You have until Oct 3 2017 to respond to Scoping comments to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for Dredging, Re; Jordon Cove LNG/Port of Coos Bay.

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    Scoping comments are welcome through Oct. 3 and can be submitted by email at or by mail U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Attn: PM-E, PO Box 2946 Portland, OR 97208.

Please corect me if i'm wrong and comment yourself if yet to, and share here if like. Please see what i stated in comment;


    In past OIMB Director Craig wanted me to work at pollution in river. I said no i have other involvements. You should ask how it is polluted and why unmanaged all these years. As well you should look into what is toxic over at the Boat Yard at Charleston Marina. et alone why Corp of Engineers allowed the road to the fuel dock in Charleston be left w/huge holes for so long being a risk to the double/large fuel trucks going back and forth, let alone the near accidents, especially w/the fires close to where they put fuel in, etc.

  As the risks continue how do you think local people can withstand an accident from the activities related to the Jordon Cove and dredging?

 The world has clarity to draw from Ex; The development of oil refinerys/highway across Africa, land taken from locals to exploit, US Military bases and activities, yet they are having the 3rd year drought in some places causing the world’s largest humanitarian crises and it is not being resolved. Yet you ask 60% of study to be done by Port, why, when the local `plans with real people should be involved. As well the fragmentation would then stop, so profiting in one area influencing grants from Gov/investments from business, would no more happen until a local `plan is done for locals.

   And the local `plan should retain controlling interest for locals to sustain, and that does not mean profits, that means having the ecological environment in balance to gain one’s true energy source for local natural grown wild foods/medicine/wild fish/animal/energy/technology sovereignty, that comes by doing agro_ecological developments, not for people afar to profit, etc.

   So as w/the Middle school here where students go hungry, that would be prioritized over profits. Or how about OR being one of the top states for Opioid Addictions from mismanaged pharmaceuticals/western medicine, when yet Traditional Chinese Medicine has solutions. I’ve witnessed what deranged people can do to cause damage.

With agro_ecological overview of local `plans review of entire biome(s), then all would be resolved for locals first to master self responsibility. And afar would do the same so as not to interfere in their ability to also gain their own sovereignty, in what i say can be done here, as all share in solidarity. The Military `as is, is a programmed dysfunction of the past continuing and needs to end ASAP, without disrupting more. Vets are everywhere uncared for w/mind body ailments, when they could be properly treated w/Traditional Chinese Medicine, yet insurance does not cover accept for where public is heathy enough to make it happen.

   Ex;  The Marina continues to get a flow of new people, many ill/homeless seeking needs to be met/jobs, yet have a difficult time of it. At any time, the 5 plus years i’ve experienced being here, there are people living in vehicles. As well living in boats in very unhealthy conditions. This all has contributed to my research of how to resolve, stating what we are doing. Roger, the last one taken to Protective service as i called them, due to signs of needs not met, had the boat cleaned after he left as they shoveled out fecal matter piled in the boat. Another derelict boat sat for a long time w/fecal matter in it as the guy was unbalanced/lived from trash cans and died in the boat, leaving it a mess before they finally did listen and remove it. These stories continue.

  I’ve asked the CEO of Port of Coos Bay and present harbor master why they could not put up ladders on docks at Charleston Marina, so when people fall in they can get out more easier. I’ve had to tie one heavy guy to the dock to get help due to being unable to pick him up. I’ve seen few others flip out on drugs trying to kill. As one picked up my nice plants as he walked by us, threw them at us as we where inside the boat and had said nothing to him, knowing he was out of it, just went and called police as they had other complaints from him. Another had chased one w/a sharp object. This list goes on.And no way can any security that makes sense make a difference.

But what can is a decent community local `plan where people share their needs and offerings, as well for unable, w/early signs. For many have great ideas to add yet when not organized, many are unaware how to help. Sheriff Craig Zanni knows well, being tired of mentally ill ending up in his jail. As he worked with mental/medical local people to establish a way to help them. I too have taken one for over 14 hours to only be mislead from one professional supposedly entity to another, one not knowing the other realities in real time, leaving it very hard for any one unable to obtain help.

This is inexcusable and i bring it to your attention as an Ex. What will they do, what will you do when and accident occurs from a big ship or Jordon Cove? We live here on a sailboat trying to sell it. The Bandon Pacific Fisheries a while back had a ammonia leak. They did not have right equipment installed supposedly?? To do their job after being here for many years? Nor did they realize people where on boats when evacuated. My husband and few other neighbors ended up coughing terribly their after, i was not here, actually that was the day i went on a wild goose chase of 14 hours trying to help another that repeated goes to ER as Roger did, yet always sent back without care in place/no medical detox, yet medical bills continue at a rise to public.

   When yet funds can be better spent. We as a US non profit have researched knowing well, for we tried in this community at schools and they yet to have it together to see the benefits from students using communities as classrooms/let alone some just not organized to respond, then to apologize later like SWOCC when i approached them when they got a grant to help students gain work in community, etc. But they missed the point of prioritizing real needs and offerings..  FEMA in sat liked our ideas but also no follow up.  For once a local `plan is in place, the seasonal workings of agro_ecological systems also provide alternative organized housing/needs to be met when tsunami, etc. occurs.  For if you go to a ER preparedness meet as i did, you would see many people unable to do what is asked of them. When yet students orchestrating a local `plan can change this as we focus direct together. Helping people become aware of going beyond even this ER mode and even prevention, as they become calm w/awareness, having measures in place in real time as they interrelate in one’s local `plan part time. Leaving them to celebrate along the way and `boon with the natural world.

  The US Military Industrial Complex, being the largest footprint on the planet, having the most Nuclear weapons, most bases globally, should be ashamed of yourself for your affiliation supporting it. All the resources that go into this causing so much illness, so much high risk, is a crises against humanity. For earth/space is very polluted yet you do not hold them accountable. Rather you continue to knit pick fragments, why? Vs work at entire local `plans w/neighbors, for no ecosystem can remain isolated.

  As a community builder, we are revamping our ideas to make it efficient and once done will reach out to all thru out US/globe, to clean up earth/space in respect to their natural systems that are everyone’s sustainable tools to balance with…

   Yet ER responders did not know how to address the ammonia issue, which requires instant oxygen to anyone that has inhaled it to a degree, or one could die. These are a few high risk ER issues unmanaged from Port, and community’s. You should look into track records of problems from entire communities, so locals can prove they could handle an accident affiliated to what you are investigating w/Jordon Cove/Port of Coos Bay, etc. needs to be met w/dredging, etc..  

   What is their plan of evacuation for local’s involved/what would local commercial/sport fisher folks due and other locals, if shut down? Who can handle a large ship as these to have an accident in ocean off shore/in river?With estuary connected? So far I’ve seen many people high up come and go at the Port, as locals where not happy w/decisions. And public activists against Jordon Cove do not have the funds to fight against these Corporations. Charleston Marina is public and people should have a say over the money talking, so please rethink and say NO until much more local `planning is completed, including the said properties, for local enhanced ecological sustainability as in what our plan can fuel and others.

I understand the eminent domain only can take place from government, not a business or person. So all the resistance that many now experience with this, I ask, is the government in place with all coverage along the route, have they down it legally correct?

I am totally against high risk; of LNG to be carried afar, as well trespass w/pipeline as fuel is brought in from afar and all required to accommodate it, when yet locals do not have needs met. And i  being present in a few Port meetings see the inefficiencies of their abilities to handle chosen investments w/locals. As well the Marina, for all communities should have the right to grandfather in rates for locals unable. It is very difficult when taxes rise due to incoming developments and expect seniors to keep up w/their rising property taxes, let alone rentals increase leaving it more difficult for young, leaving homeless left behind w/social/medical systems that are fragmented to help. Let alone in an accident. Take a look at other countries after war/Nuclear accident and how it affects, many. But larger projects/more Nuclear will contaminate more. And we see no evacuation plan for that? Including the fear based misinformation many live it stealing good energy from one’s ability to simply live. Leaving many in the fog to participate in making good decisions.

If you look at Dr. Guy McPherson’s work w/other scientists, they say due to a variety of temperature increases, within less than 10 years the increase will be so high that much life on earth will become extinct, possibly worse then the time 2.3 million years ago, when it happened from James Hanson’s timeline. Are you looking into this risk? As well w/more risk of natural disasters? Please see review;

In our project `i come to talk story, we are perfecting a virtual platform to share in solidarity, globally, the living local process with localized systems of low impact. So every community working w/one’s students focus directing w/them, use one’s communities as extended classrooms. So as to define what toxic, for IAEA, NRC, EPA, Governing bodies, yourself,  and more are irresponsible in allowing so much fragmented science to allow toxic to continue as well toxic developments to gain permits to begin without doing overview of one’s local `plan to clean up earth/space left from locals. As well hold others accountable, prioritizing toxic ER high risks that many are in now.

     Let alone as Ex: Toxic black mold from when drywall gets wet (supposedly all drywall that is healthy contains it and becomes a problem once wet)/contamination of water from flood/damage/let alone lack of planning when yet ecology shows not conducive for homes, etc. Did you see how many in US/islands are still living w/this, yet to get help, let alone more toxic contamination from spraying for mosquitoes, especially those vulnerable, left, where they protected? I know how bad mosquitoes can be when no balanced genetic biodiversity linking with neighbors. For all areas should make space to be left to regain ecological balance to naturally prevent such pests from getting out of hand, vs toxic sprays, that just continue to get worse w/GMO’s.

   The Nuclear plants on east coast of US in these last hurricanes and prior other ones, chose very high irresponsible risks, as they did not shut them down early on. Rather they gambled and lucked out. And most likely if they shut down, due to mismanagement they would not get permits to reopen due to mismanaged needs to update, as well their concern of profiting and more to do the process that is smart. Plus it is inhumane to allow building w/no planning or good zoning for ecological reality for balance of genetic bio diversity to be included into one’s local `plans with neighbors. When i’ve seen such emotional distress from past hurricanes, then see FEMA to come in and help and all over again as they rebuild in same place w/housing materials/mobile homes, not conducive to withstand such weather, not to mention the increasing instability from climate change, when yet much of those lands should be left for wild life.

Our plan is for every community to do ones local `plan and review entire biome(s) with neighbors, so as to  define if toxic and can be restored. And do it when calm. Prioritizing those most vulnerable and have tools in place to monitor as in Nuclear radiation/maintenance riding old toxic infrastructures and before that do a local `plan to define if even should have a home built vs agro_ecological systems or evacuate and not allow people to live until it changes, if it does. Making collective subsidizing plans in place for what can happen for long term.. Then if can on to restoring ecological enhanced sustainable working healthy communities. Where communities balance one’s genetic biodiversity to link with neighbors, ending false aid from afar, working within the local enhanced natural potential that can then link w/earth/space natural systems, not build for profits as in Jordon Cove/Port of Coos Bay, when yet no local `plan is even done and made priority. Only their fragments.

   We are talking about all the communities doing one’s local `plan with neighbors. Not just the Port’s 60% plan. Rather this way it can be defined w/agro_ecological review to develop local natural grown wild food/medicine/fish/animal/energy/technology, sovereignty, for existing locals as well communities to accommodate one’s potential.

     Especially rethinking refugees from afar, where US Military interfere and should make it right. And natural disasters or helping neighbor countries from misuse/abuse, as transparency is shared for exchanges and progress is made. So as in our plan, networks established so people share in solidarity what works/what doesn’t early on to prevent such chaos. As in good peace negotiating, defining real issues as they gain 1 Universal Sound Science interpretation. Knowing one’s local `plan and what it can sustain, so when people need to come, they also heal/if needed and gain status of a local mindful participant plugging in, protected sex/family planning, to be fueled to gain one’s desires/explore/support in place if need, which many communities are not even supportive of, etc. Many do not see the connections of US interference, and don’t have respect for those running from wars in need of help or inefficient refugee mode as present. Many never even see as in hurricane disasters let alone a war or terrorist act. And have no empathy for those in need. That is a crises against humanity. For stories are here on earth/space, yet to be told.

  Rather with support given/obtained by all in good educational plans, students use communities as extended classrooms/focus directing with them. So much can continue to co_evolve, including entity’s curriculum as ecological sustainable working healthy communities are maintained by locals, and that includes anyone there.

  There are patches globally doing great work that can be linked with pockets unaware. The tools of the times can be fine tuned to make this work. Especially when so much invested in weapons of war/Nuclear use/toxic GMO’s/toxic Industrialized agriculture/pipelines, etc. which all should end.

Presently 20k over quota for recreational rock fish and Sept 18, 2017 they are suppose to shut down, if this is right? Temperatures in the ocean are killing much food for birds/marine life says scientists. Farmed salmon has gotten out contaminating wild. Fires have been out of hand and i sent a 30 page proposal stating this would happen to Bureau of Land Management last year.  There is no evacuation plans for any Nuclear plants in US. Nor can any country have Nuclear war without radiation continuing to circulate around the earth as is now. As IAEA/NRC, EPA does not have transparency, nor much truth is told. Ex: US Gov supports other country’s Gov yet they also have no transparency and as in Japan they are lying over the Fukushimi accident. Look at Dr. Helen Caldicott’s work and Arnie Gundersen at `Fairwinds web site.

  These are crimes against humanity and you also should be held accountable when you don’t hold yourself accountable to stop all use of Nuclear use, and demand research ridding waste and demand it. As well allow like Helen says only medicine that has no half-life and can be recycled.

I was here at CG station at chicken point at Charleston at last tsunami warning. It had quite the water pressure after wards as we felt it on the boat for few days. Yet the local police where not on top of it, telling us all ok, when yet they where incorrect.

Humanity that created Nuclear told Congress it should not be used. Many die w/illness from it and will continue. Let alone have more unstable ER happenings, as in terrorist of 911 i talk about below. Paul Gunter states that 10 planes where originally planned, to be used and some of them where planned to attack US Nuclear plants.

  It is wrong for Pres Trump to ask for such vast amounts of money to keep them all going/as well More for Military, when they interfere causing more terrorist acts, as many profit.. When presently people in every community in US are experiencing some form of radiation contamination due to accidents/mismanagement/waste that has no plan and undepleted uranium that is not depleted, being used. They used it in weapons as in Iraq and others, that contaminate men, then to bring home and contaminate family thru sex and what they carried on bags/clothing. And Military did not even inform them as well shut down alarms. We have monitored w/Geiger Meter since Fukushimi Daichi accident and i had to throw away my seaweed i dried from local area, as well tuna that was caught, etc.

Also have you seen this group of people that claim they have facts that 911 twin towers went down due to another cause, that 911 is a lie? They have much bullet reports, videos to purchase, technical papers/supportive data on their site to download, print or purchase. They want to expose truth and due an investigation. Please see website called; Architects and Engineers for 911 for truth or

Also take a look at Harold Kautz-vella’s work. It amazes me why anyone has to work so hard to figure out what is going on in the world, when one is trying to help humanity.

It’s bad enough, people are profiting wrongly off large alternative energy grids, or credit swaps interfering in one’s local ability to do one’s local `plan. For we only support localized systems of low impact along w/working one’s local `plan w/neighbors so as to let the land/sea/freshwater define it’s natural enhanced limits. No more exploitation, as people land/seas/freshwater grab.. La Via Campesina group knows well of this happening globally to peasants/fisher folks. As well the ecological damage they do killing wildlife.

For people should not have to fight, Ex;

     NIRS welcomes all to sign a petition to Pres Trump, to stop $100 + Billion bailout to Nuclear and Coal. For decades, dirty energy promoters have tried to sell their poison power under the banner of “energy independence”. But we can’t get more truly independent than generating power from the free sun shining on our rooftops and winds blowing through the fields—not to mention the vast amount of free “megawatts” we never use with smart energy efficiency and conservation.

            No—President Trump’s plan is to make Americans pay more for dirty, dangerous coal and nuclear power plants. A nuclear and coal bailout will likely cost hundreds of billions of dollars—dollars that could be used to create a 100% clean energy transition. President Trump refuses to spend a fraction of that amount to support global climate action, but he can’t wait to give mountains of our hard-earned cash to dirty energy executives who have created global warming and nuclear waste.

We have to stop it!

           The 2016 election was not a referendum for climate denial and dirty energy. Americans want good jobs and clean air and water and healthy food and communities.

            If the president really wants to revive our economy, create jobs, revitalize local communities, and boost small businesses—then clean energy is the only way to go. Our green energy economy can create millions more jobs than dirty energy could ever provide again. Solar and wind are already creating ten times as many jobs as coal and nuclear for the amount of energy generated. End NIRS.

  Much Green Energy has been false. We do not support it, nor Al Gore. I saw how Pres Obama wasted funds experimenting/subsidizing alternative large grids, etc. What a  waste.

 I also wrote to FERC about Jordon Cove, but did not add all of this, that i submit to you to make your Oct 3, 2017 deadline. I do hope you take all this into consideration for humans are not prepared nor should they have to be, for it is wrong and crimes against humanity for Military and Nuclear use to continue. When police and CG can manage fine working with communities, especially if get fueled from our plan to support all to do one’s local `plan before any new developments. Where all come to the table. Prioritizing and resolving what already is toxic before building more.

The local activists against Jordon Cove have done great work, but they do not have the funds that the state grants support as well other private entities as well Port (even though Marina needs have a hard time getting met). So that is wrong from you to allow funds to sway your decisions if you do? Rather please do your best to review the research from the local activists against Jordon Cove. For this is their community they are trying to keep healthy. Plus fisher folks already are having bad years, let alone have to await a huge ship to come and go, interfering all the more, whom i speak for here.

Charleston should be prioritized for it’s commercial fishing fleet and support given. A great hard working community as well the activists i've met for Coos county and more. Meanwhile not all needs are met and prices already continue to increase at Marina. Experienced fish folks do not agree w/dredging the river, they feel it will harm the species. Let alone be subjected to more invasive species. As well the risk, for LNG to be carried to people afar. That will directly negatively affect their survival.

This local `plan should be done w/neighbors so that genetic bio diversity is built to link w/all neighbors, so that clean; air/water/soil/sanitation/natural saved seeds/wild fish only/wild animals only as farmed animals/fish are a crime against humanity and all should be done the right way or stopped, etc..

  Thos of you supporting `Leaven No Trace, know well how bad it is for a city/county to not have waste disposal means for all trash, These folks and more have done a lot of good work without support, and now supposedly city/county have no plan to empty all the hidden toxic trash, also going into river/estuary, etc. so please support this issue as a priority.

   All can restore from balancing local microorganisms/biological life/wild areas w/agro_ecological systems, linking with neighbors. To heal people already left behind as US Gov fights health care, as well preserve the true energy sure from balanced organisms, not GMOS already contaminating as well farmed fish and more Industrialized agriculture/monocultures that damage habitats, etc. Yet they continue without being regulated more when should be stopped. The land/sea/freshwater is an open book w/skilled people that can explain all that is already toxic, yet to be properly restored. Indigenous have ways carried forward from 5k years ago knowing these systems work. Prof Miguel Altieri has created curriculum from them that is not just about local natural food sovereignty, it includes energy/technology, sovereignty as well.

 Our plan is creating 1 Universal Sound Science so as to fill in these worn torn missing parts from fragmented science allowing  people to profit over taking part as a local participant to see to it one’s local `plan is prioritized w/neighbors. So toxic is resolved first thru out the communities, before new fragmented development gets permitted as w/Jordon Cove/dredging the river, eminent domain interference, high risk and local interference. When yet that property should fit into the local `plans for locals needs to be met as whole communities reviewed w/neighbors. That would also prepare for natural and human made disasters with all i state in consideration.

We appreciate you rethinking for it is `we the people that get left with the ER issues, to have to deal with it, for much of Gov is dysfunctional. And you should point out to them what they are failing to see and say NO to this project. We welcome all to gain more understanding by using 1 Universal Sound Science working w/common sense w/the earth/space natural systems. Not fragment a project. Rather look at priorities on earth/space that need everyone’s attention first to prioritize for the ability for humans to even co_evolve w/good health.

Thank you for sharing this,.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for many, that can’t easily afford to fight all this stuff, take off work, etc.. When yet you people get paid and you should hold EPA/GOV/IAEA/NRC/Port of Coos Bay/Jordon Cove, etc. accountable to do one’s local `plan w/neighbors, vs fragment w/profiteers.

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