ok we share more for a few of you want to know more of our experiences, but please note this is just a few..

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thank you folks for those of you asking for our experiences;

       for there are many + with visiting many countries. + many experiences where not to pleasant as in Maurice (some know him as Mishi, his Russian name) over 50 years ago, experiencing in Russia as a child people throwing tomatoes because the food prices where too high. as he watched coming home from school, then to see the vehicle come + run them over, then scoop them up with bodies still actively moving, not like the movies, then to see the streets hosed down + all go back to normal. then to see many experience being in solitary confinement after working for peace. as many farms where taken away or people got a knock on the door + had to pack in 15 minutes to then relocate. as a way of living.

  but the country living w/his family of many, exchanged great experiences that fuel our desire to share humanity's options globally in our virtual platform `i come to talk story..

    yet with his ongoing study/insight of the technical traders + the world markets he offers `i come to talk story, a great wealth of stories from the peoples exchanges as he never knew what money was until he came to US as his father wrote for 13 years, a letter each day asking the gov to come to US with family.

  so as withLa Via Campesina and their students doing great work, still tells of land/sea/fresh water grabbing today, yet locals locally + afar are still not held accountable, leaving many injured/dieing. knowing well we can resolve this if we work together.

     but many American people fail to know the best of the world`s offerings, including US, as well the scars left on this planet, as well the many continued to be left, needing everyone's part time focus.

so we don`t want to share this, rather we want to share the ethnic diversity of traditional smart management of our ecosystems, showing the uniqueness it gives us with environmental services as well how the many good people now work hard as peasants/farmers, that without their sensitivity would not have these environmental services, for many of you are still destroying with your developments.

as well man of you over worked in fragments as us, trying to see this goodness link efficiently.

    we thank all of you + please excuse for not knowing your entities well enough to truly respect them, as well we keep studying. so put us in our place + we will respect your wishes, + if we have not, we did it because we yet to study  + understand your protocol of requirements.

but we want you to know where we come from as officers of this US 501.c3 non-profit association yet to fund raise. for in our attempts to do exchanges we have had great experiences + knew we should open this to all. but we yet to fundraise + will soon once clear, for we did not want to take funds from people when yet I was experiencing so much waste being done now in Gov locally + afar. as well saw + experienced how well people can do collectively + are.

so it is these experiences we want to invite more of to make peace happen for all, globally, leaving no one left behind.

+ please note, as a child I, kara, left home early due to my family struggling from a number of issues that I see now could of easily been prevented. if the community would of done what we are suggesting now, as we know it works.

dad was hit in a hit + run accident, with mom + 2 young siblings, as he was changing a tire. leaving him in a coma + cast for a lengthy time. prior he was beat with a belt in Arkansas from his teacher + knew no other way, so he did the same to my siblings yet I learn't early on to keep my mouth closed, when yet they would fight back. you would think as he went to war in WW2, that Military would help restore a balance, but they just make people worse, this is why we aim to support options to show it is not needed. if allcome to the table as a part time local mindful participant, all can work w/local police and coast guard efficiently doing one's local `plan. where all are supported to find one's place as a local participant, where ever one is fortunate to be. This includes refugees. so all are fueled to explore and do one's homework w/support doing exchanges, making it a better word to live in.

  can you just imagine all the scars that would heal and good support to be given if all part time focus to end weapons of war everywhere. and Military bases close, that is a lot of wasted resources chasing delusional stories, especially this last 911 lie.

     please support; http://www.ae911truth.org/

  i know in hindsight all my experinces that where negative would not of happened, ex;
     leading on to years of my brother being in psych centers/rehabs yet my research as the youngest sibling, continued to show good intent from all, yet no one talked to each other, research left in files, etc. + Dr Leon Hammer`s work goes beyond this in his over 50 years of family psychiatry, knowing well western medicine alone does not work, until he added Oriental medicine. + to date still write research in his 80`s + developed the `Dragon Rises Acupuncture School in Gainesville, Fl..

as well my friend Dr. Yun Wang counsels at SIOM, in Seattle + his shop is called `Oriental Herbs in area.

so we have many people now do_in great things that can be simply understood, even though in doing the much human enslavement with educational curriculum out of real time, it has been lengthy tragic experiences that have brought many to do what they do.

here I want you to know that I love life + I work myself + always have. we all are free thinkers, nonreligious, + we love to explore, + I get very busy when mother earth is bothered by weapons, + I go to work do_in what I can, as I reach out to unite so we all can work at ending the war mode + false green economies that produce + contribute to our misuse/abuse from being self-corrected.

this is what we have done all our life;

      exchange in conversation/put our hands in the dirt/recycled tools, simply sharing experiences that work, learning. as we traveled out in the world/across US in a variety of ways from trek/bicycle/car pool/bus/fly/built a boat in Midwest + trucked it to WA, called `etak.



  This is where the name `i come to tak story came from, as `Nana a Chief on one of the islands in Solomon Island Group of Islands, would row his dingy out to us also, stating `i come to talk story, kara and mishi, everyday as we exchanged great lessons. Then he would then row over to other islands and share stories and come back w/more..

  And yes mom and i did have fun planting the fricking tomatoes we where burried in trying to recoup the loss from the `Elroy Bank lieing to us..

     + circumnavigated the pacific ocean then to head for Asia but due to family dying, they asked us to come back which we did. we had already been carrying for their needs from across the planet, as we put our family first. then we had to sell etak + sadly Mark Nola ran with his crew, leaving his wife to have a heart attack. then to try to sell it back to me 10 years later on Craigs list, saying he built it. CG not helping to locate, due to not being a commercial vessel.

still to date never found Mark, but we after another mishap had repossessed etak + then let 2 other folks want to do a humanitarian project, then to find them stopping payment after we agreed to sell. to date still Allstate Insurance was illegal falsifying papers, leaving great disturbance as the marine patrol segregates form main insurance, so when they came in too fast + hit the boat damaging it more when they where going to assist after Ashley + Jordon Needham hit the barge in SF with a steering problem.

so this ended when Jordon + Ashley felt they did not owe us anything anymore + failed to pay mortgage documented at CG documentation center. for Jan Van Cycle a surveyor in SF area did a third survey with out us knowing, for we had settled selling the boat on his 2nd appraisal respecting his work.

 so they quietly behind our back decided the boat was worthless + Jordon  + Ashley should not have to pay the balance, would you people like that with no notice??  check just stops.

well the lesson here is Jordon + Ashley claimed they knew how to restore the integrity of etak, after Marks lack of maintenance, etc. they excited of their project + being young, agreed to do all in exchange of its use, originally, as they had anticipated selling ads + paying us a small % of that.

but now etak was trucked to their fathers home in Reno desert, you may of seen the TV ads. with excitement to rebuild.

but none of this has taken place, rather they wore themselves out trying to fight All State insurance + getting no where due to Jan`s low appraisal that we never got still to day, several years later.

plus these young folks responsibly took control as I was repossessing from afar, so no reason for us to be part. we trusted them + Jan for his later surveys 1 + 2. + lowered are fee, after the young people  insisted on buying when we suggested not to.

I share this because this is life experience from unaware people, that should not continue, rather better  understandings can be made. our curriculum can co_volve, as well our gov working with us as we in real time prioritize the restoration of our communities. which I know can be done + is being done + we just need to organize for it to be everywhere, as simple awareness reflects all to be triggered to go figure.

   + yes in the process many have took part also in a large footprint, nothing like many. for even now we watch carefully not to use more than what is necessary as a used cooler on 12 volt takes more juice.  as we become more aware to lower our watts, + still today working at downscaling.

so the interactions we have done in interacting with plans to recycle diesel/know when to add traditional ways vs. desalinization/solar/wind, as we believe only small to medium supplements as alternate only. to these prioritization of traditional means.

     we did 60,000 miles at sea with `etak, with solar panels + a water desalinization tool, as we pursued our studies/from business of making + distributing herbs to doctors, connecting with schools/hospitals outside of US, sharing oriental ways for assessing/diagnosing, resolving malaria as in Solomon islands attempt.

   on to seeing we all need to take part stopping the 6th mass extinction we all are in as well the Nuclear use accept some medicine, as Dr. helen Caldicott states as we have great respect for here and her associates work, trying to help all understand how deadly radiation is circulating the planet. yet Pres Trump wants more. Please all say NO MORE,  to clean up the earth/space now, let alone make more toxic destroying life that sustains our energy now..

  which we feel by every community doing efficiently one's local `plan, working w/your students/networking in solidarity globally, it is our only chance of survival. communities can be used as classrooms.. please join in and help us, we have a plan..

    + working with many here in US as with Dr.Yun Wang, in past mishi's father Prof Sydney Yudin + others as teachers/practitioners aided our ability to help others work off of over medicated/insensitive assessments, onto herbal formulas, then taper off them, as sensors sharpened.

 we know well many are working hard for change. many are stuck in own misuse/abuse unaware + many have degrees yet have no clue + are insensitive, as they care for another, as` well equipment is not sensitive enough in western medicines intensive care units in US hospitals, as well afar, to properly prevent people from suffering to death. as I have stated before we should not have to die when our flesh breaks apart + do it painfully as many are  now.

same with the judicial system, with my experiences has not supported good natural laws, rather layers are allowed to gamble, with no good ethics maintained, yet we think we can interfere in others afar, when yet our own back yard is such a mess. people do not realize how a 100k dollar settlement does not even come close to losing time + energy that loved one, especially when ill should have our attention + could not.

actually we had bought property to do business from `Bank of Elroy, in Elroy, Wi, as i stated above, they lied on paper, when we then ended up in 5 year law suit, as they accused us of what they themselves did illegally. as they did not stand behind their word or their contracts.

I can`t tell you the number of illegal people manipulating + even Tommy Thompson`s law firm allowed his attorney to detain this 5 year lawsuit, hoping to wear us out, yet he is part of this US gov.

so many have homework to do. + it feels very good when we do it TOGETHER SHARING WHAT WORKS.

     the present medical/judicial/political/social inabilities are creating such a whiplash in our students + community members now, due to these lack of ethics applied in school + within local + afar communities, as no good science that they supposedly knew or study now are used. + the desire to strike Syria + the opposition her in US shows just this.

we have great potential as people, but now we must work together naturalizing our entities as we all go within, rethink, reflect + responsibly rid our self, or relocate or renew our position + policies that can bring us up to date, as we all gain simple respect for all life that sustains our life + our habitats.

as a person at a young age that knew well that what I was experiencing was not all their was. + my quest to understand this mindset as led me to what I am working at today.

bringing many experiences to the table as I want to be part of the potential we have now as a human species to do in real time not just peace negotiations, but to link globally our global consciousness, showing the ethnic diversity that creates it.

I love this earth + enjoy looking beyond but not at the price as Nasa has done, failing to utilize the good science that has been experienced from the research, yet left many people behind.

this is wrong, as we move forward, we should responsibly stop + take a review + see how we can share it part time, giving all the ability to do the same.

you people here are aware, take a look, can you see the wealth that prospers at the expense of others habitats being destroyed/people left behind, + we are talking hundreds of percent.

shame on you people. this list will be collected as we suggest to students to get to know their locals as we welcome you all. for I know the wealth of skill that we all can transform + those that have abused knowingly or no, will be so thankful to have this opportunity to rethink with us.

plus we can reach out to more by you going back into your local community + sharing your gains. as well with us to make this happen with you + all, as we structure this very nicely.

showing the best of our human potential. + I feel LinkedIn (actually had a bad experience with them misunderstanding)/Nabble/Google + the many more entities is happy to help us.

especially since I`m not that good with technology. + with what is here, we could of done a lot more by now, + this is what I told Barack`s fellowship, as well UN world we want 2015, plus UN to do this now. but they don't listen..

  after all of us, do_in exchanges along our path, to inner/inter personally develop self + others in the exchange, we defined this networking  would be helpful if we focus direct so all can do their walkabout in a matter of their choice. + simply share how best to network, so we can link with these great solutions along the way that humanity offers to us now, once we are organized.

   the tools of the times are here for you now to network helping your communities not be eft behind. Nabble/Google/Libre Office and more, offer great tools, so please use them.

I thank you for helping as you have. + please excuse our errors + realize we have been busy do_in our best. so if interested in seeing this happen faster, please share your input/share `ictts.org along your walkabout for you!

sincerely, i, kara j Lincoln, speak for our combined` effect at `i come to talk story..



p.s. We are once again, in process of restructuring our global virtual platform and welcome your help, so do comment or connect where best for you or DONATE/Give us a GRANT to make it happen faster, and get a Tax write off in return plus a sense of making a difference! Connect if interested, email; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a message; +1-360-450-3749.

Thanks again! love us..