i share what i post to Barack Obama, MyGov + UN world we want 2015, that i want now, how about you? what is your next` move..

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thank you for invite.

                   i find it efficient, to see how i can trigger your thought to act ASAP.

          please note i don`t mean to be disrespecful in not properly titiling President Barack Obama or Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon, rather i state names for simplicity.

i can`t imagine why this segment is added for disabilities, gay/lesbian or indigenous. for in my mindset as i co_evolve, i add all equally to inequalities. For i suggest all to go within + see how many are yet to have this neuro network as we hang on to fragmentation, isolation, etc. as we create these mindsets by laying out a cloth/table platform segregating.

in our project osic in the building, until we can unite a global structure with resources easier to reach out, then as i propose, with limited resources. which i soon will be seeking global school + reps for no schools, emails.
                                                 i welcome them from all.

                                where students will 1st work, as we focus direct together,
                     with them in classroom to prepare community to work with them locally.

then go give hands on to those without daily needs met, as others rehab/create good support for all locally/globally. this is what we do in civilized world, yet know that i see the Congo/Rhwandan issue that never quit, it truly makes me ill, to see the so called non-response from the civilized
supposedly world.

         i ask a few experiencing hands on about reality. as well i see UN special group report, as well many as they tally, yet no solution as corruptionsupports it to continue from the outside world fueling weapons + purchasing unethically. i`m sure every local community, globally, has the same inequality.

         i proposed to Pres. Barack Obama + UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon for local agro_ecology practices where locals do for locals, then to neighbors, so all out side sales would  be ethical + only happen once within Africa, locals are self-sustained.

    meaning locals should gain from local ethics/business as they are best to work the natural resources + can support their human rights.

plus ecologically we then have a link with our wild biomes for our genetic-biodiversity to fuel us locally, globally. as we all prioritize local food/fish/medicine sovereignty, as locals work their biomes. + investments support that, not control or repress or enslave, etc.

it is a horror for us to leave our human family in fear, ill, diseased easily transferable, prematurely dieing, with all healthy;

       no matter what title you have put on them - disabled/indigenous/gay-lesbian included.
leaving people with personal needs, mental/physical illness, without skilled support. that as in US western medicine used alone, being dysfunctional.

        until you add oriental medicine as Dr. Leon Hammer has discovered in family psychiatry over 55 years + he still continues now to write what works.

                you can see these signs easily in their neuroprocessing on their face;
      not to mention physical deteriation of young/old/women/men, as they fear more attacks of a variety of inhumane ways. it is early signs we can work with, as these people have been left behind in masses, while many in every community experiences the same, globally.

                     CongoJustice.com + reporter from Human Rights worker, Anneke Van Woudenberg
reports it, as well your UN group report.

        but you don`t state as i have offered here in forum, about no structure, no simple respect for life/destruction for habitat for life/real issues of mircobes becoming resistent
creating disease that will reach all negatively local + be carried/transmitted afar thru a variety of ways.

          Bill Gates mode of promoting investment in vaccination is not the answer. Nor Bill Clintons/Barack Obama business approach for Wallmarts to expand. only if we restructure business in a tapering transition efficiently, to do only local agro_ecolgogy practices, will we help the world.

               nor can anyone continue, including UN, if UN is too continue;

 to disrespect UN requests. as ex: with proper purchasing of mined products as UN shows in last group report of Congo, for US. or sales of weapons, etc. continueing the resistence, along with their need for mind/body help.

              rather we need clarity in energy efficiency in communicating, prioritizing ER function;

as in the Congo + other high risk areas as each of us prioritize in our local proposed tallies, as in project osic, etc. so we priortize ecological assessments for natural enhanced limits to fuel our development with agro_ecology gauges in place, along with local `plan land/freshwater use review to sea,
while consecutively, aid is given to human/all life respect.

  look at all the goodness we have now from all, + if structure is orgainized, each plug in directly to interact in an exchange.

which is fueled by working within these ecological limits, with priortizing life in place. no more random financial gain/fear based with false green or war mode economy, leading development. that would over rule.
                                          enough corruption left in files result from this.

              it only shows how primitive UN/Govs are to not use good science based on indigenous/local values for respect for all life equally, so as for each as a human right, to have access to network to self-develop;

no early signs responded to, why, can you not perceive your own?? only those with sharp sensors should be in responsible positions. UN/gov seems to get hung up on protocal over lack of development. yet unaware how present lack of structure creates it.

yet in studying now this history to stop being ill, i see the developed so called people long ago enslaving these people, keeping them from self-developing as a human right. as world gained from their deteriation as well the local natural resources.

                   that we all are interdependent on locally, to link our wild biomes.

          shame on you, shame on my ignorance to think past genocide was cared for. or that you where aware of how you where destroying what sustains us.

                        give me their wild skills anyday over your eliteness inequality prioritation of own back yard which is very shallow.

now supposedly 4000 soldiers with same mindset from Rhwandan genocide, your tallies may also
show more? that had to get even sicker over time as they have been in jungle fending for self, continuing
with their mental/physical illnesses that also deserve to be rehabbed, not killed or left to fester.

you people are missing some big issues of microbiology, not to mention human compassion for
our human family that deserves to be self-developed with structures in place. healing for their
repression/suppression + now add prolonged torture + having to be on the run.

                 i fear for your karma, those of you gaining from this dysfunction or lacking to see this ER that needs all of our attention now.

                 i seek now awareness for defining tapering transitions that are real. to continue to give
all support as all equally in our project osic proposed. as we build ecological sustainable working communities that harmonize. so this over works me now, due to this reality check i was unaware of, due to preoccupation of also dysfunction here in US, as i worked with many left unable.

for i never expected you folks to allow this, but why are you any different them my ignorance,
as my preoccupation has kept me from truth of this. well i`ll tell you, my footprint is very small + we yet as a non-profit to recieve any outside funds. when you folks get paid salaries/funding from the world. yet look at all the bickering in US alone from highly paid legislators using drama, disorganization, fear tactics to the last date. they should be fired.

this Congo awakening will just modify our mindset as we work now to include it + each individual issue + the tallies will show a bit more. as good people create solutions. fueled by the amazing sensitivities the Congo/Rwandan people + others in other conflict areas of large scale, will give in exchange.

               as we share to prioritize ER needs, what can work, for i see skills they have
that many don`t. + as with ER preparedness for natural diasasters their wilderness awareness is
a great tool for ex; many US people left emotional without, yet many never experienceing anything like this genocide in Congo.

      so once they know they have equality in an exchange, i know it will fuel them to
start the healing process. that i alone will set up with those i can reach in a dialog from afar. even if have to do a people chain, 1 telling the other to reach out farther.

+ Dr. Yun Wang a traditonal chinese Dr can help with herbs they may have locally??

         i share now to contacts i`m attempting now to make. so they understand they can stop this fear
+ restore sharp sensors to be better prepared to survive on their own, to not steal from their moment. yet better prepare as their mind is free to think. as those with many resources i hope will rethink + come aboard. so we can address this from all areas. to stop this madness.

To then co_evolve what can + bring necessary support to the cloth/table to then together as local community make a `plan land/freshwater flow to sea use review. + as we come together building this archive showing the process, strategies + schematics, we will make this process more friendly, as we propose in project osic, to reach out + give hands on to those in need.

i seek your partnership, due to your truth i hear + resources, same with Barack in attempts for change. so we can resolve. but trust me i will move beyond you if i see any signs of you continuing manipulation, that i am finding in my review from both of you in this history.

we are experiencing technical web problems as we work on our `read more mode, condensing our comments, which we are unable to do now, making reading a bit harder.

sincerely, we look forward to an efficient structure to be orgaininzed for all people, with support in place, to then come to cloth/table as an equal + together we work with transparency, to go figure.

peace is our option if we share what works as we create this structure, which i offer my help.

                    thank you, i look forward to our partnership + appreciate bulk emails being posted here under school emails, kara j lincoln