i`ve choose to redirect.. no way can the nuclear priesthood continue to control the Pentagon..

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i share what is no longer my `way..


Please close my subscription to the DCCC.

    this is not responsible gov, this is not even close to democracy, when legislators make yourself get paid for the rest of your life, whether you continue to work in gov or not, as well such high salaries as you get now + ask for funds from public. nor even answer detail vs. generalized letters or 3 min allowance to talk a t a town meeting, yet you fail to take part as a local community participant. count me out, too much dysfunction. i`ll stay with my local cloth/table network + link with our human family local + afar that respects all life..

 we  at i come to talk story offered a nice community building project osic in the building. for students to come together with OFA, + help sort this out. to point out your missing threads for dysfunction + give hands on.

so you could better come back into your local community + be a responsible participant. not allow such lack of transparency, + continue to do such criminal inhumane acts as you do locally + afar by simply disrespecting life. i`m ashamed of your lies, the people you leave behind in every local community. yet spend what you do on the weapons of war vs. the good tools we have for life, if only people can reach them, become aware of them..

  the use of nuclear weapons in the middle east + anywhere on this planet is unacceptable. as well your inability to respect locals as in the Congo, or support war criminals as in Rwanda, as UN states. then to allow Hillary to give more USAID + the US schools to reduce fees + give support, when yet children go to school in Charleston, Oregon hungry + schools can only go 4 days a week due to no funds + people in US ER have to suffer to death until their flesh comes apart, due to lack of sensitivity + good awareness, as they depend on equipment that is insensitive vs. working with human exchange with sharp sensors. meanwhile many drs get paid extremely high fees. yet they should be required to go back to school as they become sensitive to `ways that work as i`ve suggested, 1 to many times to you people yet to have any personal response, so we could better assist. Dr. Yun Wang has great solutions.

   Bill Clinton + Barack to support business without thinking of ecological priorities of what sustains all life is very unaware.+ i`ve seen you both do it as you wanted to extend Walmarts, whom leaves much interference in local life where ever they go, same with golf courses, they may support exercise but they ecologically interfere in local communities.

you guys will have to learn the hard way i guess + experience this suffering yourself, or watch your loved ones as many of us have. for we feel their is a more friendly `way to learn + people to people, sharing these solutions, conserving resources, is the way to start..

well we refuse to be part of it.. not to mention have such a psychopathic view to have to have so many weapons of war. or such drama in your communications, as you show no simple respect for those left behind yet to suffer more from your inecusable undeveloped acts. as Dr. Helen Caldicott said, grow up + end weapons of war, stop interfereing in people`s ability to self-sustain.

you people throw money around like irresponsible children. yet feel you can tell others not to. as you continue to support Israel + think you have the right to spend millions training others in military acts, western medicine, pushing pharmaceutical big bus, nuclear priesthood, expensive footprints, etc. you are so wrong.

no thanks i choose to work with good people sharing good solutions. after seeing how sick your campaign was on both sides. then to see this want for more funds to continue, as this entity is out of control. our neuro networks are not designed to handle this flipflopping without leaving mixed signals. this has negatively effected many, leaving more stress on others...

Time is running short before the deadline hits, and we need to put a spotlight on Pentagon spending in Congress. Thank you so much for taking action.

We need to counter the onslaught from the weapons industry and their allies in Congress. Can you please ask your friends to join you in taking action?


Thank you for speaking out.

sincerely i`m not interested in being associated until you grow up, kara j lincoln