music ideas for 1st pri`performance..

                each work to give an ideal of your community like`s but 1st performance we will want to address world music, + each local coop that does a performance will do what their preference is, as we speak for our selves.. this `way each community gets known for their specialties, especially when play live.

 5.24.2011   ist heard like Andrew Bird on violin with Japanese music as he whistled beautifully, along with surreal drum from Congo, I really like this improvised world effect gathered from locals applying to local issues as they awaken to bi`joy solutions. I didn`t like Andrews repetitive electronic drumming, etc. but did like all live.
            middle eastern - Loreena Mckennett voice + some of her music, Tibetan (appropriate as they supposedly figured how to understand matter + what sound waves could do with levitation of heavy objects, etc.) vocal, chelo, 2 violins – 1 middle eastern very nice, flute, native drum..
          Loreena Mckennitt book of secrets, #8 to sad don`t like church chant, no like beginning or irish voice, violin + piano nice, bagdad café, classical guitar magic concerto in 1st song. willie + lobo, peter + violinist, would like to hear more of their music to edit from. Sarah Brightman (how could a person trash themselves out with such a beautiful voice + so much potential as this woman. ( I can answer that by looking within, we all have work to do), appears Sarah as well Gaga, Cher, Opray not grounded with natural world as many of us have struggled – ladies come aboard),

con't Sarah deliver me, no #10 voice, yes #11 voice. Don`t like yoodle variation in voice, yes range gentle, #8 drums no.

Andrea bocelli + sarah brightman in Italian – time to stay goodbye. I love this, + don't forget Andrea with ELMO.

Dillan Leblanc – low. Coyote moon – meditation.
Duduk  yanni with violin.

diggery do (along with Ca guys where they play both ends. If can`t find notes, define thru farmers market headqtrs at Brookings, Or during art festival), gong, very gentle bells.

Pink Floyd

George Collins logic nice.

Mario - Cry like an angel - she touches + uses the energy around here to draw on - visually can see when view her live as if she in bundle of ooze as energy flows in + out of her mouth as she sings.

This list can continue as we are so fortunate to have suck talented folks:
   Whitney Houston, Keiko Matsui, Alicia Key, Carlos Makay -`santuary` native flute, Abby Lincoln. Karain ahluwalia Indian singer in Canada, Middle eastern, Liz (right) that played at obama`s inaugural??  Human rights, gay dying with aids had great vocals, refugee, chants, peasant, native percussion, classical flavor, instruments chosen from orchestra, but don`t fall back into full, rather improvise old classical to creative being present locally +beyond - worldly native indigenous interrelating, nice Chinese violin in last emperor soundtrack.  

So as to give credit to uprising musicians gathering folks in walkabout, that create for us to better understand our part in activism.

             Let folks come together with like harmonizing variety + see what music is then improvised threading each ecosystem with like subject…
 + always nice to have one sound with music, even if a cd to set natural rhythm of planet + beyond. as some locals yet to find own center to ground now.

no back up music, I`m very selective with instruments, unless you give me a choice. just a violin + you, not you supporting another but coming from the depths of you. slow drawn out traditional gypsy music, almost classical smell.. like song `tzgun

          cello (even the guys from apocalyptica for young minds to `memoir of the geishas with john williams, yoyo + pearlman), duduk, native drum as in kodo Japanese, diggerdo played by 2 or 1, khora from Africa, violin played by - Siberian maxim vengerov,  samvel yervinyan, katicaillenyi + I could get into a multi-cultural platform but I don`t know how to spell or identify the instruments. But a few are fine. I hate regular drum set. Or western music, but will do for others. I like Daniels new awakened picking on the guitar for lil bu in the making..

I like activist creation improvised live with a focus worldly of what we share applying locally as we simply`boon with the natural world. Brett Dennon nice + to see the young co_evolve with old cultural.. we had met some that had just come from the gypsy violin players in France as they migrated with them for a bit + Maurice was raised with them in Russia, beautiful young alive dancing to violin as they traveled with hardly any material stuff, just a lot of energy in music, dance, story....

I like Ariana Delawari`s 1 song of what I`ve heard, where she went home to Afghanistan with nice story, song name `we came home.. I don`t like her LA music mode.
composition from a variety of artist`s;
where they are open with flowing universal energy grounded with earth below their feet as they focus on what is real.
           mindsets, words from past music, rhythm, instruments, improvisation in response to our focus, which could be this combining do_in pri` perform in celebration as we work the next` move as we all do_in on self with do_in`s.

music will then find it`s place.. but as in Jim`s CG tape which is a real few minutes of appreciation we can give, make sure we include over view of negative + positive so folks don`t take it to their head + run with it. rather ground + shift with us all.

music over opening + closing credits could be like a mime of something vs. give credit to a person or place. Rather an act we have developed within our human potential + that which is beyond in chaos. over scenery shots only, never over words spoke to better enable our ability to digest subject matter,  + can enhance with music animation, as in the pri` performance do_in with mime + motion then miming music talk to awaken yet another `way.

skit theme for pri`performance..
objective is to feel resistance (we are learning cues) + redirect ASAP, so as to allow our human processes to pursue alternative thought… to better define the missing question, in regards to our resolution of subject matter in question… as we work locally + beyond… interpersonally + with our land use, etc. as we focus cooperatively on a variety of issues… as we reflect with a series of do_in + doing. not yet knowing who will surface where 1st or to reach out to who..

we take an egg head that has a huge book, plugged into computers with antennas from eyelashes, wired for sound, etc. as we get lost in misinformation, depleting the resources within that sustains us, as we produce dull sensors trying to chase it. we could use issue such as Noaa + commercial fisheries not getting respected for their ecological awareness + desire to self-sustain. Then wonder why we can`t perceive, due to our receivers being out of order. when yet layers of waste manipulate or do what they think is right. meanwhile earth + beyond is not dealt with efficiently with 1 universal science. + locals left in chaos, yet supplied more weapons for war.

Here we reach out sharing peaceful reality within human reflection with young, new born, old + all sensitive to all live.

we reflect with folks with right/left brain out of synch with body… as  mimes act as our subconscious + act out our expressions when yet to be centered, as each side pursues it`s function… then together, one exposes movement + thought when in harmony… as we pursue the inner depths of our reality before we allowed; words, gestures + misinformation to program us, etc…
                      composition from a variety of artist`s locally at each event having fun with local issues;
                 mindsets, words from past music, rhythm, instruments, improvisation in response to our focus, perform in celebration with real issues expressed. Nice when local story spoke gently + improvised with..

             skit theme for pri`performance.…
objective is to feel the resistance.. (learn cues for comparison) + redirect ASAP, so as to allow our human processes to pursue alternative solution that reestablishes balance as we maintain sharp sensors vs. drain our energy + dull them, leaving us with foggy choices… to better define the missing question, in regards to our resolution of subject matter in question..

            with mime - motion + music, as we shut down speaking, once no words to resolve, we work our whole body..

 + occasional cue card for audience, we address, fabricate, exploit, explore with humor + seriousness with no words spoken, only our movement of sensations perceived + transmitted.

              we rid layers of deviating from one w/the natural world, as it is so easy to just chase our head thinking we know. then together, one exposes movement + thought in representation of our human harmony… as we then allow it to trigger + pursue the inner depths of our reality before we agree yes this is a good solution.

                          Zum with the beauty of you in mind    
                                 a few thoughts to ask our self..

who`s made or makes me feel special..
in which when alone i feel an empty space..
lucky me to have again, another chance to reflect..
+ realize i am yet to be whole with myself..
which when whole leaves no emptiness.

perhaps if other relations would of continued
i never would of got to know me..
only then can i truly go beyond..
+ experience interrelating with another..

lucky us, for loved ones that trigger lessons..
deep within, as the baggage lightens..
as we discover yet a little more of our self..

lucky others, for me helping them to lighten
their load..

for true love leaves no empty space, it just continues.

End this thought with Zum in  mind..

           i thought this can add to our collection of feelings.  the musicians can get a sense of what we are about. as we share clarity + wish harmony for all though a variety of mediums.

music, motion, thought to experiment with, the logger within only knows by do_in. for depending on how much baggage one holds + how good they are at processing, determines how they can comprehend + truly understand reality of issue at hand… for when thoughts/acts of past still stuck they then when triggered can cloud the present issues, making chooses harder to define as then stress can trigger their up heavel until sorted out. which can be done at any time ASAP calm to sort out as if it just happened. Then as it stirs, more rises + make space to deal with it all as it surfaces, when calm.
from a book of bio-rhythms, (forgot name);
when 1 is born, 1st few months important for synching with mom being close to body + music doesn’t sync. When 1 mechanically gets off natural rhythm, music does not sync, it only soothes so one better adjusts to mechanical mode, but it is this mechanical mode that needs to be rid, for it is not with in humans natural rhythm + unhealthy, taking 1 off. I have had personal experience to believe this to be true, but each of you musicians will have to rethink to define.

when we really want to get a grip we best do it eye-to-eye, even if playing music.

point is from the beginning of time folks have learnt to associate words with what they are doing vs. do_in, + each area has a different meaning with same words or same behaviors… just like in India where the same plant is prepared differently + folks think it heals differently + use for different reasons, could be just over the next hill, but tradition that worked is carried forward.  so words are a small part of what is really happening… this is what we have to become aware of when we try to explain or put feelings into words, when resolving issues…as we part time coop a focus or do an exchange in our networking as we post.

for what is stored from our past experiences stays until worked correctly. so we have a mode of feeling from it. + as we continue to communicate incorrectly we then build more disconnections leaving us with more confused signals that we take as normal. so it takes coming to agreement with 1 thought at a time, so we speak the same language.

where as when we come together with self-sustaining do_in within the natural world it grounds us as we regain a sense of do_in together. giving us more pleasure to then reflect, self-observe + work out indifference with our own misuse + others.

so consider this here + start with a fresh potluck or an act of natural community shared do_in. as we then reach out to issue at hand of indifference or unable to figure out.

        when we have something important to say we say it through many mediums, it is how we say it not what we say that is assimilated. As each then connect tone to that which connects at different modes of past storage, not always present acts..

postings offering ethnic cultural realities, telling story via music, song, poetry, native instruments, from folks along the way coming together is a true joy.
             we have a choice to rid our delusions + misinformation, ridding fear based decisions, interpretations deciphered + friends made as we make communication to harmonize, etc.
             we have a choice to stop misusing as in our choice to support what locally + afar, until we see organic common sense.

our learning process can be easier..
         ask yourself – how vital are we with giving sensitivity, when so close yet feel didn`t give enough in exchange. when 1 seriously then commits suicide. when in reality, you no matter what done, may not of reached them.

                words from my short visit with Hewlett:.

             our 1st connection helped me so. you listened to the thoughts i didn’t hear. you brought them out. you talked deeply to all of me. yet in astonishment of this awakening, how could I possibly do the same to you.
              your stories of what you did. the travels throughout the world. the suppressed women hiding behind cloth. the monks feeling it’s to late for the world. your questions to me. your presence of simply being calm + able to clearly concentrate. to listen to all of me in that moment…
               now i look back + wish i would of told you all about me. how you could of + have helped this project as feelings arose. would it of made a difference.
               i carried your joy with me. yet not want to interrupt you. knowing you wanted to pursue your interest.
               how sad for me, to carry such insecure ness to think i shouldn’t interfere. i was thinking of you to finish your focus. then we would work together. why did i wait… when yet we all are one from the same fuel source. especially, working both of us on projects to bring us all together. yet you + i stayed apart. when we both struggle alone.
               my thoughts of you created part of it + my connection with you enhanced it. you would have had the choice. life is not to be put on hold. it is best for each to define how now, is to be experienced.

Truly have confidence – go beyond just thinking for another + call them + ask. how are you. take the time + share.
              after traveling the world pursuing an education, is this what you wanted… was looking for + didn’t find. what we could of done for each other, to follow thru with so much incompleteness. As the world to you was done. when yet I had such an abundant of positive `ways to share.
                to be part of life with sensitive beings simply making it happen. so everyone has the opportunity to find joy in being present, taking part to create each moment. vs. giving comment it is too late for this planet.
                the natural world, once we `boon with it, helps us define. just anything does not give self-satisfaction, as in triggering ones focus where we can reflect. you took me to a space to free my baggage as we co_evolved, which fueled me to then go figure..
By having feelings of you, yet not respond, I then was without the joy, together I thought we could have had. I know now I was responsible for the incompleteness that transpired within me, by not staying in real time with you.
                   i wanted to connect all along. Oh how I wish I would of known perhaps I then could of taken what I thought would be so good, then go deeper + perhaps feel your sadness, then for sure I would of called. If this is what you where.

i emailed my friend + he told me of the news… I was too late.
                why Hewlett… did you do it or did another..
                when i contacted you it was too late. when i felt your pleasure i should of let you know.
                 who was i to think for you + not call. if i would of would you still be here today…
                  you had your love + i had mine… yet we reached out to another place with our projects joined.
                 now i do this project only with the thoughts of the time i had with you. for i will not assume what we can do now, together, with you gone. these words are all i have of you. am I again short sighting myself, can you take part from afar. are you here with us now. I`m calling you.
                 thank you for the opportunity to meet you. never again will i withhold my pleasure, without letting the other one make that decision, to do or not, with me.
                  why Hewlett… why, my feelings are that you did not kill yourself, rather another did.

end of `Hewlett the way i knew him..

music to be  created from the world in which Hewlett left his good exchange in as he traveled, contributing to the many gone as well those of us still here do_in as we remove the doing. to be sold as a fund raiser in local events en our route.
            ex; university fresh local natural grown potluck, music presentation to introduce, as then all gather in playing music in celebration…

Music score - story act, etc. for edit in 1st performance. reaching out to cover major issues leaving negative effects on many. as we yet to be one with the natural world in real time which brings us to our self + many yet to feel confident of a `way to find.

 by giving simple how to, from postings throughout do_in in - i come to talk story. addressing feelings, redefining words to match. over view of solutions to fuel real answers needed. as we choose priority issue at time of do_in locally + from the planet + beyond.
             compose with a few artist`s sharing inner-intrapersonally, what this material triggers in real time+ improvise in response to this focus.

            music has it`s own space. over opening/closing credits, scenery shots, + when appropriate to inspire us + fill in when no acts are apparent. never over words spoken, to better enable our ability to digest subject matter. But with animation, with mime + motion. each pri` performance will create local music; expressing centering/grounding with inner-personal feelings surfacing from the depths, clarity of defining issue, resolving + or celebrating how fortunate we are along the `way.

Folks all around the world + beyond are doing unique things. This is just another medium to support them.

We just heard where carnival in Rio was banned from having a float of Hitler + I believe dead folks from concentration camps. 2-08.

Also opening in Spain is Ann Frank`s diary in a musical, where some wanted + others would not give out detail, feeling subject to sad to perform with a musical. Not true it is another way to relieve grievance, promote awareness + together enjoy beauty in the moment. as folks then can bring to the surface that pain carried within from experiencing long ago + with support put it in it`s correct place, freeing them from pain + drain as it consumed them.
                why do we wait + delay the precious beauty of perceiving clarity of the moment. togetherness enhances our work.

it amazed me that I had this perhaps in me still, when I worked hard with family to have them express what they felt openly. When their behavior passed on was still deep within me, where I have yet to put me in the forefront of others, as they did. not saying this in greed, but rather in equality, still hidden fears yet to get grip of, for each of us to flourish simultaneously. this is what I wanted for Hewlett. to the point of neglecting my existence, as grandmother did + mother did as they carried this pain deep within not realizing what produced it. as they got consumed with physical illness, suffering until death.
               our perceptions are to be shared within real time, not to be put on hold. it is best for each to define how now is to be experienced. that which fuels our discipline to maintain self-sensory observation, sharpening sensors. so as to make space to clear up our baggage along the `way.
                being in time, with sensitive beings simply making it happen. so everyone has the opportunity to find this joy as we cooperatively build a community that prioritizes on this.
                just anything does not give self-satisfaction, as triggering ones focus that fuels false sense of self- empowerment.

 we can truly reflect a gentle beam that all life feels as real as we stay with our early signs + address them. as we gain control so as to stay present, taking part creating each moment.

             vs. allowing information to consume us.
I do believe we can identify our design as we create it.
                 we perceive yet don`t always think we should follow thru with these tools. our projects we preoccupy our self with is just another way of unfolding. But do need to self-observe along the way.
                  I hate to learn this way.                  
why Hewlett are you gone, what really happened, I`ll never know. Yet others think they can teach us all to communicate with those deceased, by simply tuning into our feelings. Which I yet to see clear on.

so here is your chance folks to simply state how to now. not go to your workshop, etc. but give us clarity now. tell us what happened to Hewlett. How did he really die.

Then we can perhaps take a better look at real issues now, such as Palestine issue of wanting their land back that was stolen, yet many believe that is not what happened, meanwhile as of few days ago + it`s now may 27, 2011, President Obama agrees as of a certain date Israel should not have to go back further + give back land. which many feel was stolen by them. this is wrong.. but it is very hard when along this lengthy process memory stored + now with time a bit changes as folks from each side have been guilty along with being good in fragments. so lets take the best of both + co_evolve. to remove that which still lies deeply within as a festered thorn. as both sides have their own story lets do a review so each come up with their own solution. As we then give support for them to work out a resolution. not someone from afar make a decision, or interfere, or give advice or impose settlements counsel, take sides or assign blame.  
                   But rather lets see how natural energy truly can flow + balance as we restore each to regain their truth, their center + ground with a common denominator we all can share, as we co_evolve. not continue to cover up our wound, but heal it.

The many folks that bring theater, hands on interrelating helps folks sort out stored baggage, whether from truth or not. that which should not be lingering draining vital resources, that can better be used by our mindbody now. for being present as we take part in creating our moment. as we reestablish a natural flow `boon with nature.

This skit could be part of our pri`performance..

                         Many folks are do_in nice community Neighbor to Neighbor as in Bay Area`s Mediation Service in Coos Bay, Oregon. So I use them to add input here as I create with this thought + others..
                         So in our gathering we split team in half. A 1/3 of chosen folks from all, known to reflect grounding ways then become observers. Then the other 2/3rd split in half. each double up, as we produce our gestures of issue without words, rather a silent act, using cue cards, music, motion.  + we start by the beginning of what our early sign was that we perceived a cue.:
             Was it from another, what inside made you act, what part of nature did you use as tool, what bi`joy experience got you to this point thinking it was a cue, what is the issue you perceive. While then the other duplicates as mime what perceived.  Then they switch + do the same.. This is observed by others. while hidden from other group.

Same happens to other ½ of group.  Without the other ½ seeing. + this should be filmed for optimum efficiency for all then to see all. after it happens. as well it is so nice to continue this interchangeable role to log – help folks self-register + stay in real time. with the community tool shed log book. as all update in their bi`joy walkabouts. This way all those folks that couldn`t participate can now see + add their input.

Ok now these 1/3 observers get to see these 2 – ½`s, now each one of the observers mimes what he saw to be + or to have options, etc. what every fine thread pulled from it, act it.  the other observers don`t  get  to watch until later. So no one is riding on any one else`s wave. Unless they perceiving behind closed doors.

Now after all decide which one of these observer`s acts are most prevalent to answers, then they regroup, + join together, as they do to each other as the others originally did. + if 1 has inspiration from audience/observing then they too come back into play for moment or to stay. As each1 gives their now co_evolved perception to the other in exchange. as they are weeded out 1st by themselves if they see clear or they co-evolve with own growth. + then group offers to define if no a piece of that which they did should be used or not, but best done by another, etc..+ like helpful thought remains.
      As resistance all along can be felt as some very sensitive pick out from others yet another `way to run with an issue, perhaps enhancing or confusing or maybe put out to all to get clear on, for it was still foggy but worth it to work.
                      This is not about the most like as in a democracy. As in our dysfunctional so called democracy, where many folks are yet to be aware to `boon with natural world for themselves, yet think they knew, while others still whoring + raping not knowing as they ecologically manipulate by effects they leave, knowingly or not.
                     This is the now reality in many patches + pockets yet to talk, as many are in a sheep mode ruling. No good here in our do_ins. Rather majority don`t rule. Rather those that have best energy to see clear + be physically strengthen gives us ideals + then we all go within to define our own reality + act accordingly to regain our own center, where the only true ruler is natural limits as we `boon with them in real time..

             Realize nothing here is in stone so we can co_evolve whole process. + individualize as we post + make this a unique tool for others via like ecosystem to use to trigger their acts with early signs. + most important we want to start with reiterating what these early signs where. in case we where misinterpreting, falling to respond earlier or misconceived  in what we perceived, influenced by, etc.

Now all agree together whom is like + whom not as they then shift together working toward the better of defining our issue that has left us without words to define. As folks gathered in community with early signs + now relying on whole mindbody sensors to show them yet another way, because they where lost with words to agree. Or sensors where dulled.. to define issue.

Now thru folks, maybe 2 out of whole had more closer sensors to activate ours, so they where chosen to continue. now they do it again to each other, as all self-observe.  + take another look at what we didn`t originally see. Starting again with original perception of issue or early cue, etc. now give now reality of perception we didn`t see, or obstacle in `way.  along with story for us then to self-observe as we rethink with this + come up with solution, now that we have more pieces to puzzle. Or a thread defined that is worn + torn, needing replaced, etc. laying out now options as we interrelate them as the whole comes together + starts do_in.

But still with no words, so as our sensors then encumber another `way + then we sleep on it + ready to truly act on the co-evolved way we then awaken to + sort out..

Back to general rule of common sense:.

          Where all needs are respected + considered. The issues + relationships are important . as together we build a community that builds a self. with organic instinct regulated growth, as all continually easily differentiate with time, baggage to be removed as each find calm space to continually due it as it surfaces. As each remain present in their moment. as each build their path as they walk it into their opening.

+ this fuels us to come together to build a community that is alive + `boon with our natural world as we all feel it`s pulse as we reflect what is needed ASAP + measures are in place to sustain all needed, until each define level of participation then come back actively as a local, global + beyond participant.

where we no longer use or have a need for supporting the dysfunctional systems that exist, rather we remove our self. or stop our misuse. or rid the position that never should of existed that interferes in able folks as energy/resources are then redirected into vital importance supporting those unable. + when any of us could also become unable as good long term supports are put in place + acted on continually from interchangeable roles as students responsibly create with degreed/skilled that also come back into equal role as together we restore our harmony. as we together part time cooperatively continue to build community.

             this `way all know by feeling life energy that is real. As we plug in. then easily with our potential of addressing our early signs we then know what we can maintain, vs. when to ask for other opinion, with early signs. as each community links + talks as each community `boon with the natural world. restoring with reality of it`s needs + offerings for all to become actively self-empowered. As we create community that harmonizes, enriching us all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

no more does a community exist on this planet or beyond without easily having available good simple folks to reflect with. to help us restore our natural boundaries as we learn to decipher our early cues for mental clarity + physical strength.  Where we communicate gently with respect, directly eye –to-eye. + clear up any misinformation/misunderstanding. where every one has a chance to speak + be heard. + the other person will hear how you feel + what you want. this sometimes may be done by another close, to help define + identify issues + concerns, as they may help us with a dispute so as to share important information, we many of failed to add. as students develop a system with community that includes all. for this will take us all awhile, if truly we awaken to the needs + offerings of many on this planet + beyond that are not addressed.

for many folks have given truly all they could leaving themselves without, as others over do while others manipulate knowingly + misuse perhaps unknowingly. Either `way we give all the benefit of doubt to be efficiently progressive. As we come together sharing our `tapering transition, supporting all to rethink in a focus as folks share another `way from their perspective as story unfolds. + folks leaving negative effects rethink + are supported to recycle what can as we welcome them back into our local communities to equally become a local, global + beyond participant.
              we thank you for what this triggers, + invite you to incorporate it into your bi`joy walkabout as you gather with your community + use these tools to trigger your creativity.. go apply it within yourself, with your loved ones + your local community. then part time come with us cooperatively + post or have 1 post from your community. as tools build here now.
            folks with like issues, like ecosystems can come aboard + talk thru this virtual medium. as we link with patches + pockets. reflecting folk`s simple living as they `boon with the natural world. building community that harmonizes. as they come aboard + share. as people get their needs met from an ecological reality that is prioritized to sustain us. where people + the natural world make awareness, so as all to gain sensitivity to feel it. where we all have bi`joy experiences every day as we incorporate + interrelate with the natural world every day.

Explore your ideals, it is fun. as we appreciate those that have given us this thought + sound.

Thanks all!
              Our combined` effect makes a difference.

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