ok people it is time to tune in to ourselves, let`s rethink, please remember we have no ecological isolations of any category, we all are interdependent on them globally..

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May peace be with you All!

  each moment gives us a new fresh breath of air. so please lets come together in solidarity;

    i can handle playing, although my 2 year old grandson is a tough boss, heavy work load with big equipment. we have a road crew that is building communities + today the community we are at is inviting us to a meet.

    they heard he is boss over a huge garage of heavy machinery + has not been acting responsible after hours. he has failed to share with winnie another 2 year old.

so stay tuned for results of our discussion. for we have done some very good integrity work for earth shifting, creating more friendly ecological sustainable communities for land + at sea.

 he can talk to me already about stability + suspension but he has to take a boob break for mamas milk, so please lets talk.

    i`m not interested in talking peace offending anyone, nor have you think i`m not serious, for i am.

   for we have the technology in permaculture + agro_ecology/forestry gauges along with some great young + old minds to resolve now our energy solutions as we co_evolve with good science that integrates consciousness.

     have you taken a look at what the students from MIT + Harvard did in the slums as they created a means to turn the community around. from diseased polluted water that ran as a stream thru hundreds of tin shacks built together in an African village. as they played near, drank, washed from + used as a toilet, as trash piles built next to it..

     to adding a system they could build + maintain, energy efficient, specifically designed for their local reality, with filtering system with tools that sustain a kiosk;

        where community build a park + a virtual center to educate their needs/desires, while yet they co_evolve their behaviors + their communty now with clean drinkable water with no disease as their waste is recycled..

this community is more fortunate then some that did not get this attention, as ex; what Eve Ensler`s tour with vday.org just shared;

           a village of 600 in phillipines had been over charged for their garbage + 8 year olds where continually raped, etc. well to make this short + you can go to Eve`s site for details.. the trash mountain fell over onto the village + the biogas killed all.

  so as i commented on facebook just now, we are paralleling the programmed false green + war mode economies with the US + many gov`s along with businesses. + feel we need to give compassion. for consciousness is their, it is just interfered with by misuse/abuse which interferes in their ability as a conscious group to act in real time with good alternative thought that we do have now.

   but we can harness this disassociated energy asap if we focus together in a natural sense, prioritizing the effects we leave. i planned all along to have other folks help here edit our forum to help us stop having to over work, which is soon coming with your help.

  sadly the few in the process ending up in trajedy as Jen whom was working to get back her children from an aggressive x husband, lost her new man that drowned. then she also lost it + was coming back, as she had not complied with the law, whom was fragmenting her case. + not supporting her nor seeing her work in progress. sadly now she has been imprisoned for 16 months due to braking parole.

  well we all know rehab needs work now + we have solutions, but as with all of this we have to organize so our good energy is focused + acted on, not lost in crying too long, so please time it + you can gain support as we rid this baggage of sorrow + you will feel better as we become aware with local solutions you can apply to your self now.

    jen was do_in this + experienced many negative effects from things resisting her progress, but she fought many with grace.

then jeanie also planned to help edit has her x was shot + then her belongings + funds all got stolen from the deceased family, as a few where carrying for her new mates mother. yet to find that they had been stealing from here as they had an agenda, so they took + cashed her life insurance, as well even her life support was disconnected for her to be monitored for her health. then jeanie was picked up for a drug deal she did not do + was jailed then went to mom to help her after being released.

  this reminds me of a woman i meet in Hilo airport trying to get her ticket refund due to not being able to fly, she had been scammed by a cleaning lady that had worked for her for 6 months, helped her do intricate packing for gifts + a move, yet to hit her over the head when it came to fly date + then ran with the goods. yet airport would not refund her unused ticket.

I do feel Barack, you are putting an effort for good change, i comment on your Mygov, as well i see your request for folks to help with a peace fellowship process + just notice your new entity on Whitehouse website called;

  The Office of Public Engagement, which when go in to review, an error page comes up.

so i know we all are in this together with issues with virtual tools, inabilities etc. but any of us that are committed to peace know we need to go figure priorities + restructure as we co_evolve in real time. having good tools with good folks in place to harmonize, taper out of negative + into positive as we transition, calmly, so as to be sensitive to those in need now + give it.

so people please do your best to communicate your local issues with your local community so we can help + be clear, so as to act responsibly. for i`m sure the gov + legislators are over loaded from what they say + how slowly they act.

their is no excuse for this, when we have bright students that right now can be assisting all in every local community, as well many unemployed. so please come check out project osic on this forum. as we now work to support communities to share this process.

    ok so enough for this list can go on + my focus is below that i would like you to address ASAP. for our idea is not to bombard legislators with tons of emails, this is inefficient, that system don`t work fully. so in order for them to even try to be efficient they need to focus + need real support not interruption. which i thought my ideas would be helpful, + when i say i, i always speak for our combined` effect as we co_evolve. so please unite locally + gather representitives to contact them.

        for if we get clear + self-sustain we may see they are not needed at all, at least the way they are now. + perhaps they also then will redefine their place in community, as we regain a cooperative effort, taking responsible control of ourself.

    nor is our idea to have police in schools, rather we want to bring students out of school + into + with community, as well co_evolve the curriculum calmly as we restore ecological sound working communities that harmonize.

we have very good solutions but we have to share to reach out + project osic is being refined to do an email, mail out globally to all. which we yet to collect emails + welcome you to post in bulk school forum subcategory for;

     schools + representitive`s for no schools as well no communities..

i have been guilty myself in my understanding of this awareness.
     ex; writing to all i feel in responsible positions, thinking they can help. realizing now the many dysfunctions that stand in their way from seriously being able to act in time. so we don`t have to do so much beating after the fact. especially when it was very hard to write yet recieve no direct feedback. yet i respected the fact that many are emailing. + many fail to have the tolerance i have,leaving them more frustrated.

  this can all change + Barack is making decisions that open input for people to offer how best to make gov friendlier for them. others feel this is just a front as history shows the same people pulling the strings leaving you Barack a puppet. meanwhile the lack of transparency of the international arrangements should be open for all to participate in, as we set up good ongoing diplomatic negotiations. yet we have fragments of wrong doing as weapons are given as well those with human rights abuses are given support, etc.

 but i`m no idiot nor will i allow my time to be inefficiently used. i share these thoughts to show you to make local cooperative effort to do on own + not expect from gov. for we have many solutions in patches` yet still many pockets` without.

     worn torn links must be repaired or replaced or simply rid as we co_evolve with good peaceful communication.

   here at - i come to talk story, we want to be clear + simple to show the grace + beauty of these natural good sciences that can fuel our path + bring us eye to eye, as we can be present in the moment. make space to rid our baggage as we strategize, organize + rethink how most efficient to act with people consciously present, so as not to allow issues to steal your moment.

  this may include responsible positions with dull sensored people that may need a lot more attention, or it may mean go simply within ourself or with a group of locals networking.

   but we must prioritize time sensitive issues, when people are being hurt, especially those in Myanmar, the Moslems not being accepted from foolish boundaries set, or Rwanda people doing genocide yet getting our support as in Bill Clinton`s support for medical universities training them. which is fine but not fine until they are in a tapering transition process stopping the genocide support in Congo, etc. as well until universities can network to all giving all local communities option, as we suggest thru project osic in the building to have every local community globally restore themself with our focus directed effort with all.

  as well Syria + middle east conflicts as we state in our next` move do_in to get a grip of this misinformation + stop weapons of war everywhere being used. rather share conscious restoration amongst our human family with conscious trade, living local. + as ex; bring Assad to the table with the resistance + with intermediaries talk peace. + support healing + support those in responsible positions to heal, so they feel comfortable to step down + allow others to work with sharp sensors as together all restore + recycle vs. damage + suffer more.

  you people will look back someday + see how wrong your weapons of war are.

  stop the weapons + bring in peace diplomacy. for we are fortunate to have the indigenous now that show us the `way to co_evolve good science. so as a human species we come together in dialog all can understand. for we can reflect with real energy that emits clarity to show us our path if we have maintained discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief.

  this gives us fuel to build daily assertive conscious judgment on areas needing priority as we calmly unite, with tools in place, stay centered + grounded so as to sleep well + build new neuro networks to co_evolve with these atrocities so as to end them. + give now care + nurturing to grow good natural organic local food + medicine + taper off the Free Trade + Fair Trade that is not conscious as we build local good trade that the world can link our interdependence with as we secure ourself with awareness. + in our archive in the building or anyone that can do better to merge quicker, we will help in our shared focus..

   so as to share this process to make it friendly aiding the many left with dull sensors fending incompletely. daily without needs met with simple chores. that our students in project osic, we propose can do. as the best interpersonal reflection to define themself, as they rid their already accumulated baggage. that we all have left, as scars have been built inhumanely on this planet.

  please rethink, for it can be microseconds of our acts, within our self as we adjust. that then when we act together, can be much more powerful than any war mode or false green economy that was built on dillusion, illness, programming, thinking war machines are needed, etc.

  this issue below can be gripped right now with diplomacy as we all calmly act within our awareness + within our resources as i invite you all to build a community tool shed + share the resources each has now. so each of us can rethink with the tools that come available.

     we can only work with our clarity of what we know, which continues to become simple, especially when we share eye to eye, building local conscious community, + sharing that experience afar.

       UN appears to log accuracy. we invite all to open transparency, due to the many dysfunctions happening now, giving us the ability to help. as well UN is not being respected, if it should remain this global voice. nor is their requests being responded to. which can be organized, to act with grace + calmness, in respect for people`s real needs with early signs. resolved in real time efficiently.

    we can set up prevention/policy with good ecological gauges as we sharpen our sensors + set up early signs as gentle bells + whistles to prepare us in advance of old thought that is jumping exponentially, as it is out of reality, yet leaving deadly atrocities.

   everyone states no jobs, yet we have abundant of positions needed long ago, to be filled. let alone right now. to give us better tools to act on calmly + go beyond this brute dulled sensored, war weapon mode to act.

   i emailed my legislators + said this is too inefficient to connect with you, with all this negativity not being cared for. rather i will redirect with people. although i still feel they need to hear. i will try + i invite all of us to create a few local community speakers for us. to minimize letters/emails + gain acts of conscious awareness as we open to our interpersonal exchange of respect for all life. including our own.

  i`m suggesting folks take a review of this link i just got from Dunn + please co_evolve with my sharing so together we each can think + rethink together. i look forward to detail of your tools in progress that i can connect with, use, etc. to help target this issue, as well please awaken when convenient to other issues i state above if can;

Dunn Eggink

Standing White Buffalo
 Repost on walls of friends, groups, etc to bring awareness to non-aboriginal Canadians & Americans about Idle No More.
 Are you Canadian or American and not sure what Idle No More is all about? You've seen the Idle No More protests on TV and in the newspapers of major cities in North America. Are you wondering why First Nation Aboriginals are so upset?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the cause and how he's governing the business called "Canada". He did many things on December 8, 2012, sacrificing Canada's rivers to Big Oil (Google it) and has thus sold out our health for financial profit.
This came to a head by the passing of Bill C-45 on December 8, 2012 as well as the approval of $15 Billion Takeover of Calgary's Nexen to China (China National Offshore Oil Corporation CNOOC)


What is the root cause of the Idle No More Movement? Treaty Rights, Bill C-45 and PM Stephen Harper's governments malicious intent of financial gain by sacrificing the environment and the people - for profit. BTW, This affects everyone's drinking water, so if life sustaining clean unpolluted water is important to you - keep reading.

          Here's what you didn't learn in school about "Canada":
When King George III first arrived here, at Turtle Island in 1763, North American (USA & Canada area) aboriginals agreed to lease the land to "the Crown" and as such set in place legal international agreements called "Treaty Rights", these are today's current legal leases with regards to "Canadians" settlement while here on Turtle Island. Let it be known that "Canada" is what the Crown (now run by Queen Elizabeth) decided to call this branch of their business. It still is however, Turtle Island first and foremost and it is recognized and upheld as such with International Law, which trumps Canadian Law.
Aboriginals were here first, therefore residents of "Canada" are tenants (represented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper). He broke the lease agreement December 8, 2012 when he passed Bill C-45 and quite frankly as you can see, aboriginals are not too happy about it.
First Nation Aboriginals are bringing awareness to his breach and their discontentment through peaceful public protests and they have no intent of stopping until it is resolved. Please keep in mind, that PM Harper is the elected official of government and that he represents the people residing in "Canada" all while affecting the true Landlords, the First Nations.
Prime Minister Harper is refusing to meet with Chief Theresa Spence now on day 16 (as of December 26) of a hunger strike. (@ChiefTheresa on Twitter) and the aboriginals are getting pretty upset about it, blockades on railroads such as this one -


are going to be disrupting our supplies thus disrupting all of our lives very soon.
Please stand beside North American Aboriginals and protect your right to life by joining them at their protests and participating in their sacred Round Dances. If you have a beef with the government - BRING A SIGN! If you support Idle No More - BRING A SIGN! More importantly - BRING YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS, the people, when united, do have the power to be heard.
It is also requested that you contact PM Stephen Harper #PMHarper or write and give him your opinion before it's too late, as First Nations like many other landlords, can end the lease and take their land back. How long would your landlord let you live where you're living if you trashed the place? Think about it, it's OUR children and great grandchildren's futures at stake.
Thank you for reading and educating yourself on these issues.
May we all walk together in peace & solidarity.
Realtime information on Idle No More:


 #idlenomore #rounddance #flashmob

Read more about Indian Treaties here:


thank you for what you can do..

        our combined` effect makes a difference..

             sincerely, kara j lincoln