local families, globally, come together + share real story, help us understand so together we end weapons of war..

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What do you call this, can come in many forms:.

                     As Andy Larson wrote in his book African Wanderlust,
An African employer Seth had his goods stolen + couldn`t figure out from whom. So he called in the witch doctor + he gathered all his employees. The doc drew a small circle on the ground, throw out some sticks + then stated the direction of the goods, which house + under which bed. Seth said well who did it. doc said the man will die in 10 minutes. Seth thought that was harsh, he just wanted it to stop + get his tools back.

Doc proceeded + a man started shaking terribly, stating don`t kill me, I took them. doc looked at Seth + said don`t kill him + he didn`t.

                       another story where in Africa the drums would beat, when this other doctor would attempt to take vaccinations to a village for small pox. The drums where saying white man coming to shoot spears in us, run away. Doc would see pots of food cooking, signs of life but no people. next year he would come back + no one left.

So ask yourself what information is important to you. so we can come together in common ground for peace locally + beyond, + share it with us. so those interested in cooperatively part time working at this next` move, can realize all involved, so together we can accomplish. Not just for those we think are in need. but also for ourselves as issues deep within get triggered.

No longer is there a need for them over there alone. Rather within us, we have needs yet to rid, needs to apply to make good, that which stands in the way of self-empowerment of our self + others..

Lets define what issue is produced where + how.  As we try to accumulate many areas of same issue, so as to allow bright minds, young + old to help us out here as we plug in for solutions to be applied.
no need to transfer/transport afar.  so if this is part of issue lets segregate what many of us have done to live local in our other do_ins. So we bring forth when in need those that we respect for seeing a `way. this is the beginning to build equality with what we share as in our fuel source. for whether our subject using energy is peace or not, both take our energy. how energy is felt is another issue. what good + bad does to us. effects can feel the same after we go beyond our limit. Excessive good is just as bad as excessive bad.

when we `boon with our local ecosystems, edit + fine-tune what it triggers in offerings, along with reflections from afar, then we responsibly make good choices locally, to live within our skin in harmony. this fuels what it takes to become a local, global + beyond participant. supporting all to self-sustain, meaning in harmony. not just prevention. but going beyond where we focus on our function, do it energy efficiently + with creative input as we apply, fueling our ongoing exploration.

dysfunctional processes assessed + application of efficiency ASAP put in place, while processes defined whether to rid /recycle or rewrite.. So as to stop interfering with excessive waste of energy + resources, as folks get confused with agendas, etc. over ruling.. for folks to realign an organic intuitive simple common sense with self, once again. That brings all back to interrelating as a local, global + beyond participant.

                  after hearing Senator Jeff Merkly speak at a town haul meeting on 9.4.2010 in Coos Bay, Or.  he confirms the need for this, him with a few other Senators that have already started a partial focus of assessing a paralyzed senate process.  i asked him why he felt they alone should do it. rather open so we all can take part as he + they, whom know best what policy, etc. has been interfered with due to dysfunction, + i ask them to give us this info + together we vote. it triggered him to add a spot on his web page for proposals.

                 As well i offered, the local schools of all levels can organize in theory in the classroom as they voluntarily go into the community + be an in between so all folks are aided in all facets of community. update locally as well in this exchange of needs + offerings, solutions reflected for self-reliance. the students can then get clear  from this hands on exchange, of own intra personal roles as they pursue efficiently their studies. Along with professionals also being required to go back to what they should already be do_in as a local, global + beyond participant + plug in. for review of community realities to get clear on.

Considering this is not done in the US as a general rule, many interested. we then have to anticipate what happens when these resources are better used. so this takes mental juggling which is not healthy to do for long. we are best designed to process information in the now. in a calm state we perceive thru a variety of avenues, let it process + have awareness of our human design, knowing if broke or not. That if we use it correctly + not misuse + wear it out. it works very well. So we can imagine these ideals 1st + see what we can better do to our self + our local community.

Yes even though we here in the next` move do_in, we adjust as before by allowing our self to realign as we process together this info. for only then can we offer to another these reflections for them to rethink.

this is how we then use our virtual tool, so as we post, folks locally reflect by subject matter + ecosystem type `boon with, from folks locally + afar. when can’t network in a local walkabout, then better define how together  you can resolve from folks afar  that posted similar subject in similar ecosystem as yours.. to further the discussion, so we build on common natural understandings. + again many displaced may have none of these natural resources that many take for granted.

this can be tricky for we sometimes don`t appreciate what another is do_in. because of our preoccupation elsewhere, + perhaps others do_in was not understood. or we did not experience to feel it, + the words of welcoming was not clear to us. as we where perhaps looking to satisfy something else,  many have layers that interfere in the interpretation, etc. so these gaps of misunderstanding now get followed up on.

help from many can be interfering. for emotional misinformation + or greed directed, knowingly or not, can stand in the way of efficiently addressing peaceful resolution of an issue. we as the human species can rid our baggage. but it can be some time before it ends for some. For if we keep producing it unknowingly it is a tiger by the tail scenario.

we already know how easy it is to chase our head, make our body’s ill, taking time off from being ill.. fragmenting, mean while issues build + simply too hard to address, when under the weather. mean while many folks are conditioned to live under the weather thinking it is normal. from behaviors passed on from folks never getting the opportunity to see another clear way to balance. As they where stuck in attempting to survive.

So our focus here is to define some boundaries for our focus, as we state our 4 directions below + take this all into consideration:.

             students are not being addressed for their interpersonal issues that have built up during this family exchange or lack of. + those isolated from balanced community support to reflect with for own self-adjusting, gaining awareness, is in the building from usually the streets, in attempt to survive.. by the classrooms opening the door for this community monitoring/managing, each can then rethink as they are required to do interchangeable roles locally + beyond, to harmonize themselves + together build community that supports each to self-develop.

           They can start this in theory in the classroom as each local community is plotted, so students can then walk/bike/pool resources, vs. more funding as in the extreme waste presently being done. So students go to folks.  as exchanges created to end needs + gain offerings to build a community tool shed.  As each then prepared to share with their neighbor in times of excess or natural disasters, etc. Supporting all to self-develop + go beyond what is, supporting each to be a local, global + beyond participant. in harmony which fuels exploration. So know each student after changing roles locally, now go to their neighbors + do the same as they work thru all ecosystems within their bioregion, which prioritizes as a whole, for all the communities.

So that ecologically we know what fuels us as wild to stay wild is prioritized + as in the plan, we look at the over view for all. so rivers are allowed to flow, trans-boundary migration leads our path to follow as we rehab/rebuild or relocate what should be according to our ecology. Where as now in this review, we see an abundant of jobs that go beyond transportation building highways, taking wasteful consumption farther, as it produces the problem, that war economists thrive on to monetary gain, thinking they helping us. no thanks, no more. we want to stop misuse + become aware + no longer blindly complain of what we produced.

        Rather we build local communities so within 50 miles or so depending on our natural resources, we stay within.. now we actually build communities that help us build our self. that no funds can buy + no one else can do someone else’s home work.

Along with each student experiencing an advanced level of these different roles, as already degree folks are also required to come back at what they should be do_in naturally, to interrelate as an equal. so they gain this hands on experience to truly live their desired role as they get clear self-developing. + vice versa as the undeveloped in adult bodies, degree or not, go back into this open door community classroom to fill in deleting their needs. as they guide with their experiences.

Wow look at this energy flowing. Folks are crumbling while folks are fueling to yet give solutions from our `tapering transition.

Yes those empowered by belief vs. maintaining discipline over self-sensory observation may over rule all this co_evolving. this reality potential of releasing/redirecting/recreating from the stored disassociated energy that came from wasteful consumption, etc.

i would hate for a religious group or any to come to me to make me do what i did not believe in. so i understand this confrontation until we do understand. same with Barack`s OFA:.

          So i do see many not willing to self admit how together we have caused many or took part, in the issues we attack..

So those of you folks that get triggered to be pissed at self or another, please allow yourself to calm. then finish reviewing all of patches` virtual message board to link us eye-to-eye, at  i come to talk story. then find your place of comfort to work at it for you or another. apply it to yourself, your loved ones, your community. then come post + share in the next` move.

These irritated moments just need time + energy to sort out. to be clear not to accept commitments until clarity. Or the muttled not calm disassociated energy just brings more confused signals as information/emotions pile up. when we can gain venting systems, support for awareness for folks to communicate efficiently with them self + be allowed + supported to network as a local, global + beyond participant.

This way support allows each to make space for themselves as part time community builders.  Ex; those under the weather chasing losses with tunnel focus unable to be interrelating, trying to get a head, can now get some support to once again or  for 1st time be a community participant, giving them reflection to exchange needs + offerings. with a community that knows what is needed as they create solutions.

Lucky some to still be fortunate to realize we are being total fools to race, aiding another to organize material displaced energy. but please don`t push your luck for we do break. Some heal, some don`t.
               is your support system in place when this happens.  with loved ones or community. part time cooperatively be real locally + carry with loved ones, an understanding. where will you be ASAP, etc. put your homework in now without stealing from the moment. this perspective better helps us synch with solutions  for our self + for others in this next` move.

Many are so dependent on relations as we have been so preoccupied doing stuff, getting free of stuff that the relationship can be absorbed for others, unless you really draw some lines + focus on each + each other, as well define the difference of doing together mode. so if one changes mode or ends up gone, then the other has own life to self-sustain with, vs. as many folks they get consumed in the grief of being alone. While those others that maintained a self along the way simply carry on. for this is reality to live + die. The closer we get to this natural reality we then are prepared for it.

we know how easy it is to stay eye-to-eye + not bother with any of this stuff of others misuse, or from self or others. especially if had a life of it to deal with.. some of us could not concentrate or didn`t have the energy.. or simply not interested in learning what others should do + doing it for them. rather kept focused on self in own survival.

But our true existence of harmony comes from self-satisfaction without leaving footprints. As well part time collective cooperation. Other wise you are still missing our human potential. so give this a try. if can think of another way, please share it. for i believe we are all sharing a common denominator by using this shared fuel source. so when we break, our signals get confused. + when we think we clear + creating, we perhaps tuning in to our potential as those previously  do_in. laying our wiring so to speak + the more synergy the better.

          we build/destroy/prevent new neural pathways each night we sleep, from our focus. + it is now time to understand our potential + become aware to enjoy it. as in this next` move, part time collectively, aiding those unable. while new discover come`s to our self to rid misuse within.

For those of you that leave your feel good mode from giving, not realizing where it went, now you can truly give as you go to work in this walkabout. if you define this is now your fueling source, then please go back to the other do_in`s to trigger that with in +define where missing your point of center. For if mindbody whole you are self-satisfied living local. not living do_in for another.

especially when many communities don`t offer inter-intra personal awareness support. many families + professional/entities, are dysfunctional + teachers over stressed,  or have to conform to other`s belief, etc.. shallow insight + on to next student, covering fragments, with pressures, put on by misuse, family or  community. or school board, etc. so they don`t have time to give individual support either.  Then you have those trapped over giving..

         then we have those followers that I yet to have experienced. So perhaps another can share. for those that I`ve experienced have drained their own energy following. Leaving them then fueled by the others energy. when any one that allows one to follow I can`t truly respect. so folks be clear here.

         It is this tool together we can make so we each gain from the tool. not chase another. then our relationships deepen due to our own sense of self being more clear as quality relations get defined.

      Time is enjoyed just being together with loved ones for a motion is always flowing as we explore + do what each feel is important, supported by the other.
        some areas are more fortunate as with the `boiler room, a community social gathering place - in Port Townsend, Wa. young + old coming together for positive exchange, yet still cannot do the job of a responsible parent or teacher, leaving loopholes.. as well can do better if incorporate directly, the organic root institution that ecologically sustains the community.. such as a direct exchange growing natural goods,

              harvesting/purchasing/exchanging, with the small natural farmers, knowing the how of all facets. vs. going thru the coop, with their business involvements that stray them from true community builders. + add juices + awareness, with their coffee, etc. rather more of a `Grange mode from Port Townsend, Wa. where a small community building comes together for co_evolving together efficiently.

when cities can offer the student/community exchange process for hands on learning, prioritizing ecological sustaining self-responsibility, then all can self-reflect + act ASAP identifying these early signs.  adjusting the focus conserving energy, redirecting, fueling exploration as community develops. So present entities can be on hold, as we come together here, then each responsibly decipher previous role, etc.

                   ex; as in not leaving a child with attention deficit disorder drinking coffee to calm with sweets at 9:00 at night, out + about. Rather they do a group exchange for understanding natural balance..
                          as in a child late at night in cool air, sweating - playing + coughing uncontrollable, thinking cool air is best late at night, not knowing how to manage signs.

                           as in staying imprisoned with emotional pain preoccupying, in an awaiting mode, weakening, trying to define, wanting acceptance yet can`t express verbally due to language problem, as well never having awareness simply to explain energy processing. not understood + misusing, as family issues continue unable to define, leaving unease.

                           as in staying preoccupied with self-enslavement, codependent, having no space, while yet doctor`s programmed to then supply needs with medication destroying organs, vs. intercept making space for 1 to self-identify, break dependencies, as insurance/state/ educational programs support natural means as in herbal formulas from experienced doctors having to go back to school for identifying + managing early signs naturally with food changes, behavioral modification, exercise programs + awareness for how we work most efficiently.

       + nicest when we work building community, plugging in as to reflect + self address as we adjust our energy, etc. + identify with family then the family issues causing illness, isolating the doctor from him doing his part + now family needs to do theirs.

then you have family that can`t work together + folks get trapped in between. So the fear + repression alone triggers one to misuse. this on top of say not knowing how to breath correctly thru nose deep + softly into belly, then leaves negative effects, preventing 1 from having clarity to address issues that can get clear + laid out if community supports. When family don`t.

pooling thought building community, working with the small farmer, planning/planting the local traded seed for food which is better then medicine, energy building which is better then food, nothingness awareness with impermanence which is better than needing energy to fulfill preoccupations or that which is stored deep in layers draining our vital energy as we are enslaved with stuff.

Fine tuned locally from the doctor/educator/community policy/small farmer/wildcrafter/herbologist , etc. + both now being an equal in local community interrelating building community. with out leaving negative side effects, as all heal + go beyond, + experience harmony.

so folks understand how we create misuse, how to restore so as not to interfere in our ecological balance which is our true medicine, as we interrelate with it, absorbing natural energy as it flows within + thru us. if we relieve our baggage that restricts, blocks our energy, producing to much or not enough.

              Which we can get a grip of to maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation + with a variety of self-do_in`s as in rejoin`
                                   Productive – creative community`s  offer support for each to self-develop mindbody. Where we redirect + harness this wasted energy in negative unknowns + put it back into our self 1st. then each gain further fuel from cooperative focus, part time. as we set a infrastructure for those or us when unable. to ASAP regain balance if can.

To get involved in layers it takes energy. where as those hungry + cold without fresh water may not have the energy to extrapolate like this information. i share this for different levels of perception to be triggered so as to reach out in a walkabout. especially for those without basic comfort.

           + yes some may say they have all that yet struggling with layers of information/processing, etc. so that another issue. then i would say as some of thought i had, to much time on my hand. After a ton of do_in + doing to get beyond stuff accumulated 1st half of living. + not last half trying to rid. so don`t guess what 1 do_in rather communicate.

think about it,  when not ill, rather then go to doctor + introduce yourself for when in need. Do you also, address what sustains + fuels you.  to take responsibility understanding what produces illness. what part do you do, with your community offerings of water -food/wild to stay wild, the natural elements that sustain you. + when share this common subject it is a bi`joy that fuels.

yes we can shift our own energy + self heal with early signs. supporting those that waited to late for efficiency, with aware folks to guide.

all public facilities can link + speak the same language + each can take part in improving on this simple exchange with the community vs. solely 1 staff or another taking the brunt:.

         ex; by simply adding direct exchange with local sustainable farmers, foraging wild, putting in a fresh juice bar, run by students creating these social gathering venues. One becomes aware of wild to remain wild or why it isn`t their to sustain our small farms, as then community comes together for these missing links, removing the worn torn threads for clean rivers, trans-boundary migration routes, etc. wildlife managed thru plant succession. Realizing we are also a living organism requiring balanced ecosystems, giving us bio-diversity.

In the local social outings/establishments, as  I refer to `boiler room in port townsend to use as a good tool, especially if modified.1 learns plants are alive + their needs in the moment require attention to make fresh nutritional juices – community management for our ecological sustainability/ farming - foraging, etc. with hands on exchange one experiences the natural seasonal cycles. understanding life`s needs in each of these modes. Especially when supply the balance of nutrients with the disbursement of our energy, so as to be fueled naturally vs. false sense of high:.

                   taking this awareness/ energy home + welcoming in the family, changes the ballpark, then what presently is.  Each community has special folks/social buildings that may be more advanced then others. so each need personal assessment. The other subcategories may already have solutions to reflect with. so lets all do our homework so as not to repeat when bring input into this next` move.

As adults now change their mode of thought - no longer  do we live for the children`s future. rather they walk side by side communicating as each self- explore + develop community, that supports them + us to develop a self. yes all the self-inflated egos, now have a chance to restore a healthy sense of ego. While community changes a few rules:.

                such as unable to profit from a drug known to leave side effects when a natural one can be grown, such as i`ve supported folks to talk to Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle, that gets reasonable fees for  his herbs when treating patients.  + not give if a behavior can supply needs. + or understanding of stopping misuse + gaining energy thru other means then medication of being a regulator when now the person is controlling self preventing misuse.

          + with help of Prof. Miguel Altieri from Berkely, we can grow our food + medicine for local needs, use indigenous ways without pesticides that produce ill effects. + instead of draining our energy by having our local resources shipped around + back other countries, we can live only local in exchange with the big percentage of our goods needed/desired.

     see Masonobu Fukuoka`s 2012 documentarty on youtube on the food forests we can make + how simple life really is..

 For local healing we restore/build natural environments that  maintain them self. So no more GMO`s or pesticides sold so no more high yields of empty foods + or subsidizing needed. rather community talk about what to do naturally working within the local ecosystems + bioregional work with neighbors for sustainable seasons harvest.  where coop effort offers bulk + folks bring own containers vs. wasting packaging, etc.

                As well fisher folks do_in the same, working together with fisheries defining regulations, conserving resources for better needs such as international enforcement of our oceans.. helping those that misused + now abused from the systems that are dysfunctional  + interfering in folks local livelihood. Reshifting the distribution for good local exchanges, stocking up for the year with creative ways.

This focus is best down by us all part time. for we all share the same fuel source on this planet + at any time can be facing the same needs as others distressed. if we look at equality in life, we no longer will leave our important issues in others hands. For even in their best attempt, we are not equipped to think for another able being.

once one learns to maintain discipline over self - sensory observation vs. belief, we just don`t  look back accept for addressing what surfaces, to bring it to calm.  we stay fueled by new exploration, as we rid our baggage + take part in creating our moment. as daily we experience bi`joy interchanges with our natural world as our chores are in it.

we feel we should respect those gone, heal those in need + stop the wars..
accept nothing less than harmony. with good networking we bring us all together, change the understanding into 1 universal science as we stay within natures` limits.  Understanding our wiring process for processing our information..  

       + when in need, reflect for solution + get support from folks if needed to regain self-reliance.. coming back as an equal community participant where ever we define to put our feet. Now open to gaining local awareness of nature`s limitations. so as not to abuse.

wow this is a bit different then building security + walls along the Mexican US border + not allowing folks to cross. So we do have a ways to go before we all share like thought. for many have layers to confront.

To enjoy living simple `boon with our natural world. + when we share as this forum does with a pen pal mode in exchange. it is now a way to self-reflect in like subject matter, while further identifying what we do, that leaves negative effects on our self + others. + it is best addressed by sharing the type of ecosystem subject is associated with.

             so take a few reviews of this + self-observe, take notes if needed. For this is a `way of living local + experiencing life. harmony for all to reflect with + have examples to individualize + co_evolve with. even if physically restricted at the moment from foolish laws. but understanding there are many of us that support all life to learn awareness to freely transverse natural ecosystems without leaving negative effects.

             which if we all took a study of what abuse is left from people being unaware + trying to sneak in between the present laws. vs. the legal processes of multinational company`s unethically against natures laws distributing large quantities of products from country to country, made without respect for nature`s limits. i  have a feeling their would be no comparison.

So where do we start. we start with our self + what we can control. For once we make changes within, we then see life thru a different perspective. so now what we once thought was a major issue, now appears to be resolved. so if we are putting out our energy part time, then we want to make the best effort possible.

    ask self if wasteful, living in excess, fragmented in layers, interrelating with your ideal of community, which is what?? your next door neighbor, new one on the block/dock??  Or is it in mindset of your belief??  when think your mindbody is centered/ grounded/or off the wall, isolating you with like mind. Yet when get into your threads realize those worn + torn from abuse, needing to be responsibly rid, so you or another doesn`t have to deal with your baggage. Locally or at the end of your focus afar.

either way come reflect, don`t isolate when can`t go figure.. get some input, put hands on application + experience, then go figure..
add some common sense:.

                       such as a natural or human made disaster can happen to you, are you prepared. If not taking part locally in community rehabs + for those unable to be an equal participant of all, then you are not ready for your own local ER state, such as fresh clean water, waste, natural food, not to mention preparation for death.

             Too many folks are left alone suffering + unprepared for any of this as they stay preoccupied, distressed. This is where students can come in + in return they get to exchange + experience furthering their own clarity of participation. As we adapt to natural living, their then leaves us lil to prepare for if ER. Basically when natural disaster happens we regroup asap + bring life back to calm.

 For we already can have the ponds for fresh water recycling with as in hyacinths. Animals fertilizing. Lime used already for outhouses. So piles around. Foraged areas planted for perennials are enjoyed always. + our biowaste can be recycled back into our fuel for a variety of reasons. Community tool sheds can house critters/tools to camp out with outside kitchens that are already being used for homeless. So this list goes on as we switch mode of fear based preparedness, vs. living naturally efficient.

let alone can give a reality focus with what is behind the eyes vision. when we truly awaken to our mindbody potential locally + beyond.

when we think of this focus, we get clearer. as we take into account this reflection with others, now we awaken to those behaviors that have been out of balance. simply passed on from generations, left undressed. perhaps still creating momentum, for adding new bad behaviors. Utilizing our human + ecological natural reserves. In the plan` do_in we do over views + utilize land use for all uses, including natural disasters, where elevation can be handy for too sheds, etc.

Plus in my own experience when we leave what doesn`t feel right, as in our parents, our local community. it usually is because we where not supported to self-express + be part of this simple natural living. so our energies where distraught, + always seeking to regain a balance. trying to find out the missing link, knowing something wrong. but can`t figure it out.
              this is where major malls + stores supplying wasteful packaging traveled afar, interferes in our grounding + centering locally. as we put our hands in the dirt creating + sharing our food. developing our energy locally working within our natural resources.

this is where it is nice for community to help us think before we run. Where as mom was so good to me, now that i look back. + if i could of known how to answer here when she gave love within her limit of understanding. Then i could of somehow found a`way to let her help + together we would of figured stuff out early on.

        i didn`t know how to process what i was feeling/thinking. + that perhaps contributed to my clouded decisions i made, when i thought i could help more another way, + left + went to work, thinking money alone was the answer.

      when it could of all been easily sorted out, with all family members. especially if natural community came about with creative reflections of options, if do 1 way vs. another way.

which on the farms, it is this way. where once move to suburbia, the exchange of goods then no longer takes place in many cities. Which can still be with nice lil cooperatives + community sharing tool sheds as we share in bi`joy walkabouts, reaching out for folks to self-register + stay updated.

 which so many are looking for. + when we reflect from a balance coming from a natural way, then it is felt. Maybe yet to define like words but it is a start to sort it out. before just running on fragmented judgment, missing serious gaps. wanting to define or explore. Meanwhile leaving negative effects on loved ones. When by staying together it can be more efficient, especially if community participates. + those in need get extra support.

so those folks seriously leaving their country has a lot to do with the wasteful developed supposedly ways that are material + short sighted. When especially they can stay + develop with community + bring creativity to the community as one gets clear of desires + explore. Staying in touch with family. vs. having to sneak as many due thinking to better their life. which i hope we can focus as this as 1 of the priority issues of life rights. To freely explore + then come home or relocate family if choose to be elsewhere.

      as together we can share this planet + beyond if we sort this out.

We think we have it bad, yet can`t imagine accept for my dreams + awareness of others in war torn areas, being raised with nothing else. Shame on governments that support 1 hand to war + ignore the people suffering due to dysfunctional use of the support given. So this is a big issue that needs to be clarified. For each local area in distress.
this + many networks help out, where the virtual recording is clear enough for folks to do their homework at your own pace. + with this do_in we give time for each stage. plus folks are do_in eye-to-eye + this fuels a lot of harmony to add to this equation. for we don`t have to be another`s work table. + no one can do another`s homework.

            We now have space for it all. if able. if unable then be clear so others can give support. for our mindbodies are an open book + if we feel something listen. Compare so easily ya know if within comfort range, for everybody has different limits they accept or can tolerate. This can`t be assumed by anyone. best if we each get to know best our self. + stay within our comfort range.

           once 1 shows the interest + is charged, then they start fueling themselves. so now going back + reflecting with old ways, no longer is accepted. seems different + we actually get fueled our self as together we create, share like thought, explore that which is yet to be deeply brought to the surface, etc. + enjoy this world + beyond at this special time being alive. staying present creating our path as we walk it into our opening. fueled to continue exploration + the next` move, for us all. so with post, add your bi`joy experience that triggered your thought..

        this is a very good tool. it can be be very hard to keep with the moment, allowing us to apply this transition along the `way, to our selves. yet be in the moment, so as not to interfere, while we together make our `next move for the thought of those unable, enabling them to act.. when in reality it is for us all to truly see our unique cultural offerings from those living closest to the earth as they sustained + created within their means.  Which gives us much more experience then those of us,  that have been raised with fresh water, toilets, etc.

                        this means we drop those habits/services/tools/purchase of products,  + offer /create solutions for that which has interfered, producing part of the struggle that many less fortunate are experiencing:.

                       Yes, that means get into the detail of the products/services you use. what + where for production.. so you may feel good about buying organic but now you`ll look at the fair trade of the business you buy from + how far goods transported + marketing that makes sense.

                 specially with organic markets isolating to exclusive restaurants/clients, etc. fair trade, child abuse, toxic surroundings, effects left on all life + who produce, not to mention you for using..  equally see the natural substitutes of how those we can reflect with, that are so good. going beyond like struggles of dependency + have overcome all this + simply enjoy natural living. vs. the difficulty of making it simply organically certified.

         Please people, review your agencies + come back as a community member + work for friendly services to be shared amongst people.

 Those wrong list in makumbo. Share the `tapering transition.

now that you have reflection to stop + replace or rid completely. take responsibility to do this exchange with your loved ones + neighbors locally + beyond. discover that you may be quite the specialist in your particular area + can use this tool part time for exchange. fueling your further desires to explore, etc.. not full time + stop in midstream as many do, once they accomplish they stay in it full time feeling fulfilled from accomplishment.. leaving no space to fully balance own mindbody.

+ if like some, issues continue to unfold, especially when we want to help those closest to us, yet many times they fight us. until we can get clear to just lay out what is needed + the other realize their participation before any positive action can happen from help from another. especially when they don`t see due to being still perhaps stuck in another layer.  So this is when we try to gather local support group they do work with to work on this with them. where they can be more productive, vs. say us still triggering issues, that prevent them from getting beyond, due to overload of few issues..

we want you to be unattached to everything so as to stay with the natural flow of each seasonal offering of each local ecosystem that you have put yourself in..

how can we leave positive effects so abusive workers are held accountable.. to still have good technology for living within nature` limits. When yet the world is filled with multinationals sending goods back + forth around the planet + beyond..

here we network efficiently + post, for all to reflect with so not have to repeat + get trapped in the now exposure of issues where detail is fabricated or controlled making it harder to work with real issues. rather take it positively + see all this disaster as a window to hybrid way`s that work, fueling folks to enrich their thought as you apply yourself + build your community.

                           do you get the point in your `next move..

we want you to come from a subject that is dear to you, so this is a true unfolding/growth, from the heart. Ex; include the detail/use of, various materials as they are mined in few locations yet sold internationally.  So we build a list to share + become aware of ecological whoring. = solution for change. we want to hold our self accountable, locally + afar for services/products that are 1 of the threads supporting the negative happening.

by looking at prioritizing that which leaves the largest effect we can then address this easier, by coming together.

     in a local posted calendar, as in like patches message board, differentiate community chores of common sense vs. the `next move itenery:.
                          common sense as in a community potluck from local food, address issue ex: CSA gathering for aiding work support or even creating a CSA. addressing when farmers need help, defining seed, locations of planting in community, foraging, land reform, those in coop without food, folks with excess offering or those with a bad season in need.. etc.. we can link to see how non-family run farms are being removed from communities. Compare with the other end as in port townsend, wa where so many people grow small gardens, so less are needing small farmers. each community has choices to reflect with..

              lets say issue is; `genetically modified food`. Photos of food from field, CSA members.. link with:.
                                   just think if we all live local how their may be no need for the `next move.. this is certainly a tool. ex; if we all stop buying GMO food locally, their will be no monsanto issue. plus we need to understand how these bio-tech mind sets shifted when they discovered we did not want GNO.  to saving the poor with GMO. Miguel Altieri explains this planet food crises on his web page.  

We suggest no long term commitment, rather focus, 1 moment you may be leading, the next following, enhancing listening ability + always as an equal having the option to observe + offer input + edit it as you co_evolve..  so explore with a bi`joy walkabout as you gather + share with your community.

when we are centered + grounded firmly, our participation together becomes more efficient. rethink your position before taking part cooping this thought, please. don`t  let this not let you take part. rather come aboard + take breaks to absorb + reflect within your self. then reflect with us on what you are perceiving in each stage as you connect with like subject in appropriate subcategory, 1 or a few, about the issue at forefront.. or do for your cooperative once you worked thru + are clear. + share the bi`joy experience that you `booned with.

 we usually go wrong when pressures arise, so does adrenaline, lack of circulation, so many unable to stay calm to resolve, tapping into + utilizing our inner resources with our  conscious/subconscious tools, etc. leaving us jumping to conclusions with shallow judgment, back paddling..

take a step back, a deep breath, long walks with natural world, set your affirmations, your purpose, then if no answer, get out of your way. + have trust in your inner tools. reflect + gather others experiences in similar issues. get real with ridding your baggage so as to gain fuel for self-exploration..

what we want some times is not the same as what our material stuff demands. go mobile + carry only good tools to maintain discipline with sharp sensors..

                    look at the song made for gypsys – Tzgun, 10 minutes beautifully played by Joshua Bell or Siberian we love - Maxim Vengerov, whom plays by memory. when taught at a young age, study would only interfere with his ability to retain memory.  when teachers became aware of the decline by their study they switched gears.

            we all have different comprehension abilities, different means of perceiving, different brain waves when reviewing the same reflection of issue, etc. individuality is a true asset when offering reflection of clarity. We are fortunate to have indigenous that have retained being `boon with the natural world for us to locally reflect with. seek them out around you..

           the analogy of not knowing until you walk in ones shoes is reality.

never assume for 1 thing, what another do_in, communicate + interrelate with what is known from each. only then can each of us be triggered to go within + rethink for change, as we make choices. Even those closest to us can totally be on another path as they co_evolve. especially moms with new births breast feeding as they prioritize new life.

choices are what: lay out cloth/table reality, + define if have all the pieces. as I share with a loved one in turmoil, we are not awakening each day to the genocide as in what occurred in Armenia, where young + old awakened each day in the midst of dead bodies all around, until could free themselves of this horror + survive, as they did to tell story.

            be real with what you have + be thankful with the tools you have to start. so story comes across clearly.

                                this changes the drawing board a bit, + yes many terrible stories still are alive. Either in memory or in real time happenings, both leaving devastating negative effects.

we don’t want to just react + get stuck in another layer here. remember your already working baggage to rid, or bringing future delusion to now reality, successfully. + for some, actually for once, may be taking part being present, creating your moment. what once was your desire can easily change as you co_evolve. best to set no commitments accept to yourself. leave space for unknown.

         back off the pressures/resistance asap comfortable. be real with the truth around you + within you that surfaces + edit it, bringing all to calm...

take a ride if close, actually see with hands on, some of this thought, add threads or remove. the missing detail can better add piece to the puzzle. along with getting mind/body centered with real fact local + afar that is entangling these threads from folks not following thru ecologically responsible.

            perhaps no one ideal is the answer, as we gather at 1st a lot of disassociated energy within + without us, that is still on this planet from the entire negative that has + still is happening.. as folks awaken to self-awareness to self-sustain, + we assist in interchangeable cooperative effort until they can, or set up long term management for those unable locally + network how best to be efficient + achieve harmony from a movement/understanding, etc.

 don`t get lost in stuff for together we can use our resources for positive effects on self + others as we define 1 – 4 directions.

we do it with our whole mind, conscious + unconscious - drawing from the beautiful indigenous life offerings in real time that we are so fortunate to reflect + co_evolve with.. bringing from the depths within as a collective data bank processes synergistically with out unconscious mind.. as we unfold within our human potential..

                        yes as in directing a few vibrations of soothing energy. a means of exchange giving folks right to land use for their wildcrafting as they always have done. for the refugees/gypsy/honey hunters, unable to walk freely, herded out of town, when they once did exchanges for their livelihood, etc. as folks welcome them to find working grounds.

 vs. control as well they cleaned up their act as bad ones have spoiled there goodness. Again each area will have to define reality thru discussion, making it work thru trial experimenting for harmony.

               yes our `tapering transition is alive.. where those whom perceive resolution are supported to aid those that leave negative effects, where we support folks to rethink + resolve.. or transparency will take them down the hard way by folks stopping the support. This is foolish way. For we misuse our self a big majority of the time, especially when unaware, + it leaves negative effects on others unknowingly, with our judgment being clouded. We have great inner tools as we can instantly, once aware, change our brain waves + our bodymind adjusts accordingly, as we tune in to a calm mode.

                                in return it will fuel you + the many movements we link with, to get clear on our purpose in life, aiding all to totally self-satisfy.. yes, along with all the critters that gain, as habitats restored + left natural as we support trans-boundary migration, wild to remain wild, rivers to flow, to ecologically sustain life in natural harmony!

this project `i come to talk story - puts us all to work.. but it will be effective for us all to, as we unite with the many sharing like subject matter via ecosystem type.

this gives fuel for a backup plan, get a few things in motion with respect to all. follow up with what is in motion to see if correct or people forgot to put you on say that list to return call, etc.

don`t get stuck in compartmentalizing, where all looks good but it is not going to satisfy the bigger picture.. compromise or define if more research needed to fine tune the missing links.

know when it`s time to go beyond working within + reach out to the good folks locally around us that live responsibly.. sharing to become aware, so as to avoid such misuse.

           folks we have so many folks to thank for their good work. Anupam Mishra, we welcome you to post + share, so as to support your ideal of the next` move. see him in Ted archive. As well other`s work, such as roots of change..

all come to the cloth/table platform for an exchange. support change within, locally + afar -  for all life to enjoy a bi`joy walkabout..

            we all, can make our own path that we choose - as we walk it..

i know for many of you folks that have religious faith that may be hard for you to comprehend. but we are present in the moment + don`t want any other belief to take it away..

   make this eye to eye exchange/post, after some self-reflecting:.

               a photo, text, link or song in reference to the `next move do_in, where we open to the planet + beyond + invite the 4 direction mode in support of all our native Indians.. where we do 1 life right issue at a time, that affects the largest amount of those suffering.. that affects us all yet leaves negative affects on many seriously now.. which we can take part together, to define a direction that fuels the next.. like going deeper into our sense of calm, so our whole mind is in optimum relaxed state, yet  an alert `combined effect.

              1 -  clarity of what our 1st issue will be will appear after a period of combined posts + eye-to eye exchanges…..

              2 - we figure out how to make a difference efficiently as we automatically adjust the fine threads we all connected to….

              3 - we do it together across the planet + beyond, beaming an energy that no life can resist, as we combine all that we know - for the clarity will enrich us all.. + for those not alive we rethink their needs in real time + support healing..

              4 - we review lessons from do_in, co_evolve our community tool shed, for all to apply + network. So as to carry forward lessons.. as we reflect + evoke that within.. to dissipate the energy draining layers.. those which we have become accustom to, now begin to shift..

                     only now can we get ready for the `next move, to go deeper yet as our organic truth wants to sprout.. we accept nothing less than a direct exchange eye-to-eye in place. use this virtual forum as a tool to reach out in real time with this walkabout + link, in harmony..

begin again with # 1.

this next move is a move we want all to agree on, so it is worth it to let it brew..

we feel we can address several issues in a nutshell with clarity. due to 1 mindset that triggers the application, when we allow our brain the frequency for optimum clarity, as well our blood sugars leaving those effects, stress, unbalanced organs producing feelings, etc:.

                   these early cues we can identify. a sensitivity that becomes common sense; yes an insensitivity to self when allowing shallow perspective to leave negative effects, leaving misuse on self, as an inner personal issue. + when this preoccupation consumes us, we then have shortsightedness on all life around, leaving misuse on them as well.

amazing energy comes from mental clarity + physical strength, to all when each of us 1st centers our self + grounds, actually self-satisfying.

you see in our promo, our forum, we work to lessen our footprint, reflect + share + accept nothing less than harmony. which fuels us to address this:.

                  to see others involved with distributing policy, procedure, neural processing inefficiently for many, spending millions, billions, trillions.. i think you get the point. triggering many interpersonally to interact with many in a negative application. due to ideology that war economy is needed. or we need to help these poor folks.. this is unawareness that we will not accept.

i stated to senator Peter Defazio of Oregon to share with Congress + Barack, for they should not even have to be distracted from local + international issues in positive application with negative effects left from irresponsible folks, that have been allowed to conduct business unprepared for ER issues, gulf oil spill is 1. the other is Barack`s verbiage of world trade, products being transported across the planet, not living w/locally produced cooperative effort. + it is wrong for ideal of a national grid when we can be much more efficient, + keep it local. ex:.

            working together for our ocean`s sustainability locally + afar.
                  stop buying fish from fish farms, look at what canada is do_in to survive.. stop trawlers, for a drift net kills all, no nets, no round, 1 hook  + 1 line only will support our fisheries + our oceans to be balanced. Along with cold storage at a fee for fisher folks, not for profit. we can cooperatively  take part in changing this policy for our food. giving some support for these folks ending these policies that have allowed such abuse for too long.

 marine reserves are ment to protect rockfish so all reserves should be carefully put in the rocks,  carefully chosen for ling cod fishing, etc. no need for waste + excessive funds for these reserves, when fisher folks are restricted to where + limits, etc. + can efficiently be handled that way thru licensing.  I proposed for the thesis study in Port Orford, Or to include fisher folks monitoring the fish vs. implanting devices. leaving more cooperative effort for students to leave classroom, gain hands on experience + go with fisher folks to see the real perspective vs. interfere in 1`s livelihood with fragmented information.

          as well all ports should prioritize commercial fisheries, cold storage for cooperative effort supporting community shared tools, work space for boats, etc.

 this builds community when people have hands on in their local food. then comes fuel for all else appropriately prioritized. Now we have healthy folks for all students to reflect with, support + define how to rejoin, the define of I + build awareness from interrelating + building own community. which could be part of the school required curriculum. Yes actual students knowing their community members, sharing so no one is left along unable, struggling, etc. same with CG.

          as well the tools used for research can enhance fishing boat repairs if share during seasons when appropriate, so funds can go for more productive means for fisheries, fishing + research vessels cooperating tools, resources. eliminating confusion + stress on many due to closures, etc. as in Charleston Marina + other close proximity of Coast Guard, i proposed CG offering maintenance facilities + hands on application so they don`t have to continue retrieving broken boats from the ocean, pulling them in.

           working for our wild to remain wild with no fish farms, no unnecessary marine reserves, no wave energy nowhere, when we have options on land, at less expense + less chance of emergency states, etc.. as well no GMO, no monocultures – which some communities have developed moratoriums to remove them from local county, no pesticides presently done with toxic overload, as in Miguel Altieri`s suggestions working with indigenous ways that work as he created agro-ecology curriculum, resources for our planets food system to regain local balance.

      Folks if you didn`t already become aware in our do_in`s then please review them + don`t buy these products + work for local policy change, not allowing these folks to sell or grow with these toxic products controlling the seed market as well food.

they don`t allow in some places - folks to save their own natural seed. which we won`t  to support seed saving gatherings + make it a fun day of exchange with music + sharing farmers goods, etc.

          working for local energy efficiency where we can recycle the wires, rather then everyone having their own components at greater expense. we can use a few generators with a substation. make local juice at voltage we need locally. no national grid where it is inefficient to build substations to go across country with high voltage + it`s effects on life, + then have to bring it down, up + down switches, etc.

especially if we could use tesla`s science + the works in progress even before him. we could use the earth + no wires. It has been very wrong for people on this planet to take his research findings + others + use it for military, when our lives could prevent struggling, prevent a false sense that we need the war economy.

       folks we can live within nature`s boundaries + be cooperatively self-sustaining. wires from a grid nationally just continue to suck up people`s money, livelihood, etc. nature`s way is for all life to `boon with. not put a price ticket on it for a handful of folks internationally controlling other`s as negative effects are left on life. we have means to build hybrids locally recycling local wires only, no nuclear- rid all appropriately which is a job enough, let alone 180 billion to revamp a new system.

australia + china are willing to work nuclear power plants vs. coal.

               working with natural inner-intra personal awareness to reduce our footprint + utilize resources, such as wind, water, steam. + in appropriate locations local produced solar, along with small diesel, even gas generator, etc. hybrid. Innovative ways to revamp as in modify existing cars with electric vs. create new ones, as in folks in santa cruz, ca do_in since the late 70’s.

folks don`t  get lost in information, rather make it simple so we truly understand the essence of what is. Emptiness + no desire, simply self-satisfied, being present – taking part in creating our moment, fuels us to come together part time cooperatively to do just this. + define how efficiently to embrace vs. displace energy + together aid those unable until able to do the same. that is what our purpose should be. + in doing this our life opens to amazing awareness of the tools we all have within.

               working with young + old `boon with our indigenous still living a simple natural life. building on ways that work, fine tune frequencies, turn of wire, right size coil + tune a few with switches.. rethinking of our present  ability to monitor what  is. as in when one is dying, to do it easier. let our young + old  create with nature.

                     yes, make connection + rid the dysfunction of government inefficiencies + give direct feedback for each issue that they report + walk with them. as in baby steps from the heart - humane life right aware feelings. those that we use everyday in our natural living. that so many are yet to experience. for we know when we have achieved harmony, we no longer accept anything else. Even if mishap, we work to restore our energy + regain our exploration, our participation.

                ASAP we get back up, may get knocked again, but point is we never come to an attitude that aggression is the answer.

rather we stay within harmony, compassion + positive exchange with `tapering transition, supporting folks to rethink, center + ground. regaining natural balance within our human potential.

we don`t want this to consume our energy. we want to bypass that + get to nuts + bolts of what this purpose is + recreate our understanding so our input is an aid, not an interference.  we can actually see where this effort fits into building local + beyond community in a positive way + linking movements together produce a synergy to make a difference.

 Patches` forum which coincides with prioritizing living eye-to-eye locally 1st + use the virtual tool to post your results. For others with like subject + like ecosystem can then be triggered to fine tune for them, as they research + reflect, make a pen pal or 2 + most importantly live in retrospect locally.

this living in real time gives us fuel to part time due this cooperative focus as we do exchange local + beyond..

if you are being a responsible local + beyond participant, you know our community needs. + with interchangeable roles, folks can be clear in real time to communicate them locally + beyond if working to do with another for local sustainability for all life.

as far as ER issues, each time 1 defines to do business we can grip this in the bud at the other end locally. with better policy from research:.

               when 1st applying for a an ideal to implement a business locally we can gather people + discuss thoroughly the need + define if all issues covered before granting permission to enhance local ecosystems, life rights, etc. allowing folks to co_evolve with indigenous vs. replacing, etc. fair trade locally, not transport from afar, not allow a store to come in an ecologically whore. rather invite them in to do what locally is needed. + together build your community.

 have a pri` performance experience, celebrate as we sort this out. reflect with the many around the world resolving issues by interacting in an exchange creatively. It works to let go of aggressive acts + bring in self-expression to self please.

               we can efficiently go figure the next` move, that we all agree on.
look at peace negotiating deficiencies around the globe + beyond, + expose  folks interfering, to see how positive conflict peaceful resolution can take hold ASAP as we fill in missing links. + define detail of threads for people desiring expenditures for nuclear, bio- aggressive wasteful military policy,  weapons.. large expenditures to whom for what..

          folks we aren`t baking a cake, we are talking about taking a stance together to end the war mode economy.

Please forgive the errors, the yada yada, hopefully you can see beyond this. For to get this out to you local folks has been very difficult with the scams, viruses, broken computers + undeveloped technology of the virtual world. i`m sorry i just can`t support technology that makes you buy so much when interchangeable parts can be had. Bill Gates + Microsoft did big time damage controlling various markets. Please don`t be that kind of a follower.

 Folks look at the linux mindset + open source available free to all, this is what we should build on.

  The world is filled with much greatness to reflect with, lets link this movement for efficency!

please give feedback, gather in a potluck, discuss this + 1 community representitive network with your neighbor + share again as you widen your scope. then have 1 from your biome, etc. come post. so no one has to review a lot of words. take a look at the comment before you + build on it for efficiency, or simplify.

         lets define how much time gathering # 1 issue before we clearly define + post # 1 + give time notice to close # 1 + go on to # 2. so we can link with the many peace movements + not repeat or interfere.

         so all can review the submissions to co_evolve with + help define a clear issue to cover the planet.                  
                 we can all make our own path, we choose, as we walk it..  

                                                  go figure