a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..

                 in other do_ins we got clear right! clear maybe their, but now we need to stay present in the moment, so we carry clarity with us thru out our day, with what ever we are do_in, + always best to share in thought before our acts for our communities locally + afar..
                    lets live as a local where ever we are fortunate to be. 

for we must become aware of the reality of what responsible positions are not doing + the CO2 effects from this supposedly are not as bad as fracking/coal/fossil fuel related investment, etc;


         we share what works thru our good virtual tools, that Nabble here can offer freely, to us all. + if you make your own, please have a rep come post for your community + help us build this archive.

       we are not a market place for stuff, rather we want bi`joy experiences that reach out sharing for all, from the work we ground locally. that fuels your offerings to rid your needs + others.. for we have much prioritized work to do in every community. so as to not steal from our moment rather collaborate so we collectively address all.. + working with our students in our proposed project osic, can better do just this...        

    this is about gathering sensitive/skilled to translate what the local earth speaks.. so we can then live within it`s natural enhanced borders, giving respect to those species to regain balance within our self + within our ecosystems, + we are so fortunate to reflect afar  + bring home what works;

look up Masonoba Fukuoku`s many offerings;

       `water doesn`t come from the skys, it comes from our the results of our plantings..

                    clay seed balls

                                         food forest;


       as we reflect via like ecosystem/subject with many creative solutions, fueled from prioritizing our function, energy efficiently, as we live local, it fuels us to explore.

  see these folks great work;


  efficient housing to sustain strong conductivity + good foundation prone to extreme weather events, to trigger your thought.. we start w/earth builder..




                   we invite all to help us here build this archive, for all to use as a good tool..


   so all are supported to come to the cloth/table platform + together we listen + allow all to speak, so together we prioritize what we need to do, starting from where we are at.
            not ride on others wave. rather search + network as we share like ecosystem/thought, then bring home + apply once we rethink for our local biome.

          create your patches`  message board - building marine/fresh water + land cooperatives:.

                  please make a good communication cloth/table platform, post on your local message board, to come together eye to eye. for all your local folks to understand, as we share this process + create local communities to harmonize + link..

       + don`t forget to have your rep stay in real time with us, for all to build + enjoy this archive as a great tool.

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we can do research by recycling existing tools with in a community shared toolshed: define, manage, set boundaries + limits for restoration, usage, redirecting, yet supporting if folks livelihood are dependent on these goods.. allow nature to guide, those sensitive to read ... read more
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feel bi`joy energy below your feet as we nourish our mindbody + circulate, leaving no blockages, that we ourself allow to happen.. with optimum nutrients made available.. it is here we set a cloth/table discussion on location + in the dirt/sand we draw an overview for our e... read more
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please post for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant that harmonizes:. please leave space to be aware, in many local communites, for many of us are paralleling the dysfunctional gov/businesses/people abusing/ourself`s misusing; that still build w... read more
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lets get our food going, lets see how we can become efficient if not already, as we need fuel for thought + act.. we don`t want to just carry memory of our taste buds + smells as we ate that live natural food at our a`way potluck. or many of us where only fortunate to smell anothers from a... read more
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Please do not reply, this email box is not monitored. To contact The White House please follow this link [ http://www.whitehouse.gov/ ]. You may update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences page [ https://me... read more
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Stanford study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun posted by news on july 24, 2014 - 7:00pm http://www.sciencecodex.com/stanford_study_shows_how_to_power_california_with_wind_water_and_sun-138275#.U9NU_zlQ7Ec.facebook Imagine a smog-free Los Angeles, where electri... read more
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- deleted - read more
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please review; https://exploreb2b.com/articles/thank-you-eu-folks-for-saying-no-to-large-wind-solar-farms-on-land-now-say-no-to-them-in-the-oceans?updated=true read more

Going local is not enough, become a mindful local, global and beyond participant..

in `compost, the magic of critters being allowed to do their work:.
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`i come to talk story update... See upcoming Premaculture Convergence at the Solar Living Institute , September 2018! I leave this old link up for the webpage is still there, and it's food for thought and mindful acts; An Inten... read more
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i share this with President Barack Obama to rethink + share transparency for the US participation in keystone XL/ Fast Track TPP/Free Trade/Lapsset, + others.. as well UN Sec General Ban Ki Moon whom is leading this global initiative, the Sustainable Energy For All, that invites all to pa... read more
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Organizing for Action Friend -- When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday to give his State of the Union, there will be a lot to cover. It's no secret that Congress has failed to get much done in the past year -- the to-do list is long, and when the President leaves the Capit... read more
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yes it has been cold + weather is erratic.. mother earth`s changes can best be adapted with if we live closer with the natural world, now, vs. be lost in fragments from scientists about Global Warming. lets live simple + do the best we can + once science can show us yet another way, we can... read more
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Please note our combined ` effect feels this is way too many resources to be given out to one business. + this is jut NRDC, let alone all the other folks joining in. rather a permit never should be given, + if it has, as many now are permitted going beyond mother earth`s natural enhanced pote... read more
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International Call for Solidarity of la Via Campesina and CLOC-Via Campesina. We - Farmer, Indigenous, Fishing, Women and Farmworker Organizations who are part of La Via Campesina and follow a global model of class solidarity and internationalism - express our undivided support and backing to... read more
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I address this to our responsible roles to help us become aware that people are not pooling our thoughts for efficient solutions to be shared. please if you can reach out + check in within your self to hold yourself + others locally + afar accountable. but do it as a brother + sister for this... read more
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<http://www.davidsuzuki.org/blogs/science-matters/2013/08/is-geoengineering-a-silver-bullet-for-climate-change/?utm_campaign=Science%20Matters&utm_medium=email&utm_source=SM0823&utm_content=Link_ReadAndShare> read more
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Yeah, this is long over due! Inter Press Service WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (IPS) - Work by the Group of 4 (G4) union of Haitian peasant organizations, along with assistance from the Dessalines Brigade - South American peasant leaders and agroecology experts supported by La Via Campesina - ... read more
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8.7.2013 I share what I`ve just emailed to EPA; Over the past year, the Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly shut down its own fracking-related water contamination investigations after being pressured by the oil and gas industry. Thanks to EPA whistleblowers, the Los Angeles ... read more

are you thinking about the impact you leave..

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
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this has been difficult for me to define President Barack Obama`s take on this question. but considering you all have invited me to sign his birthday card, when I've stated I do not celebrate birthdays. rather we celebrate life everyday. so I thought this would be a special moment to shar... read more

thank you David Suzuki for sharing lessons we all can do every day to protect our oceans..

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
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please see David`s link, he says it best; http://davidsuzuki.org/blogs/healthy-oceans-blog/2013/08/seven-things-you-can-do-every-day-to-protect-our-oceans/?utm_source=2013+Ocean+Keepers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7+habits+for+the+ocean&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRons6nOZKXonjHpfsX54%... read more
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please see; http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/americas_dangerous_pipelines/index.html the time is here for action + it will take numbers, so please join in; http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/action/events/index.html read more
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To; John Kerry U.S. Department of State Email: oighotline@state.gov Dear Secretary Kerry, I am writing to ask that you put a halt to the environmental review of the Keystone pipeline until the Office of Inspector General can determine how a firm with ties to TransCanada and the oil ... read more

Stop the illegal logging + trade, support the Lacey Act..

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
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thank You Sierra for bringing this to my attention! People, Ask your representative to support funding and implementation of the Lacey Act!Take Action! Take Action! Stop illegal logging and illegal trade! If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a s... read more
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Please Governor Kitzhaber + DEQ Director Dick Pedersen, have a discussion with President Barack Obama + your colleagues + realize the importance of looking at our mother earth as a whole. Please deny the draft permit for Ambre Energy's Port of Morrow Project + use it as yet another example. ... read more

We ignore scientists at our peril...

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
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Thank you David Suzuki! It’s happening again. Research confirms agreement among most climate scientists that we are altering the Earth’s climate, mainly by burning fossil fuels. And industrial interests, backed by climate change deniers, pull out every trick to sow doubt and confusion. What w... read more
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