build a community that supports everyone to understand our local/global obligations..

this enables us to rejoin` ourself + achieve clarity of our intent..

            we can efficiently do better when we have coordinated effort from organic instinct direction with hands on interrelating + application.

  vs. say mindbody imbalance as in defining a family, when to do what. yet unaware, ex; women when living a behavior of misuse/abuse perhaps carried forward, yet taken as normal, as well men, hormonally get out of balance.
      then woman  go from not understanding to wanting a child. then if they can be reached, listen to their loved ones + work at themself, get support from mate to do this, they can balance + now no longer desire a child.

 i`ve experienced the beauty of people/family nurturing their/our child + all the time interact as all co_evolve together. only when we can do this should we consider such a responsibility..

  for so many communites, people are leaving many left behind + this varies in quantity + subject. we are an open book fortunate to have sensitive people reflect, so we then can sel-reflect + adjust as  become aware.

  it is sad to see such dispute over gun control as we feel all weapons of war should be removed + only those left for hunt should be kept. which is sufficient for protection.
US is high on the list for accidents + more children are hungry yet more fear based misinformation leaves people desiring more weapons.

  not to mention the thought as in Sandy Hook school shooting being a Hoax, as Fema schemes to remove weapons for gov to take over. as in the 20 million killed by Russia as no one had any weapons. + 9-11 created by Israel.

    we are open to truth, but our reality is that we know their are many good solutions now from people of the past, our own ability to overcome dysfunctions + work at them without stealing our ability to be present in the moment. which requires us to do our homework. as well coopertively being present as we restore our communities. that can reflect many good tools for us to self-sustain.

     even if this sickness of manipulation is going on, why go that route vs. being efficient to take measures for positive change.

  we know our human family threads are fragmented, worn + torn, needing editing to refresh, rehab + replace. Vs. assume from stored misinformation.. so as to see the results + feel the goodness it offers to all locally. so we no when to work what.

        create a means to connect with peoples offerings to rid needs.

so we are living bi`joy experiences.
 not working to prevent someone from leaving negative effects. rather promote sensitive intervention as we `boon with our envirnoments, with each season.

    organize so we collectively are efficient with locally do_in care trade, where we create with each other within our enhanced natural limits.

      the legislative intervention with gov has required many petitions + ongoing input, which should not have to be. not to mention i would think it has to be difficult + time consuming to sort out all these responses, yet to leave more people with generalized thought.

    which is not something i can accept. i feel it is much more efficient to locally go eye to eye + share what works. + these local reps should be part of that. a 3 min town meet is not the answer.

   so what keeps them from being a local participant?? welcome them so they get a reality check, not just a quick fix, but co_evolve into a interchangeable role for all to shre this responsibility.

   not create responsible roles that become dysfuntional due to layers of baggage not dealt with in real time from fragmented perspectives.

rather get real with in time restoration + ongoing priorities so as to clean up our waste so we can go beyond prevention + simply live.

lets see how we can reap not rape the greatness of our earthly offerings + enjoy the indigenous in every local community that has learned these `ways early on. that where passed on because they work. it is these balanced areas with people still living in harmony that can reflect + show us the `way to trigger our thought to bring what is appropriate home + apply as we co_evolve ourself + our communities for our full potential.

                     we want harmony for all for music to fill the air not drones.

                           we have to relearn the natural enhanced limits within + without.

     sadly those that are/where fortunate to have this reflection early in life , have left it or unable to truly understand, as they have chased other `ways that are not in harmony. leaving negative effects along their path, which is not clear.

  we feel this cloth/table platform can help us share this process so we can rethink, as sensiotive skilled people in each community guide. + if unavailble then we seek them out + invite them in.

   we look forward to hearing story of living, vs. stuck preventing or stuck having to only deal with negativity + ill effects left.

      so by uniting we can disburse our energy, so as to work at all of this + yet none of it steals from our moment, rather it fuels us to explore + live in harmony..

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note we did not get accepted for grant 2 stage, after it passed thru stage 1 having all requirements. but this has been a good work experience as we co_evolved project osic, thinking this was the best we can make of this. we are awaiting explanation why, please see our combined` effec... read more
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