lucky us to get together + share.. check out a few of these to add some thought of what we each can do..

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           we just have to share in our walkabout, for many are preoccupied, not realizing the footprint left. for we have solutions to avoid this.


  why would we want to work hard at changing policys as in demanding labeling the many different types of organic food, why not just focus on ridding the toxic additives period;


Eve is so true, as she states very few listen or even aware. i know how many years have past me yet unaware + now interested in detail so i understand more to try to help. with all the resources yet experiences like this still happen. we certainly are not organized to focus direct yet.

                            i invite you to share this so together we can.
                 please add detail in the next`move subcategory for the DRC.

please take a look at this understanding, for we need to build new neuro networks, to come together + focus on priorties. for many are left behind.