i share my quest in attempts to set up a collaborative ongoing teleconference, please leave contact info if interested..

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Hi Timothy,

  i discovered your site from an invite to a meet on Free Trade/Fair Trade regarding Baracks present negotiations.

thank you + all, for sharing your stories, it is a very nice site.

i`m not as fortunate as your Hero Susan for i write to many words, which i`m working at, but may i share a few, + i don`t mind if you post this;

   you have many more experiences with organic gardening, where i`ve worked 100 acres in past wanting to communicate when gov wanted to give me subsidees + i refused, as public officials manipulated wrong doing, seen the food deserts as i traveled, yet lived thru them, as i priortiized my work + did survive on my own with sprouting, going without, etc.

 but oh how i love nice local markets/small farmers that are natural. the tastes i still can only remember..

 + that is what we work to priortize now, local food/fish/medicine sovereignty in our project osic in the building.

  first off can you please date your articles, they are so good + informative + i do respect your work + have used it already in my writings to legislators + Barack/UN sec gen.

also i have always had a problem with the expense of organic as well when so fortunate to have it in stores, would be so ugly + spoiled. plus i recently saw an article i`ve lost, but it is fighting for 4 organic labels, not 1.

where i truely would like to be part of your group you speak of to not just support organic `ways, but i`ve learned from La Via Compesina + Nyeleni, groups to use agro_ecology verbiage, plus the practices are more aware politically + for equality, etc.

   plus i`m a supporter of Prof Miguel Altieri` work as he works with indigneous farmers in the world + then creates good science from them into agro_ecology at Berkeley, Ca UNIV. he knows well of our global food crises + also has many tests that prove yields to be compreble but without cost of illness, etc.. google him, if not aware.

also their is so much waste in natural vs organic understanding + my experiences from my travels, learning 1st hand as my herbs where cooked + many could only smell them, as something new, never experiencing, yet hungry, then to find Japan had just came into an island in the Solomons to deforest their hillside that then ran into their bay leaving theri fish unhappy, as i explain in out forum. nana, the chief would come everyday + say - i come to talk story.

so we named our project from this;


       my awakenings keep me ill at first then preoccupied to try to resolve, so we are long in the co_evolving mode as i just recently awakened to the genocide ongoingly in the Congo, when yet it 1st contributed to the start of our project in 1994, yet i was so naive thinking people would give aid, when yet i originally got sick due to hearing via shortwave 2000 miles off shore on our sailboat, yet to discover it has continued.

i post about it if interested in our next move` subcategory.

so my issues has been to see how we can work with every community as we focus direct with students. so i'm presently editing to clean up, then i want to collect emails for schools + reps without, + do a global email. unless someone with more skills with more resources takes over as i also offer presently in Barack`s Fellowship as a commenter; MyGov + also UNworldwewant2015, as i state needs over due now, etc.

   if not i will continue as a new non-profit to try to get donations for more support. to reach out so we all can be on same page to live local with agro_ecology practices. so that ment like I just told Barack that as ex; in his speech in Ghana as he says they also can export, where i see you do support export with Fair Trade, where i have been pushing to live local, produce local, sell local + reach out to neighbors 1st.

so as in Ghana supporting the UN forum now i speak of above, i stated the Congo would not be in the trouble it is in, if as ex: Barack would speak of local practices + that Free trade is not Free, rather fragmented, when Fair Trade in my ideology would go 1st to locals uniting to reach out farther to locals, then if abundant, then consider exporting, etc.

but i feel with my work holding Barack accountable thruout this mad campaign, as well this war mode + false green economy is his producing without the ecological assessments i've asked for from agro_ecology gauges. to understand only small natural developments that work within these enhanced natural limits should be. + all else should be in a local tapering transtion process.

  which i was actually just in my head awakening to how we could focus + was stumped, thinking we must be very sensitive with compassion showing comparables, so as to reflect an energy that can be felt from so many that have allowed their sensors to become dull, leaving them unaware that we can maintain sharp.

  in fact i`ve just suggested with my daughter whom i will be working with on a motion dance performance to use links for politcal acts to happen, as we chorograph this understanding of this over view.

  for many do not have the neuro networks yet, but can.

this is something i still work at, for i`m a mother of earth, grandmother + when bombs + fighting take off it just triggers the fears i had from a dysfunctional upbringing when my father would simply beat my sibblings due to them being brats, but they never deserved this, but he also was beat in arkansas as a student with a belt, so that is all he knew.

    so we all had to fend on own very early, yet being raised in this setting always having good tasting food,+ a lot of love to the best of their ability. never did they realize people would strip the phyto nutrients to gain more shelflife/profit, etc. which in our family left us with raised spikes of blood sugars unable to resolve the roller coaster ride. so we had very bad experiences then they played music.

  meanwhile starting early on i knew their was a better way + i would find it, sadly as a child i did not share more due to the fear i suppressed, yet at an early age young can give so much more to the family unit, which they would of appreciated. i saw that too late.

this is why Susan, your hero is right on, for we all need these neuro networks to be built each night as we sleep, after each day working assertively in a positive mode collectively. yet so mnay deserts of awareness also, but we feel addressing students then can help us reach out + share their beautiful energy, once we work together teeking a few understandings, in us all for equality. stating the truth for we all are an open book.

  fortunately with many good people reflecting good energy that moves us to adjust. you also are one of them. thank you.

so i see you have children, + i hope all participates, as   i see now tht we can do, + we do with my grandchild at lil over 2, + others a lot older that also now are carrying that dyfsfunction i fought when young.

so we must realize everyone has different experiences thay are bringitn to this cloth/table we work for, + all should listen + communicate. for everyone has goodness in some area, + we can support baggage to be rid as we recylce efficently into what works.

   so i co_evolve + see now that it can be simple. we need to organize + get people to understand thru examples + our project osic has the `way sharing as in people like you in patches` of goodness to reflect with pockets` without, but they really are not without, due to their endurance + wilderness ability to survive, but no way does anyone deserve anything less than understanding we can maintain disipline over our self-sensory observations vs belief, as we can cooperativley unite + live local.

 + no one else should prevent that, as it is now.

  i give people the benefit of human error as they pursue greed, + profits, + feel they truely do not understand a simple quality of living as in Fair Trade.

   i feel they will also support locals to work the local wilds that have yet to be worked as they incoraporate into their `plan, that we suggest, as they gain ingigenous `ways as good science.

+ once marketed this simply, which my words now are drowning to those unable to concentrate, plus we are limited with resources so i`ve over worked. but we will keep making it clearer as students come aboard. for this is not about me, it is about all of us.

+ we want to build this archive to share this process, good + bad, strategies + schematics, so others via like ecosystem/subject can then be triggered to fine tune + apply.

so i welcome you + am trying to get the results of the meeting on TTP that gave me this site;


please note i also emailed you due to my inability to comment today, it was rejected + security words kept changing but no go. plus i emailed before, to get update on meeting + yet to get an answer, for i`m going to a community meet here locally tomorrow + wanted to share the update.

plus originally i was given this meetings link + i thought it was a teleconference, but it was live + local only, it appears, i got no answer yet.

i would like to work to have teleconferences stable so acts can be defined. i presently am on skype living on a sailboat which we are trying to sell n charleston, oregon.

then we want to get into another with certain specs to perform a few functions, to prioritize our networking thru virtual tools with live community meets as we travel.

plus we would share a few parts for small alternative supplements, like cheap schematics for building a cooperative water desalinization unit, or others using even gas generators.

we are into recycling, getting to the root of the issues, not supporting yuppies, no offense taken to you, for your work.

but sadly i see when organic food gets into expensive restaurants, it is untouchable by locals, in our personal experiences..

i know how sad it is to be in food deserts, i`ve given up so much to work our project for those with out any food period, yet programmed with religion/belief yet leaving them unable to feel the good balck earth under their feet.

   we built our original sailboat + circumnavigated the pacific, so it was in these travels plus here in US as we support many with terrible personal experiences to illnesses, western meds, etc. yet good solutions with TCM, dr. Yun Wang from seattle helping many taper off + into herbal formulas then off them. as well hands on in sutainable gardens, etc.

so we have solutions, we just need to simplify + complete so as to network + fundraise. for we always paid our own way up until 2008 when i was foolish + we fell with many, so still in debt, yet those that stoled took along with them our hard work, as many.

so we are limited with cash but not with ideas. so we will be leaving next week for a 3 month stay in port townsend, wa where we will continue our work + include some nice performances/acts.

so i look forward to your feedback. i also am awaiting technical support from skype, to define if problem of not getting messages is due to our internet on boat, or their isssue. to enable me to continue to due what i would like + conference with many.

for even the meet recently would of been nice to archive it for us, or du it live. skype is cheap + on land is very good, it is our internet i beleive on boat with weather/tidal exchange, etc. that leave me leaving garbled messages that i just now am becoming aware of.

plus we have had many illnesses/suffering with family/deaths that we also came back to from australia + sadly they all contribute to this unawareness of misuse/abuse which Free Trade supports. not realizing how it steals from families unable to simply enjoy, when yet so much suffereing due to pharmaceuticals, drs neglect, when yet i say to them they should express they don`t want to continue to study, when we have solutions, when yet they tell patients their is nothing else they can do.

  as they leave them over medicated, + unaware of simple food effects, etc.

well in our proposed walkabout we invite them to come into community to see their effects left. + i see no better `way for students to self-develop then to identify these truths as they reflect with people like you living the talk.. as we continue to resolve.

so whether then to stay preoccupied with so much in between, we should target + see how efficiently we can get with stopping ill practices with early signs of gentle bells + whistles. as in the exchange of needs + offerings locally paralleleing the Free Trade, as students can do this with our focus direction together.

i've told Barack alot but i still see him not connecting, so i will continue to try to define away to hold responsible roles accountable. as i invite them to come back nto their local community + become a local participant working on these issues, etc.

so thankyou again for allowing me to communicate, for i work thru my issues this way to simplify. for none of us can do this alone.

+ i want to do it with engaging good science to replace + link that which is fragmented or has been manipulated from those unaware or have another sense of values, as Miguel Altieri states when his 200 plus files get over ruled by another leaving toxic effects.

good day to you + keep up the good work!

sincerely, kara j lincoln