a place to twirl..

                     some ideals to trigger thought for our 1st pri' performance..
        For 1st  event as a global family.. then we all on same page for when we do it locally or bring to attention serious issues unresolved, local + afar. where all can help figure out issues with early signs, that other do_ins` don`t seem to resolve.

                     nice to have on schedule - local + when traveling.. for all to participate or view. While having a common denominator of understanding from do_in this1st one together.

       create upon real issues at time of do_in.      
         we suggest taking notes while reflecting with these ideals + see where you fit in, + this do_in process in all stages is co_evolving..  create, gather like folks + go eye-to-eye/post..  + check in with us all..

for those of us that have plenty, choose a wild place of gathering, without resources..  so as to identify, with the folks in the world that live daily with weapon/aggression experience. when many trapped in cities, children having to work or no food.. or having to hike several hours each day for water + fuel source, many get beat/raped in the journey, v.org is an example sharing story. add this thought into your issue.

        See how this awareness can change our local living. as we question our self to see if we contribute in any way.

          Jenin theater, freedom theater .org  + folks in Palestine have been successful in do_in theater as young tell old as they lay down their weapon, that they have found a way to redirect..
              do a walkabout to reach out + connect with local story + invite.

              With local story, as we resolve, we can share with those folks do_in their best in all `countries:.
                   Ex: Iran - village man campaigning for president in Mir Qanbar won 1/10 maybe of votes, 1 round required an associates degree so he couldn`t enter. Sweet story as he, a crippled man with donkey + cart, + a helper, rode bicycle thru out bad roads, train tracks with rocks, thru rivers in several villages + talked to working people with megaphone + put out pamphlets.

Middle east/Afghanistan/Palestine/Africa, etc. the world that endure/have unbelievable unique qualities for answers. Yet they pick up a gun for resistance, when theater can be a `way for reaching out for peaceful resolution. especially when we can focus as here, to sharpen our sensors, that have been dulled some how. To get clear on issue.

                       Rid preconceived misinformation that keeps us away from being present in the moment, leaving us unable to perceive reality.
with story shared with common denominator  - as in our do_ins. we now have common sense to reflect with all, that fills in the overdue missing detail for peaceful oriented resolution. to allow us to experience + trigger what we can do together to build community in like ecosystem cooperatively for us to self-develop + become a local, global + beyond participant.

with mime, music, motion, we act this out, as we reflect with mirrors of our own reflection. even in this process, as we discover our misuse.. trading off role models, as self reflects with dysfunction, worn – torn threads for community, etc.              
             we all have been at 1 time or the other - consumers + many of us still struggling with letting go, as we now identify.

this do_in can help free us of our own self-enslavement, as we awaken to our inner tools, to sharpen our  dulled sensors as we arise to our early signs + when not knowing put our sensors to work as we say no words + let our physical body rethink with mime, motion + music.:.
             we all know the excessive waste, many of us are left doing.  yet some folks do in responsible positions, leaving negativity, that end up with exponential effect. Such as government heads, their dinners, late hours, business negotiated with multi nationals as locals get interfered with. Our beings aren`t designed for such overload..  no common denominator as well no interpreter between cultures to equate the real history of interaction, as yet goods transported back + forth around the world, which is wrong, especially for food.. nor the true meaning of their interpretation of words being the same… respect not given to allow each to unfold own real story…
                              leaving no 1 universal science, which is needed for each to share this common denominator of locally self-sustaining.
when we allow folks to do for us, to gain support, which many parents from past generations have put family 1st. kids have grown up + fail to realize this.  what then do we do in exchange for them in their needs… or they are left struggling… only until later after the fact, then we see once to late or folks gone, as suffering put them under as aggression continues…

many of us that have been raised with fresh water in abundant, toiletries, food + shelter, that many take for granite. it really interferes in 1`s self-development. unless at an early age we are redirected with the awareness of what sustains us + how we develop best if hands on with this as we skillfully express:.

          here we show in many how foreign it can be to stop chasing our head, when we became accustomed to it, forgetting our whole mindbody balance. defining that in itself can interfere as folks don`t fully express.

         here we show this with symbols, colors, music, motion, mime + no words. as uniqueness is shared from cultures + their exchanges, with accessories, tools for function, simple living boon with designated ecosystems, seen in design, textures, etc…

                  when we reflect with you that live within nature`s limits, to get back to calm, we can better learn to maintain our own state of calm.
choreograph ideals to trigger more, we can expand on this in a 4 directions mode in 4 different acts:.  
           1st act   one faces realities of coming together with one self, as we become aware of these possibilities, vision gets formed:.
                          Some as disassociated energy resulting from others as negative energy is discharged + 1 increases in soaking it up. or few..
             folks can be in a variety of realities, sharp to altered:. cloud, foggy mind, hormonal, glycemic, diseased, a left + right brain talking, staying in head.. when perceiving this, not knowing this is us to be edited + rid if can, or seek sensitive + express what is, or applied in real time with whole being, acting as 1.  with mime reflecting extenuating fog mode.
                    another mime that has been acted on more with other brain does a fragmented act + yet other brain does another reflection.. another supporting real permanently damaged beings to allow them to come back + be an equal in the community, 1 creative, 1 logical.. as we support clearly in fabrication what isn`t being done in our local community.

 as many yet to realize, we can creatively obtain insight once we prioritize our function. + apply both sides of brain with a whole body expression. for thought is not derived from brain alone, our feelings originating from our reality states in all cells/tissues/organs/symptoms, as our inner tools process where + what we subject our selves too.. stealing to survive on own once negativity over takes, or working in union for the whole in wanting to survive..

yet many don`t know we have choices to self reflect + get out of these modes, by going within + sorting out what is..  it is these modes that make policy, go to war:.
                with practice we can identify a calm state to maintain + when early cues arise we have the inner tools to bring self back to calm as we learn to recognize them. when we wait too long our misuse, we produce a numb state, then on to a diseased state.. which then require more sensitivities/skills to help us regain our inner tools to working order. but many folks still working in these modes with filters..                

                those left unsupported to become aware, then are dull to reality, responding more aggressively, need more stimulation to awaken, when this is not the `way. the temporary stimulants just wear down our natural processes more.
                  a mime can have a stethoscope as signs are overlooked in another + that person doesn`t respond to own signs, bells go off no response, up to a bog hammer over head, then oh, hum, + even those dull, unable to respond as bad choices made from being in the cloud.. it is these that need reflection to self –observe with + be supported until can make better judgment on own. Meanwhile we show the parallel of those leaving negative effects still doing.

        we want same shade of color to be seen by all. as cue cards held up.
        we can show folks riding on others wave, energy goes somewhere always. It doesn`t just dissipate, it leaves an effect on all. many doing get the point across, which is not correct, so then show individuality + energy into each centering, grounding, with1 global family, awareness for life being sensitive, as same needs + offerings that are simple are used by all human life. let alone most of all other life, as well..

unique explorations come from us all when we have inner peace as we co_evolve.

this pattern can be highlighted, as we get a grip of it to stop the negative cycles from being repeated:.
                       Then after 1st act of our interpersonal issue`s  being shown, coming together with a vision.. we define how to do it, as we all come back as individuals. + look eye to eye where some once couldn`t + we sit down with equal input + make space for table/cloth discussion under a tree with clarity. Or we see the ones that didn`t come eye-to-eye, had reason, which others jumped the gun in assessing incorrectly.

But do we have equal input. Can we look eye to eye, some dulled, some sharp, some confused signals, some chasing left or right brain, some exhausted, some blinded by themselves, unable to see/feel the earth below their feet. So it is this mode of coming together to realize we can`t just act. We have to support those sensitive to help guide us until we can responsibly do for self, etc.

list created upon, as some carry these issues clearly with symbols:.
               As mime mirror, for one to notice them selves. As a horse would do. for problem folks actually bring in a horse to work with them. never suggest rather let them see for self, for horse will mimic. So one could have a horse cut out on body. + they look back + forth until they get it + go onto a nice flow with others simply do_in..
              As others twirl, releasing all tension, a balance of agility + in sync, moving with the motion of life. those with less tension swirl in flowing energy..

 No waste just pure efficiency in our ER triage.. as we remove layers that stand in our way to see issue. lay out in stick mode in dirt, sand.  bring together another view where folks sensitive with sharp sensors are reflecting balanced energy, what works for them in like situation. no matter how tilted we can get, when energy is presented to us, our body feels what is real. If we give the other the option to answer for self in this process of co_evolving, as each self-develop with student community support in place.

In each act, we regroup, as we address what we think + what we actually do, all will be mirrored with mime, music + motion. To see progress, like a fast forward of overview, a mime for unknown + as unfold, yet picking up more cues as we observe:.
               Discuss then how to do it on cloth/table space made, a mobile platform to go on location of issues, with stick earth drawings.. which many fail to make space to see these modes + realize when we don`t prioritize what sustains us then it leaves effects on us... so as to sort this out early on + then work with it for familiarity by applying to self or community. depending on resolution of issue:.
                        then assess the application, the negative + the positive, + carry lessons on to next lack of vision, which can be another unknown layer to get to bottom of this issue or on to another next time:.
              we can ex:
                     carry layers of baggage (bag with cue card stating that or dragged behind, grammas `way, teachers `way, survival `way, focusing on future + not present in moment, misuse `way, etc.) as we dull ourselves, allow others to influence, those that control + we fall into it.
                        + as we get clear, we still are broke in many ways + we drag that too, but now we are present in the moment, with energy + no future to drain, rather that cue card is redirected into now energy, as it then trickles in to our baggage of broken body as it starts to get nourished – these threads attached so folks can see the difference in those that do work simultaneously on incoming signals calmly as well, those addressing now to avoid store housing more, etc.

so in this platform w se each having different homework to work at, as cue cards show realities for each. + hands in the dirt, wild to stay wild, trans-boundary migration, fresh water for all, fresh air, natural as organic, not sneaking in toxins - grown food, living with ER preparedness naturally, recycling with hybrid along with good old tools that work well – leaving no illness of as is – with so many sick of waste + consumption that they go overboard to try to balance + get free of it, as they chased Al Gore green movement wrong, or funds toward electric stuff when yet to truly be efficient in process of how made or how to maintain or products still unsafe in parts, etc. as our original natural simple way now got congested with stuff. Our local communities now have expensive items not needed.
            so it is this mode we restore back to simple awakening to our own natural center that doesn`t support this waste + we organize to articulate our `tapering transition, as makumbo list gets clear + we shift from how we supported misuse with now creative options locally sustaining us to self-empower + regain our fuel that we wasted in chasing hate or chasing greed + delusion + come back + ground to what works when patches` + pockets` talk, etc.

               we thinking we must do for another.. chasing a deluded future thought until we become aware to bring it to now. + our selves leaving negative effects on other life as we are blinded by programming past on for generations. these same mode behaviors are leading the next generation as they follow in this line.

so different shades are being filtered + we are not perceiving with the same language the same filtered stage. our hormones are producing new characters along our acts of stress. A word that meant 1 thing when calm means differently as one stresses, as well the tone we say it in which is most confusing to our human processes, as well acted out differently when in different modes, + totally unable to perceive when 1 becomes ill + struggling to survive.. not to mention pressured by others leaving negative impact, or having to leave ones home as a refuge, etc. then seeing aggression in many levels.

                          Fill in real subject of issue on your center cue card, as for many we left it deep within yet to have energy to get to.

now it is no longer a word that is the issue, rather the tone from stress - changes leaving folks to believe we say something else. As the ug mode grabbed on to words, vs. digging deeper + associating a word that is better suited when consciously aware, we then grabbed on to this –that- something to survive…. This created `it is not what we say but how we say it, that effects us most. + what stage we perceive it in defines our understanding of it.. now changed as passed on..

this is then a few perceptions + then every one has a different one, as we try to come to agreement as a human family for what we share that simply sustains us all + rid that which interferes.

So our words, our understandings, our body language + tone, have different interpretations, different tones in different stages from what we subject our self to with misuse, from self or another + or allow our self to be bothered by it.. we have the control to not be psychologically or physically bothered when it is beyond our control. so as to handle, maintain, enabling our survival.

This is all being mimed, music, motion, enhanced, acted, cue cards, create:.

    other folks laying, relaxing, deep breathing, slowly. all moves done slowly so folks can perceive the difference in heart rate, self-reflection, energy emanated in each interaction ( from a energy gauge as one mimes it to see the changes + battery`s brought in to supplement when one below capacity + still doing) as we responsibly do or excessively do..

to help us see the fragility of our chemical electrical biological existence + interdependence on this earth requiring balanced ecosystems. as probes put in the soil , air + water, yet contaminated in so many patches` + pockets`
            do_in massage as energy opens, released from being blocked, from those sensitive after they have worked themselves up so folks can feel the racing mode.. + then up about business, where some focus, some cannot because it has become a monetary figure not an ecological one, we can process, as it interferes.…

    some get controlled for not responding.. others get beaten, attacked with weapons when yet peacefully protesting, stories get misconstrued to those in charge, as message is relayed + ends up different then beginning..

others comforting early signs with self, another getting support from others compassion, they massage + assist one to relax + release, open…

left unattended, this disassociated energy, prevents us from reaching our center. left bewildered. or others come with feel good mode, or thinking money is the answer + overly gives vs. true compassion of one`s experiences:.
                 truly allowing one to do an exchange, vent, share + responsibly give needs + offerings during strengthening process. where we come to realization of what deviated our processing for needing attention, or needing to be right or simply needing a self never attended to.

                             address the intent not the end result..

        we can process perceptions + applications without being fear based + with our own choice.  mime to reinforce..
        we can rid our baggage + be aware how it influences our decisions. so it is the logger within us all, that can juggle if we calm our self + go within. identify what we are feeling + associate it with why it is in us. did we simply soak it up from another.. or not take the time to follow thru + give feedback, etc.  

each reviewing this will offer differently with own perceptions, as we hope it comes together for all, as our misuse easily gets exposed..

       we can simply live without accumulating baggage, once aware of ridding, as bags get lighter + then relabeled, as we still grab on + over due goodness + have to learn to not attach to that, as those labels get changed into emptiness. Mime questioning vs. acting on.

 As bags get lighter, they float away as we synch with each release + now we `boon with natural `way of not having to own, or control, or always give vs. a receive balance when many think we over give yet we trying to express a point + when together in short time – not interested in just talking about the weather, rather get to root of pain, etc. or see we do for able beings, etc.. + feel the energy from reflecting, exchanging + sharing:.

                Taking us in a whole new direction. Which many patches` of communities are without beautiful natural folks. raising children without nature`s way as a guide. working within delusional limitations only.  as ill health is abundant. + children have rebelled/killed/remain ill, still left unable to redirect this heavy baggage from all.
each maintaining discipline of direct self- sensory observation vs. belief + doing analytical assessing along the `way, communicating, editing those feelings, not taking others on. not lie dormant to steal energy or soak it up, that can better be used elsewhere.. as we reach out to the whole being mode of communicating within our human potential. experiencing the reflection of where we are when we see it in another, rethink, realign..

                   especially in comparison with body language in this movement. then we shift + redirect as we experience. others resist. + we see how each one in a line progresses + goes backward as they reflect with the struggles of past generations, baggage is added.. while others softly move forward, stop + sit quietly, working thru it as if it was happening right now. even though in some cases we may no longer have alive our loved ones to talk directly to. our processing has a way of dealing now as we sort thru it, ridding that which we have no control over:.

                                    `smelling the roses along the way..

if we could only have part of the goodness - lucky to have from many. we are do_in good. this is what we don`t get back, that chance to enjoy the time we didn`t take along our path + now they gone.. yet many don`t even have small bits of what some are so fortunate to have. but life goes on + in our next relations we become more sensitive to quality time, realizing how fast it does go.  
          Sorry, when those of past tried to tell us, yet we could not decipher what we heard. realize now we will awaken, although late for them, but our lesson with them, will be carried on. this is a sad moment when we awaken to late. some can`t live this down + carry it as baggage – as they yet to learn how we can process this effciently, where others can redirect with compassion + admit wrong doing, as we realize we must go on in a positive manor, to obtain/regain our balance.

Many emotionally can`t get by this + need support to gain this awareness.  which is good to reflect here with children beaming their energy + sensitivity. Or as in the folks with Mandala theater in Port Townsend, Wa focusing on Hitler`s concentration camps, at the boiler room. as all where welcome to participate, in acting out alternative thought for understanding. As those that have carried it long, did then look at it in another `way.

Experience small children following one bewildered, where other children open + loving questioning. then they reject those adults with undeveloped children within, as all children come together in attempts to unfold in own `way. as they bounce off what is taking place.. some not easily finding a `way.

         Each experiencing, supported by another.. some take longer than others as they show discussion with hands as each talk, hug + cry, then ok after venting + other triggering to understand + work it. while a nice exchange softly in others reflect a gentle ray of light, as it beams a brighter path..

          then all come to center in a synergy of energy as we focus together to focus on issue. calmly not robotic as folks in aggressive acts have become, with mind + gear.. or mechanical + then seek music to calm when yet the mechanical act in life needs to be addressed + rid, so as to enjoy music, rather then need it.

          this was just the person mode, not to mention what each brings in for the cooped issue as we attempt to see our local sustainable ways work. + then we go into the issue of what is resisting + that can be same for many. so this event is nice to be on video for folks unable to attend, yet have offerings to add from home. to experience what others do in different ecosystems. to truly become one with local space.

         so the schedule of events will be interesting + each will define how often this is needed as a means to peaceful shifting for resolution + healing along the way. for peace is not just removal of war. It is understanding ones ways, that produced one to not be following natures `way. + real issues displacing others as we are capable of redirecting disassociated energy. we even talk about this performance + we work that emotion that is at ones forefront.

        as we show cultural exchanges of  `smelling the roses.. enjoying with loved ones.. experiencing natural local resources in tact. we `boon with the old growth area..  this is what this is about + conserve naturally from having no needs.. peace is being one with all life, not just within:.

       this choreographed performance is individualized by each as we reflect within ourselves. redirect, + look at how issue was presented with alternative thought. awakening with a new attitude adjustment toward issue at hand as we come together + get clear on our own resolution.

        we now open our eyes to the beautiful surroundings + see what our eyes would not allow us before with cloudy filters. It always comes back to our core wilderness that sustains us, those that don`t live daily within natural ways forget this.

        music in appropriate time so we can rid the mechanical ways we have picked up. rather then if it is true where music will soothe us to better adapt. when the issue is to rid the unnatural ways. + boon with our natural environment:.
   let the `performance begin:.
        we used up all normal channels to define + try to be in real time with issue.. on location with this pri` performance we co_evolve with it + make new discoveries of our hidden traits within, etc. Or celebrate knowing with a nice `performance in an old growth scenic area.. each time we boon + appreciate what is, along the `way.

It is here we use talk`talk` to communicate for our cooperative effort, if unable to get response thru postings in do_ins. regarding difficult issues, yes we want to create good comprehension, research but within reason, especially when another ecosystem has worked it out or individuals focusing on issue, is where questions get triggered:.
                `a problem cannot be solved by the same thinking which created the problem in the first place, Albert Einstein…
`pri- perform do_in, goes beyond words in creative expression as we dissect + resolve issues, etc.. this goes beyond thought as folks face the `unknowns, that mostly are buried deep within each of us..

music dvd:.
        from the 1st pri` perf + few other thoughts along the way, from each of us, having to deal with the ideal of this project from long ago. as well our self, to put some to a closure + other to a beginning..

 a place that is truly lived in is a recyclable space.. weather protected that folks feel comfortable with when it comes to cooperatively making decisions that need extra thought… so when these performances are posted, local folks know to take it to heart… with this setting all vibration harmonizes with ecosystem dictating so as to preserve all species….

sound                   mime                     motion                 thought                space

should pri` performance allow an exchange of natural offerings during break, so that folks gain insight of sensitivities to do such work, selectively, made with respect from the natural world… you can`t get a better indicator of local sustainable balance then to have a local grown natural pot lock..

         we want same shade of color to be seen by all. we have a biological process we all share as humans. when we are calm + have support to get back to calm, peace happens within + without. producing individuality, as each unfolds… our human processing allows us to retain sharpness as a child, throughout our entire life.

 It is this awareness of freedom folks do not have in many patches` + pockets` yet in the world, to develop themselves… both in the developed so called country`s, due to enslaved in own body with misuse, lack of awareness at short reach… + when folks suffering, programmed, relocated, ill, hungry, no water or fuel, etc. energy is not available, let alone innovative creativity that truly only comes once we prioritize function energy efficiently… preoccupation is toward trying to survive, etc…. insensitive to a child`s inability to make changes + prevent fear.

many cannot realize nor can they focus on if struggling themselves, or many doing for their gain, on the folks left misusing, unable to succeed in own self - development. Surrounded by many living in fragments, trying to develop or thinking they know it all being left with own limitations, etc. as well the many negative effects left on life + ones habitats in such disarray around this planet, from the ongoing aggressive acts, from a war economy fueling the `way..
       we want to address the child within young + old, that is undeveloped. not just a child, for both are equally handicap when silently suffering from fear, etc:.
                  to better define the missing link as we pursue our feelings within, quietly, + allow what is to surface. it is our responsibility to address it + bring it to harmony. by organizing that which is within, rid + apply in real time.
        we can build upon an organic foundation that allows us to listen intuitively + then be clear to act accordingly vs. store or not acknowledge. Leaving our sensors without resistance, sharpened.. making good choices with simple common sense:.
        we will prioritize similar  issues that many war torn areas share, yet can`t express. as we invite you to post with 1st hand experience, sharing with those folks.. to help guide us with their reality.. as we build a story that when addressed many can gain from.

The acts of motion definitely go in different directions when it comes from the heart vs. attack one that is in ill state from being triggered, repressed, abused, undefined + in the middle of what can`t get out of, etc.  
        we show these acts that are now happening as we state it simply in cue dard + then let different individuals express their perception as they would be, to show us the many `ways to address, before all can gain.

            If we are do_in what is, then we don`t have to stage anything:.
                clearly feeling the flow of prioritizing what sustains us, yet not locally to be found…
                 look at what is, while another mimes what can be for self/young or old;
             whether ill/scared/frail/homeless/refugees…  plug in with where at, until choices appear once nurtured to strength, support in place, enabling alternative thought to choose from. so as even though if physically limited to a space, gather + be expressive so as not to build baggage. Rather redirect positively what is needed to heal, bring focus in the moment + bring future thought to now so as to gain from all fuel available, as inner tools realign from the distress of being displaced, without, resistance, etc.

         with mime, motion, music + occasional cue card for  performers + audience to improvise, fabricate, exploit, explore with humor + seriousness… with no words spoken, only our movement of sensations perceived + transmitted… for it is our mind + body that gives us tools to become whole… sadly many have been lost in words, programmed from others lost in words, as behaviors passed on, where each had different definitions of same word, as tone was expressed differently, or behavior known superceded, etc. leaving silent suffering:.
        mimes act as our subconscious + act out our expressions when yet to be centered/grounded, as we pursue our function in attempts to go beyond survival + simply live in harmony as we `boon with the natural world. revealing the emotions fear based from those codependent in sheep mode + their consequences.. as our cover is same but our suffering is left silent, due to not having the tools to work with for our inner-personal self-development + sustainability that changes as we co_evolve.
     all come to table in discussion where aggression still is the answer, as those with energy + clarity come together + add some threads that perhaps those weak cannot see, to put a different in front of those struggling:.
         perhaps a cloth of same material, like a cheesecloth bandage mode exposing how this is a wound that is deep + needs to be reopened to heal.  As layers taken off, not all the way to cleanse, but a bit to yet add more, as the wound oozes needs not met. thin see through so we can move with it on, the mimes are separately wrapped + attached, fighting each other constantly, as past wound seems to take over the present.

      When being becomes whole we see the web untangle as we become `boon with our self + the natural world. uniting mindbody, developing a centered foundation to build upon, creating individuality, part time carrying + developing modes supporting unable to become whole.

As one doesn`t accept just unraveling part of the past. rather the feeling are real + we want to get to the bottom of this baggage + gather true understanding so as to let it go forever.
             we reflect with those posting , those folks that have solution + have made it work, as suffering healed..

mime break away.. one exposes movement + thought  in harmony of compassion… disrupting the old ways programmed from having to gain, compete, control, tired of fighting with own mind + body, etc… it takes just one to spark + be strong enough to go on own, even though bewildered at beginning where others afraid to follow… so one walks alone… while others continue long distressed sessions. Then it is not individuals no more making decision. Rather it is a real time feeling of energy that was the resultant of many leaving disassociated unknowns, that can be reshaped for fuel for positive do_in.

          we give thanks to the pieces of their work that was valid + we all must realize good support socially has not been in place in the past or know in many patches` + pockets`. As many good folks had ideals they died with or many working at it but yet to be completed.. or folks leave to seek out their understanding.

                many folks are too programmed to see the truth they are seeking… but what is worse is this negativity is not as strong as our positive input once we quit fueling it.
         we can network + share our how to`s + link our patches`

Think specific issue. use mime + cloth as a wound cover, to attach for these feelings + tell them what you are feeling. Have layers come off as we are confused with mixed cues, we don`t know which bandage hurts, + need to work with what we know to get to what we don`t + let it surface. Calm + let it rise from the depths as our pain remains throughout our body, not just in our mind.

           Our mindbody is one, that had been fragmented  + now we put pieces back to gether..

Same with effect left on another. It is how they perceive which had nothing to do with what we thought we projected. + when they did not come back + share, rather suffer silently with it, it is very hard to feel + understand this.

So we have to have compassion for this mode as we separately seek that which others perceived we did wrong + go back + follow thru with those we`ve been with + with like shade of color, rethink + define.

     we can change our self- abuse + not allow others to abuse us, as we clearly share this feeling ASAP we perceive it..
     we can give examples of feedback once we have been hurt, so the other knows + then we realize we misunderstood.

What do we do to correct what we have done wrong. Choose a partner to work with as if they where the other one originally, if they are unavailable, or deceased...

Now ask who is not even dealing with the issue of what effect was left on self/others.  how do we expose this + break our dependency on their offerings, which we have supported or not able to express..

        Paranoid people create terrorist to justify their existence. Paranoia is an imbalance so they need support in their judgment calls..

How do we address them, when it really takes that person that produced the origin of pain to come forth to make this easier + faster… or does it. actually if we address, act out, as if the deceased or other afar was doing, in this act that hurt. when 1 expresses + interacts from the heart, it will make a difference..  then 1 that was hurt feels the energy lacking + redirects, as healing energy replaces the void from guilt, fear, pain, transforming..

For our inner tools are amazing how they store from the past but at any time you work it, it then responds, even though ASAP is best.

       we mobilize resources in a `way around suffering. if child goes to teacher + they pick them out, + then if we work with teacher first to feel + understand, then they can work with child. Let locals do vs. another with intent to gain, with a feel good mode without realizing interfering.

Do you see how these issues are real + take some time to sort out. yet they are all within our control to do. when we work together synergy produces amazing results.. Lets actually see how much + how long it takes to go thru this to actually get to an issue, if there is still an issue, once we remove layers + each responsibly do.

       If so we then celebrate our presence + be thankful for such tools.

As we focus together do_in so as to live naturally + incorporate what can in early signs. vs. occasional  ER triage when natural disaster hits..  or ask yourself do you need to do a triage review now past due within your community. where interpersonally/ locally folks are suffering within left alone as many are now locally + beyond.

       we can post our offerings, let the children join in this exploratory process, as they see folks open + trust. + in their ability to confront the reality of what has happened on this earth, still is + what can be. once they reflect + look within to address this suffering. as the adult addresses their misunderstanding, their baggage, with children as we develop together. so all grow together, awakening, becoming a local, global + beyond participant:.
          soothing the suffering with comfort for a starter. such as natural shelter, starting with a `way on into a `plan do_in.
                      where if can think permanence, all the better for core root sustaining, water, shelter, bio-waste disposal, food + direction to support healing process.
                      where if think impermanence, which is all we truly have, as we are all part of the natural cycle of birth + death + we are on this earth a short time, so yes material comfort is important to ecologically support it`s sustainability to sustain us. but `boon with the natural world then gives us fuel to simply be.

Addressing the grievance as it comes + goes in natural disasters is one issue. but to live in it when we clearly can rid it + prevent is what we can awaken to with this tool. as mime shows us within our self what we yet to see we doing. eye to eye discuss from the heart, the truth of original intention, misread or deliberate…  admitting fault once recognized from many of us that felt we needed to help out a situation, or family. then as we separated more, we failed to bond, then our own needs where without. as we attempted to balance, we got more misinformed + no time to rid the behaviors passed on from generations or the ones now creating..

Meanwhile time goes on + our elders leave us so soon. So I suggest rejoin` your self + your family + make a joy of travels + explorations together to the point that all then is happy with mobility tools. to then each go their own `way.  but this `way we discover our missing, worn –torn threads vs. just solely running from something, yet to understand. when together we can best figure it out.

Realize that a handful of people on this planet have + still are creating a medium, that only can result with negative effects.. as millions of us blindly fuel to make it happen as we either don`t focus + define cooperatively, or we use the products/services that misuse, etc.

              we work with real time issue`s at time they become present.

Ex: 3-2-08 in a BBC interview, Victorian Newland, ambassador to Nato, says she a mom + knows how it feels, when confronted from one saying this goes beyond the emotion. For he to had 6 kids + has emotions, but this is not the issue. as the issue of why should Nato continue, where yet she says security is needed from the bombers blowing up teachers + politicians, in order to talk to them, when he was trying to say the grievance needs to be addressed, + that Bush created Akaida + he won`t talk to them. it would be better for EU to handle this vs. Americans interfering without addressing humane ways to heal + negotiate peace.

like the psychiatrists addressing children`s fear in Palestine + Israel, stating they need adults responsible, teachers, parents to stop the aggression + be sensitive to how a young child cannot help themselves like an older one can. Their suffering is silent.

When sincerity for grievance is confronted eye-to-eye, only then can our biological process lift us up from the limitations we set, due to the protective shields one builds in attempts to survive after being hurt. Otherwise aggressive confrontation triggers them to do more harm. children experiencing truth + peaceful solution will learn much faster + heal, preventing young soldiers + blaming other children.

        we can End the aggression:.
                      where we all make choices to live within our human limitations that develop + support the unable to obtain clear minds + strong bodies.

        we can Look at security definition:.
                      with a range of human conditions. we can mobilize support to their surroundings locally, when they invite us. Address the root of origin of thought, with them from afar, with respect. to define what triggers what is locally happening, + respond to early signs.

Go one to one to speak eye-to-eye + get a real story perspective.. With true sincerity for understanding what effect we left/leave on another. + understand the pain by allowing one to express it, vent it, release + support the redirection of this disassociated energy.  that perhaps created, advanced to war economy to technical advisers still remaining in ones country without wanting them, etc.  as with Americans in Pakistan is still not appreciated.

 Many do not know it is up to each of us to maintain our balance so not to leave negative effect nor allow another to tilt us.

          we come together with natural creativity with a basket, back pack - in a `way do_in potluck in old growth under a beautiful tree, a wild place. a lay a cloth passed down or handmade with life story from natural living, as community cooperatively share. we greet each other + sit, aiding those unable old + young to do comfort as well. children calm + beautiful from natural living, drawing as all take part in our discussion. Vs. the scene of G8 or some of the peace negotiations where meeting go on with no sleep, no common sense to make good choices, at an expensive waste consumptive gathering, when yet it should be open for all to participate, from afar via virtual tools, etc…

many are tired of this + want no part of it. just want to get away vs. allow our energy to be connected with such foolishness. As many redirect + pool focus in hands on `ways that we can feel progress, as together we build our local  community.

that`s right we don`t want your money or attention until you have it to give. 1st take care of you + part time build your community to sustain you, we don`t want to take you away from that.

       we appreciate once you have done this to then come post for others to reflect with via like ecosystem, so together we all progress as we self-develop + build our community, from each others bi`joy experiences that work when we `boon with our natural world.

make a place that is truly lived in… with mobility, weather protect, so folks feel comfortable with, when it comes to cooperatively making decisions that need extra thought… so when these pri`performances are posted, local folks know to take it to heart… with this setting all vibration harmonizes with ecosystem dictating so as to preserve all habitats for all species. not just think of our own back yard, but link the patches` + pockets` for all life to freely migrate as we talk.
if then you appreciate this + can give more then postings, we appreciate it. go to talk`talk` subcategory + give what can, when – so others with more, please give more for those that can`t until can.. this `way we all can reach out in a walkabout as we collect bi`joy experiences + build our community shared tool sheds + support all to self-register in log book for community to stay in tune.

old + young folks participating, if can`t, bring them in bed – if they still want to come, as they do in Solomon islands. weaving our relations into harmony… local markets with natural offerings come about… then good time for break for folks to mingle, with this market of goods, which is our best local indicator along with our fresh food local grown natural with no toxins, potluck, + share our offerings.. this way audience can meet our elders in bed + in acts..

intermissions between each break.. allow an exchange of natural offerings during break so that folks gain insight of sensitivities to do such work, selectively… made with respect for the living world… nums, folks sharing insight, with music, discussion, ability to move in response, dance…
each as a community participant, represents what needed as early signs addressed. as each participate in these do_ins, to complete tasks at hand.  Participate part time, schedule so all can easily be involved with core group in real time building input. so when pri` performance happens or needs come out throughout entire project, each has a foundation to reflect with.
            all gather in preparedness for art created with young + old, as each try to define issues in posters, as well put them around in known postings. as well hiking/biking to reach those unable + afar for there input, to make folks aware of participating.  Same as in a `way gathering, reach out + do a walkabout.  gather art, an ancient chant may be appropriate, a piece of music planned... local offering in season… sketch patches` do_in for the young in mind. live food exchanged on table/cloth settings as folks join in…
                     choreograph ideals that trigger your ideals locally with these issues locally that include afar tools that work via like ecosystem…
                      share the human issue of maintaining sharp sensors so not to cloud our filters. Our minds cannot just ignore what we perceive. If truly aware we don`t just allow:
                  ex; US medium to give US news, or write history books, without a comparison from the other side involved, for so much has been wrongly recorded/reported, etc. a number of sources offer truth, especially once we gather postings. then we share this story with common denominator of understanding. So we can associate + apply. Vs. see fragments.
           these same mode behaviors are leading the next generation as they follow in this mode, if don`t reach out for truth. So different shades are being filtered + we are not perceiving with the same language, the same color. Our hormones are producing new characters, along with our acts of stress.  not to mention pressured by others leaving negative impact, or having to leave ones home as a refuge, etc. or seeing aggression in many levels.
         an adult with these issues, has little or no energy for clarity.  let alone a child that is hopeless to make changes on own, when fear based. As they look, as in Palestine/Israel conflict,  at the other child as their enemy, as there growth mentally + physically is stunted.  From on going aggression.
     as well Dar Far in Sudan where doctors over worked, no sleep for 36 hours maybe 2 –3 times a week + not enough energy to think, to sustain their 80 to 100 seriously ill patients everyday.

As others welcome this tormented energy, comforting early signs with self, another getting support from others compassionately, assisting one to relax + release. for able folks don`t allow one to do for them within reason, only unable + even then, they are part of the whole as they adjust to needs, choices, exchanges + offerings. so the mind shift is heartening + hurts to break thru a wall of programming of i doing for you, vs. we do_in for self + part time for each other, without interfering in another`s ability to do for self. as well critters + their habitats.

This supports us to reach our center. not left bewildered. + stop others from coming with feel good mode, or thinking money is the answer + overly gives in wrong directions.
true compassion of one`s experiences. + truly allowing one to vent, share, responsibly give for rid of needs + offerings to be built upon, during strengthening process to actually choose + exchange that which is ecologically sound for all life..

here we come to realization of what deviated our processing for needing:              whether attention, or needing to be right or simply needing a sense of self yet never could reach in + build it.

     we do need to process perceptions + applications without fear based + with our own choice, when calm. This is a human requirement for peace.
     we do need to rid our baggage + be aware how it influences our decisions. it is the logger within us all, that shares this common bond..
                       All should have this support for life rights.
 identify what you are feeling + associate it.  why is it in you. did you simply soak it up from another. Or not take the time to follow thru + give feedback.
     Gain from networking after you folks create, resolve+ apply. then post simple living skills. folks we can gain from those that have a small footprint, with lil baggage as they try to stay on top of it. raising children with nature`s way as a guide. Working within natural limitations only.  Maintaining discipline of direct self- sensory observation vs. belief + do_in analytical assessing along the way. As we reach out to the whole being mode of communicating within our human potential. Experiencing the reflection of where we are when we see it in another, so we can shift our self..

       Especially in comparison with body language in this movement. Then we shift + redirect as we experience. Others resist. + we see how each one in a line progresses + goes backward as they reflect with the struggles of their baggage. while others softly move forward, as they stop + sit Quietly. not interfering in others self-development leaving beautiful creative intelligent beings, when allowed to self-express + have support from sensitive/skilled solutions  that `boon with the natural world to reflect with..

       i`d like to contribute this 1st pri`perf to my family + call it

                              smell the roses along the way:.

i name this after Dorie, Dode, my aunt`s + mom -Violet, as these girls, had so much fun doing simple things, with the little they had + did it very efficiently with no waste. i`m so sorry as a brat to repel or throw them off their `way at a younger age, as they went out of their `way for me.. but when they asked how i was, they didn`t  give me choices to reflect with as example of what was i feeling + what kept me from them. so we could of figured out their doing + my doing at the time, which appeared to be different. i did not learn how to talk about my feelings until later. so i didn`t  join in with their fun. Perhaps due to always serving mode which kept them busy, so as being served, their was a wall between us. as i pursued trying to define things, my head, boys, even got my period playing cowboys + Indians at 8 i think, as i thought i got shot with an arrow as i was tied to stake.

So this was a family many shared, dad would beat the kids because they where bad as his teacher did to him, which i kept my mouth shot in the right times i guess + never got hit. Accept mom pulling my hair when i would not sit still in church as a little girl. it didn`t make sense then or now.

At that time period, with dad coming from the south, the women did i thing while the men did another. + i didn`t like the country music they played, cards or their dance. so kids played together strip poker or doctor, exploring sex, then on to drinking alcohol + drugs. Never was their an intelligent conversation of what we where feeling, amongst us or in school, yet I was very progressive in math at a young age, going beyond, it was the only thing that made sense to me. we just went along with all. when none of us knew anything about sex as guys where aggressive. which a few of us could of easily got pregnant. as many went on to stealing + fighting, i turned direction into going to work to help out family at 13 or so. Then actually moved into the job as a live in nana.

Which i think if their was more interrelation amongst family sharing all that we felt, vs. scared from siblings being beat + then they switched into partying, yet it was no fun to see them work hard with little to provide the best they could for all. so by working i felt i could take care of myself, which i did as far as monetary things. But none of this is worth loosing relationships between family. they would come to visit but always limited, from my employers for 1 reason or another..

So here in this pri` performance if we involve children in human issues, depending how aware they are. + many parents have no clue how involved sexually their children are. so this needs to be more transparent. For we are living organisms + the desire for sex is very real once old enough. So the age is not to be a factor, rather the individual.

If you look at any other species, the young learn at a very young age + then many left to fend on own. But humans carry feelings that if displaced can leave long lasting effects, that i see many folks struggling with now that are a bit different then what i perceived as issues as a child. yet many adults carry this undeveloped child within.

That was several years ago + i still see kids doing the same without understanding. As parents seem to say this is right or wrong, yet children get emotionally hurt in process if their feelings don`t jive with parents + then not expressed. So many issues start from the beginning + then as we carry this survival mechanism, this is how we continue to process our ongoing perceptions.

             As we continue to have natural simple living folks, as we always have, but many not tuned in due to what ever fragments that kept it from being stable + healthy. we then feel the energy as we reflect with our self. this attitude adjustment is easier as we involve young + old with the sustainable process at a young age. So a common bond is shared. + now more folks are active sharing building community, so children are not just subjected to limiting parents. But still remains many in patches + pockets where old misuse behavior is being lived as normal.

In do_in this pri` performance it is nice to do a walkabout + reach out to all. so no child is left behind in a different `way then that which has been added to schools inefficiently, where testing is more important then good over all learning. leaving one fragmented.

this represents the many families that worked/work hard, yet are left enslaved from own misuse. as issues create illnesses, that could have been prevented + naturally supported. so each could take responsibility for their own energy, vs. misusing to be continued, passed on to other generation as normal..

 in our attempts to survive a materialistic perspective that  we think is right, it doesn`t even come close to the quality of love we share by do_in together..  when dysfunctional families finally due sort it out, many ae already gone, leaving yet many more issues for folks to try to figure on own, as they still house the misuse carried forward. but due to fear based attempt to define what is right, many continue to seek comfort + went + got lost in the information world. sensors dull, so we could not feel energy exchanges, that made sense.. or shy away from those reflecting, especially if it was heightened from a belief vs. one being sensitive maintaining balanced energy `boon from the natural offerings..

+ to have children in this mode, which many are. + subject them to all this baggage, is what is happening in this world of information. the sensitivity is not there to think of the children, when the adult body still has a yet to develop child within, trying to survive, with their parent`s programming from there grandparents, etc:.
      the solution is to develop with your child, not for your child.. + prioritize this so all can truly awaken to a natural simple life without baggage. As we become present in our moment taking part in creating it. Where each builds a path as they walk it into their opening.

Many small children following one bewildered, where other children open + loving. Then they meet + the repressions surface in the adults with undeveloped children within, as all children come together with each unfolding in own way. so the sooner we reflect our processing ability simply, in which ever best do_in you feel is right for you. to self-develop, or with your family or community, then create with this + help make it a good tool.

              Before making a decision, review all subcategories.
Then all come to center in a synergy of energy as we focus together to focus on issue. where folks feel the cooperative energy hee, especially with no words that may trigger them to hang on to the wrong definition as they learned it, as it was past on..
           many local communities have been neglected from people coming together. + this focus on what sustains us can build a community tool shed very quickly as we prioritize our issues. + what each can gain when we work to build a community that is their for us to co_evolve with. not just if we loose our balance, misuse, then ASAP the groundwork is laid for us to regain our center + have the support to build strength + once again maintain own energy or even if partially supported, still come back into community as an equal local, global + beyond participant.. which is very nice.
       This is just the person mode, not to mention what each brings in for the cooped issue, as we see our local ecological sustainable ways work. once we  gain awareness for what fuels life.  

         This event is nice to be on video for folks to experience, that are unable to attend, as they create with their offerings from afar, etc. + to see what others do - in different ecosystems. as they gain this transition co_evolving `boon with our natural world.

         To truly become one with self + local space once, inner-interpersonal issues sorted out. + folks come together to focus on issue at hand in our community that gives us resistance, while simultaneously we work at restoring it`s natural balance.

         the itenery of events will be interesting + each will define how often this  do_in is needed.. as a means to peacefully shift for resolution + healing along the `way. For peace is not just removal of war. It is understanding ones ways, the origin that produced the grievance, that interfered in one to not be following natures ways. Misusing + real issues displacing others negative impact, as we are capable of redirecting the disassociated energy:.
          we talk about this performance + we work that emotion, that pain, that fear carried so long, that interferes in ones forefront, stealing from their ability to be present in the moment:.
         with gratitude, sincerity we take responsibility for the negative effect we did not know we left, + not address what we can do with empathy + compassion, so we all come out calmed..
               take a look at the other pri` perf + take notes + create your likings, from them all.

       As we show cultural exchanges of
               smell the roses along the way
 we invite experienced natural local how tos, that many use as daily tools. still in tact as folks `boon with the natural world daily do_in chores. living in harmony as indigenous are to be given gratitude. as they endured this continued process that works. while many in confusion abusing resources.  

    This choreographed performance is individualized by each. as we reflect within ourselves. Redirect, + look at how our issue was presented with alternative thought/actual reflection of 1`s energy which never felt, then a touch so soft, yet never experienced, as we have been unable to soften our own touch as we misuse.. Awakening with a new attitude adjustment toward this focus issue at hand. as we come together + get clear on human potential for a peaceful resolution.

            we now `open our eyes to the beautiful surroundings + see what our eyes would not allow us before with cloudy filters. It always comes back to our core wilderness that sustains us, when we live daily within natures borders, we don`t forget this.

   `music in appropriate places, so we can rid the mechanical ways we have picked up. if it is true where music will sooth us to better adapt. When the issue is to rid the unnatural ways.

   `boon within + our natural environment surfaces. So music will be selectively put in so as to enhance + not interfere in the physical energies experienced from our human perceptions + feedback..  those of you that know - no other way to reflect, then with your music, give it a try. it will only heighten your musical offerings once you have aligned yourself with the natural world, sorting out that which is deep within that may of interfered. Or maybe something carrying each day thinking it was natural + not..

    objective to be present each moment, as you take part in creating it..

how many have several nice moments throughout the day.. How many flip flop, good day, bad day.. How many truly on a path that is perpetual pleasure the majority of time, interrelating as need are met + offerings exchanged. How many yet to know it`s possible to have that control in defining own harmony + making it happen..
          As together we can more easily share a process that allows each of us, no matter what mode in, to enjoy. + allow natures offerings to come into our lives daily.
          As we continue to juggle + go beyond prevention, remove baggage + find space to be present in the now. with optimum energy efficiency as we adjust with early cues in real time, with each circumstance. Living with tonus tension only.

 Check the needs + offerings list for a focus to trigger your thought. You decide if it is to be an exchange, participate or observe, perceiving yet another way, for you to center + ground, etc.. Consider this first experience of pri` performance do_in, to be created from us all.
          As we review this to trigger thought for our personal + local situation shared by many, in real time, so as not to just accept what we think we know as normal, rather review others postings + get real with your self.+ your cooperative community.

What will it take for us all on this planet + beyond to live simply in harmony `boon with our local environment.
            We can pass the blame or dump the baggage in a process that works, so as to still enjoy life`s offerings along the `way, each day.
            We thought once folks got together on this focus, giving feedback. we could better define the resistance. we can address now cooperatively to see how efficiently we could do this.  So it becomes a good tool for us all to use.

 Everyone will see their own issues or local community needs + offerings in a different light after participating, truly interrelating as never before. Others have had the harmony in motion for some time. which is nice to awaken to. please review all do_ins + do your homework.

But to truly reach out + grip this moment of time with the present minds + available skills, will be unique.  A synergy of energy connects. Wiping out in microseconds excessive waste, recycling all available with time + circumstances. prioritizing our energy to work within. vs. chase materials saved or desired. Rather another `way to view our existence. As we prioritize human comfort.  Which fuels us to then come together in all do_ins + awaken to those that cross our path unable. + do an exchange with compassion.

Er triaging within + cooperatively networking part time locally + beyond, gives solutions as we all take part in building a support system for when unable until able. Focusing on resolving long overdue needs of the many species on the earth we share.
           As we get to know the unique quality of human potential carried from past + combined with now.
            As we move into a do_in vs. doing mode of everything we can. Leaving no waste. Knowing that we readily make available the means for all to do same + enjoy the developing process as we cooperatively share it with all life.

While everyone improvising in real time, interrelating, questions defined + created.  Increasing our energy output. We will see how best to do this so as to touch the dull sensors in all + enrich.  As we define questions for our issues, which before where not clear.

             A boost for each of us as we awaken to natures offerings in sound, motion, mime, arts.. to give us another way to adjust + fine tune what is needed to allow ourselves to remain open. Using centered folks + when folks not experienced in being centered, we use an alternative to reveal beyond tonus energy to show how tension starts producing stored energy + soon systems out of reality as the distraught energy influences + interferes.

This can be an overlay in footage or mime in live motion equaling thoughts or blockages of energy following that person + when not interrelating `boon with natural world.  this comes 1st, not chasing self stuff, baggage or community.. show how it is carried on to others, + now a few folks carrying baggage for the other.. or a mime takes original picture shot from one + follows thru as if they where them + see the harmony flow. It will be a sensitive mime that picks up all microvolts of displaced tension.
                Where as the other mime quickly acts without properly adjusting with real tension throughout, as well with what imitated. As they think they know, leading them down a path that will be short as their energy gets consumed.  Humor, thought provoking as we take these long bad habits of judging without fact, anticipating + assuming, as a few for starters + show results when one does not stay open, checking in throughout the day + realign.

Few good lessons from Buddha`s  dharmas, maybe still not understood. (review yesha`s tapes)

Point is we have overlooked our/others inability`s + if we exaggerate the incorrect energy exchange in a sense of humor, humbleness + beauty. it gives one an alternate route to reflect + redirect. so we can adjust. when aware with this mode as a tool, we soon understand.

 we can simplify + celebrate it.
we may spark resolution never expected.
           Ex: a Russian scientist was locked up for her research of producing - on a negative, as in for a photo, a scene that was happening in a place a few thousand miles away.
when one does LSD why they see Jesus or another go from birth to old age. Like defragmenting in a computer, an imprint is left + does have an effect.

Take the time factor + interpret into energy from each + now look at the interactions + effects from each. As we view our potential of understanding differently + actually utilize young + old to come together to better define, research for the many needs now. Not direct aggressively or stored due to paranoia or the many caught up in out their lost misinformation. clarify astral projecting + other confusion or don`t have it in your verbiage.
                We want eye-to-eye enjoyment, viewing life in real time. preciously as it is. yet on the other hand when it comes to us getting clear within, we set no time deadlines, rather we allow energy to flow + remove blockages. For this energy is what we grow + bond with coming from the earth + it connected thru out universe as long as we balance our choices of energies - colors, shapes, textures, natural foods `boon within natures limits. + keep our antennas in good working order, staying mentally alert + physically strong.
             sensors open.
                       as we maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. chase belief in our head, leaving our body out of sync with our whole mindbody experience..

Bonding with our children, putting this energy into gestures, body language, words, concepts etc. that harmonizes for us in real time, carrying forward what works.  as we live as a local where ever we choose to land. which many still not fortunate to explore like this.

Which tools like this can better define how we can make it possible for all to become a local, global + beyond participant in harmony as all continues to explore freely this planet + beyond we are all interconnected too.

             Unnourished child within - need to now release these blockages gained from street survival + let the logger within us all surface + give aid as we reflect with what works. become aware,  as we cooperatively follow the unique design of humans, which is harmony. + we are fortunate to have indigenous that know how to `boon with our natural world + beam an energy, felt real by all to awaken to.

We can define the verbiage for common sense to be 1 universal science. sharing in the world + beyond now. As in Tesla`s research + many others before + after him. Where they create upon + with, the natural workings of life, not doubt + discontent often used as an implied justification of scientific inquiry, as Masanobu Fukuoka states.

Rather to get us back to children naturally rolling in the dirt to keep them healthy vs. fear based misinformation that scars a child + keeps him away from what gives him life. Not mechanized + systematized where human touch is lost.

 Quote Masanobu : people rush about in a frenzy to shorten time + widen space, + in so doing lose both. Not long ago one could hear the woodsman sing a woodcutter`s song as he sawed down a tree. During transplanting, singing voices rolled over the paddy fields, + the sound of drums surged thru the village after the fall harvest. Nor was it that long ago that people used pack animals to carry goods. The chainsaw was developed because someone decided that a tree had to be cut faster. Rather than making things easier for the farmer, the mechanized transplantation of rice has sent him running off to find other work. The disappearance of the sunken hearth from farming homes has extinguished the light of ancient farming village culture. Fireside discussions have vanished, + with them, the village philosophy.

         We want to reawaken folks to their unique life offerings now.
                                         As we plug in.
Networking as we `boon with our ecosystems offerings. Editing with unique cultural interchange built from all species allowed to simply live natural. Not to just play this on tv to watch, but to exchange tools within. to sharpen our sensors, maintain tonus tension only + stay mentally alert + energy abundant.
                                        As we edit stories of past to rehab + remove the damage done that has prevented us from receiving natures sensitivity every moment. Rehabbing so nature brings itself back to natural balance. so it sustains itself without a plan, without our interference but rather our `boon with it.

Mitch Friedman, Masanobu Fukuoka, Leon Hammer, Miroshita`s story, + Miguel Altieri, Jenny Pell, Yun Wang, Navdanya, this list goes on + on for we are very fortunate to have good folks simply do_in. as we seek what we choose to open to as we come aboard building a self, as we part time cooperatively build local communities that talk to each other.

This is what the international community folks want. so we each can define what is in our way + stop our misuse, as we talk with those with common sense + redo.

         We welcome input that works. that triggers us to fine tune what we missing. co_evolving, updating, networking our pri` performances along the `way.  as we create resolution + share harmony. then post your bi`joy experiences  sharing what is for self + or 1 for cooperative community.

 How tos awakened from within. Check the schedules for joining in or viewing, for the unique creations up rise from each ecosystem.

          Thank you!  our combined` effect makes a difference..


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