`aloka platform a framework for change..

                     this is a long time coming + with your help can happen faster.

this is where we will share the info we are proposing for grants/fundraising, as well we have posted it out + around in response to legislators.

           please take a review + we welcome your input to further work it. we are presently working on a live gathering for a few locations + you can easily join in + we can communicate sharing thru Skype/teleconference/here or email if needed on the how tos;

 Lets merge..


           how about an invitation that you can define whom best to start with sharing what needed..                      
                 Proposing`aloka platform meets, for anyone to work.. come talk if need...


+ I share some thoughts after the latest Advisory Steering Committee here in Charleston, Or, at the Marina, where we can utilize `aloka proposed thoughts for triggering what works, so locals go figure + do what can to work in calmly with existing plans on the table, until you can smoothly co_evolve along with students do_in the same to their curriculum. as the local community is restored + maintained within it`s enhanced potential..

please take a review..


                   peace is our option now if we share what works, love kara + maurice

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