few thoughts to reflect with before helping another ..

     when thinking to help one rejoin`

                 i quote a few..

Dr. Leon Hammer -
              `In order to have a medicine that is more sensitive to our humanity we must take responsibility for it. Changing governments + ideologies avails little less demanding solutions than internal growth, are dangerously misleading + endlessly frustrated.
            The hope + the courage we need along our separate paths towards a loving society + a compassionate medicine which enhances health. Depends on our clear perception of that principal.
           An important value of Chinese diagnosis is that it can differentiate for us, those things about which our self can do something. Leaving some misdirected energy wholly or partially redirected with outside help + some cannot.  With this awareness we have an opportunity to develop a life plan that is based on reality + minimize inner suffering.
           When one becomes clear, the energy that had previously gone into misinformation/irrelevant guilt is now available for the assumption of real responsibility in more productive areas.`

 From `laser learning` written by Creig R. Kronstedt
                  ` Those of us who feel powerless, who feel we have no choice, will be the hapless victims of the waves of energy that lap at us from all directions. We will flounder + founder in a sea of energy generated by the universe + all other consciousnesses.
              The fact that those who strive to change the world often succeed is the best reason to accept the promise that consciousness offers us options that can affect our world.
            The extent to which we exert our own conscious choice on the world will determine the extent to which it changes into the kind of reality we would like to have. Most of us have not even begun to explore the potential that we have to change the nature of reality. Most of us are not even convinced that we can.`
         kotejia deserves so much credit for all the hard work she has accomplished on her self, coming up thru a family of dysfuntion, all pulling their own way. leaving little support for a child to have own space to reflect with as a family + community should interrelate, but didn't due to searching for their way.

well this is why many children unable to define a 'way. the younger years of joy + exploration are busy being preoccupied with others' ways' taken as normal to be theirs. then to find that the information is not of their choice, once finally realizing a life right is to have a choice.

                     for all to build a path as each walk it into their opening.

meaning it takes common sense + respect for equality for al life to have own space, own exploration, own sense of self + to interrelate at all ages. for all to become a local, global + beyond participant.

so folks if you have a child, as i have been fortunate to have a few. you have yet another choice to co_evolve with them at your side + admit your unknowns as you share. together creating a 'way that works as you both part time cooperative build a community to self-sustain from.

                 a community that prioritizes ecological sustainability, focus directed as our plan suggests..

kotejia always gives her love with deepest thought as she suggests without trying to interfere in our ability to self-sustain;

            Do as much as you can - Do what you need to do for yourself to soothe, balance, ground, center and calm your energy so that you can bring gentle, soothing, nourishing energy vs. just going, going, trying to get more info. and bringing intense energy to both.  If you feel you need more info. ask a friend to find.
               Try to deal one day at a time, one moment at a time in a calm and gentle way, taking care of yourself too so that your energy also nourishes the other.  Let go of all being right - right now and don't treat things like emergency bringing intense hard unbalanced energy to you all.   Each day do what you can to move in a positive direction and ask for help or ask another to come if too much and you having to overwork each day. 
             Don`t get so intensely focused, so pushing your own energy, on the details, that you are unable to see the whole.  (If you need help with details ask others who can help.)  Most practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine don't even focus on symptoms and disease but attempt to help bring the whole being into balance, rebuilding vital energy, nourishing, to bring body back to its natural ability and desire for health.  Yet a good one may also know the details that are needed to support the symptoms that are presenting themselves.
            When you balance and nourish yourself too then that will nourish the other...  one ill has a system that can't really handle intensity, they need to feel the soothing, calm, gentle energy that you know nourishes you as well.  Slow down so that you too can hear and listen to your own self and signs, because if you don't do also what is good for you than it is not good for another. 
              Again, ask for help if need and take breaks too. Also, do what you need to do to bring your energy down and calm to get good rest.  You need your own balance and strength to be able to deal with all the energies there and for all the thinking and feeling you are trying to do to tune in with where another is at, their needs.  (Balance thinking with grounding and feeling; try something that works... consciously feel and bring your energy down to your feet, to the ground; take moments to stop and do this; take moments to bring everything to quiet consciously letting go of tension, feel each part of you relaxing, draining down... Too much thinking and intensity = overactive adrenals = overactive thinking and unbalanced energy... so balance it with activity, grounding quieting, calming time...)
           The energy that surrounds them (all of us) is just as important as the food/energy that one takes in and if their energy or that which is part of them, around them, is off or intense than they won't get as much out of the food, support, etc. anyways.
          Be fortunate to help another you care for. be happy to be with + share with sincerity your feelings + listen to their wishes. then explore + share with others in like subject as we reflect yet another 'way, so as not to just think our 'way is the only 'way. This is a good start for any healing.

Life is too short + by the time we figure out wise decisions, time goes on leaving us lil time together with loved ones.

Enjoy just being together + the words will appear or perhaps they are not necessary.
               enjoy the silence!
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