if we are ever going to make changes we need to continue to work where our legislators fail..

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Dear Ms. Lincoln:

Thanks for your message supporting a diplomatic and peaceful resolution to Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.  I appreciate hearing from you. We are in complete agreement.
I strongly support diplomacy and believe the United States should explore every conceivable alternative to resolving our differences with foreign nations before engaging in armed conflict.
You will be pleased to know that I recently joined my colleagues in sending a letter to President Obama encouraging his administration to "pursue bilateral and multilateral engagement with Iran" and reiterating support for "robust, sustained diplomacy [as] the best option to resolve our serious concerns about Iran's nuclear program, and to prevent a costly war..."
During consideration of this year's defense authorization bill I voted in support of an amendment by Rep. Barbara Lee to appoint a Special Envoy to Iran to ensure that all diplomatic avenues are pursued to avoid a war with Iran.  The amendment was defeated 77-344.
I also supported an amendment by Rep. John Conyers to require the Director of National Intelligence to submit to the congressional intelligence committees a report containing an assessment of the consequences of a military strike against Iran.  The amendment was passed unanimously.
Finally, I did not support H.Res.568, a resolution that would change long-standing U.S. policy by moving the so-called redline for U.S. military action against Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons to acquiring nuclear weapons "capability" – or the ability to produce enough weapon-grade uranium.  While this sounds benign, the language has significant policy implications and would move the U.S. closer to military confrontation.
A preemptive military strike against Iran could lead to a regional war in the Middle East and attacks against U.S. interest.  Even worse, such a strike would likely compel Iran to abandon the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, eject international inspectors, and rapidly pursue a nuclear deterrent.
The Obama administration should utilize all available tools of diplomacy to resolve the crisis over Iran's nuclear program and to prevent another costly war in the Middle East.
I am hopeful that previous sanctions passed by Congress and the diplomacy skills of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will bring about a peaceful resolution to this matter.
Again, thanks for writing and please keep in touch.  


Rep. Peter DeFazio
Fourth District, OREGON