folks let your voice be heard to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction..i share our feelings..

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 Dear Folks of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction:

     I thank Rebecca, from Peace Action West. as she has reminded me of much detail that makes me sick, that you folks are presently acting on.

     I am writing to urge you to support a deficit reduction plan that cuts wasteful military and nuclear spending that has interfered in the ability for people to simply live. and creates a more unbalanced delusional mode thinking we need a security budget.
       if you are local community participant within the natural world you would easily feel + perceive what is wrong here.

        we feel sharing awareness to restore our self + our community back within nature`s limits, is a life right. to build self-empowerment, supporting interpersonal growth, thru community reflection, creating all kinds of jobs.

     thru a natural community exchanging/spreading awareness thru the educational department, built by students. by Opening the Doors of the classrooms into the Community, into an cooperative exchange. where we share ideals in our recent forum opened to all.

        along with a good police force, that is rehabbed for responsible instruction, for folks to gain awareness of their misuse + to understand how to rid it, as they bring themself to calm. why should one that has survived with misuse, not even aware of it, be then penalized, without rehab. do you realize how many folks carry simple bad behavior passed down, just from prior generations trying to survive this continued stress built from a war mode economy. which is wrong..

  i just reviewed some grants available thru the Terre Vivi international entity, in attempts to not just see you folks help but put our project to the use for all. for we have solutions. so if any of you have suggestions please share how we may be of most help. for UN should be supporting this for all locals, vs. await our low budget, grassroots walkabout to reach out farther. for projects like ours + many have the fine tuning that has been so badly ignored.

 As a serious deficit plan can't ignore the bloated Pentagon budget, as well the legislatures + again the foolishness of presidential lobbying/campaign funding. as real time issues are ignored.

 I don't want things like our human family life rights to be ignored any longer. interpersonal growth to have clarity + energy for job creation and education, has been sacrificed for unnecessary spending. when yet the students of all ages, along with the degreed in the working field can come together in a manditory program, as community is voluntarily supported in an exchange. with degreed professionals as well walking side by side.

          this depicts the reality of what is ignored,that which falls thru the cracks, the fine tuning left without, as nature co_evolves, yet we, you + other folks are unaware + not `booon with it, as it will take a bit to remove all the baggage, etc. leaving all live being negatively effected 1 way or the other. while you folks think you focus on what is real. it is too complex for the struggling folks to comprehend.

Please support a plan that:

* Cuts all spending in the Pentagon budget on weapons beyond awareness for a good police force locally + internationally. along with our educational program we suggest. and now only local students should orchrestrate local community participants.

       private contractors should not be hired. along with all milatary personnel:

          rather we invite them into a tapering transition to reprogram, for them to self-observe with local community members that offer perception + together create local sustainable biomes. to sustain local communities.

now network via ecosystem + like subject what works, as our project triggers thought. + we end all aggressive acts. as communities are built by people to bring them self to calm.

what better way to fuel movement of jobs, so all can start voluntarily as they get clear of what each desires, as we all co_evolve + work together.

* this then Ends the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, + everywhere.
* Cuts all nuclear, chemical, biological, etc. weapons spending in the Department of Energy and Department of Defense
* Avoids disproportionate cuts to the international affairs budget, rather adds some creative engineering..

  we welcome you, to our recently opened to the public, grassroots forum. as many folks have struggled/still are, to rid the baggage created by many, as we build solution: cooperatively building local community to support us all to become a local, global + beyond participant, that harmonizes with the natural world..

     as your combined choices have left many negative effects on other life.

  we support folks to simply live with respect for the natural design.. please join in + i think you will see where their really is no need or room for any of what you folks have done + many continue to think/act on, when you self - observe + take part in your local community defining it`s needs to rid + offerings to exchange. so you each better rethink what your role/position should be responsibly do_in.

        please ask your self, are you living as a local within your natural world,`boon with it. or as a representitive to this dysfunctional government entity, that has interfered as well in perhaps your ability to self-sustain, as it has to many locally + beyond.

 we feel, by joining together with all local members + networking as needed, we can then recycle all to build sound simple natural communities, by living it. so all can self-develop our true human potential. which now many are unable + stuck with information over load, as layers continually number, produced from many, as you folks are on the wrong track. vs. simplifying + removing.

  which we feel our cloth/table platform can build such a support tool, as we share what we sustain. this is a common language all can identify it:
     coming together with our feelings, pooling community tool sheds for our fresh natural local grown food/medicine. as we share creatively ways that work, fueling a plan as we rethink + build upon that which is interfering in the natural way. + celebrating such appreciation. as this is the time to make this happen, with all our good virtual tools to bring us eye to eye.

  or at least in the building, as in due to our threads yet to be out, please open a document + fill in the ctrl l box with link:

I urge you to support this awareness where students orchrestrating this infrastructure, can support our solutions now. no longer leaving local community members without, as students network + create a sustainble building exchange, for them self, so as the many here locally at Sunset school that go to school hungry, due to a single parent, + or the other one unemployed. can now be supported by local community. as together they come together + rethink with your support.. working within nature`s boundaries.

        so in seeing this, please don`t think your position is not important, it is. for the many layers the government has placed upon itself, it will take some time to remove this dysfunction. you people know this language best. we ask you to rid this mess + make a meaningful tool, if it should remain at all? as many before you did in attemtps to support people unable. for no one should do for an able being.

     please rethink your role + your position + make it functional or please remove it or your self. + together lets support our responsible roles, such as our president now.

i cannot tell you enough of how bad it sounds for campaigners to talk the way they do. it is shallow consuming energy, yet offering nothing. + to see all the waste of funds.

      my suggestions to Barack + Mr. Boehner was to stop all campaign funding + redirect to the students project we suggest. + now plug into real issues now + tally what each responsibly does. now when election time comes about, we will know exactly who has done centered grounded work for self + local community vs. lost in dialog, discussing misinformation, etc.

   rather i say come together + support Barack, he is our president + now responscibly open transparency + invite local community support to resolve local community issues. as you experienced folks clean up what should of never been allowed to create.

    which you folks have failed to do as you have disrespected life, as your acts supporting military have been very wasteful + consumptive...

  we hope to do some testing/sharing with the schools, researchers, public, etc. to define a language for 1 universal science. so now perhaps you will have a better understanding of inefficent policys that need to be rid. as you look at life in a natural way. where you take part in repair or decay. perhaps if you see it from a pathogen perspective of how stress is causing illness + disease, as it interferes in folks fuel to work or even figure out a way to get beyond own personal needs, without good community suppport in place, as many are not fortunate. meanwhile others are gaining on their misuse. yet to know their is another way to self-sustain.

   yet the same pressures other communites handle as they pool thought + are able. which is what we feel our project can trigger, as we reflect patches + pockets of goodness to those without. in our patches talk - forum as we suggest, as in students + all to do a walkabout. which we hope you also will do the same, as all folks in responsible roles, need to come along with students into the community, to see the reality of what you perhaps have taken part to create.

thank you for this review,
Please write to me to share your priorities and let me know what action you will take, kara

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Re: folks let your voice be heard to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction..i share our feelings..

i post Rebeccas` offerings:

New post on Groundswell Blog, from Peace Action West  

  Our message to the deficit “super committee”
by Rebecca Griffin  

In the next few weeks, the "super committee" will decide on a plan that could shape the federal budget for the next decade. We are mobilizing our supporters to contact the super committee and counteract the major push from the defense industry.

We sent the letter below to super committee members to clearly outline the balanced security budget Peace Action West's supporters would like to see. You can tell the super committee that you support these priorities by clicking here.

On behalf of Peace Action West’s 50,000 supporters, I am writing to urge you to produce deficit reduction recommendations that make Americans more secure by balancing our security budget and preserving domestic programs that contribute to security and prosperity at home.

Reduce wasteful military spending

The base Pentagon budget has increased by more than 50% in the last decade. Pentagon spending, including Overseas Contingency Operations, accounted for 58% of the FY2011 discretionary budget. Any serious plan to reduce the deficit must address wasteful military spending, especially when that spending competes with funding for priorities such as healthcare, job creation, and education.

Our safety is not best measured in dollars spent, but rather in the strategy served by our budget. There is room for substantial reductions in military spending without detriment to US national security. This could include:

·      Reducing all DOD contracts by 10% and freezing hiring of civilian DOD employees

·      Bringing troops home from Europe and Asia and reducing ground forces to pre-9/11 levels

·      Eliminating unnecessary weapons systems such as the F-35, the MV-22 Osprey and the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

·      Curtailing national missile defense

The Sustainable Defense Task Force report offers details on a potential $960 billion in savings over the next ten years.[i]

Military withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan

US taxpayers have spent more than $1.2 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in direct costs.[ii]  The Eisenhower Study Group projects the long-term costs of the wars, including such costs as veterans’ care and interest payments, will reach $3.2-4 trillion.[iii] There have also been opportunity costs, such as lost jobs and lack of public investment in infrastructure. The macroeconomic impacts have also been significant; the average homebuyer paid an additional $600 in mortgage payments last year because of the increase in interest rates due to borrowing money for the wars.[iv]

The administration is reportedly considering keeping 3-10,000 troops in Iraq beyond the agreed-upon withdrawal deadline. The current plan for Afghanistan leaves nearly 70,000 troops on the ground in the fall of 2012, with no clear end date for withdrawal. With fewer than 100 Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan, there is no longer a compelling national security rationale for maintaining a massive military presence in Afghanistan. The raid that apprehended Osama bin Laden demonstrates that policing and intelligence are much more effective approaches to protecting Americans from the threat of terrorism.[v] There are several plans available with recommendations for reduced troop levels.[vi] Accelerating withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan would save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars over the next decade.

Reducing spending on nuclear weapons

With the Cold War over and a national security strategy that decreases reliance on nuclear weapons, the United States cannot afford to spend $700 billion over the next decade on nuclear weapons programs.[vii] In a 21st century security environment, nuclear weapons are more of a liability than an asset; funding for weapons and delivery systems competes with more effective security priorities such as nonproliferation. Cuts could include:

·      Stopping construction of the Chemistry and Metallurgy Replacement Facility in New Mexico, saving $3-5 billion

·      Delaying the New Long Range Penetrating Bomber, saving $3.7 billion

·      Rightsizing the ballistic missile submarine fleet to eight boats, saving $27 billion over ten years

·      Canceling the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Plant, saving an estimated $4 billion

Avoiding disproportionate cuts to the international affairs budget

The international affairs budget accounts for only 1% of the federal budget, yet it has faced disproportionate cuts in the current budget battle, bearing nearly 20% of all discretionary funding cuts in FY2011. These cuts are even more devastating after years of neglect that have weakened our civilian engagement tools. As former Defense Secretary Robert Gates pointed out, the entire Foreign Service does not include enough people to staff one aircraft carrier.

These programs are essential to preventing costly military intervention, promoting stability and saving lives around the globe. Shortsighted cuts in international affairs funding would further the imbalance in our current security budget and could have detrimental impacts on US engagement and security in the future.

Peace Action West’s supporters strongly urge the super committee to develop a deficit reduction plan that reflects a smart security budget as outlined above. Feel free to contact me for more details on any of these proposals.


Rebecca Griffin

Political Director

Peace Action West








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