come talk.. please do here what can when, giving all the opportunity to come talk..

                                   we invite all to participate in

          `aloka proposed platform, a framework for change that we all take part in.. 
   once review in the order we suggest first time around, for your convenience, rethink for yourself + loved ones, along with your community. see what this triggers for your needs + offerings. then while do_in your walkabout please share us, so all may do the same.

    then in a cooperative effort come post, after you register, to protect your security. share with us what works for your community as well your self.

       others then get triggered to fine tune their like ecosystem/season or subject as they reflect with your offerings vice versa. please stay in real time with us, so when others offer feedback, you also can take advantage + perhaps adjust your post or aid in their thought/act or your own as you communicate.

                                    this will help all build this into a good tool.

     subcategories can only be changed/added once we review your suggestions here..  if can`t find a space to self express eye to eye + still in need of clarity or want to offer support then come aboard.  

                              comment in a subcategory that feels friendly to you.

   if unable to share in conversation/act with locals, or need more input then due a search thru your needed subcategory + post. make a pen pal with like thought shared that is awaiting to be worked. so together you can figure out a `way that works.

       i come to talk story  was created by our combined` effect..
   if you realize you do not have any support to suggest or share via this virtual tool, perhaps you get triggered to go eye to eye, that is great! that is what this is all about.        

      just don`t forget to remind them to come back + share what worked for your community, to build this archive. this virtual tool works best with good sound intuitive reality applied. allowing others to trigger their thought + apply in real time also, to keep this alive, making a tool friendly for all to stay in real time with oneself + our communities..

         if you are preoccupied already do_in + can see this virtual tool as a helpful medium + want to see it continue to co_evolve. then share your insight in appropriate subcategory + explain what missing for us to stay with it here in `come talk. we are do_in this continually.

       Or if you want to share financially, because you do/did gain or did get triggered seriously to redirect, or see this potential once complete, etc.. + you can see the hard work folks put in to this + want to help out because it feels right to you to help build your community as well..

    for us to reach out collectively for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant, then please donate now.

     we want all, in the restoration of your local communities, to work within your comfortable limits. so as to not disrupt any of you, rather calmly co_evolve into what it triggers for you to collectively see the many options we have.

    please you share in building `aloka platform for you + your community.       

   with your walkabout you can reach out eye to eye, which is the best way for us all to do, for our own growth. as well those computer savy can spread out linking this virtual tool + embed it, along their walkabout, sharing with many students of many schools now working for a cooperative community. so globally we all share w/transparency, respect for mother earth that sustains us..

           i come to talk story is a 501 (c)(3) with permanent status, federally exempt.         

     please realize we are new at this end, for we never have had others give us money, always it was on the other shoe. so we will try to be on top of the rules, meanwhile if looking for a tax write off also, help us out + study so we don`t mislead you;

              Donors you may deduct your contributions as provided in section 170 of the Code, if they meet the applicable provisions of sections 2055, 2106, + 2522 of the Code.

                     Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers or gifts please give to

                                           i come talk story

or for its use, it is deductible from Federal estate + gift tax purposes, if meet the applicable provisions of above sections.
         this project has been created, due to wanting to spread understanding, developing solution oriented options.. as we + many, where searching for it our selves + continue our walkabout as we reach out sharing/learning/exploring..

   believe me, after us putting much research in + observing what folks are doing, as well do_in, knowing well our lessons, i can`t believe sound science has not replaced this fragmented science long ago..

        where people profit over leaving negative effects, as they interfere on our local + global interdependence, that many are yet to understand. + now can as you suggest welcoming them into your local tapering transition, as students show them yet another way to rethink, making wrongs right w/local facts w/sound science that all tongues can interpret.

     study our combined` effects + let it trigger your offerings to rid your is up to each of us to do our homework. + when we can do it together with this type of support tool, it makes life a lot more friendly as we all continue to rid our baggage + make changes, after reflecting with what we feel makes sense as we then go within + work it, ridding our own baggage..

        getting real with our passion + pursue it, but don`t forget to share us along the `way.

                                        no one can do this alone easily.              

 `aloka platform helps simplify us to focus direct together + each get fueled to use what it takes to do your community `plan..

       for large development does not fit into any natural community, only low impact once you + your community do your local `plan..

    locals stay in charge so as to maintain harmony as all create the genetic bio-diversity needed to balance our wild + link for our migratory species that we all are interdependent on for our natural food, wild fish + herbal medicine locally.

      these tallies can help us hold self + others accountable locally + beyond so no more isolating negative acts with our fresh water/land/sea grabbing. as what La Via Campesina + others are reporting now to be happening.

            our combined` effect in patches` have been great + will become more efficient as students + community come together with these tallies comparing our solution oriented options with sound science.. no longer leaving pockets` without.                

              each subcategory gives you an ability to post  bi`joy photo`s along with your comment. please state links if you have more. to help us understand your postings put a few in the bi`joy gallery, or link to the many online galleries where you may have an abundant. this way this forum can become a nice reference in real time to reflect with.

       every time i`m experiencing joy in the bush i have my camera. i upload when can, in thought of you folks sharing to those unable to walk or get out. please use ours or do the same. every nursing home/hospital/elderly or disabled should be in real time with our natural seasonal offerings, even if it can only happen thru photos.

         which we hope can trigger support from students to help those unaware to rediscover their natural world.

  in our travels to the south pacific we saw many elderly/ill be brought to the markets/to the beach parties, etc. in their beds, chairs of comfort/trash bags covering them in the rain, to perceive yet this beautiful experience of what nature offers to many fortunate to `boon with the seasonal offerings or do to loved ones caring for them while they simply are working the markets..

           share the photos on a desktop or in a large screen at a nursing home/hospital/disabled complex/workshop/community building, enabling all to see the seasonal time change in real time, as if they where walking in it.
              a photo can be helpful. i can remember all the letters i sent to mom after our camera went over board, having to be so descriptive of my joy in the wild. yet would of loved to had her experience more before she died. i know many of us have had much suffering but we need to go on, + many now can appreciate it as each of us gain in the exchange by staying present in the moment.

            we can`t bite our elbows so lets go figure with what is here now             

     be clear with your students working your community `plan, interest/ecosystem type (latitude + longitude, location contact). how often do we say we want to go to a tropical jungle or semi-dry climate, sand dunes, artic, reef, etc.  saying i/we need to do this or want to do this subject matter in it, + actually realize we can define a `way to do just this with this network now or for later times. especially as we all continue to explore + make a pen pal sharing in preparation for a nice experience, whether work or play.

yet not forget our cooperative community building responsibilities that help us co_evolve our self, + do it seriously as we share this tool to stay real with this reflection of what works locally + for those equally afar. for many fail to prioritize themselves. + we put effort here to maintain a calm sense to pass on so you remember you.

    sure, hard to believe we can harmonize, clear our baggage + continue to explore yes it can be done. if have a head full of baggage, whether in a nice home or in a refugee camp, ill, etc.

        we can make a difference now if we start from where we are at, take a breath. even if our body cannot leave. our body will energize as we gain mental clarity + use the time efficiently to sort our self out, etc..

          humans really only have 1 problem + that is how we perceive it. this we can change by reflecting with folks do_in. exploring, working with our unique earth local + beyond offerings, as in a shared focus that we offer here for all to co_evolve with us, in real time.

      connect with us thru this virtual tool, as you help it grow with yours. let it inspire you to collectively work with your community/students as they organize, post a local message board. check in + share what bi`joy experiences you are having + or seek out another `way + share it .  

                  we all want to see this walkabout reach further + enjoy the ethnic stories that are still happening as we all reach out to them locally. this happens easier when we all gain + share, supporting each to do own interpersonal centering/grounding.. whether a pen pal or local friend sharing experiences, you can further build your path while walking it into your opening, so you live as a local where you are fortunate to be.

             together we can collectively work at these issues prohibiting others to do the same.
                                      without a we their is no i.              

     post a comment in response to others inquiry or confusion. reach out to make a pen pal with like mind.. post for another to gain fuel to rethink. in do_in just this, amazing microseconds of clarity can come + while you post, rethink how you can simultaneously shift + apply for yourself, what this triggered..

            then go eye to eye, which is always special. then come back + follow up when appropriate. how many folks even have a cloth passed down from our loved ones patches` or took part in making.. actually taking the energy to produce a comfortable space where one feels comfortable to share openly.. creating with the natural fibers of our local habitat we choose to be with. resulting in a joyful creative expression for all who participate as we `boon with the natural world. which we call a  bi`joy experience.

      this enables us to cooperatively communicate responsibly following up in real time. where ever we land, as we live as a local.

    don`t ever let any virtual tool take your energy from yourself or from going eye to eye, 1st. but as a tool when appropriate it can trigger much goodness the world offers, as many live local + harmonize + can reflect positive acts. + when your in a pocket without this reflection, or know of another, it can trigger a lot for you to do.

       if you want to share your bi`joy music, that you developed..  in association to our/your/others topics/comments.. or perhaps another topic you feel more appropriate, to get to our objective, your way`..  exchanging positive solutions.. then tell the story also under appropriate topic + state title of music + link. consider yourself as a fund raiser for us, do a walkabout, play your music + send folks our way` after they come together with your community working at your needs + offerings. this is how we will together reach out farther...

       please note we will not give funds to any person for music, at this time.            

       we will be exploring, making music to sell at fundraisers from folks improvising from what is perceived + applied here. as music shows us yet another 'way. it is a nice companion when we simply do. those of you that have, + can give energy, resources or music co_evolving with this thought, please communicate.

      we can define how best to do this with your help, + would appreciate do_in it over the internet, if unable to participate locally, which is the best. have a nice natural pot luck, play some music + tape it + share.. for we are not that experienced with updated equipment, nor do we want to purchase expensive equipment.  

           we are about sharing the nice harmony, nice exchange with real thought to share how we together gain by working thru the many issues that lay across our path. + if we add music it makes life all the better. for many communities are not just a dead zone for local grown natural food, but also without music.
           we will be exploring some simple tools to carry a mobile recording facility of quality. so that when we come upon music to participate, + locals are without, we could then connect, hook up, log it in + edit on line. whether from local live or thru virtual tools, to better trigger locals to go figure. so we appreciate your feedback here, with sources of good used equipment that we + locals without could obtain. as well for their workshops for those unable to participate..
        what we want is serious heart that wants to support everyone`s walkabout as well yours + in exchange we share your link.

           if you want to help moderate then post under ones comment, giving input.  we ask all to take others` support into consideration + if helpful, experience it. as we also will do. when convenient come back + post accordingly or revise original post or place it in FAQ, as this can build also as a helpful tool.

               this is a project in the building + your support in your area of interest is much appreciated, + if unable to do, then please donate...
                  if you notice abuse, please respond to us here. if they don`t correct them self in response to us, then we will report it to Nabble.  
                  if you are unable to comply, confused or are interested in having personal support for yourself or for a group, then post simply - i need support, under the do_in that feels most comfortable for expressing your needs + offerings. many good folks feel good about helping others with direct response. which in return if you are truthful, we are an open book + those sensitive can reflect as you will then feel how to best readjust + go figure.
                  if you gain + use this tool, we appreciate you giving what can to yourself, your loved ones + part time your local + afar community, pen pal, + share us along the `way, etc..

   please come take part in the next`move do_in where we focus together to simply understand the truth of those unable to live in harmony locally/globally. as we gain fuel from living local with exchanges in all the other subcategories, holding one self accountable, checking in asking what effects are we leaving...

                              we all want to see this walkabout reach further..

  many folks are working it in a variety of `ways.. to do just this,  see how to trigger a`way that works for you. please review subcategories + print out or take notes as you create your walkabout for you + your community + then come back + share your bi`joy experience in appropriate subcategory that resolved/created for your local community..

   we apologize for the yada in need of editing, but we wanted to get the gest out for others to work it when can. + we welcome grants/donations for these simple over head chores, to bring more aboard, etc.

           please, for your convenience 1st time viewing this project, follow the order subcategories are in. to give you a good understanding of what this is about. take some notes + don`t get lost in yada. it will be worth your attention to weed thru it. to let it trigger that which is within you + work on you 1st. then share tools for others to do the same + bring home what works. see the `aloka proposal we are now submitting for grants, in an ongoing edit. so you see the true options of harmony many have now to trigger you for you to share with your community, for you to work your place...

      for you folks that are interested in donating an exchange, to see this become a better tool, let folks know your suggestions. post it in appropriate subcategory, so your locals can see your offerings + if for others locally or afar then check out the next` move do_in subcategory, once you feel you have space/energy now to think of helping others unable afar, which can trigger your ability to help also those locally, vice versa..

                      or give support directly to us so we continue our walkabout. anything but a check will have to be discussed ahead of time. to do as we see fit, so as to responsibly maintain. we like the bush so don`t expect us to report what we do when we do it. but we will update eventually.

   ex; now we are trying to sell our sailboat named tzegunka.

           we are looking, + must sell 1st to have funds to buy, but keep us in mind;

          we would like a larger wooden old restored sailboat, 37` or so LOD, small cabin, fishing boat mode crude is fine, traditional rigging, cargo hold or means make into one, shallow draft with centerboard without a lot of repairs, to fit into our budget. prefer not a round aft, rather easier to maintain if need, even though i love the curved. but we are about function, not just cosmetics. + sea worthy to cross oceans.

       considering the over 100 plus tropical depressions we were in + weather continues in it`s up + down motion we may also consider another catamaran. if any of you have crossed oceans, you know well how uncomfortable a mono haul can be in confused seas, storms, etc.

          we will fish it if we have to, to maintain it, as well continue our walkabout with this project as we want to carry some nuts + bolts for small alternative energy ideas, to share for all to go figure along our path;

      such as for small communities to respond within enhanced agro_ecology natural limits, for the large alternative energy developments are not good for our natural world that we are all interdependent on locally. we want to be part of the solution linking balanced biomes, to sustain everyone`s health, clean air, water, earth + space, which sadly is in bad shape.

           so we will share some parts along the way;

              best traditional water ways to be considered with like small scale cooperative desalinization. even to build yourself at low fee, exchange some ideas for lowering watts/amps, recycle some tools/parts, wind generators/solar/generators, on your house that you maintain or a shared housing mode or cooperative community sharing, after a local collective `plan is done, where students do this research, etc.

  for we need to go beyond this false green + war mode economy. much is being marketed that is not energy efficient, wrongly consuming peoples energy + resources. which does not have to be, for it can be kept very simple if one does their homework.

                          please keep your hands on what sustains you daily..
the waste that is being exploited now is out of hand, leaving large footprints on small communities interfering in one`s ability to live local, locally + afar.

     people, want to know where your products/parts come from + how made by who, etc. + support Fair Trade + even some of that is wrong, not Free Trade/TPP, etc. for they interfere in local communities. as they take locally to give to another afar, with much waste of precious resources that locals are in need of, etc..

             if you cannot stay on top of all this easily then donate so we can..
                     do a walkabout yourself + understand your local `plan as you restore it with your local community + maintain it, as you sensitively work your biome(s). + keep sharing it with your locals until they understand why we need to keep wild wild. then you will understand our love for it. because when we are not clear we support those leaving footprints.

    please note we appreciate what you can give to yourself 1st in this exchange, then give to us. as long as it is not energy consuming + detours you or us from our ability to move forward + work this cloth/table `aloka proposed platform.
                              please pay what can - when can - if can at all.

         we hope others that have more will support this by writing a check now..
                      for now mail works;

                                                   kara j lincoln
                                                   p.o. box 634
                                            port townsend, wa 98368

                   if want to communicate, please email;

                    or call + lv message + i will get back; 1-360-450-3749

               remember we don`t just want your money w/out you getting involved so you share us along your walkabout. we want you to do this with us for you! only then will we know you are do_in this for all.. 
    Nabble offers a free forum to us all. they then advertise unless we pay for them not to. all advertising on this forum was Nabbles. they have been very respectful with my learning curve. they have removed all ads to support us as a non profit. thank you Hugo + Nabble team!

    as well any of you are freely welcome to create your own thru Nabble  but if you do, don`t forget to link with us.

              we hope you will find pleasure self-satisfying by working the other subcatagories as we do. enjoying/intellectually getting satisfied. as we work on our self + people talk to people directly. adding to comments, creating new topics, seeking research needed, resolving issues with solutions locally + afar, making new pen pals while you continue your explorations. allowing what 1 posts that harmonizes or ticks you off, to trigger what you can take home + apply.

      yes we don`t want a forum where we generalize + not be acknowledged. that is what builds layers of baggage. we don`t want communication that ends in fragments. we want to finish 1 thought that then is applied + works within the natural world`s limits. + then go on to the next.
            here we want us all to be 1 on 1 fueling each person`s reality as you post, not being lost awaiting from another to do from us. for we won`t do your homework, only you can do that for your gain. it is your choice to use these tools + create upon them, for you, + you then share.

                          or stay stuck in misinformation riding on another`s wave, etc..

          as you comment, we get notice + will correct when 1 is so kind to set us straight. thank you!

             `obtaining peace + living in harmony, is a joy that can be had as soon as you do your homework. sadly we where unaware as well many still are, not realizing the good inner tools we have as well our networks to reflect with people that do maintain sharp sensors. so as all reflect each can aid own ability.  this is a lesson for we each have this control, once we understand         

                    peace is an option now for all if we share what works..

    so don`t accept anything else, for their is a lot we can do to understand our own or others` misuse/abuse now. + how we trigger our own frustrations, as we learn to rid our baggage + gain fuel to build our self + cooperatively build our communities, locally + afar..
                          our `combined effect makes a big difference..         

 patches` pockets` talk when we all do a walkabout + understanding is all we need for our human spirit to adjust to regain harmony for simple respect for self + all life equally..

  to do this globally to beam a nice reflection for all to feel, we either have to learn to do it ethereally or we make a platform, which is what we think can be most efficient for the many left behind, as we check into the effects we all leave..

           please your support can help others locally + afar reach out sharing;

            via internet/Skype teleconference/email pen pals exploring as students within us all, young + old.

            anyone good at sketching stick people mode for some pointers so we can laugh at the human potential, I have several that have helped me do what I do, as I laugh at my self, how about you. so I would like to show the simple way that works, + when one posts, these helpers can guide.

      we can show the beauty of the cultural ethnic creations on this earth over time that is still do_in. as well we will work at the ecological scars efficiently as we organize sharing what works as all see real time applications, giving tools to restore own local communities, for local sovereignty.

   with beauty being `boon with our natural world ethnically, art is lived, we invite one that can do etchings of that also perhaps in lithograph or ink/pencil as well colorings from children`s participation is always helpful as all take part. + each community can be triggered to do their own. starting with a potluck for an introduction..

   we show how we can share awareness + have gentle bells to show tapering transitions as local facts will help people understand + welcome people to want to rethink. as together locals show what needed, as all create together. sharing alternative solutions in an evolving state of healing for ourselves + our mother earth. leaving no one left behind.

  as we become `boon with our natural world, comes beautiful music that we also can make available once tools put in place.

 as well sharing subject matter via Skype/teleconference/you tube, etc.

                       I share Davis Suzuki`s excellent piece of work for those of you that do care about your legacy you leave..


      come talk..

  *please note Non-profit info, Determination letter, 1023 app, etc. can be emailed to you by request, for we yet to upload it here. thank you for your patience!

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