we are stumped, without words. Allowing sensors to regain sharpness. As we accomadate like space such as – editing with cues from the 'Boiler Rooms experiences, in Port Townsend, Wa.
           we all should support a local social exchange for young + old, utilizing  grounded resources. plugged into natural farmers, exchanging with locals, enhancing/allowing our energy to flow in creative expression. A gathering place :
                 to build a functional cooperative that is energy efficient, 'booning with nature as it sets a stage, when weather not permissable in the wild. fills in the missing links, as it builds local harmony. Song/music/poetry/story shared as locals create solutions/expressions.. uncovering those in need of support, as we addres early signs.
                  adding a fresh juice bar, smoothies..  produced with local natural farmers. as all workers/volunteers have hands on experience with what ecologically sustains us. giving fuel to them to go on + explore other avenues. The fresh food  enzymes, made into juice teaches us many life lessons – how we are designed to live in the moment. working with our early signs, that if healthy, all have..

         there is no reason for emancipation in any shape or form. For when we live a smart simple natural life, it fuels us to part time come together, pool our energy, focus on these human right issues on the planet + beyond. + do a local, global + beyond ER triage. prioritizing support for those unable until able.  as we invite folks to part time interrelate in the `next move do_in as we try to cover life rights – in many habitats as we do a 4 direction mode.. so
as to apply local solutions. As we interpersonally become aware in the exchange.

                       in a `way do_in we invite you to gather + have a fresh local grown potluck in the wild. we start by self – observing, take a trek + stay `boon with the wild ecology that sustains our communities, fueling us.. + share with our neighbor in an exchange.. those that walk around with early signs, yet unaware,  reflect bi`joy experiences that work.. triggering them to explore appropriate do_in to gain understanding..
once people realize the importance we all offer - to build our local, global + beyond community, it then gets built.

         we all can live freely within natural boundaries, if we sharpen our sensors + maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. chase a belief that takes us from being present – taking part in creating our moment. making 1 universal good science. for it to become common sense + applied locally anywhere with like appropriatre ecosytem..

                              to reflect + define perimeters of natural living tools, you choose. yes some aren`t as fortunate to relocate + share this earth. in all do_in`s we address this. we need to make our simple living into 1 universal science on this planet + beyond. as we use this reflection to rejoin` ourself. which fuels us to share it as we come to gether for others unable until able. yes that means all to part time rotate interchangeable roles in a permanent poisiton aiding those unable so they also can come into commmunity + be an equal, globally. networking community how tos/ ridding our misuse that interferes in others ability to develop themselves. for all to gain self-reliance, where all part time build community for all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

           in  a `way do_in the wild + local grown natural food is our best indicator for our community needs + offerings. as we link + share our goodness - trek/bike food/thought in ecxhange from afar for those unable to come. we address issues that are local, global + beyond. we share in an exchange our perceptions from our body language. putting words to the shapeless energy, redirecting the disassociated energy, catching up woth updates + defineing how best to effciently address new issues as a local log book is passed around for all to take turns  logging the meet/self-register. In support for those unable to attend. Connecting with one participating for further detail.
                  As we update our shared tool shed, understand repair, prioritize our part time pooled thought as we redirect into a do_in for further exploration, etc..

                   Those unanaswered, unable to address now, we direct to a do_in.
                    Those we directly address now - as in read labels, ask questions before obtaining a product or service, as we continue to rid our baggage. Rid our desire for stuff we have taken as normal, unaware of it`s effect left. + not use these products + find local alternative bulk to share in.
                     as in products mined in the Congo – we can stop the mining of these minerals thru this awareness. but then what happens to the locals do_in good.  those abusers working in the mine, that continually gang rape villager`s, then put a gun in women`s vagina + shoot. leaving 10 women a day having surgery if lucky enough to, then no support + they go back home to give hospital bed to another + then get raped again + repeat.  we can support the good miner, villagers, doctors + those working on this solution thru taking the time to gain fact. Not just fragment. Rather together we part time gather true story.

 our cloth/table platform is to invite personal story so we gain reality as we develop 1 global science for all to have harmony now.

we want our mindbody to `rejoin
                           this do_in gives us reflection to self-observe. we define why do we allow a folk to do for us, if able.. for  many repressed, suppressed folks do this daily, unaware. it is unhealthy + it is within our human potential to self-sustain from our interrelation `boon with our ecological sustainability. this is our best medicine.

healthy communities/coops gather in this shared movement as they simply live natural lives. define + have interchangeable roles where 1 may collect info + then come back with community for all to define it`s application, etc.  ask is your legislator do_in with you as a community participant. or doing thinking this is what you need, frqgmenting real needs + offerings.. when the many good folks trapped unaware or sheep mode vote unaware.. it is a lobbist delusional mode controlled by real dissassociated energy that overrules.

                 we can harness + transform back into natural acts, smart simple living.
                 we can identify with that which sustains us. 1st in the plan` do_in  producing energy grids only that transport human energy in sharing, no grid for no kind of energy transported nationally for any fuel accept human awareness, which fuels us to have mental clarity + physical strength. Making community for all to become  a local, global + beyond participant in harmony.
                          that ends all misunderstandings - fueling weapons of mass destruction. we do not need weapons at all accept for ones that are fair game for our natural hunt for food. let alone these beyond human mechanisms that are so destructive. delusional in their application + origin of development. produced from a fearbased war mode with folks truly thinking we need a war econsomy. while other fragmented folks simply think they doing their best, while others financially gain. we have common sense for local policy+ apply it. living within human neuro-processing that keeps us balanced within our own skin, `boon - creating, interrelating with our ecology of each seasonal offering..
                     we can reprogram that which is not conducive to our human life right.
                    we share, reflect awareness, percieve + transform ourself. we stop supporting what destroys our fuel to self-sustain.  we hold folks accountable to also be a local, global + beyond responsible citizen leaving no negative effects on any life. while we part time come together to prioritize resolution so we can gain control over our own misuse, our own life. heal + together rethink our ecological rehab/build mode.  redefine policy/referendums for correct land/sea/water use on this planet + beyond, we share, as an extended family.

 our `tapering transition produces innerpersonal energy, which produces efficency. we customize local hybrid alternative energy off the grid. which brings a wealth of inner skills, abundant fuel of physical energy + mental clarity for self-empowerment as we address our early signs, bring them to calm, stop excessive waste - leaving no footprint.

asking what resources involved in this product /service that we are now offering/using + want us to advertise. If you are producing/using within nature’s boundaries then we welcome you. if not we welcome you + ask how did you allow yourself blindly to create this need.. obtain.. use.. + become codependent.. which is why we have compassion for you the producer/creator, etc. – for we also took part in it`s existence.

You didn’t create this mess alone. where did it come from, who is your market, what replaces these needs or how do folks elimanate this need themselves, what stands in 1`s way, what layer was formed in 1`s attempt to survive. who is doing this.. how much fuel used to go how far.. what part of nature died for this.. what habitats depleted..

                                  tell yourself how lucky you are for folks to care to allow us to reflect + welcome us to a `tapering transition process, where together we define solutions + make a choice to once again become a local, global + beyond participant, with what ever support in place for those unable to have an equal voice + share in however comfortable.. relieving the discomfort form the one perceiving misuse in frustration, knowing there is an option, along with that whom had misused, now realizing with support, another chance + make it right..

                                   recycling what can, meanwhile all come back into building self + part time community. as we share bi`joy experiences `boon with the natural world as we self-satisfy. fuel our ongoing exploration, as we continue to rid our baggage.. building our path as we walk it into our opening.

                                     peace is an option now if we share..

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