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 Please see + share our thoughts;


     We want you to know all is welcome, when locals create a tapering transition to work w/humanity's finest, vs struggling to do on own, when together so much more can be accomplished now.

   What can be done efficiently is to our plan fuel local `plans, where locals define as they focus direct w/students/networking. Prioritizing whom is programmed misusing/abusing, whether bad science, religion or bad behaviors picked up as normal. It is this processing of one's mindbody  that requires awareness to go in + edi+ that can only happen once assertive daily activities are understood. So that each can take part acordo one's energy w/support in place if needed. So as to reprogram + feel the life that fuels once do_in organic exchanges.

  If you see one w/a broken leg, you want to help, right, but if one is programmed unable to live a healthy life, it takes more awareness to observe, interact + access to make sure one is not misusing/abusing self or others.

  History shows how bad US Military + Governing bodies have been as well people land/sea/fresh water grabbing resources , leaving locals left behind. Then when they complain more weapons of war to profit over, suporting those interfering, are developed more + more..

  You people ahve lost perspective of Democracy + true energy sustaining ways of healthy living to fit humans needs w/all the life one houses as well surrounding shared w/others, that require balance genetic biodiverse communities, so as to link that life which migrates. That we all are dependent on.

  Humanity has answers + no better way then to work w/locals/neighbors, that you know to make this linking process happen.

  This programmed mode has to change + can. Wars + weapons of wars must end + people must support a healing process. Which requires understanding, that is all any able person needs. + One's students can organize this + gain credit as well learn when to volunteer, knowing one's limit for self vs aid to others.

  Their is no equal rights for parasites.

  I would appreciate your sharing feedback of your experiences after your review of our work in progress;
    Of those whom resist + how the public should respond to whom, to be effective w/details regarding how all weapons of war should stop.

  To hunt for food/shelter/tools the right way is one thing. To have other weapons #1 for people should stop ASAP. #2 Weapons for police should be replaced w/a tool that does not kill but stops one misusing/abused, similar to a bear spray?? #3 The Military Industrial Complex has profited over bombs for what over 243 years??  

  The weapons industrys profit + should not be creating them anymore. I'm seeking an understanding of your notice from the US Governing body when you asked the public to participate in the decision whether to support the opposition of Syria + Iraq as you continue to do, as proposed in the 2016 DOD budget.

 What gives you people the right to think for us? Democracy is people interelating w/critical thinking when needed + when not is a good time to let our plan fuel every local `plan to restore `enhanced ecological working sustainable communities w/localized systems of low impact. Where locals self direct, do_in one's homework + work w/organic exchanges to sustain the true energy source. As people gain understanding of how humans, as a living organism, as well all life requires balance to link in harmony. Meaning obtaining mental clarity + physical strength.

  Education focused directed between students + communities, so communities are used as extended classrooms can prioritize w/students serious issues. So as to preserve + redirect good energy vs making so many numb, ill, unable to be clear + strong.

Enough scars + shame on you if you have been one to promote this programmed Nuclear use when so much toxic radiation is not being managed properly from Governing bodies, nor the war modes + toxic false green, economies profiting over good healthy communites being supported to network sharing what works in solidarity. Stopping all US aid as is as well have a conversation prioritizing working w/all, so this + other things become real curriculum, updated, so support is in place for all to become local, global + beyond mindful participants. Enjoying the exploration equally of our earth + beyond.

  No more scars, enough. As a US 501.c3 non profit w/the objective of restoring such working harmonious communities, we hold you equally accountable to become such a participant w/us.

  The fragmented town halls are not enough. As well the generalized letters mailed out. The public is a great asset if organized efficiently.

  The 211 Oregon program is not what it could be, as Congressman Peter DeFazio has suggested to use, as i researched local homeless solutions for some local people that continue to decline. + I have suggested our plan to local /state/President Obama/UN yet no one responds.

  We continue to offer additional support to define how best to resolve. For we feel the inefficiency's now lived in every community, due to be unorganized, when yet students curriculum could co_evolve to stay in real time, so no longer anyone is being isolated, left behind.

 Rather our experience shows even Oregon University is compartmentalizing when yet they could filter thru all school systems in each state correcting such fragmented incomplete science.

 + Together all could create a verbiage for 1 universal sound science so students fill in these worn torn parts, so all tongues can understand this efficient nuts + bolts structure for every community. Vs interfering in this local process, then to leave locals stressed w/needs not met, then to do what all unhealthy people do, they fight back + then attacked as those whom profit have failed to look into empathy needed to resolve these missing worn torn links. Rather look at yourself/those gaining investments on the weapons of wars or resources stolen, etc. As you dig deep within to allow yourself to gain this understand to help us make change now.

  Many places do not even permit natural building when yet it can resolve this, especially once students organize/network bringing home options that work to help locals define, how best to `enhance a local `plan prioritizing toxic developments + then assessment w/agroecology, removing the colonial grid that continues to exist. When yet entire biome(s) can be rethought w/neighbors, boundary's removed accept for ecological ones along w/sacred areas, to then be worked sensitively/skillfully for every season.

  Also being the best ER option as people become familiar w/organized options in different topography's to satisfy all potential natural disasters as well our experience creating a Transitional Shift Message Board can welcome communities to organize, so those w/needs not met can be now prioritized.

  So no more does one misuse/abuse, when early signs can be noticed + one can learn to calm + sharpen ones dulled sensors w/good support n place. So all can simultaneously be a local participant, finding/developing one's voice as daily assertion is understood to build new neural networks.

  For the continued policies Governing bodies/people continue to work with are not prioritizing what truly sustains the needs of people to heal/become aware + understand, when yet we are fortunate to have humanities offerings to create solution orientated options with to live in harmony on this earth + beyond.

  Many of you now isolate w/your baggage you have yet to rid + can. For our project requires everyone to rethink, calm + co_evolve to take part, but not to be in a responsible role while resolving, rather step down + heal yourself. + From that position all can participate prioritizing understanding. For that is all an able person needs.

  It is the natural process as ex; a baby seal i once helped that would cuddle with my feet, until i kept taking him into deeper water, as he would wiggle back between my feet, then to go deeper + rise up as if saying i can do it as he dove down + popped his head up before swimming away..

  Sadly many are undeveloped children in adult bodies or children trying to raise children w/only love which is not enough. A tribal community resolves w/social support, early on taking one showing signs of misuse/abuse to help them find one's voice to come back into community as a needed participant, as all are to make it happen.

 The system you are taking part is broke when yet earth + beyond offers us options, so please when you speak of America the best or US citizens, you need to rethink + go within to reprogram for you as all are an earthly particapant + our connections cannot be isolated w/fragmented ecosystems, as Governing bodies lead people to believe as false boundaries are profited over. As Governing bodies/people continue to land/freshwater/resource, grab leaving locals + local life left w/endangeredment, destroying the tools for locals to live local  sustainably.

  So what you can do self reflect, be honest + accept our help. For working w/one's students can exponentially reach out in every community + resolve, going beyond even ER preparedness + prevention + simply be in joy as people gain simple understanding of being `boon w/one's natural `enhanced limits.

  I repeat using Professor Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhanced to fuel the path as all communities can start this defining as students work w/communities + organize a simple local, natural wild food/fish/animal potluck, giving real food for thought as people awaken too one's real needs + choices all can have now;

  `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

 You ladies trapped in thinking you should support women's issues when yet you could grip the moment, you are no longer a child trapped in such repression/suppression, rather Same W/Hillary, when you fail to aid all suffering, it shows me you are not fit for such a responsible role. Rather find a space for you to heal seeing the equality  so those vulnerable can be prioritized, vs projecting more fragmentation unknowingly.

Please work to change this US/other Governing bodies, so as to include the local `plan speaking for itself to guide, vs people in positions thinking they should speak for able people, missing the whole picture.

  Michelle, Opra, Hillary you women are not even using your best potential yet, why? So please stop w/isolating women's issues + support whole beings. You can grip this moment in microseconds baggage can disappear if you understand + we can help you do that, if need??

  Senator Merkely look at yourself in the work you have done to label GMO when yet Russia does not even allow it. I told you long ago it you are part of the problem to label only. It is like one whom is overloaded w/western medicine, mismanaged yet expected to know how Traditional Chinese Medicine + other Cultural skills can resolve. People are not educated to desire this chemical interference + no GMOs should exist, yet you people support it to continue, why?

  I've told all of you the name of our project long ago, w/many good people sharing skilled research showing how toxic it can be. Mom's Across America have done continued studies as well Miguel Altieri + many globally, knowing well this is a profited item + should not continue.

  MIchelle + Oprah take a look at your own portfolios + their products/services to see how you are supporting ecological whores as well all of you, why?

No one deserves to be profited over the expense of one's lack of understanding + that is what i see you all do w/my experiences as we continue to perfect our global platform sharing the process of living local.

  For many globally/locally have great solutions yet not supported, why?

 We ask you to work w/us + support us, let us know which school can best start via a simple potluck w/our plan to fuel each local `plan.

 Pleas ask yourself do you want to continue to blindly be part of the problem or do you want to dig deep + edit your baggage of all the programming from all the scars, as much behavior is taken as normal, while yet many cannot come out of the fog, finding support to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening.

 Rather education/religion/dysfunction, etc. pushes w/walls that have nothing to do with the freedom that all have now to be one w/sharing the synergy from the global consciousness.

  If you cannot get out of this entrapment, please email me; for humanity has ways that work, when we work together. For humanity can continue these offering as you come aboard + maintain discipline over your self sensory observation vs any belief.

Peace is everyone's option if we share what works.

Sincerely i speak for our combined `effect.

We look forward to your feedback + support.

Thank you for what you can do to make a difference, for we accept nothing less than to realize, as a lady which i give much respect too, Dr. Helen Caldicott says as she works very hard to try to inform all of serious global Nuclear radiation issues, ` it is not over until it's over.

   Until then we co_evolve + flow w/the goodness life offers gaining understanding to lower our footprint + get real becoming a beneficial organism, for many now are suffering yet our 2016 DOD Budget is over 600 billion, meanwhile it has a delusional 3 pillar perspective that many do not agree with knowing well it is wrong. When yet many patches of people live `boon w/the natural world + these links we aim to share w/pockets with out such nuts + bolts as in fresh water/local grown, wild food, sanitation + from their gaining food sovereignty, no one rides on others wave, rather w/individual self direction self developing each then are very important as participants to collectively end all Nuclear use accept for that which has no half life + can be recycled organically, as well end all aggression accept for healthy ones, but no more war modes + toxic false green, economies.

  For the tools of the times are here, Nabble/Google/LibreOffice to name a few, offer freely to help organize. + Together communicating makes it work w/your support.

  We are seeking grant/donations to reach out, + appreciate your feedback.

Good day, kara j lincoln speaking for many unable..

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