a pri`performance do_in.. when all else fails, go to mime - music - motion..

    along your path locally + beyond, reflect with these thoughts/acts, schedule + choose to participate or observe..

             post + share your event to trigger thought..
    date    location – ecosystem/biome type    detail issue   celebration contact

                    a true performance to celebrate your discoveries..

                    a natural balance is encouraged, for many folks are left unaware of so much good we have within our own tools, if we use them correctly..

        as we cooperatively restore our natural enhanced communities, we self-sustain,  `boon with the natural world, that truly give us bi`joy experiences..

  when we share these experiences reflecting this energy, we go beyond talk + we act.  
     the more we share our natural world we love, the more you will understand how the wild - if worked with respect - can empower us.

 if you share truthfully + interrelate, this tool can be of value working on any issue. or simply gather + celebrate in solidarity along the `way..

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